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    Morning ladies!


    MA- I'm sorry about the traffic htis morning. That sucks. Sounds like DH is taking great care of you. So sweet!


    RLTW- It sounds like you are healing nicely from your surgery. Tons of positive vibes your way. I hope you're back to 100% yourself soon.


    owr- DOing nothing sounds fabulous!


    klm- Yay for a great run and happy early birthday!!


    lizo- Welcome back. Did you try to take engagement pics? When I work with couples, the man is almost always stiff so I tell them to talk to each other, whisper random funny things to each other and just play around. It almost always works. If you still want to take the pics, I suggest you get someone to take it while y'all are "doing" something like playing around in a park or taking a walk/hike. Something that DH feels comfortable doing and getting a friend to take them might help too. Not all engagement pics have to be posey-posey cheesy pictures.


    Jewel- You're one step ahead of me. I have three laundry baskets full of un-folded laundry just waiting to be dealt with at home. UGH. I don't mind folding i just havent had time but I HATE putting them away.


    monk- Since its so close to Christmas, it can't hurt to try to take it back. Just say it was a gift and that you don't have the receipt. OR if they still have the purse, buy an identical one and then take the broken one back using the new one's receipt. I don't know if that's technically ok or not but I've done it before.


    taylor- More power to you for training with an SO. THere's no way DH and I could ever train together even if we were the same pace. We're way too hard headed to do those kind of things together, not to mention he's 5 minutes per mile faster than me. LOL


    athena- Good luck at doggy school!


      Yay, a token!


      RR: Nothing today because of NRR.


      NRR: I just can't catch a darn break. I have a UTI now and it SUCKS. It does pay to know a doctor though. I called my friend and she had her husband call in a prescription for me so I don't have to take time off work to go to the doctor. Thank goodness for that! But because of this mess I had to take a pregnancy test this morning because he prescribed me something that's not safe for pregnant women and AF is due tomorrow. Needless to say it was another disappointment. I knew it would be negative, I just hate doing that to myself.


        DBF just e-mailed me that we got a notice that our water bill was not paid, and the water will be shut off on the 8th. Uhh hello, Ms. Landlady? Why did you not pay the water bill?

        MA runner girl

          Tex - Hugs! I'm so sorry things are so rough for you right now. Thinking about you and hoping things turn around soon.

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            Howdy, DIVAs!


            Working backwards…


            Outwest,u m…wtf is right!  Water is pretty vital!!  Enjoy the gym and maybe doing nada!


            Tex, that’s just sh!tty, plain and simple.  I’m sorry.  AND I hope the meds kick in quickly and you get some relief!


            Dr. T, hooray for a strong heartbeat!  I used to just LOVE that sound!  Enjoy the PP video…I had a Kathy Smith and a Denise Austin video during pregnancy, and always felt so awkward watching these (what looked like at the beginning to me) huge pg bellies in spandex rolling around, and then towards the end, I realized how NOT big they actually were!!


            Athena, LOVE it!  What time of year?  I’m sorry…if I knew, I forget…I do remember it was a cool #ed date, though!


            Taylor, I’m so sorry about the diagnosis for your cousin’s son…I ran for a bunch of events with TNT, children with Leukemia is one of the hardest things to imagine…prayers and thoughts and vibes are sent.


            Meli, good luck at your interview, that sounds wonderful!!


            Monk, I’d take it back for sure.  Good luck feeling better, great job on the elliptical!


            Jewel, funny story – I had that JM DVD in my Amazon wish list, and DS1 went on and found it, the little snooper, and ordered it for me for Christmas!  I’m in love with it already!!

            Lizo, I’m AWFUL at being in pictures.  Lik

            e, truly awkward (remember the weird leg thing?!?) so I can feel his pain!  Good luck…I like Tex’s suggestions of having someone take pictures of you doing something casual.  My younger sister had their engagement pics taken in the preserve where they had their first date…they’re so pretty with the natural backdrop!  You don’t want to use your Christmas running action shot?!?  =)


            KLMcD – ack!  I promise to remember that training plan for you, I’m sorry!  I’m with you on the dead leg bandwagon today…I took two classes at the gym with DP last night, tons of lunges & squats, and I’d already done 50 squats at my desk during the day, too!  HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY, LADY!


            RLTW, so glad you’re enjoying continued recovery and relief!


            MA, I can’t even imagine a 30 mile commute…mine is 8!!  Blech…enjoy those miles!!


            Well, as I mentioned, yesterday was a “XT or SRD” on the plan, so I went to two classes at the gym with DP (CxWorx and Cardio Ball Blast…no joke, those are some hardcore classes!) and chilled with the fam for the rest of the night.  Good times!  Today is a lunch walk and then right after work, grabbing lil C off the bus and driving to N’s tournament…woot woot!


            Happy Thursday, ladies!


              OJ: I'm with you on the unappealing cold runs!  boo about working late! hope it goes fast!


              monk: glad your congestion/ voice are better! hang in there! you're almost there, and 1 pound is not bad for achieving your goal!


              mel: that's cool that you're getting to volunteer at the children's hospital! enjoy dinner with your MIL!


              taylor: sending thoughts and prayers their way! that is so sad!


              athena: yay for a new treadmill! was just talking to someone at work about that! what brand did you get?


              tremendous: sorry the bowl game was bad. which one did you attend? good luck with the workout!


                taylor: he's ok with candid! like when we're on a trip and we have a random stranger take a pic of us? that works every time! candid? hmmm... could try that. but as long as he knows someone is taking a picture for a specific purpose? FREEZE! grrrrr


                  Heyyyyyyyyyy hey hey.  Sorry, I never think to come here.  Something about the aesthetics of the site just . . . I don't know.  Sniffles.  Just not the same!  Wink


                  RR:  7 miles this morning @7:48/mi.  Probably going to hit the bike and read Tumbleweeds on my break.


                  NRR:  So yeah, I've got to have ANOTHER colonoscopy on Monday.  With a two-day prep this time.  Two days with no solid food?  First world problem, PF.


                  It is freezing here!  Maybe I should quit wearing just running shorts to the gym in the morning!  Nah, I'll probably just squeal in the cold.


                  Have a fabulous day, my friends.


                    tex: love your advice about the pics! we will try that. boo about the UTI. I hate those! ouch!


                    Nai: christmas running action shot... we tried.... he wouldn't., haha! glad you enjoyed the chilling and the family! hope N's tournament goes great!


                    ok... sorry for hogging the posts. must get back to work....


                      Lizo - It's the NordicTrack X7i, I think GSD or someone else had posted it a couple of weeks ago? I went for it since they had a special!


                      Nai - Friday, September 13! That's how we roll! Haha!

                      San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                      Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


                        Hello, hello! Trying to post more even if it's late in the day...(Blu from RWOL, but I'm sure you might have figured that)


                        RR-Good leg workout with DH last night. Not as many resolutioners as I thought there would be, but we go to a small gym near lots of retirees. I was planning to do a speed workout on the TM today but my PF is a little mad right now, so I may just rest today and try tomorrow. I need to figure out my run schedule since I have classes during my usual run days/times.


                        NRR- I have to fix some work errors.  I'm learning a new program, which is almost it's own computer language so this project has been a challenge for me. But I refuge to let it stress me out. Classes start next week and I'm reserving my stress for that time.Wink



                        Dr.T-Hi! Hi! Glad to see you posting.


                        RLTW-Glad you're improving and keep up the much needed rest.


                        lizo-Congrats on the raise!


                        athena-Glad you found your wedding venue.


                        All I have time for now, but you all are in my thoughts.Smile


                          Hi ladies!


                          Late check in for me, but I was at work from 7am-12pm today.


                          OMG, I feel like a WIMP when I read how cold it is where some of you live. I think it was low 30s here today and I about died!


                          RR. Heading out for an easy 5 after lunch settles.


                          Also RR. So, I'm doing a 30K trail run next month, then Big Sur Marathon in April and I just decided that I want to try for a 50K in September! It's out here in the Marin Headlands, a point to point race, super hilly. Same terrain the 30K is in! My friend that I'm running the other 2 races is up for it too. SO, as long as all goes well in the next 4 months, through the marathon training and race, we'll be training for our first ULTRA.


                          NRR. Work's going kind of crazy right now and I'm not super happy, but what can I do? If we didn't need money so badly, I'd quit right away! I am going to start looking for other work though, as this place is RIDICULOUS!

                          Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                          Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                          Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                          Half: 1:48

                          Full: 4:34



                            Hello ladies!  I am WAY late!  I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Friday Eve! Smile


                            RR:  Nothing yesterday, and so far nothing today.  Our alarm went off at 5:00 AM this morning, DH did not move, so I asked him what was up and we lay in bed chatting until the second 6:00 AM alarm.  I have tried not to bug him as much this afternoon, so I am not sure if we will get in anything today or not?  Either way, I will not be bummed - I have hardly eaten enough today, so a workout would put me in the negative.


                            NRR:  At home; I spent about 3 hours writing in my journal.  I had an appointment with a new therapist yesterday; he seems like a good fit, and has some different techniques.  I go back tomorrow.  Other than that, just doing all kinds of introspecting.  It has been rather liberating, to say the least.  I am going to have to make some changes in my life, if I want this "stomach" stuff to improve any.  I do not think I gave myself enough time after the school debacle about this time last year, and jumped back into a job too quick, before letting myself heal and figure out the appropriate next plan of attack.  Of course, it is always fun playing the darned game of caring about what everyone else thinks but me...  Joking


                            Well, time for me to scoot.  I am going to get ready to go get DH, or not!?  I just sent him a text!


                            Take care, DIVA'sBlush