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Run, don't march into the weekend! (Dailies) (Read 20 times)

    It may be the first weekend in March but we don't have to march.



    1-27 Piney Woods 50k TX; 2-24 Antelope Canyon 50M AZ; 4-21 Big Turtle 50k KY; 4-28 The Trail 50k MI; 5-28 Pinelands 50k ME; 6-16 Mohican 26.2 OH; 7-14 Missoula 26.2 MT; 8-25 North Country 26.2 & 13.1 MI; 9-7 RunWoodstock 100k MI; 12-8 Brazos Bend pace/crew Karen to 100 miles TX


    2019: 2-16 Cross Timbers 50 mile TX; 4-28 The Trail Half MI; 4-29 Glass City Marathon OH; 5-4 Twilight Zone 24 hour MI; 8-24 North Country 26.2 & 13.1 MI; 9-7 Run Woodstock 100m MI; 9-28 Bear Lake 24 hour MI; 10-29 Javelina Jundred 50k AZ

      "Slowburn" yoga last night for me. Which is to say that it is a heated room (not quite Bikram hot) and and a slowed down Vinyasa. Not necessarily easier than a regular Vinyasa since you hold poses longer but different. I do just wish that the teachers wouldn't assume that I can ever remember the sequence of movements.  I prefer that they tell me what to do so that I don't have to think but I guess part of the point is to focus on the movement so that you don't think of other stuff. Sweat fest but not as bad as Bikram or as Hot Vinyasa.


      Forgot to mention how I was wondering what the heck I had done with my headlamps and watch from the race.  Found them in the washing machine. LOL After being washed twice they all still work.


      Carol-congrats on the Disney weekend. The Princess one does seem to be super congested. Everyone wants to be a Princess! When is Pittsburg? Are you doing North Country? Doesn't look like the full has sold out yet... which has to be a first!


      Judy-Sounds like a very nice run for you on Thursday!


      Sandy-Just get to Detroit girl! Between friend and I we have lots of available space. Right close to the race (9.2 miles away) would have sleeping for 4 people on one double bed, one double futon, another on an indoor couch (maybe 2 since it's sectional), Possible sleeping on a "3 season" porch that has another couch... and room on floor for a couple of air mattresses. My place has sleeping for 6 on beds and is only 45 minutes from race start as "worst case scenario."  Finish line closes at 10pm on Saturday. the 50k starts at 6am....I think you could do it. Hope hockey went well!


      Damaris-so glad to hear that hubby is doing well!


      Tessa-Crater Lake looks pretty but alas road and far away. Or-ida-gon. LOL


      Ginny-Would be fun to have you come up for the weekend and do the half! You're so much stronger now that you would handle the trails better. We will find you someone to do that half with you. Or you'll make a friend. David is doing the 50k. Not sure if Jennifer is running. The two of you are around same pace (they did the Detroit 5k with us). So cool about trainer going to Switzerland.


      Cathy-happy birthday! Any specific reason why they hit the guy on the head? Did they try to rob him or what? I should look at these challenge things. I see everyone doing them. Can you post a link?


      Laura-that sounded like a weird situation up at CMU. My DD has friends there so she was in contact with them throughout the day too. she has break next weekend. Always good to have them home. LOL at being in "awe" of my running. More like "ahhh... is she running or is that walking?" We got the snow here. Lots of heavy wet stuff that is going to create more flooding. Yuck.


      Margaret-sweet of you to even look up the race and consider it. The loops are 16.66 miles long so not too bad and there is enough diversity of trail on them to break them up even more. Really the worst part is that in the morning all the shorter races get onto pretty much the same trails so it gets congested. I've always suggested that they have signs for 100m/100k runners to wear on their backs so that the shorter distance runners treat them with more respect. Maybe I'll make one of my own to wear. "Pass with care. 100k runner." or "I'm running the 100k. Don't be a dick." or "What to say to a 100k runner: You look great! Way to go! Don't move off trail, I'll go around! I'll save you a beer at the finish." We were really lucky at Antelope Canyon with the sand. Since it had snowed/been wet the day before the race and cold the morning of the race, it was firm/packed for most of the race. Didn't get loose/beach like until after noon. Was probably the best sand conditions that they've ever had really. I've heard that Monumental and Moab are really bad. Need to get those gaiters that cover the entire shoe if doing those races.


      Kathryn-woohoo! I'm already thinking how I can finish the 100k, go to the house to shower and sleep for a few hours then we can head to the Founders Brewery in Detroit and stay at those residences Saturday night. Yes...I'm already thinking of the party afterwards. I know you aren't surprised. Or just drive the few miles to the one and only Jets restaurant which has 40 rotating taps. Have a great conference!!!


      Karen-LOL about your confidence in the race. Hope it goes off well!


      Elina-good thing you have time to get things settled down. That's my way of saying to just go with the flow and do what you can. short runs better than no runs and they all add up. plus last 6 weeks of floorball is pretty much enough running anyway, isn't it?


      Lizzie-glad you didn't quit! You have race entries to pay for. LOL WTG on the thank you notes. Can make a huge difference. As far as joining us at RunWoodstock and having not run trails before... once you run that event you won't be able to say that again. You'd love the party!


      Diane-LOL on bright orange TM shoes. That's awesome that you were able to get a replacement Garmin from them. You would also love the fall race here for a marathon or 50k distance. Course open until 10pm Saturday. 50m/50k starts at 6am. Marathon/Half starts at 7:30am. The type of trail is about half like Hawk and half dirt road/rail trail surface, so easier than Hawk.


      HCK2.0-nice miles even if on the tm and woot for the 3 day weekend.


      have a great weekend ladies!



      1-27 Piney Woods 50k TX; 2-24 Antelope Canyon 50M AZ; 4-21 Big Turtle 50k KY; 4-28 The Trail 50k MI; 5-28 Pinelands 50k ME; 6-16 Mohican 26.2 OH; 7-14 Missoula 26.2 MT; 8-25 North Country 26.2 & 13.1 MI; 9-7 RunWoodstock 100k MI; 12-8 Brazos Bend pace/crew Karen to 100 miles TX


      2019: 2-16 Cross Timbers 50 mile TX; 4-28 The Trail Half MI; 4-29 Glass City Marathon OH; 5-4 Twilight Zone 24 hour MI; 8-24 North Country 26.2 & 13.1 MI; 9-7 Run Woodstock 100m MI; 9-28 Bear Lake 24 hour MI; 10-29 Javelina Jundred 50k AZ


      WINE o'clock somewhere!

        Sitting at the airport, nearly ready to board.


        Lisa, I HAVE SAND IN MY SOCKS STILL, even after a wash.  It is between my toes.  Ugh.  Keep you posted about Woodstock!


        Others, have a great day/weekend.



        Bandera 25K January 5th - TX

        ???Tinajas???  March 2nd - TX

        ???Hells Hills or Brazos Bend??? April 6th - TX

        Trail Race Half April 27th - MI

        Glass City Full (or Half) April 28th - OH

        Possums Revenge 56K May 25th - TX


        Cupcake Connoisseur

          Rest day for me again Smile


          Slept better last night but that wind is still howling. It is supposed to die down later today..so hopefully we are good to go for tomorrow. I don't need these kinda winds during 26.2 miles! It took HCBF 5 hours to get home from the beach last night (usually 2) because a lot of the bridges were closed!


          We are taking Ruger to boarding around 8:30..then we have to pick up his car from the shop..then getting ready and heading down to Newport News. Not sure what we will do the rest of the day but packet pick up ends at 5 so I want to have enough time in case we hit traffic!


          Nervous for tomorrow. Ugh. Normal part of the process but still..ugh.



          Diane - What was it with yesterday? I had a crazy busy day, too! Friday’s aren’t supposed to be busy. Nice on the shoes! They might be stiff until you break them in. I almost returned my Saucony Ride’s because of that..but now they are pretty perfect. I like the bight orange! Wow, that is awesome about the watch!!!


          Run4kupcakes - My brother was out of work yesterday! Crazy. You must have gotten them worse than we did.


          Laura - Oh Laura that is awful. I hope they find him!


          Margaret - I am laughing out loud that you share your utensils with the birds Smile I would do the same if I had one haha. Your DH brews his own beer? Yum!!


          Tessa - Have a great race Sunday!!!


          Lisa - That class sounds fun! We have some similar to that at the gym but I am scared to take them haha. OOPS on washing the headlamps! Haha surprised they still work! So, the 100K/55K trail races that also have shorter races as well..are the runners mean to the other longer distance runners? Thats not fair. I was going to ask you if thank you notes were still a thing. I like them because you can express your interest again - or in my case - I get to nervous on the phone or in person to express it. LOL.


          Kathryn - Have a safe flight and a great race! This race will seem easy Smile


          Karen - GOOD LUCK TODAY!!!! I hope you are rocking it out!!!



          Happy Weekend!


          November 10 - Richmond - 26.2

          April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

            Kat-LOL on the sand... it's so funny to see it in my suitcase and it is SO RED!!!


            Lizzie-the shorter distance runners aren't "mean" they are just focused on going fast and finishing which is completely normal and to be expected. Diane (from FB forum who also did Antelope) referred to the shorter races at long trail events as "significant other races" so most of those people have an appreciation for what the slower folks are doing but it's easy to forget when caught up in own race and since the course if somewhat easy people will be able to go faster than on other courses. At the Detroit marathon they have back bibs for people doing the Relay. That's so that you don't feel devastated when they fly past you at mile 18. LOL


            So on this lazy morning for me, I'm looking at the 50 States Club website. I actually will have to download the application, print it out, fill it in and mail it in to them with a check. ROFL By end of this year I will be at 21 states and 41 total marathons or longer.



            1-27 Piney Woods 50k TX; 2-24 Antelope Canyon 50M AZ; 4-21 Big Turtle 50k KY; 4-28 The Trail 50k MI; 5-28 Pinelands 50k ME; 6-16 Mohican 26.2 OH; 7-14 Missoula 26.2 MT; 8-25 North Country 26.2 & 13.1 MI; 9-7 RunWoodstock 100k MI; 12-8 Brazos Bend pace/crew Karen to 100 miles TX


            2019: 2-16 Cross Timbers 50 mile TX; 4-28 The Trail Half MI; 4-29 Glass City Marathon OH; 5-4 Twilight Zone 24 hour MI; 8-24 North Country 26.2 & 13.1 MI; 9-7 Run Woodstock 100m MI; 9-28 Bear Lake 24 hour MI; 10-29 Javelina Jundred 50k AZ


              Lisa when is it again?  I've already got Sept and Oct.  Then of course the big one in Dec .  I plan on visiting my parents in Jul or Aug.


              Got up early (5 is early for a Sat) and got in 5 miles on the TM before my massage at 9.  I'll come back and do the other 5 after so I get my 10 today then will need to get up early again to get in 10 before leaving to go have lunch with DD.


              I'm trying to wake up with some coffee...I'll say hi to everyone just in case.

              Bravos Bend 50 - Dec 8 - DNF



              Prairie Spirit 50 mile - Mar 30

              Possums Revenge 56k May 25

              Lhotse 24 Hour Aug 30


                Lisa - very generous of you and friend to volunteer lodging.  When I read it sounded like “4 people to a bed”....LOL...thinking, that would be a little crowded .  Pittsburgh is 5/6.  I am not signed up for NCT.  Didn’t realize the full wasn’t “full”.  That is weird.


                Kat - Where are you off to?


                Lizzie - You will do great tomorrow!  You training has been great!  Enjoy the expo.


                Diane - Great job on getting up and getting 5 done early!


                Karen - Hope The Woodlands has their act together today!  Good luck!


                10 with RB yesterday, some on trails that were so muddy our shoes were just caked mud, also had to cross a flooded area by walking on a tree limb...funstuff!



                LC Runs

                  Happy Saturday!


                  Quiet day around here, which is fine with me!


                  4.5 miles this morning.  I am liking my new shoes so far, they're not super cushy but they seem to support my foot well and aren't causing any blisters, etc.


                  DD got home around 5:00 yesterday.  They caught the shooter kid around midnight last night and it sounds like he was arrested without incident.  DD said she was never really worried about her safety but it was definitely unsettling.


                  Lisa -  I have never taken a yoga class (have done some DVD workouts), sounds like a good one.  We have no snow now, but are supposed to get hit with a storm Monday evening to Wed afternoon - uuggggg, I am over it!!


                  Kat - safe travels!!


                  Lizzie - whoo hoo, have fun at the Expo and run awesome tomorrow!!


                  Diane - nice run and have a great massage and lunch with DD!


                  Carol - nice muddy 10!!

                    16mi this morning.  Whew!  Longest run since MCM in Oct.  Beautiful morning!  Sunny and high 30s!!  But windy.  Met up with a couple speedier youngsters for the first 10mi - they kicked my booty and it was into the wind.  Turnaround was lovely and then I peeled off to get extra mileage.  Last half mile was DIRECTLY into the wind which had picked up even more.  I felt like I coulda walked faster!  But it's done and I feel good about it.  Time for beer and basketball!  HH with a couple friends later.


                    Gatsby - OMG I want to visit your birds (oh, and you too haha).  They crack me up so much!  I really am considering Woodstock.  Mostly because Lisa has said all the right words - free lodging, party, BEER.  That's all right up my alley!  I've already googled some training plans.  I find it interesting that weekday mileage is only in the 4-5mi range.  And I've noticed that you do that as well and ROCK these things.  Is that pretty standard?  It's just much less than road marathon plans.


                    Kat - oh man, if you are in for Woodstock, that makes me even more interested!  I seriously cannot believe you are hopping off an airplane to run a half marathon.  That truly may be a new kinda crazy LOL.  You GO girl!  Can't wait to read about it!  Nice to be away from the normal work grind for a week.  Hope it's a good conference!!


                    Karen - oops - that's the ignorant outa towner not knowing the The Woodlands is the name of the town haha.  You should be done running by now!  No doubt you rocked it out!  Enjoy the wedding and CAKE (that's for Lizzie's sake haha)


                    Elina - gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl you impress me with all you do.  That is all.


                    Lizzie Lizzie Lizzie - squeeeeeeeeeeeeee the race is almost here!!!  I just stalked your weather and OMG yay!  Well, a bit windy BUT it'll be a tailwind, right??  What are you wearing?  Okay, don't reply to that now.  But, it must be a no brainer since you didn't bring it up this week.  I am STOKED for this new job situation!!  I predict a pretty stellar week coming up for you starting TOMORROW.


                    Diane - awesome miles!  And that's great news about Garmin.  Hope you had a lovely massage!!


                    HCK - well dang.  Bummer you couldn't sleep in on your DAY OFF.  I woulda been tempted to skip the 8 on the dreadmill mostly since I had already showered.  You are better than me for SURE!


                    Laura - was soooo happy to hear DD made it home.  Saw on the news this morning they caught the guy.  So scary!  So happy you could communicate with her while on lockdown but so incredibly unnerving.  Hooray for the new shoes!!


                    Lisa - oops on washing the electronics but glad no damage was done and now they are clean!  Oh boy, you are saying the magic words - brewery and beer.  So from what I can gather, you would be starting 14 hours earlier to go twice the distance if I do the 50K.  You would most likely finish before I do so plenty of time to nap and shower and then BEER!  Although I have no idea how long this would take me.  As you perhaps can tell this is becoming VERY intriguing!  And to completely change topics...  if you'd rather not answer this totally understand...  but, from an HR perspective - if an employee says they have health issues/drs appts is it true you really cannot question even though you do question the validity?  Asking for a friend 


                    Carol - wow that sounds like quite the adventurous 10 mile run!  Fun!!


                    Oooh, just saw that the Big10 men's bbal tourney is on CBS in 10 min.  Best go grab a beer and hunker down!  Happy weekend!!


                    OMG, almost forgot!  In case I don't make it back here tomorrow - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CATHY!  You youngster you 

                    Glass City Marathon 4/28/2019

                      Karen, hope Woodlands went well!


                      Lisa, now you know that your electronics are in fact waterproof!  Did you see anyone at AC with duct tape over their shoes?  I've heard that some people do that to keep out sand.


                      Kat, smooth travels.  If AC sand is anything like beach sand, you will be finding it in all sorts of places for weeks.


                      Lizzie, hope you are chilling today.  Trust your training, you will do great tomorrow!  Nothing you can do about the wind so don't worry!  Love that HCBF got you cupcakes.  


                      DHuff, hope you had a mice massage today.


                      Carol, nice adventurous 10 miler yesterday.


                      LC, you deserve a quiet day.  Glad that they finally caught the shooter.


                      Seloc, nice 16!  Re training, I'm a big fan of less is more.  I don't kill myself during the weekday workouts and I always take 2 rest days per week. I think the weekend long run is where the magic happens.  That's why I do hilly trail races for training runs.  Everyone is an experiment of one, though, so can't say whether what I do is normal or necessarily good for anyone else.     I like the Ultra Ladies training plans: https://www.ultraladies.com/free-training-plans.html.  And there's a training plan generator on the Santa Clarita Runners' website that's based on the Ultra Ladies plans (for 50m or 50k races):  http://www.scrunners.org/ultramarathon-training-schedule-generator.html


                      12.3 miles for me today, including a few miles with my RC.  Sunny when I started, rain and hail in the middle, and then sunny when I finished.    But I was ready for it so no biggie.  No such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing choices!

                        Thanks, Gatsby!  Totally agree with you on we are all an experiment of one. And I’m still experimenting!  Haha. Funny I actually looked at BOTH of those web sites yesterday!  In theory I also believe in less is more but it’s harrrrrd to live by that. Thank you for your insight!  You did just right the book on couch to 50K so....  Nice all weather miles for you today!!  Well, guess ya skipped the snow which is a good thing.


                        Back to beer and b-ball...

                        Glass City Marathon 4/28/2019


                          Laura -What kind of new shoes?  So glad DD got home safely.  What a tragic situation.  Was so glad they found him.  Was a little unsettling, I actually took my phone yesterday for our run...never know if he would have made it 30 miles to here.


                          Sandy - Nice LR for you!  Are you train8ng for spring marathon?


                          Margaret - Nice run for you!


                          Quiet day here...





                            Margaret, wait, what are you doing on the Santa Clarita marathon website?


                            Lisa, good to know that the headlamp and watch still work even after their baths. And not sure about Woodstock -- when is it?


                            Yes, Crater Lake is road, sorry. You will have to get Oregon at some point...but there are a lot of good races there. And Washington. I'm looking at races around Spokane now.  But I still like the sound of the race around Mt. St. Helens.


                            Back bibs for the longer racers sound like a very good idea.


                            Karen, hope the race went well!


                            Liz, safe travels and good luck tomorrow! Enjoy the expo.


                            Kat, ditto. Good luck with the half if it is not over already!


                            Cathy, happy birthday tomorrow, I won't be back until late.


                            Diane, 5 is early to get up any time, but especially on a Saturday.


                            Laura, glad DD is safe. On the flight from Atlanta to Tampa I was sitting next to one of the CMU female athletes -- not sure which sport they are but they were going to a tournament this weekend.


                            Carol, I thought the same thing about 4 people in a double bed, that sounded very crowded. Pittsburgh? Nice race!


                            Sandy, good run! 16 miles is impressive.


                            3.8 with NotSoFast this morning along Bayshore Blvd. Pretty, though occasionally stinky -- and it is the phosphate mining, it was NOT us that stank! Getting ready for the race tomorrow. Alarm set for 4 AM.


                            WINE o'clock somewhere!

                              Bailed on the race.  I was S.T.A.R.V.I.N.G. when I landed and it was chilly and quite windy.  Glad I did, had a great morning chatting with Mom instead.  Sometimes Mom's are more important...  ok, always.  Napping now, then off to an early dinner.  Mom surprised the crap out of me, pulled 2 wine glasses out at NOON, and poured us both one.  One turned into 3, hence the nap...  have a good one all.

                              Bandera 25K January 5th - TX

                              ???Tinajas???  March 2nd - TX

                              ???Hells Hills or Brazos Bend??? April 6th - TX

                              Trail Race Half April 27th - MI

                              Glass City Full (or Half) April 28th - OH

                              Possums Revenge 56K May 25th - TX

                              Bad Ass

                                Afternoon!  I went to OTF and ran 1.92 there.  I had 6 for the day but I'm calling it quits now. I have people here, we want to take a drive, go to dinner, etc., and I guess it's time to spend with the family. Glad I ran those 4 on Wednesday then. Smile  But in good news, we have a bit of a cooldown, so I get to run my LR outside, if I wake up early enough.


                                Karen, great job today!


                                Lisa, nice job with slow burning yoga.


                                Kathryn, sorry about the race.


                                Lizzie, good luck tomorrow!  You'll kill it!


                                Diane, sounds like a busy day you got today.


                                Carol, nice 10.


                                Laura, nice 4.5.


                                Sandy, excellent 16.


                                Margaret, nice run, but ugh, hail.


                                Tessa, nice run.



                                Finding my Fuck Yeah moment in 3, 2, 1....