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Why does Thursday feel like Friday again Supermoms?! (Read 262 times)


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    RR - 4 miles of hills with Sam. 2 repeats of the double bitch. My name for the nasty 2 part hill near my house.


    TR - has a little plastic rail crossing that he got with the road rug thingy for Christmas and he runs around with it yelling DING DING DING DING DING..I am pretty immune to it, but apparently he drove everyone at daycare off the wall and they asked him not to bring that toy anymore.


    FR - veggie beef soup.


    NRR - got my finger caught in the power window in my car.  I actually kinda miss the crank windows, they are easier to control.  Now I have a red pinch injury, the tip of that finger is numb, and I broke my nail (but it needed trimming anyways so now it's done and you can't tell actually) but OW.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      RR: planning on 5-6 miles on my break today. I ran just over 5 yesterday at slightly under marathon pace. Pretty happy with that since there was 1-2" of slush and snow on the roads. Also teaching core today at noon.


      TR: was so cute yesterday afternoon. I put him on his snow tube and pulled him around the yard for about 30 minutes. He loved it! (guess that's extra ER for me, too?) Had fun stomping through the snow in his boots too.


      NRR: so ready for the weekend!! No plans other than just hanging out with DH and R, maybe a target trip.



      Bermy- ah, i LOVE LOVE LOVE your new house!!! That kitchen is killer- I want to come cook in it


      zorbs- haha, we x-posted a million times this morning! hope your hill run goes well today. i love hill repeats. ouch on the finger!!!

       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



        RR: hopefully a run as soon as I get home. I have a head cold but it is clearing really quickly so don't think it is serious.


        NRR: posting from Nashville Airport as we wait for our 6.30am flight. We are so relaxed about flying with DS, we basically stole him out of his bed in his pjs and threw him in the car. He is tearing it up around the departure lounge and DH is following. I have a few sanity minutes to type.


        BR: awesome. As I was packing up - most of the stuff was DS's - I thought what did I used to do with my time before DS? I can't even remember.


        FR: can't wait to cook tonight. I have really missed it. Probably defrost some lean ground beef and make something quick.

        5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


          Bermy- have a safe flight home! when will you guys be moving to TN? so glad that DS was so good for you. He sounds like he's so much fun. I agree- what did we do with our time before kids?!

           5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



            zorbs - I kept thinking yesterday was Thursday so this is a real let down.  How did you get your finger got in the window??  LOL to B being asked not to bring his toy to daycare any more...luckily J is in a daycare with LOTS of kids or I am sure he would be asked not to come back for the numerous annoying things he does.


            rg - When did you get snow again??  We had the warm weather a few days before you guys but haven't gotten any snow yet...just cold.  J wants snow to use his sled again.  Too fun about taking R out.  Have a great run and core class today.


            Bermy - Have a safe flight.  Thanks for sharing pics of your beautiful new house.  That is definitely my style in houses...can I move in?  Smile


            RR - Did 5 at Tempo pace yesterday on the TM.  My last 1/4 mile was at a 6 min pace...I felt good about that!  Hoping for 5-6 today.  Wish I could run right now as it is 30 degrees with no wind.  Later it is supposed to snow, turn cold, and get windy again...ick.


            TR - Was in a MUCH better mood this morning and was running around daycare laughing when I dropped him off.  It was nice to see him happier...I guess he must be feeling better.  He did STTN again too so that was nice.


            NRR - I got 8 hours of sleep last night for the first time in awhile...it was so nice.  I am ready for the weekend and it is only Thursday.  I have mentally checked out for the week already.  Not sure what we will do this weekend...want to find something fun to do as a family but the weather is supposed to be nasty.


            FR - Picked up panini's at the grocery store last night when I went to get J's meds.  Not sure about tonight.  Probably the tuna salad I keep saying I am coing to make.


              Fly by for me today...


              RR:  Hoping to do the 5 that I was supposed to do after work  yesterday.  I hate that now I will be running 4 days in a row.


              TR:  Only saw him for a little bit last night, and am breaking my rule of only missing one bedtime per week tonight.  Looking forward to hanging out with him this weekend.


              NRR:  Had a craptastic afternoon yesterday.  It was long, unplanned, and I was pissed.  Still a little pissed today, but I will get over it.


              FR:  Eating out for lunch today, no clue for dinner, and crap at book club.


              Happy Thursday!

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              Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                RR - 10k later this morning. Did 5.6k last night with RP and the stroller and I think I must have been tired and had terrible form with the stroller because my shoulders are hurting today.


                BR - Sensory class yesterday was a hit. They had a bunch of stations set up with different things to touch, shake, etc. She got to crawl around the room, grabbing everything and making a big mess, so it was her ideal morning!


                FR - Seafood chowder and garlic bread.


                NRR - The drywall is all up in our basement! It is actually starting to look like a finished basement. I'm so excited.




                Bermy - I just looked at the pictures of your house. Absolutely gorgeous! I also sometimes wonder what I did with my time before having S.  I do miss being able to lounge around reading a good book, though.


                Zorbs - I kind of like crank windows better, too. I don't know if they are even available on cars anymore, though. Even my ghetto car has power windows.


                Rg - Nice pace through the slush. Pulling R around on the snow tube is definitely a bonus workout, especially if you do a few hills! So is snow shovelling. Winter is full of bonus workouts Smile


                Jen - It's cold and windy here, too. -18C/0F with the wind chill right now. Yay for ds feeling better and a full night's sleep! It's amazing how good  you feel after a full 7 or 8 hours.

                5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                  snow!  It looks so pretty outside right now.


                  RR - plan was to run a couple miles warmup and then do a 30-day challenge class but class is at 9:00 and school is delayed until 10:00 so thinking today may be a rest day, or maybe something at home.


                  BR - why is he so grumpy at night?  Crying and whining more than usual.  He just seems moody, I keep telling him boys are not supposed to be moody like girls but he doesn't listen.  Smile


                  KR - they were up at 6am and have been outside playing in the snow since.  They are out with the neighbor boys attempting to make a snowman.  We didn't get any snow last year so they were beyond excited to see it this morning.


                  FR - probably leftover chicken taco meat.  I have enough for a few more meals so I should probably freeze some.


                  NRR - got an email about future SIL's bachelorette party in Las Vegas in April and all I can think about is how I just want to lay by the pool.  I think I'm getting old.




                  zorbs - ouch on the finger!!  Glad it didn't mess up your nails too much though.  Smile


                  rg - no-plan weekends are the best kind!


                  bermy - my mom takes days to pack for herself and I'm always like are you kidding me?  I pack for myself and 4 kids and take half as long as she does.  We bought MIL's ticket to come here in April so I'm pretty sure we will be coming to Nashville for the CMM!  Although DH is balking at the price now.


                  jen - I'm glad J is feeling better!  I love those mornings when I wake up and realize I slept all night


                  mer - sorry yesterday wasn't that great, I hope today is better!


                  ernie - you always do so many fun activities!  What are you doing with the basement?


                    RR:  8 mi with 4 mi at HMP on the schedule today.  Yesterday I ended up making up all my miles by running 4.5 at lunch.  Then I was planning on just being done for the day but when I got home, DS was needing a nap and B (the dog) was wild so I put H in the stroller and did another 3.5.  Not sure if I will get todays miles in since I am beyond exhausted.


                    BR:  Worst night we have ever had.  He literally cried all night, and he is not usually a crier,  Normally when he wakes up at night I can feed him or give him a paci and he goes right back down.  Last night he either wanted to be held or just bawled.  I didn't get a chance to check his ears last night because the light on my otoscope was burned out but I plan to this morning before daycare.  Something has to be wrong with the little guy.


                    NRR:  DH comes tomorrow.  I am excited to see him but I may be even more excited to let him help at night so I actually get some sleep!


                    zorbs - That must be why our daycare has a rule about no outside toys.


                    RG - I wish we would get some more snow so I pull H in a tube.  Sounds like so much fun.


                    bermy - Hope you get over that cold soon!


                    jen - Great job on the 6 min pace!  For some reason I can't get myself to run fast on the TM.  I naturally run about a minute faster when  I am outside.


                    mer - Sorry about the crappy afternoon.  Hope today is better.


                    ernie - Who hosts sensory class? Sounds great.


                    arm - I feel ya on the grumpy babies.

                    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                      rr: 5k yesterday on the tm. 3.25 miles this am with rp.


                      br: he opened up a cupboard door and i said, "out." he looked at me as plain as day and said, "OUT!" first time he had said that.


                      tr: received dd2's assessment at school which clarified her teacher is teaching her absolutely nothing.


                      nrr: us weekly thursday. headed to a library in a different town that is in a different library system to pick up a few items i put on hold. also realized that the library card for this system i gave to my sister once we moved so she could still use it, so now i don't have one, which means i will have to pay for a new one plus pay the fines she accumulated on my old one.


                      fr: ended up with chicken sandwiches last night. tonight will be leftover chicken and chili.


                      bermy: your house is beautiful! you seem like such a simplistic girl; what in the world are you going to fill that house with?!


                      zorbs: every since christmas my weeks seem to be way off. especially last week when dd1 was home sick 2 days from school; i had no clue what day it was.


                      rg: are you training for a marathon right now? fun about the snow tube. dd2 loves doing that too.


                      jen: add me to the 8 hours of sleep club! i rarely get 8 hours of sleep so my back was actually a little bit sore this morning from being in bed so long! 6 min mile pace..i don't think my legs could do that if even for 10 seconds.  so happy that j is starting to be back to his normal self! it was windy this morning for my run; my face hurt! temp wasn't too bad though.


                      mer: what book did you read for book club? well, at least you know you can drink your bad day away at your book club winefest tonight!


                      ernie: dh and i were just looking at the plans for our house and saw that they already have plans to finish the basement drawn up. we probably won't worry about finishing it for a few years until our kids are a little bit older.


                      arm: yay for the snow!! i ditto your vegas comment! what do you put in your chicken taco meat?

                      running eh

                        RR - 8.5kish with 5.5ish at sort of tempo Smile  Had no watch, so I found myeslf slacking more than once.  I need to get the mental toughness back!


                        RR#2 - decided not to sign up for the trail race with DH, but I am trying to organize a team from work for Ragnar Niagara Falls!!!


                        NRR - Work today, then off for 7!  Love this PT thing!


                        KR - DD1 is adamant that she wants to do ballet.  She is a big kid and not graceful at all....


                        FR - Mango curry chicken with rice, broccoli


                        Zorbs - 2 times!?!?  How did it go??  That thing is nasty!  Funny the kids noises that parent's can tune out!


                        RG - great job running those miles in the slush!  So cute about DS in the snow tube.  I find the kids go through stages - I think around age 2.5-3 is the worst, it is so much work for them to get ready to go outside, they often would rather not.  My DD2 loves it right now too!


                        Bermy - hope the flight doesn't bother your head!  I know for sure that I had a much cleaner house before having kids, oh, and I slept a lot more Smile  Totally worth it though!


                        mjen - great TM run yesterday, you are a superstar!!  I only wish I could get the TM going that fast, I would fall off for sure Smile So glad DS is on the mend, hopefully he stays healthy for a long time now!


                        mer - boo on the crappy afternoon, hopefully you get out of the funk quickly  Wish I had a funny joke to cheer you up, but I am so NOT funny!


                        ernie - YAY on the basement - are you taping and mudding yourselves??  such a messy project.  Hope the 10k goes smoothly, are you taking DD again?  I think I would like sensory class!


                        arm - sounds like Christmas morning at your place - snow and kids up so early!  I think I need to make some of your chicken taco meat - sounds so versatile and handy.  Laying by a pool sounds so nice - having to put on a bathing suit in public though, not so nice.


                        uphill - hope you are surviving!  take care!


                          shelby: rest up, girl! sorry for the terrible night. that is how i always feel with c; if he is crying uncontrollably and can't be comforted i know something is wrong. or if snuggles up and falls asleep on me. i wish i had some mad dr skills so i could save a trip to the dr and check things out myself!




                            RR - was supposed to do 4, but guess what?  I'm sick...AGAIN!!!


                            BR - thankfully she's not showing signs of being ill.  She headbutted me in the face this morning which, with a pounding headache, doesn't feel good.  She went to bed early last night and slept really well, for which I'm grateful for.


                            NRR - the doc at the clinic said I looked "too healthy" for him to diagnose whether or not I had another sinus infection, if it was something more serious or just a virus.  So he gave me an rx and said I didn't need to fill it, just wait and see.  Umm yea, I filled that thing ASAP.  I know when I'm not well.

                            Mom is coming over in a bit to help me out. with C for a few hours.  Yay!

                            running eh

                              shelby - get some rest if you can!!  So glad DH is coming home to help give you are break, you are a trooper.  Hope DS's ears are okay!  Let us know what you think.  Great job getting in the miles at lunch!


                              mzm - I love it when they learn new things, so cute!  What do you mean about DD - is her teacher not doing a good job, or is she just so advanced that she knows it all already?  Hope your sis didn't rack up too many fines!

                              running eh

                                cx2 - oh no, again!?!?  take care of yourself, let your body heal, you can always run later!  So glad your mom can come and help.