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THURSDAY DIVAS! (Read 206 times)


    Good morning ladies!  I'm up early for a speed workout ... 


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      RR: Well ... it's 5 miles with 3 at tempo!  It seems like many of us love this workout!  We should name it something catchy.  Like when Li5a named eight milers Eminems.  


      NRR: I slept terribly last night, and had to wake up early to run so I'm in a fabulous mood this morning. Wink The big paper my boss and I were working on is being submitted to the journal and we are doing a big experiment today.  I can't wait for the day to be over - it will tell us if one of our new ideas worked!!  It's also a little nerve-racking to do the first experiment of a new idea because you don't know what way it's going to go.  Anyway, gotta hit the streets!  Unfortunately it's so dark out!  Rocking my headlamp an bright yellow shirt this morning 

      Roll eyes


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



        So both of my pairs of running tights are dirty, so I'm borrowing Big D's.  They fit.  He's one foot taller and 70 pounds heavier than me.  this doesn't make sense!


        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!





          Sassy - Enjoy your tempo, workout twin one day removed! I liked mine yesterday though it was on the TM. I hope your big experiment goes well today.


          RR - Going out for 3 shortly. Taylor, I think you asked yesterday, DBF is not running the marathon with me, haha. He is my cheer section only. He hates running and much prefers weights or interval training when he works out. He's kind enough to allow me to add in a marathon to our gettysburg trip. 


          GSD - You are going to Gettysburg on the actual anniversary? How cool! We're going April 27 for a few days (Gettysburg marathon is April 28). They are doing stuff for the 150th anniversary all year though.


          NRR - Like Sassy, slept poorly last night. Had a fight with DBF when I got home from PA, so that was great. Sigh. I'm still feeling really down about it. It doesn't help that its the holidays and I've sort of been feeling down and stressed. I know its common this time of year, and I also keep thinking about the shooting. Today I have a meeting from 10-12, three interviews for our open admin assistant position, and a meeting with my boss late in the afternoon. Its going to be a busy meeting day. DBF has his Christmas party tonight for work, which I am not attending, so I'm going to work late and then come home and try to pick up around here.


          Have a great day. I'll try to lurk some. Blah.


            Meli - are you coming to NYC for Christmas?! What days will you be here?


              Sassy:  Yes it can happen. Guys and girls are shapped differently. So it can happen. Good luck on your tempo!


              OJ: Yes, we will be there on the actual anniversary, my Dad is a big history buff.  


              Meli: I would love to do the wine... but with my mom being an alcoholic I gotta find something else to relieve stress or fuss with while stressing.




              RR: Only got in 3.20 miles yesterday so I will try for a 5 miles today Friday is a long run.


              NRR: Errands and finishing xmas cards.  Gotta run. 


              Have a great day ladies!


                tempo run went well! hit my goal pace for all three miles Cool


                jewel - sorry about the fight with DBF and the busy day!


                gsd - got the photo card yesterday, it is precious!


                I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                  Happy Thursday! 2 work days (including today) until my 11 day break! So glad work shuts down for a week!


                  RR: Today is a SRD. Tomorrow will be going for 5 after leaving early from work since I’ve been working extra hours.


                  NRR: Tonight we’re doing our “annual” pre-Christmas dinner out with a group of friends. We have been going out for German food at a great local place for the past 3 years now.


                  Sassy: Way to go on the tempo! Good luck getting through the work day! I hope it goes well.


                  OJ: I hope you had a nice 3. Oh no, I hope today is a better day!


                  GSD: I hope you get 5 in today.


                  Have a great day ladies! I hope to actually be able to check in during lunch today!

                  MA runner girl



                    RR: Ran 3 miles this morning for the first run this week! I actually felt pretty good, I skipped 2 of the half mile walk breaks. Probably since I hadn't run since Sunday... Hoping to run tomorrow and Sunday as well to keep up with at least 12 mpw...


                    NRR: Got almost all my xmas shopping done last night in 3 hours! I was a machine. I was worried because DH said he spoiled me, but then I definitely spoiled him back so I'm not so worried anymore! Today I'm working at home, and plan to start frosting cookies as soon as I'm done working. Hoping to get most of them done tonight. Tomorrow is our work Christmas lunch when we only work half a day, so it kinda feels like Friday today!


                    Sassy - Good luck with your tempo!!! Ahhh how I miss that workout. I was thinking as I came through the door pooped after my 35 min 3 mile run how I miss running for longer and faster! I can't wait to get back to it in a few months! Good luck with your experiment, hope it goes the way you want.


                    Jewel - Hugs! This time a year is tough for sure, then add in the shooting and things are rough this year. It doesn't help that every time I turn on the TV, or look at my FB news feed I'm reminded of it all over again. I'm sorry about the fight, I hope you can work through whatever it was.


                    GSD - Good luck with your errands and finishing up the Christmas cards! I'm excited for when I have baby, I plan on moving my lr days to Friday too, since I'll have them off Smile


                    PO - Have fun at your pre-Christmas dinner tonight, that sounds like a fun time! Nice that you can leave work a few hours early tomorrow, we always get to do that before a holiday.


                    Have a great day ladies!

                    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                      Sassy, I hope the experiment works fine and dandy!


                      Jewel, Well be there Christmas Eve leaving at 7am until the 26th, then taking the bus to DC. We're staying two nights in Times Square. Going to St. Patrick's cathedral on Christmas Day. I hope you and DBF patch it up.


                      Ma, good job on your run! Woo hoo for Xmas shopping!!


                      PO enjoy your German dinner!!!!!


                      GSD, hugs dear. M is adorable. Have you thought of a kickboxing class?


                        As for me,

                        TriR, spinning tonight after work.


                        pulled a Ma yesterday! Forgot my sports bra so I ran with my regular bra and I got lost so did 5.5 with regular bra. Ouch! Haha good thing I'm flat.


                        NtriR, inlaws after spinning for dinner. Two more work days then I'm off until 2013. Thank goodness!!!!


                          so glad it's thursday! friday is almost here! second to the last day of work!


                          RR: did 4.5 miles today. 10 min warm up and 5 min cool down, with 5 min speed increments. felt pretty good.


                          NRR: work day. not feeling motivated. I got home last night and worked another 2.5 hours. I think that's why I'm feeling a bit out of it. maybe with enough coffee...


                          sassy: sorry about the terrible sleep last night! but yay for the great run! sounds like it helped much! good luck with the big experiment! enjoy the headlamp! I'm hoping to get one of those for christmas!


                          jewel: lots of meetings for you! eek! hope they all go smoothly and fast! sorry about the fight with your DBF. hugs girl. hope you're able to talk through things so that it's off your "to do list" over the holidays!


                          gsd: good luck finishing cards and doing the errands!


                          po: enjoy the dinner with friends! sounds fantastic and warm and fun!


                          man, I'm feeling sleepy, and I can't wait for M to get here tomorrow night. I just need a hug...


                          MA: way to go on the shopping! woo! you go girl!


                          gotta go, but back later!


                            Morning Ladies- Happy Thursday


                            So, my surgery has been cancelled for Friday. My surgeon's mother has to have surgery and he needs to be there with his mom. (I guess surgeons are real people, too) So, I'm being rescheduled for either December 27 or 28. I'll find out for sure hopefully by tomorrow night. The anticipation is killing me! I was so mentally prepared. Oh well. At least I won't be missing my sister in law's baby shower on Saturday Smile


                            No time for personals, ladies. My kiddos are walking in now... 


                              RLTW - Sorry your surgery is getting pushed back Sad You're handling it very well though I must say!


                              GSD - Yea, I need to do Christmas cards and wrap presents too. Maybe tonight.


                              PO - Gah, its been so long since I've had German food...I'm jealous...enjoy!!


                              Meli - Have a great time at the in laws! Ouch to running with no sports bra! What a great time to be in NYC!!


                              lizo - I'm with you on feeling a little foggy this morning. I'm having coffee but not helping. Here's hoping we both wake up a bit!


                              MA - Glad you got your christmas shopping done!! Its a DH's job to spoil his preggo wife silly Smile


                                Hiya, DIVAs!  Happy Thursday!


                                Sassy, great job on your tempo workout, how fun!!  Successful experiment vibes!


                                Jewel, grrrr I'm not a fan of two hour meetings!!  I usually bring water and tea with me and then have to leave to go to the ladies room  =)  Hope you can effortlessly patch things up with DBF.  Hopefully he realizes the error of his ways!!  I'm with you - I can't stop thinking about it, and worrying, and being sad and angry...my company put up a memorial with teddy bears downstairs and I tear up every time I walk past it.  We were in the HS gym last night for N's wrestling meet (he didn't actually wrestle...little frustrating but it's understandable), and sitting there with like my entire family minus just one sibling it occured to me that if anything happened we would be completely wiped out.  Sounds dramatic, but it's a reality, there's no security for anything like that and anyone could waltz right in.  DP doesn't carry off-duty, so even she couldn't have done anything.  My brother Ben flew in from Nashville as a huge surprise, and my dad was there, my other sister with her three kids, our close "framily" friends with their daughter, and the four of us.  I definitely 'had a moment".  I read something this morning about arming all teachers, and locking schools down completely and one comment was that if that money was spent on realistic gun legislation and more of a focus mental health treatments, it would be more effective.  I still just keep thinking...all those presents already bought and wrapped, maybe sitting under the trees in Newtown...and my heart breaks all over again.  So anyway...that won't make it better, but know I'm in the same place and sending good thoughts.


                                gsd, I've been thinking about it...what about local events?  Is there a local running store, could you join any groups through there, or a gym, if you wanted more active things to do?  Hope you enjoy your 5 miles!


                                PO, enjoy your German food!!  I work at a company that is ultimately owned by a German company, so we have Oktoberfest every year with some strange and some wonderful foods!


                                MA, woot woot for a great run!  We're all so funny...right away we set our sights on hitting a certain weekly mileage  =)  Excellent job - three hours and shopping is complete?  Rockstar!


                                Hey, Meli...text me your address?  I can't find it anywhere!  Enjoy spin tonight!


                                lizo, I think a work day like you had yesterday would leave anybody not very motivated today!!  Get some rest, leave early, do something fun!!


                                RLTW, at least that's closer...I'm impressed at the level of contact you have with your surgeon and his office!  Hope you have a great day!


                                So last night we all went to N's wrestling meet, and then back to our house.  I was rushing around and trying to get cake/coffee and wine/snacks out, and ran downstairs to get the coffee maker (we don't drink coffee ourselves but keep it for other people) and I apparently put my phone down outside on the porch railing...because by 10:30 I was panicked looking for it, and this morning went back to the HS thinking I'd left it in the gym, and then e:mailed the wife of the couple who was at the house last night to tell her I'd lost it, and she mentioned it to her husband and he knew right where it was...but seriously, wouldn't you tell someone if their phone was outside?!?  I'm relieved to have it back (shortly, DP is taking a class at the gym then dropping it off).  And Im beat, but it's my fault entirely...no Glee last night, but too much wine and stayed up late talking to our lovely former babysitter, VTG (Vicki the Great!).  And apparently my body clock was set for 5:20, because I woke right up and couldn't get back to sleep.  I have 5-6 miles on tap for tonight, schedule is broken up into warmup, then 2.5 minute intervals in various "zones", which I've translated into paces based on 5k pace or HM pace, and a cooldown.  Anyway...


                                Happy Hottie Thursday, DIVAs.  Anybody have any submissions?!?