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MA runner girl

    Where is everyone? Post!

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: 3 miles after work tonight.


      NRR: Oye, what a way to start off the day! I was stuck in not one but 2 several mile traffic backups due to accidents. It took twice as long to get here (and my commute isn't short at 30 miles). Thank goodness I don't punch a time clock. Anyways, last night I did not do anything productive. I let myself relax and DH spoiled me with dinner and (mostly) cleaning up! Then this morning I realized I forgot to get gas and it was 6 degrees out... DH went and pumped it for me while I finished getting ready. He is the greatest!! Smile Tonight I'm planning on making stir fry, yum!


      Have a great day ladies!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        Morning Ladies!


        MA: UGH. 6 degrees? I'm at my parents house where it's a "warm" 25 degrees this morning. Glad DH got your gas for you!


        My abdominal incision is pretty much healed. It's very itchy now and the soreness and pain is gone. My head incision feels good. a little sore but overall, good. My neck, where they ran the tubing is super sore and tender. They also had my neck fixed to one side during the surgery, and it caused it to become very stiff. But, yesterday I got the most incredible pillow. It's a memory foam one. I've been looking for one for a while, but didn't want to pay $100 for it. This  one was on sale! It was originally $100, but I got it for $50. My neck feels less sore already this morning! Just relaxing with Rufus today. My mom is going back to work after taking some time off to be with me. I think I'll go see my grandma this afternoon, too. I'm already getting bored being out of work! But I know it's important to rest and relax. But I'm NOT good at this! haha.


          Good morning, ladies!


          RR: SRD. ST tonight.


          NRR: Not too much. DBF is going to watch a football game tonight so I might run some errands after going to the gym. I might also come home after the gym and do nothing.


          MA - How sweet of your DH to get gas for you!


          RLTW - I think a lot of us have problems with resting.


            Morning Ladies!!


            MA- sorry about the commute, that sounds horrible! Your DH sure does sound pretty great!


            RLTW- glad to hear that you are healing nicely. I am sure this is the tough time now when you are starting to feel better, but still really  can't do much! That memory foam pillow sounds amazing


            Outwest- enjoy your strength training tonight. I am sorry if I should already know this, but I was absent for awhile...are you and DBF living together now?


            RR- Got in a good run last night. Lately I have had dead legs though... I think because I have added a lot of lunges, squats, etc. Hopefully my legs will get used to it soon. tonight will be arms, back and core


            NRR- working for the weekend! Tomorrow is my bday and I still have no idea what gifts I want or what I want to do...(tough problems to have, right?), but DH and my mom are bugging me! I guess I will have to do some looking online today.


            hope you all have a great day


              KLM - Yep, DBF moved in a few months ago. Re: dead legs.. I only do ST on my legs when I'm not running the next day. I guess in theory I should learn to run well no dead legs, but it's not a pleasant experience.


                hi ladies! Happy New year!


                been a busy couple of days of catching up!


                RR: 3 miles today, and 3 miles yesterday.


                NRR: lots of traveling for the holidays! finally back home. Was at work yesterday but it was absolutely nuts with meetings all day literally.  Have meetings today too but oh well.  got a raise this year! woo hoo! have a project deadline looming so I'm feeling a little nervous.... M and I were completely unable to take "engagement type" pictures as he gets completely stiff and unnatural and unsmiling when he's taking pictures with anyone else in the room aside from me. grrrr. sigh. it's just the way he is.


                MA: sorry about being stuck in traffic. I would hate that!


                rltw: I thought of you and I'm so so glad the surgery went well and you're sounding good! great! glad you found a pillow.


                outwest: gym and then nothing? AWESOME!!


                dona: hope you figure something real fun and exciting to do!! you share the same b-day with my sis!


                gotta go! meeting!


                  Hi girlies!


                  RR - Did 20 mins JM kickbox upper body workout today. Decided to either run at my lunch break if this day doesn't get super busy, or do it tomorrow morning instead. I really couldn't get up this morning, so I just did the quick JM workout. It was like 18 degrees out, too, so not appealing.


                  NRR  - Working a little late tonight, then hopefully putting away the clothes I washed this weekend, which are folded but still in the laundry baskets.


                  MA - sweet of DH to pump gas! 6 degree is wayyy too cold! Will you be running those 6 outside?!


                  RLTW - So glad you are healing welL! When do you get to go back to work? Have a nice visit with your grandmother!


                  outwest - good luck getting errands done, I kind of need to do that too but am avoiding it.


                  KLMC - Happy early birthday! I hope you can find something to do for tomorrow! Will you be working?


                    lizo - Congrats on the raise!!


                      Good morning!


                      ER: 50 minutes on the elliptical this morning. My HR is going up faster, getting higher and staying there longer. This happened as I got to the end of my last pregnancy too. It was a good workout and my legs are sore now.


                      NER: Doctor's appointment this morning. I wasn't looking forward to the weigh-in, but I didn't expect it to be as bad as it was... 10 pounds, and the last time I was weighed was less than a month ago! But I suppose I've been averaging 7-8 per month, and thats only a few extra for the holidays, but yuck. At least my appointments from here on out are more frequent so it won't be that many! I'm up 41 overall, which is still better than last time, and my belly is measuring perfect, so hopefully that means P will be smaller. I'm just disappointed because I was hoping for only 40 overall this time! Doc said it felt like he was head up at this point, but he still has plenty of time and plenty of room to flip around. And he flips around a lot!


                      I still have this voice and congestion thing, but its getting better. So the new purse that I bought this weekend... regularly $90 (got it on sale at Kohl's for about $40)... I took it out of the house the first time yesterday and barely out of the house noticed its broken, one of the clasps. Its a bigger one on the front of the purse that closes a pocket, but its a magnet. The clasp is fastened on both sides by what looks like a screw (but there was no hole where the screw went through) and one of them fell out. If it was a button or something I'd make due, but the magnet doesn't stay. I didn't keep the receipt. What are the chances I could still exchange it? It just stinks because I usually buy my purses from goodwill but decided this year I want a nice new purse for Christmas. Even if I can exchange it, it took me a REALLY long time to pick it out (I'm picky about my purses, lol) and it was the only one of that design, so I'll have to find time to pick another new one. Ugggh. And I can't go back to using my old one because I gave it to A and she LOVES having Mama's old purse to play with. I'm trying to debate if I can fix it in some way, but I shouldn't have to fix a brand new $90 purse!


                        Morning girls!


                        ma that's sweet of DH to pump gas. I just swap cars w DF! Yummy stirfry!


                        lizo congrats on the raise!


                        klmc I love dead legs! I don't do legs before a long run. Happy birthday eve!!


                        RLTW enjoy your time off!


                        Outwest enjoy your rest day.


                        Jewel I hope you can get a run in during lunch!


                          Monk you should get a store credit. That stinks!!


                          TriR nothing toda b/c I was a lazy bum and felt like sleeping in.

                          NtriR interview tonight with children's hospital for volunteering then dinner at MIL.


                          Have a great Thursday! Yes!!!


                            MA-sorry about the long commute this morning. That’s so nice of DH to make you dinner and get gas for your car

                            RLTW-glad you are starting to feel better. Good, soft, malleable pillows are the best.

                            Outwest-enjoy your ST tonight

                            Klm-happy early birthday to you!

                            Lizo-that’s interesting about M stiffening up during pictures. Is he alright during candid photos?

                            Jewel-hope you can get in a lunchtime run

                            Monk-sorry about the purse breaking. Hope you can figure something out

                            Meli-that’s so awesome that you might volunteer with the children’s hospital


                            RR: just did a speed session. 3 x1200M. Wasn’t that great as I was frustrated. DBF and I have been training together. I haven’t trained or really even run with someone since High school XC almost 6 years ago, so it’s something I need to adjust to again. Hate taking my frustrations out on DBF, but I have my routines and get a little anxious with breaking them


                            NRR: found out some really sad news yesterday. My cousin’s 4 year old son was diagnosed with acute leukemia. I think they caught it early enough that he will be alright, but it’s still really sad nonetheless. So send some prayers and/or good thoughts his way please


                              Hiiii ladies!


                              First day at work after almost 2 weeks off! (Ugh.)


                              RR: 40- min tempo run either today or tomorrow, depending on how it goes after I get home. New treadmill arrives on Monday!


                              NRR: Doggie school tonight which is a workout in and of itself. LOL!

                              WR (wedding related): I think we've found our venue! http://www.admiraltyhead.wsu.edu/   Big grin


                              I have to get going - no time for personals! Hope everyone has an awesome day Smile

                              San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                              Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


                                Good morning and a belated happy new year to you all!


                                MA - aw, super sweet of your DH to spoil you like that


                                rltw - glad to hear the recovery is mostly going well, just a little more rest and then you'll be back and better than ever!


                                outwest - I think the game is going to be pretty good tonight, you must not be a football fan Smile  enjoy the evening at the gym


                                klm - I have a hard time balancing running and strength workouts too, but sometimes I take it as a good sign that I really must be getting a good workout!


                                lizo - hope you enjoyed all the travel, too bad the engagement pictures weren't quite what you wanted, but it was a sweet gesture anyway


                                Jewel - laundry is totally on my list of things to do tonight too


                                monk - keep up the good work with the exercise, I imagine it gets much tougher.  Hope everything else at your appointment was great, even if you were a little disappointed with the weight gain.


                                mel - good luck with the interview for volunteering, I've always been impressed by what a generous heart you have for children, I'm sure you'll do great


                                taylor - I think running with other people is tough, good luck working it out


                                athena - yay for wedding planning



                                RR: Going to take the dogs for a walk and try the Perfect Pregnancy workout video tonight - I've been doing some light strength/circuit training, but this will be my first time with this video so I'm interested to see how it goes


                                NRR:  We went to Memphis for New Year's Eve to watch our bowl game and celebrate with friends.  The bowl game was awful, but it was so much fun to see our friends from undergrad, don't get to see them often enough.  Had an OB appointment yesterday and go to hear the heartbeat again, louder and clearer this time. Smile  Just settling back into the work routine now, I need to get a draft of a report submitted sometime in the next day or so, better get to it!


                                Have a great day ladies!


                                (GlassHalfFull from RW)