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Tired Thursday - Preggos (Read 22 times)

MA runner girl

    Ha, really creative... All I can think about is how tired I am!

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: Planning on 3 miles after work. Supposed to be in the 40s, hopefully that's true today! It's 50 out right now... crazy!


      PGR: 32w4d. SO. TIRED. This is the first week I've worked 4 days in the office since probably the beginning of December... I get about an hour to an hour and a half more sleep when I work at home, so I'm pooped! My mom got to feel baby move last night, she loved it! He is always so shy when she tries to feel him, guess he wanted to give her a birthday present!


      NRR: Had a good time with my mom last night, I think I made her birthday a good one Smile We chatted a lot about the baby... she's so excited! Yay! Tonight I am planning on making pizza and then doing NOTHING.

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        MA - sounds like a nice night with your mom! Nice that she got to feel LO move...I'm always frustrated when I try to get DH or someone else to feel the movement, but the moment seems to have passed...


        ER- 45 minutes on the elliptical (plus walk to gym). Pushed it pretty hard. I think all this elliptical-ing may make me an angrier person, because I end up watching the news and getting annoyed! Don't usually spend that much time in front of the TV. Yesterday, walked to bootcamp and home (3miles) + bootcamp. Walking instead of running means leaving home at 5AM instead of 5:20ish ;(


        PGR - 31wks5days. Back was killing me at work yesterday. Working from home this AM in the hopes of being more comfortable. Kind of worried bootcamp is making back pain worse, since we are doing a lot of plank type stuff and I feel it in my upper back, where the pain is.


        NPGR - not much...busy social weekend ahead. Looking forward to it!


          This is a looooong week... yesterday in the afternoon I felt like it was Friday, and today I feel like Friday, but its not Friday until tomorrow!


          ER: Nothing today.


          PGR: 35w6d. The baby shower at work was good. I got some baby items from the price is right game, some money and a nice big fleece blanket. I feel so loved! I finally got my FMLA eligibility notice, but the leave isn't officially approved until the division administrator signs off on it. From what I remembered, the FMLA person said that should only be a day or two, so hopefully I'll have everything set next week. It will be a relief to finally have that taken care of! I stayed up way too late last night with DH watching "Miracle," the movie about 1980 US Hockey... I am not a hockey fan at all but I did enjoy it. I really need to try to hoard the sleep though in the next couple weeks! Not too much else going on at the moment... I want to schedule a pre-natal massage but I am not sure when I want to do it or when I can do it.


          NER: A seems to be having a hard time with the potty training suddenly after doing great for about three weeks, not sure whats up with that. Not much else, just really looking forward to the weekend apparently since I thought yesterday was Friday!


            MA - Definitely have to agree on the title today.  Pizza and nothing sounds like the perfect plan!


            Missed yesterday so trying to catch up.  Bear with meSmile


            MA - I definitely have to agree with Mann's recommendation on the support belt.  I finally started using one while still running towards the end of my sixth month.  It really helped.  I am now in my eighth month and decided to stop the running but still use the belt for my long walks.  It works great and I guess just feels re-assuring.


            Schmett - I really admire your attitude about the insurance.  TTC took almost two years and our insurance would not cover a dime so our options were very limited.  I could not imagine adding the actual cost of the pregnancy to our finances as well.


            DrT - Had to laugh at the "what fits" comment.  I was not a fan of the awkward stage when some things fit but hung kind of weird.  It felt great to finally break down and pick up a few pairs of preggo pants.  I love the elastic waist and wonder why we bother with belts.


            ER - Long swim yesterday which was amazing considering how un-motivated I felt when I initially started.  Sometimes just committing to even twenty minutes gets me into the groove and we go from there.  This morning the dog and I headed out for a long 6 mile walk.  A little insomnia helped with that one.  She has become a trooper.  I had to swing by the house at one point for a restroom break about half-way and she did not miss a beat when it was time to head out the door.  Feel very lucky to be this far along and still be able to maintain this kind of activity level.


            PGR - 36w4d.  Have a doc appointment today as they are weekly now.  Considering asking for a sono to confirm LO's position.  Have not had one since we found out the sex and that feels forever ago.


            NPGR - Nothing too exciting.  Realized this morning that I have a funny sense of calmness over the nursery and being ready.  I realized that we have the essentials in place and the rest is just me trying to be a little OCD.  Do I really need to have the bathroom set up and all the baby bottles washed/sanitized?  Probably not considering the baths are sponge the first few weeks and hopefully I will be BF for a bit as well.

            MA runner girl

              Forgot to clarify that i have been wearing a support belt for months! And I agree it helps, esp with bladder pressure, but sometimes I still get RLP and other pains. I assume that's just normal for running at 32 weeks pregnant...


              Sorry no personals right now, lots going on at work!

              PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                MA - Glad you had such a nice visit with your mom and the baby cooperated. Smile


                Liz - You are killing those workouts, I'm not surprised your back is complaining. Can you get a massage in or anything?


                Monk - Aw, so nice to hear about your work shower and the FMLA.


                Yogi - Thanks. We were a lot more freaked out about costs the first time (DH has his own business, so it was a lot of faith we'd have the money when we needed it in the amount we needed too). I really admire your workouts this stage of the game, I think having a motivated workout partner like your dog helps. Smile


                RR - Going. to. the. gym. Yesterday it kept getting pushed back and back and back until i knew I wouldn't be able to make it so I reluctantly did the Shred and even that was the longest workout ever because I had to keep stopping for either DS or DH. But I got it done. Just annoyed cause I really want to increase my mileage per week of walking/running and the Shred is neither of those things.


                PGR - So I also seem to be in the what fits conundrum of pants. I have a pair of jeans that has the stretchy woven elastic band that works for the 1st/2nd tri, and also a black pair of dressier pants that has the full belly elastic panel. Well, my bump is now big enough that it is pushing the elastic band of my jeans to the lower part of my bump, so I have to keep pulling them up, or if I wear the black pants my bump isn't big enough to keep the panel in place, so the weight of the pants keep slowly falling. Argh! I should probably dig out my bella band again but what a dressing chore. Not even 20w and I'm committing to soft lounge pants when I don't have to be somewhere.


                NPGR - January has been insane, I'm glad to see it go. I don't know what it has been about the last 2 weeks, but people have been rude in public, on Facebook, everywhere it seems. Is it the weather? Not being able to be outside as much? No idea, but last night at our dinner seminar people were all sorts of rude in ways I have not encountered yet as the receptionist, and I was just floored. The entitlement just appalls me. Hoping February is a lot sunnier!


                  PG: nothing new. Don't think I'll get anything baby related done this weekend. ER: cardio at the gym. NPGR: im over being in class. I miss the office. Teacher is great but im losing focus. fun weekend. Twin bday party. I'll see my close girlfriends so I'm looking forward to that. Superbowl although we're staying home I'm making nachos and taco cupcakes. Thanks pinterest! I'll try to make it back this afternoon

                    MA - jealous of your warm weather - they cancelled schools here today because the windchill was -20F...


                    Liz - Hope the back feels better - enjoy your weekend!


                    monk - Glad the work baby shower went well - fit that massage in, I think that might be a must!


                    yogi - Glad you have hit the calmness about the nursery - maybe that means the nesting hasn't set in yet? Wink


                    schmett - Frustrating about the maternity pants.  I have full-panel dress pants, and the panel is huge, it comes up just under my bbs, and is super loose - I triple-fold it down under the bump. I honestly could fit the bump AND probably carry a small child in there - there is like a 4-inch gap - I don't know if my bump will ever fill it out.. I am still mostly getting by with my one pair of pre-preggo jeans that still fit if I use a hairband,and hoping that the jeans and pants I exchanged come soon!


                    PGR: 25w2d. u/s tomorrow.  I've started having dreams about babies. Two nights ago, in my dream my mom had twins, not me. Last night, I dreamt that we had the babies, but one appeared to have down syndrome, but no dr. would diagnose/no one in my family would acknowledge.  And I kept forgetting that I had to take care of them. Whoops.


                    PGR2: ordered bedding sets for the babies.  I was originally against the bedding sets, because you never use most of the items, blah blah, but I found a set that matches the color scheme we had in mind and it includes the window valances and the crib skirts, and crib sheets, which if I would buy separately, would add up to the cost of the set anyway.


                    RR: Yoga last night - love it.  Since school was cancelled today, my bball practice tonight was cancelled, which means I have the whole evening after work free! Of course, it is bitterly cold out, so I'm thinking JM video, then I have to do some cleaning since my mom is coming to spend the night Fruday night, and our house is a pigsty.


                    NPGR: DH is out of town, so spending some time with my mom this weekend, painting babies' room, and a bball tournament on Sunday.  We only have three tournaments left - time is sure going quickly!