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Flying Free on Friday - Preggos (Read 263 times)

MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

    MA runner girl

      Ahhh finally Friday!


      RR: 4 miles last night, running 3 miles tomorrow with a friend! Smile


      PGR: 24w5d. Nothing new, yesterday was a bad burning belly day and I woke up still feeling sore from yesterday Sad Usually I feel great in the morning! I'm working at home today so I'm sitting in the most comfortable position and hoping it's better. I slept 9+ hours last night so I feel a lot less tired today.


      NPGR: Super fun weekend planned ahead! Tonight I'm heading to NY with some friends from the DIVAs thread for an accessory party (one of those inhouse ones) and then staying over there and baking cookies all day Saturday! Saturday night a friend is having an ugly sweater Christmas party so I'll head home for that. Sunday DH and I are planning on getting our Christmas tree and decorating for Christmas! Should be a fun weekend, but I'm sure I'll be ready for another weekend just to sleep by Monday!

      PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


        37 weeks--finally full termSmile


        PGR: I am finally full term and very excited.  Feeling pretty huge as of late but I guess it's because I'm super pregnant (and my husband likes to challenge that with, and how pregnant were you before, ha,ha)  Was feeling some contractions last night at work but very inconsistent.  I was joking with a coworker that I wouldn't see her when she worked next because I was going to jump this baby right out of me.  A doctor (maybe OB?) suggested a pogo-stick, funny.


        RR: Running later this afternoon.  Maybe yoga if I have the energy.


        NPGR: I only have today and tomorrow off before I have to work Sun, Mon,and Tue and with the in-laws coming on Tuesday I feel like I have a lot to get done.  I will likely get nothing done today beyond dishes and end up Saturday night trying to finish everything I wanted to get done today.  I am sleepy so I hope I can sleep enough that I can get a few things done today since I'd love to go to a movie on Saturday.


        MArunner: Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead, enjoy and I hope the stomach issues improve.


          MA - sounds like a great weekend! Have fun.

          Teri - Congrats on being full term! Way to go on still running. Love hearing that people are running all the way through. Hope I can too.


          RR - Ran to bootcamp + bootcamp today. Tomorrow, probably a walk and signed up for prenantal yoga. My glute has been hurting so may lay off running for a couple of days.

          PGR - had a good midwife appointment yesterday. Everything looks great. Next appointment in 4 weeks and then I am on to every two weeks appointments. 24 weeks tomorrow.

          NPGR - off to my boss' house for a "retreat." Hope it is productive!


            I tried to get back for more personals yesterday, but the website wouldn't cooperate and let me post?  so I'll try this morning


            Ozzy - glad you got the iron thing figured out.  Jealous of the pancakes - yum! As for u/s, I know with twins a great majority of clinics will do u/s every appt since the doppler is not foolproof for differentiating between hbs, plus I'll start getting u/s every 2 weeks I believe once I hit 28 weeks to monitor and make sure they are growing properly, so I feel like I'm in no-man's land right now.


            YJPM - Yum, I LOVE grilled cheese.


            Liz - Great story about passing running store guy while preggo!


            monk - I'm glad you're not dealing with a UTI.  I think I drink between 70-80 oz a day?  I have a hard time keeping track, but I still feel like it's not enough.


            and today:


            MA - Glad you got some good sleep!  Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead - have fun baking cookies!


            teri - congrats on full term! GL getting prepped for the ILs.


            Liz - Yay for a great m/w appt! Enjoy the retreat...


            PGR: 16w3d. OB appt in a few hours. I'm scared of the scale - I've packed on some pounds in the past week - I don't know where they are coming from because my eating hasn't changed.  Does anyone else have to collect FMU, refrigerate it, and bring it to the appt with them? Or is that just my wacky clinic?  I hate hauling around a cup of pee.  Luckily it's cold enough here I can just leave it in the car until my appt...


            RR: Nothing.  The sciatica is really interfering - it hurts to even walk most of the time.


            NPGR: bball practice tonight, then another tournament tomorrow.  DH and I were talking about a babymoon last night, and realized with not being able to travel after 28 weeks and my basketball tournament schedule, a trip somewhere warm is probably not feasible Sad Boo.  Oh, and babies r us had a 20% off sale, so we purchased one of our cribs last night - my mom and stepdad are giving us the other crib for Christmas. Nursery planning time! Okay, so that was pretty much all PGR, too. 


              Morning ladies!


              MA: Wow, your weekend sounds like so much fun! A party and baking cookies! I need to have my best friend over for some baking. We keep talking about it, but both of us are crazy busy with work. And with my schedule there is no knowing when I'll actually be able to get time off at the same time she has it. Yay for 9 hours of sleep! You were probably just needing the rest.


              Teri: Congrats on being term! Hahaha! The pogo stick idea is hilarious, especially when you think about how it would look with a very pregnant woman trying to hop around on one! I know what you mean about putting off cleaning until the last minute. I never feel like cleaning on my day off. I just want to veg out!


              Liz: Running and bootcamp, you are so hardcore! Especially that early in the morning. I could not do it! I think prenatal yoga sounds like so much fun! I feel like it would be very helpful with some of the achyness that I get from work. Unfortunately I can't really afford my gym membership and classes too. Wow, I guess I am coming up on the every two week appointments as well! Can't believe it's already that time!


              RR: Running 3 miles later. Going to be difficult to get motivated today unfortunately.


              PGR: Not much new. DH has been feeling the baby kick more lately, which is cool. A lot of times I'll be like, "Hey it's kicking. Try to feel it." And then as soon as he tries LO stops. Haha! It's always so cute when he actually can feel the baby though b/c he gets really excited and sentimental. Adorable!


              NPGR: Off today. I hate when my days off are split up. I feel like I can't get anything productive done b/c I want to rest my first day off. Then I go back to work for one or two days and the next day off, I just want to chill out again. I have to face the laundry today though, and probably cook something for DH and I for this next week. Maybe I'll try to make it fun and do some Christmas type baking. DH doesn't want too much unhealthy food laying around the house, but I am in the mood for some fun baking!


                Morning all.


                RR - Didn't get a walk in yesterday, darn, but hoping for something today. Though it is raining. May have to get creative.


                PGR - Not a whole lot going on. As for the water question, I have no idea. I'm really bad at it too. I know I need to keep better track, especially if I'm hoping to avoid swelling like last time.


                NPGR - DH is going out of town for the weekend so it's just me and DS. Hoping to get some stuff done while he's gone, but hopefully it's uneventful. Someone asked in yesterday's thread what class I was auditing, and it's bookmaking. I need to make 2 books for the final if DS will let me. Sigh.


                MA - Enjoy your weekend. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun!


                Teri - You made it to term! I hope you get a break after Tuesday!


                Liz - Yay for a good appt. Hope you enjoy the retreat.


                TN - I hope you like your new OB. I've never heard of bringing in a pee sample, I'm always greeted with it at the door lol. Hope the scale is your friend this visit, you get to hear the HBs, and all is well!


                  Cross posted with Sasha - I'm also in the mood for baking but it's usually me that eats most of it! Hope you can enjoy your days off. You've earned them, I'd say!


                    Good morning from my couch! Date day is commencing!


                    RR: Got 45 minutes on the elliptical this morning. I may have to start thinking about either cutting back running even more or stopping altogether. My legs hurt SOOOO bad yesterday as the day went on. My whole legs, but especially about halfway down my calves down through my feet. By the time we were heading home from work DH and I decided to pick up dinner because I couldn't stand the thought of standing to cook. My shins hurt really bad too. Maybe it was just a bad treadmill I was on, but if I run a few more times and this happens again, I might be nearing the end. I don't want to stop but its not worth that pain!


                    PGR: 28 weeks! Peeing a ton since I've been upping the water intake. A friend on another board said her doctor recommended gatorade to curb BHs. Trying that. I feel like the water is helping so I'm not going to worry about calling the doctor. I'm annoyed that I wake up to pee at the same time every morning, whether its the weekend or not. Could have slept in a bit this morning, but couldn't get back to sleep after the bathroom!


                    NRR: DH and I have both been to the gym and headling out in about a half hour for an early movie, Skyfall (only $5 this early!), lunch at my favorite Italian restaurant and Christmas shopping. I'm looking forward to movie popcorn and bread and oil at lunch and general pigging out. Tomorrow on the actual day of my birth we'll do fun family stuff, going to see a Christmas train exhibit at the botanical garden, baking Christmas cookies and going out for birthday dinner. Then Sunday is my Christmas band concert. Busy fun weekend ahead!


                      MA - Sounds like a fun weekend ahead - though I'm sure there'll be more "eating" of the cookies than baking?? It's only right. Well done on scoring 9hrs sleep - that sounds lovely Smile


                      Teri - Congrats on reaching full term! I hope you get everything done this weekend...or go into labor and everybody else can get everything done Smile


                      Liz - Great that all is good with the pg - enjoy your "retreat"!


                      TN - I hope the sciatic nerve pain improves - did you book a chiro appt? I have to pee everytime I go see the midwife but i pee and test in the office before my appt, no carrying around a little container...I have found it very interesting to watch my body gain when my eating and exercise habits have not changed since pre-preggo...I find it much easier to know that it's all my body prepping for baby. If I'd had endless food cravings and indulgences i'd be more concerned...so your weight gain is just what your body needs, I'm still so excited to know you are having twins!


                      Sasha - enjoy your baking - if you eat most of it then there won't be too much food to tempt DH when he gets home...just sayin'...


                      Schmett - sounds like you have a "puddle jumping day" like us today...hopefully you can get out for a walk.


                      Monk - your date day sounds like so much fun, I'd love to see Skyfall too. Sorry to hear about the sore legs - do you take Cal/Mag in the evenings? I find it helps sore muscles relax. At least there are lots of cross-training alternatives to running should you have to back it off for a bit. 




                      PGR - 32w4d. tentatively stepped on the home scales today, weight up 17-18lbs? pretty satisfied with that and feeling pretty good.


                      RR - Swam 3km this morning ,yay! Felt fairly good too - maybe it's the iron making up the fatigue buffer, or maybe I'm just having a few good days, but whatever, I'll roll with it. MAYBE a weights workout this afternoon as I've been slacking in that area lately.


                      NRR - Christmas dinner with our outdoor club tonight. back at work today for the weekend; DH and I have arranged to look at a  few homes over in Victoria next Wednesday to rent for 6mths, should be a pleasant day...next Thurs through Sun is looking busy socially so I'll rest up the next few days in preparation and psyche-up (what can I say, sometimes I can be hermit-like Smile  Wink


                      have a great weekend all!

                      MA runner girl



                        Terri - Congrats on full term!!!! LOL the image of a 9 month pregnant woman jumping on a pogo stick is hilarious to me! I hope you can be productive today so it isn't too crazy trying to get everything done.


                        Liz - I can't believe you are still doing bootcamp, awesome! I can't beleive we are so close to every 2 week appts. My next one is next week and then in 4 weeks starts every other. Makes things seem more real!


                        TN - You are growing 2 babies, so not surprising that you are gaining quickly! Smile I hope you have a good appt and the scale isn't too bad. Never had to bring pee in.. that's odd.


                        Sasha - Ahh my DH hasn't felt baby yet, you aren't far ahead so that makes me hopeful! Can't wait! I would hate to have split up days off for the same reason. Though I like to be productive my first day, and then relax the second, so I'd never relax!


                        schmetterling - Good luck with your weekend alone with DS! I hope he isn't too much trouble for you and you can make those books.


                        Monk - I realized that I didn't respond to you in DIVAs thread! Bad me! Now I will... Smile Have a great weekend and I'm jealous that you are off today! Happy Birthday Weekend! Sounds like you have lots of yummy food to look forward to! Definitely sucks that the peeing gets more frequent when you actually drink the amount you should!!

                        PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

                        MA runner girl

                          Ozzy - Oh there will be plenty cookie eating Wink Can't wait! That weight gain sounds great! Hah I spent the whole week doing nothing socially as I knew this weekend would be overwhelming! Fun, but crazy!

                          PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                            Hey all!


                            Just at the airport so thought I would check in, so far nothing eventful has happened, we're here for another hour and a bit before the next flight to Dallas.  People are nicer at the airport when you're preggo, but I still had to pay 12 bucks for lunch ! haha. 


                            Didn't sleep well last night and had to get up for 4 so should be hitting the hay as soon as we land. We're staying at the Hyatt at DFW, which is rated number 1 in dallas !! and the restaurant is like 40 bucks/ meal but the grandparents said to order whatever so we'll see how it is tonight, I'm pretty excited, love staying at classy hotels! 


                            OK hubby is bored, I guess we should go find our gate so he can get on his computer and do some WORK, still isn't done his paper.. sigh. 


                              Monk - enjoy your birthday outing and weekend. Hope the leg pain eases up. Glad to hear the water is helping.

                              Ozzy - I'd be super happy with that weight gain at 32 weeks. Enjoy looking at houses and your dinner tonight.

                              Canada - Ooh, enjoy the hotel! Hope you have safe travels the rest of the way.


                              Mannluna - Wow, good thing you decided to get a remodel done huh? Would you have known otherwise the floor was sinking?

                              Sorry for the delays, I'm sure it will be well worth it in the end.


                              Anyone know how to do correct spacing on your phone? I had to fix the spacing on a regular computer.


                                Another busy day yesterday. 


                                PG: Nothing new, except everyone at work has something to say about my now obvious belly.  Yes, I’m fully aware my belly and my butt are getting big.  Ughhh


                                RR: 3.5 miles in yesterday.  It was nice to run with daylight.  My weekday runs have been in the dark.  Today a lunch time walk otherwise rest.


                                NPGR: Kitchen remodel has been delayed of course!  Turns out the kitchen floor was sinking!  Structural work needed to be done underneath the house.  I’m sooooo over not having a kitchen.  On a happier note, I have my annual girl’s holiday party.  There’s six of that get together every year.  I’m really looking forward to it.


                                I’ll try to make it back for personals.  If not, everyone have a great weekend.