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Winter Wednesday DIVAs (Read 184 times)


    Well, it's not wintery here at all but I couldn't think of a title! Post!


      Good morning!


      RR- trying out a tempo run for the first time in awhile. 5 with 3 at tempo. Really going to try to speed work this marathon training cycle. Also decided on a spring marathon, April 28 Gettysburg. DBF and I want to combine it with visiting the battlefields and such. Training starts Monday, but I'm going to do the first week twice starting this week. 


      NRR- still haven't done my Christmas cards. I will try this weekend! Im working today, then leaving around 5 I guess to drive home. DBF and I are planning to go out to eat when I get home. I'm looking forward to being home! 


      Happy Wednesday girls!


        Jewel - that 5 miles with 3 at tempo is my favorite workout ... and coincidentally what I'm doing tomorrow!


        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



          RR : Today is rest.  I actually did my 2 miles + ST last night. I took Birdie with me for the first time in over a year, and she did well. I'm glad I had her, since I ran outside at night and I think the fact that it was dark actually kept her from getting distracted.


          NRR: Just work, maybe running a few last errands for stocking stuffers. I need to get something for our day care teacher. I think money and our Christmas card? Any ideas? G's Christmas present arrived last night and we just gave it to him. We got him one of those push walkers since he's cruising around on everything. He loved it.



          Alright here are some personals from yesterday ...


          Monk - safe travels today! What is SPD?


          Jewel - I'm trying to do ST but staying away from JM because I found that some of her workouts leave me pretty sore for running, mostly my knees and ankles from all the jumping around. I'm doing really basic stuff like bicep curls, squats and lunges. I can actually do those while watching tv at night!


          PO - so glad you have nice neighbors. When I moved here I met a few of mine and got on the neighborhood email list. It's really nice to have neighbors who know you and can look out for eachother!


          MA - I'm getting so excited for you. Do you have a favorite recipe for frosting sugar cookies? My mom is coming this weekend and we are

          making sugar cookies and we want to have fun decorating them.


          GSD - Did you end up having a birthday party? I missed posting for a few weeks around M's birthday. How is she doing with using her legs? I'm so glad she is sleeping more!


          Lizo - your post yesterday about shoveling snow makes me so thankful I live in the south Smile I did love running in the snow though, so peaceful and calm!


          RLTW - I'm thinking aboutyou and sending good surgery vibes!


          OWR - I'm "working" over Christmas week on a big report, too! Great job on hitting your goal for running this year! I think I'm going to be like 12 miles short. Oh well Smile


          KlMcD - I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever!! Enjoy your time with friends!!

          Taylor - woohoo for apps to grad school!


          Meli - are you heading to Nica next week?


          Lucy - that sounds like my last few weeks (work, then more work). It's exhausting but worth it when you can relax over the holidays


          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



            Happy Hump day!!! I have 3 work days (including today) until 11 days off! And 6 working days until I switch to my new job!


            RR: Ended up with an unscheduled RD... Today will be 4 miles with DH after work...


            NRR: I have had a headache for 17 hours now... Grr! I just need to figure out how to get rid of this thing! I got a call at the end of my work day yesterday from my Thyroid Dr's office. Sad I have to go get extra blood work and another needle aspiration done. I'm trying not to get nervous since I know what that means, but I'm glad they're being thorough. I'm sure I'll end up having surgery to remove my thyroids regardless of positive or negative results from the testing since mine are 3x the size of normal people's, and the extra testing means they're growing still. At least it's almost a long break!!!!


            OJ: Good luck on your tempo run!!!!


            Sassy: I'm glad you got to take Birdie out!


            Have a great day ladies!


              Ha, I just now noticed that when you go to do a post you can see all the previous posts under neath! I thought it was so dumb you couldn't see them before... it was just me...

              MA runner girl



                RR: Well, I had every intention of running yesterday...


                NRR: But I came home from work and suddenly it was 2 hours later and I was waking up in bed! Haha! I don't even really remember deciding to take a nap, and I was still in my work clothes. Talk about disorienting. I guess I needed some rest Smile DH says now I'm officially pregnant. Pretty sure I've been pregnant for 6 months buddy! Tonight I'm going to the chiro and then finishing up my xmas shopping. Busy busy!


                Jewel - Safe travels back to NY, I bet it's hard to be travelling this time of year with so much to do! Enjoy spending some time with DBF tonight.


                Sassy - Frosting recipe? Mine is SO easy, it's more like a glaze and gets hard after a few hours of drying. I don't do measurements though so it takes some trial and error. I dump a whole pile of confectioner sugar in a bowl (like a few cups), add about a 1/2-1 tsp of vanilla or almond extract, depending on what I feel like (almond is my fav) and then slowly add milk until it's the right consistency. If it gets too runny, you can just add more sugar, too thick, add a little more milk. I caught up on your blog last night, G is just the cutest thing ever!! And so strong, pulling himself up! Smile


                Have a great day girls!

                PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

                MA runner girl

                  PO - Hugs! I'm sorry about the appt with the thyroid dr, but you are right, at least they are thourough. Woohoo for 3 days until 11 days off!!! I'm jealous, that's a nice long break!

                  PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                    Jewel-are you and DBF running it together? I still need to do my Christmas cards too, so now worries



                    Sassy-maybe do a giftcard instead of money? I think that’s a little more personal, to maybe Office Max or Target or some place like that

                    PO-sorry about your headache and sorry about the thyroid issues. But you are right, it’s better to just get this testing done to see what is going on with them


                    MA-yep, sounds like you really needed that rest!


                    RR: either easy run or rest day today. Not sure which yet, will decide after work


                    NRR: nothing exciting today just work and errands after I get off work. I need to do some cleaning around the apartment. Anyone know how to get stains off carpet-mud and dirt stains mostly?


                      hi ladies!


                      It totally is wintery here, so great title OJ!


                      RR: 1/2 mile warm up and cool down to total a mile, then 25 minutes of strength training. pretty much my rest day I guess.


                      NRR:work day. one meeting over the lunch hour, then just hopefully a productive day. planning to get out of here around 6.30 or so so a long day at work. Counting the days till the weekend and the holiday at this point! Nothing else is going on really...


                      OJ: fun marathon! I wonder what it's like? good luck as your training starts!


                      sassy: good luck wtih the stocking stuffers! I just bought a couple extra gifts yesterday as I gave a couple I had intended for other people to my life group ladies... so... hoping the gifts arrive in time for christmas!


                      po: boo about the headache! you poor dear. I hate those and to last that long! that's crazy that your thyroids are growing... what causes that? do you know? Feel better girl and good luck through the tests.


                      MA: hope that nap helped plenty! sounds like you needed it!


                      taylor: good luck wtih cleaning tonight! hope you're able to get the stains out. hmmm. I just put down 409 carpet cleaner and let it set for a while then wipe. It's not perfect but it kind of works.




                        Morning girls.

                        Happy WWednesday!


                        Jewel, have a grest tempo run. Safe travels back home.


                        Sassy, no Nica since I don't have my residency papers yet. Sad going to NYC and DC with MIL, her sis and C on Xmas eve!


                        taylor, club soda gets rid of stains. I like dreft the spray for stain removers too.


                        po, sorry about your thyroids. yay for your short work days left there!!!


                        ma, woo hoo for extra sleep nice!



                        TriR 4 mile run tonight after work. 

                        NtriR, my iPad got a little moist. I'll be so upset if I gave to buy a new one. I have an appointment with the Apple Store on Friday evening. I need to wrap presents for a fundraising party that I'm doing with my church.


                        Also got receipt for residency paperwork. I just now need for it to get assigned and approved ASAP.


                        has anyone read Gone Girl??


                          Jewel - I love Gettysburg, such a beautiful area. I love the double decker bus tour of the battlefields and monuments.


                          PO - sorry to hear about the extra testing, but again, so thankful they are on top of it!


                          MA - ok, that's kind of what I do, too! Do you frost with a bag and tip? I usually pour the frosting into a ziploc bag and cut the tip off! You definitely needed the rest now!


                          Taylor - yeah a giftcard might be better than cash! take a rest day!


                          Lizo - hope the gifts arrive! way to warm up for ST, I rarely do that.


                          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                            PO, I noticed that about the responses too! I hope your headache goes away.


                            Lizo you're getting tons of snow this week, right??


                            Sassy I like maybe Starbucks or Barnes and nobles gift card??


                              OJ: Are you going to the 150th of Gettysburg? We are 85% sure we will be there. Got a hotel and all. 


                              Sassy: Its a long story, but DH & I had a full day birthday party for her.  Its kinda hard with family out of state too. But She definitely seemed to have a great day.  She starting to use her legs, not fully but the dr was happy with her process. She was in shock on how much M talks (talk talk no baby talk) and knows words and using sign language. I dont think M will be walking until 14 months or so. She gets around too well the way she does! How's G? Sorry for the book on M LOL



                              RR: 6 to 7 miles today.... we will see what it actually happens.  M has another 3 teeth of the 8 coming through.  She breaks them through so slowly. 


                              NRR:  Finishing the last patch of xmas cards, house cleaning, mailing some gifts. The pups are driving me nuts today. Its like they woke up and got into some crack. 


                              Have a great day ladies...


                              (I started this at 650am and just finishing it) Hope to be back to do more personals! 


                                Morning, DIVAs!  Happy Hump Day!


                                OJ, a tempo run is what I did last night, as per the “Train Like a Mother” training plan, how fun!  I’ve never done one before!


                                Sassy, I’m so glad you have a pup who can join you on night runs…our dogs would be too distracted and I’m already on like super alert when I run in the dark!!  I had to smile – I do ST at night, too, but mostly because when I’m closing shop for the day I think OH, CRAP, I meant to ST today!  So that’s when I do it most of the time!  I really like Blonde Ponytail – she has a blog and posts workouts and workout move demos on You Tube…you might like her!


                                PO, is the headache part of the thyroid issue, could you be dehydrated?  It seems so backwards that I get dehydrated when it’s cold out, but I’m convinced it happens overnight when the heat is on and I’m not constantly drinking water like I am all day.  I’m so sorry about all this…feel better…and WOOT WOOT for a new job countdown!  Hooray!


                                MA, I was addressing cards last night and picked up yours – seriously, woman, you are both so  ADORABLE…can NOT wait to meet the newest member!!  I used to come home from work and just look at N while I was pg with lil C..he would say “pizza, Mom?” and he would literally call for me, b/c I was so tired!!  You’re growing a whole ‘nother person, lady, no wonder you’re tired!!!


                                Hey, taylor!  We have a steam cleaner, which I LOVE…it’s a Shark something or other, really small but it works wonders.  That being said, the only rugs we have in the entire house are area rugs, so I’m not sure about wall to wall carpeting…I used to have it, and couldn’t wait to get rid of it!  With 4/5 furry animals, two kids and a big sometimes muddy yard, it’s just better with hardwood floors!  Enjoy your RD or easy run!


                                Lizo, woman, your definition of rest day wouldn’t fly in these here parts  ;-)  Rest day for me means I even think about not taking the stairs at work!!  Hope your long work day flies by!


                                Hey, Meli!  Good luck with all of that…yikes on the iPad!  And I’m pretty sure Gone Girl was on Kitty’s list at one point…


                                So, I did it, I did my first ever tempo run!  It was actually good.  I knew I was working, but it felt good.  Afterwards, last night, since I have vowed to STRETCH after every run, I felt strong.  So I'm a happy girl!  And then I got ready for N's birthday today (16.  How do my children keep getting so old?!?) and headed up to bed about 11....and then watched Glee on Netflix until DP got home at about 2.  Ooops.  What can I say, I'm a Gleek from way back...we didn't have "Glee" club, but I was in all the choirs available at my HS, we sang at the opening of South Street Seaport, and we were always doing invitational performances in the tri-state area.  I loved it!


                                Happy Day, DIVAs, and for all those in the path of the storm, SEND ME PICTURES and be safe!!