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Mopey Monday (Over 40) (Read 21 times)

    This is what happens when I don't run.. I get mopey... not to be confused with someone who mops...nothing like that, I'm afraid.


    But the day should improve.. we have big bright burning ball expected to be in the sky all week here. Yeah!




      Lisa...hope you are feeling a little more optimistic this morning.  The dreary weather can really wear on a person, coupled with the not being able to run.   No, we don't like to see you down.  When is your birthday?  Come down here I will celebrate with you, my family tends to let my birthday slide too, at least DH does, never have figured that one out.


      Tessa...wow!  50 last weekend and now this????  My legs would have given up, with the rest of me following.


      I am taking the day off today, I decided yesterday.  Sometimes I need a day off during the week to get caught up on stuff.





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      Mighty Mouse

        MyMomRuns, I completely understand your feeling mopey. It is so hard not to run. Most people are not runners and do not understand that concept. Wink

        Thursday was a 40 minute cardio DVD.

        Friday I did a 45 minute run on the TM and then walked 2 miles.

        Saturday I did a 50 minute run on the TM and walked another 2 miles.

        Sunday I did a 50 minute run on the TM and walked another half mile. I was out of town so I missed Sunday buddy.

        Today will be a track run and cardo DVD I think.

        Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::



        Fire Jumper

          Good morning all!


          Had a great run yesterday.  3.5 miles.  I decided not to push it, since my hip/knee had been so offended earlier in the week.  This is going to be my biggest mileage month yet.  After my run today, I may break 50 miles!  That's huge for me!!  woo hoo!


          So, here's my question about the shoes:  I am a slow, steady runner.  You can kind of set your watch by my splits.  Is there a school of thought that says I "should" move toward a more neutral shoe with a lower drop (say 4mm), or is it just fine to stick with a stability shoe and a higher drop?   Several of you said I could get used to it... or transition to it.  The question is, should I?


          Running with my group today.  Gray, drippy day.   Taking my rain gear just in case!


          I'll check in after the run.


          Good morning, Lisa, Ginny an Judy (early birds!)

          Carol - hope you're feeling better today!




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          Run to live; live to run

            Julie no. Really the shoe depends on the person. There is no reason to change to a different shoe. Use what works for you. If you want to switch, sure, do it.   But, you don't have to. plus the shoe may never work for you. Don't know. What works for one doesn't always work for another.



              Tessa, wow!  Way to go! 90 degrees sounds brutal. Congrats to RN on her first 50.

              Julie, I agree with Marjorie.  There's been a movement by some toward zero drop and barefoot running, but some seem to get lower leg strains and Achilles issues from it. They believe the cushioning for the heel promotes heel striking, which they say isn't a natural stride. However, some people seem to need the cushioning. There doesn't seem to be a consensus on "right" shoe.

              I'm thinking of trying Hokas, which are more cushioned.

              Hi to everyone else!

              Finished the 15 yesterday but had to break it up due to stormy weather. SRD today.


                LisaMMR - Awww, I hope the Mopey's go away....it is so unusual for you.  Sure hope you can get back to your running soon.


                Susan - Good to see you posting!  24 laps in the pool....great job!  Detroit for 2014...hmmmm, food for thought.


                Ginny - How fun to take an extra day off, sure makes the work week go faster!


                Julie - Great job on you 50 mile month!


                Judy - You are so right that people who don't run, really don't understand the "need" that we must run.


                Camille - Nice job on the 15, too bad about the storms.


                Feeling sooo much better today!!!


                This coming week-end I am doing the MiniMarathon in Indy...my DF used to live in Indy and has always wanted to do this, so we signed up several months ago (wouldn't have been my first choice for a race destination, but for her, would do it), anyhow, she hurt her hip and stayed in Florida and couldn't do it, other DF that was going with us just did Boston, and does not want to be around the big crowds (and some family stuff going on), so during the week they backed out.  Long story short my DH said I should still do it and he will go with me.  So since the fee is paid, we are going to go Indy.  Think it will be a fun week-end away.  Has anyone done this race?  Anything to see in Indy?



                Bad Ass

                  Morning!  I had no internet for most of the day yesterday, bah.  This thing needs to end!!!!!!!!!!!!


                  5 miles this morning with more and weights tonight.


                  I have a deposition in 9 minutes and just arrived to the office from the allergist, so gotta go!



                  "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                  It's always fucking hot in Miami!



                    Anyone who wants the bright burning ball in the sky can have it. With my compliments. I will even throw in a bottle of sunscreen.


                    Quick check in. No run this morning. Going at lunch.


                    Also can I have an update please on who is going to Hatfield-McCoy and who is rooming with whom? If you could please email me that would be helpful. My email is my firstnamelastname and the domain is sbcglobal.net. Thanks!


                    Run to live; live to run

                      11.1 for me today. Busy day. Back for personals when I can.


                        Julie-type of shoe has nothing to do with running pace and all to do with the shape of your foot, your running form and what seems to work best for you.  You've probably read all the shoe guides but stability shoes are for people that pronate heavily (foot rolls inward with each step) and /or have very low arches so that they need a firm column holding up their arches. Motion control type shoes are these to the highest degree of support, stability labeled shoes not as much. if you have normal to high arches you typically could use a neutral shoe since you don't need to hold your arch up. I started out running with motion control shoes (totally unnecessary) then switched to stability and like weaning myself from a pacifier went to neutral.  I have high arches, I didn't need the support.  I don't think that heel drop relates to support topic.  It does relate to cushioning of the heel.  I'm not a real heel striker but still I didn't like the lower feel of the 4mm shoes.  the bottoms of my feet seem to be sensitive too to rocks so less underfoot protection hurts.  Suggestion is to have a few different shoe store people give you their recommendations as to what type of support you need. There are also some fancy machines in some stores that will give you read outs. Being that you are a early in your running career (we get paid for this you know... ha) and adding mileage my 2 cents would be to stick to more underfoot structure and not go minimalist.  I know 100 mile runners who will wear minimalist shoes on shorter runs then break out the Hokas for their long adventures. The terrain also makes a difference for them.  Of course this is all stuff that you learn on the many many many miles they've put in getting to that distance.


                        Ginny-thanks for the invite.  May take you up on it another time though.


                        Judy-you're right.. I have some people that assume I'm ENJOYING my time off from running.  I give THEM the blank "are you crazy" look.


                        Camille-I think it's been humorous to watch over the last 2 years trail runners go from mocking and scoffing the Hoka to wearing them.  The 100 miler that I paced last fall wore them for her 3rd and 4th loops but not for the 5th and 6th. She looked forward to them but was afraid of tripping on them later.


                        Tessa-no bright burning ball in the sky yet but we're going up to the upper 60's so enjoyed a nice walk at lunch.  it's still overcast here.


                        AND... something miraculous happened. I did my little run/walk 3.2 miles this morning.  Walked when leg talked to me. lay on ice cube bag for 15 minutes afterwards, stretched. Seemed to hear thing cracking and now my back and leg are fine. amazing.  I'll be good the rest of the week though as to not jinx it.



                        Anonymous Guest

                          Quick personals since my idiot boss scheduled a conference call with our executive board for 4:30 this afternoon...


                          Lisa, first post - not so good. Hang in there, life gets kinda sucky sometimes, but it always gets better. And for your second post - good news! I've started weather-obsessing for this weekend and right now it looks awesome.


                          Ginny, enjoy the day off. Whether you get a ton of stuff done or absolutely nothing, enjoy it.


                          Judy, busy and consistent as always!


                          Julie, if the shoe you're in is comfortable, stick with it.


                          camille, will be interested to hear what you think about the Hokas if you try them. People (especially trail and ultra runners I know) seem to love them. Be careful if you order online - I've heard the sizing can run a little differently than most shoes.


                          Carol, have fun this weekend! I don't know what there is to do in Indianapolis, but let me know what you find. I'm probably going to running Indy Monumental in November.


                          Docket, your running seems to be going well since your ultra.


                          Tessa, amazing as always. A 50K the week after a 50 miler. I will drop you an email, but (as you know) I'm going to Hatfield McCoy. Cindy is my roomie.


                          Hi Marjorie!


                          Swimming tonight. I just wish it wasn't in downtown DC. Monday and Wednesday for the next 3 weeks. Hopefully I can fix any form issues before they become bad habits - at least that is the plan.


                          One pic from the finish of the 10K I ran last weekend in 43:16 (just had to throw that time in there again since I still can't believe I did it!). At the finish, going for the hand over heart thing. Other arm looks a little out of control, which apparently happens when I run the last 0.2 miles at a 6 minute/mile pace. Luckily there was no one really close by to be hit by my flailing.

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                            busy day to catch up on work.  The work gnomes don't do my work when I'm gone.  I had someone for contact for something that couldn't wait but there was still a bunch of stuff.  Plus I had several calls to do etc.


                            Lisa sorry you are mopey.  it will improve as it did today.  Have faith.  Really Smile


                            Ginny not having a Garmin can be hard when you are used to it.  I realized after I got mine a few years ago I grossly underestimated my running distance.  By a lot.




                            Carol go run!  Hope the mini goes well


                            Tessa I concur on the bright globe in the sky.  It was pretty cloudy today but when it would come out it was hot Smile


                            Karen nice floater on the pic too. Meh who cares on the flailing arms?


                            Camille hope the rest day goes well.



                              LisaMMR - So happy about the "cracking" and possibly pain relief!!!!


                              KarenAG - I am envious that you have found a Total Immersion swim class!  I will be curious what you think about it.  Great race pic!


                              Marjorie - Seems like it is always so hard to get caught up after vacation...hope you got it under control.


                              Did get out for a 4 mile run this afternoon....boy was it warm - 70's here with full on sun....



                              LC Runs

                                Hi Everyone!


                                5.2 after work miles, I am so HAPPY the weather is finally nice Smile


                                Lisa - so sorry you can't run right now, it sux but you will be back at it soon!


                                Ginny -hope you enjoyed your day off


                                Judy - nice weekend workouts, as usual


                                Julie - congrats on the 50 miles!  As far as shoes, I pretty much just stick to what works.  I have 3 styles that I like and pretty much just rotate those (they are all neutral shoes).


                                Hey Marjorie - nice 11.1


                                Camille - nice 15, I've been doing a lot of 'split' runs, I kind of like it that way.  Hope you enjoyed your day


                                Hi Carol - good luck this weekend!  I have a friend doing Indy this weekend, sounds like a fun race


                                Damaris - great 5 and weights


                                Karen - I like your picture, it's cute!  My idiot bosses are at a conference most of the week, thank goodness.  If they're not here, they can't screw anything up ha ha


                                I don't think I mentioned that yesterday my BF took my shooting at the gravel pits.  I shot a rifle and a hand gun (first time for either).  I have to admit, it was fun.  I did better with the rifle, hand gun was too large for me.  My arms are sore from holding them up.  Probably will never do anything more than target practice, but it was a good time!