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    Woohoo, it's Friday!!


    RR: recovery run today, 5-6 miles is about all i will have time for, can't wait for next week when my schedule is better and i can run more on the weekdays. tempo run was a success yesterday. nailed the same pace i ran last week, inspite of the 20mph sustained wind. long run tomorrow.


    TR: spent the longest time reading his books yesterday, by himself. he pulled a bunch of books out of his cabinet in his room and sat on the floor and flipped through them. i tried to read one to him and he got mad, lol. he loves this little tractor book we got him last year, it has different textures on each page, and his favorite is the one w/ sandpaper.


    NRR: grocery shopping and house cleaning after work today before brother and family arrive. looking forward to a fun weekend with them!

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    beskirted & manicured

      RR - I'm out of candy AND pretzels (my fuel of choice lately) and have to remember to buy some before tomorrow's long run. There is a large outdoors store right around the corner from me, I remember running in there 5 min before closing on a Friday night in my PJs, buying gels.


      ER - ST and rolling, I didn't get around to either on Wednesday.


      TR - was very good friends with my dad yesterday Smile


      FR - grilled cheese w/mushrooms, tomato soup.



      rg - have fun with your family this weekend.

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        zorbs- bummer on being out of your pre-long run fuel! i've definitely made some late-night  runs to the grocery store when marathon training for gatorade! i loved the pic of you and B on FB. glad he had such a great time with your dad. enjoy the ST and foam rolling today.

         5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



          rg - Jealous that you will have time on the week days to run more...enjoy it!  Great job on getting your pace run in despite the conditions.  LOL to R reading...J did the SAME thing last night.  We tried to read it to him and he had a meltdown...just wanted to sit alone and flip through his books.  Ok.  Enjoy your weekend with the family!


          zorbs - LOL on your PJ run to the store.  Hopefully you can get your fuel before they close.  Glad B had fun with your dad yesterday.


          Ernie - Happy Birthday to S!!


          RR - Did 5 yesterday and probably the same today.  That is all I have time for...boo.


          TR - We let him have his favorite book to hold and flip through and he loved it.  We normally keep it out of his reach because it has paper pages and he has ripped it up pretty good.  However, I bought a new copy that he is not allowed to see or touch until he is older...lol.  So now we will let him play with this one as long as he is gentle.  The amount of words he can say is amazing.  He is such a little chatter box and we can actually understand him.


          NRR - HORRIBLE drive in to work this morning...Saw 8 car accidents on my way in...ugh.  Have my teaching evaluation today during 2nd Hour.  I like that class so I am not too nervous...but when I relax that is usually when something goes wrong so I need to stay on top of it.  Can't wait until 10:20 when its over.  No plans for the weekend other than taking James to a play gym for a mock birthday...we won a contest and he is one of 8 kids picked for a mock birthday party at this big indoor play gym. Of course he is the youngest one.


            RR - 10k @ hm pace. It is a bit warmer than yesterday and doesn't sound windy, so that's promising.


            BR - She's one year old today! She was majorly clingy and fussy last night and then was awake for over an hour in the middle of the night, so I guess she was celebrating her last official night as a baby by acting like a big ol' baby. Nothing special planned for today, probably a visit to the community centre to play. Party tomorrow.


            FR - Frozen spinach & provolone pizza.


            NRR - Cleaning and cake-baking for S's birthday party tomorrow.




            rg - Happy Friday! Nice work on your tempo run. Is your family arriving tonight or tomorrow?


            zorbs - Lol at hitting up the outdoor store in your pjs. Somehow that just seems funnier than the more typical late-night grocery store run in pjs. Hmm, I am intrigued by the idea of using pretzels as fuel. I might give that a try. I usually use gummi bears.

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              RR: 19m LR. Going to run for 3 hours with stroller and then go home and see where I am at. Hopefully finished. That's my plan.


              NRR: getting hair coloured and cut at a new hairdressers. It was in top 200 salons mag and Elle mag. Half the price compared to bermy. I am looking forward to it.


              TR: sttn! Yeah!


              FR: no idea, need to meal plan and shop.

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                RR - rest day...


                BR - so cute watching her try to stand without holding onto anything... last night she was furniture walking and every so often would let go, stand for a few seconds and then grab back onto the furniture with an "what did I just do?" expression on her face....

                Was good for my mom yesterday too.... I snuck into the house quietly and they didn't notice me and C was fine w/ my mom, until she saw me and started crying.. ha...


                NRR - I bought 2 pairs of jeans at Old navy (one I'm returning).. .the cashier and I were talking about how they were a good deal they were and she said, At this price, they're perfect for bumming around in and you can save your good jeans for dressier occasions... in my head I'm thinking, Um, these ARE going to be my good jeans!



                rg - cute about reading!  we don't read a lot to C yet, since she likes to grab and eat the books..


                zorbs - do you ever take gels on your runs?  i've only had gels, never tried candy or pretzels or other food


                ernie - happy birthday to your DS!!!


                jen - glad you made it to work safely.... have fun at the indoor play gym!




                  RR:  SRD.  Only made it 4 on the TM yesterday before horrible stomach pains.  Tried to go to the bathroom and come back for last mile, but it was too painful.  Oh well.


                  TR: 22 months old today!   Was pretty good for us last night.  Woke him up at 5am to go out plowing with DH and then will spend the rest of the day with the IL's.  My FIL took the day off so he could spend the day with J and bought new batteries for the Choo Choo.  They are awesome.


                  NRR:  Book club was last night and I skipped it.  I was just too tired and didn't feel like going.  We went out to dinner at a local pizza place and I was in the bathroom before we could leave.  Those somache aches really tire me out a lot.  DH is out working right now and will hopefully get a break at some point today.  Like Jen, I didn't have a great drive in.  No accidents, just one car in the ditch.  Slow going this morning.


                  FR:   A little bit of everything.



                  rg - Enjoy your weekend with your family!  I know you love your weekends!


                  zorbs - Are you a sugar candy type person or chocolate?  A coworker showed me is secret stash yesterday and I scored some peanut M&Ms!  Is the food replacing the wine/drinks?


                  jen - Bummer about your drive in.  I hope your observation goes well!  At least your administrator shows up for that stuff. Smile  The play gym sounds like a lot of fun.


                  ernie - I saw your pics on FB this morning.  Happy 1st Birthday to S!


                  bermy - OMG.  19 miles with a stroller.  Wow.  Enjoy your pampering at the salon!


                  cx2 - Too cute about C standing on her own!  Glad you found some jeans you like.


                  mrszm - What did the doc say about DD2 and C with their coughs?

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                    Jen - Glad you made it safely to work! A scary drive is a terrible way to start your day. Good luck on your evaluation! So cool that J is talking a lot.


                    Bermy - Glad you got a better night's sleep last night! Um....19 MILES/ 3 HOURS with a stroller???? You are amazing.


                    cx2 - Yay for C standing on her own. Her first steps may not be far behind! How are the Old Navy jeans? I noticed they were on sale when I was at the mall yesterday but didn't end up trying any on. Old Navy sizing often seems really big to me.


                    Mer - Ouch on the stomach pains. That would definitely ruin a run. I hope you're feeling better today. And Happy 22 months to J! I hope he has a fun day with FIL.

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                      rr: well i got in 4 miles yesterday on the tm and planned for 3 today, but that likely won't happen any more.


                      rr2: this is ART basically it's a hurt feel good Smile


                      nrr: not sure what i was thinking, but offered to watch my niece and nephew all.day.today.


                      tr: dd1's open gym was cancelled for today because of low participation and weather. haven't told her yet. she has a birthday party tomorrow for a classmate/friend and is beyond excited about that.


                      br/tr: c and dd2 both have RSV. ugh. got other meds to give dd1 if she is still coughing in a week. asked about allergy testing and i think we are pretty set on having her tested. we want to know if there is something in our house (like the dog) that she is allergic to or if she is just more susceptible to visuses, etc.


                      nrr2: meeting our best couple friend for dinner and drinks tomorrow!


                      fr: possible lettuce wraps, but might just do leftovers again because we have so much.


                      rg: have fun with your brother this weekend! c is the same way about books. pulls all of his "new" ones off the shelf. or takes the girls and pretends to read them.


                      zorbs: cute about b and grandpa. c LOVES my dad. we were there last night and spent all of his time with him. calls him bumpa and it is so cute. dd2 was obsessed with my dad too. good luck getting your fuel!


                      jen: LOVE the book you bought for j (yup, there's no secrets with this system). my kids all love it. ugh to the drive in. bil just texted dh and said that the roads weren't too terrible but people were driving like idiots. have fun at the pseudo birthday party tomorrow. i'm sure j will love it!


                      ernie: happy birthday to S!! lol at the acting like a big ol baby! my dds always say that they look bigger on their birthday. so cute. good luck with the birthday party! i realized that we will have to start doing classmate parties and i'm all but thrilled. dd1 keeps bringing up why she didn't get friends at her party.


                      bermy: holy 3 hour run! good luck! i couldn't imagine any of my kids being good in a stroller for 3 hours. yay for the haircut. are you keeping it long?


                      cx2: old navy jeans are some that i cannot wear; they just never fit me properly. my cousins and i kid that they don't work for peole who don't have an ass. Wink yup, c does the same thing about crying when he seems me and fine without.


                      mer: my stomach actually gurgled reading about your pizza place. cute about fil taking off. my dad always takes off too when my mom is hanging out with the kids. so sick of these coughs but i don't think there is an end in sight. Sad


                      niece and nephew are here now. c is still sleeping, but likely not for long. niece is scared of our dog. this should be an interesting day...


                        RR:  10 mi with 6 mi at HM pace on the schedule.  I am probably going to have to split it because my Friday is busier than normal but will try to do all 6 HM pace at one time if I can. I have been struggling lately to hold anything less than MP lately so we will see how it goes.  Also, my presentation (see below) is supposed to be near some gorgeous trails but very hilly (think 2000 feet elevation gain).  I would love to check it out but definitely don't think I can handle 10 miles of it!


                        RR2:  Supposed to do 5 tomorrow and 20 Sunday but the weather forecast is calling for cold and snow on Sunday.  I think at this point though it would be too hard to change it since I have 10 today.  Might be pulling a Mitzi and doing some of it on the tm!


                        BR:  Still a snotty mess but happy as ever.  He really is such a good baby.  I am a lucky momma.  I wish it was warmer so I could take him for a run.


                        NRR:  Doing two presentatons at a high school today.  I will be so glad when I have one more thing to check off my list.  I hope they like me.... Smile


                        RG:  Glad you will have some more time next week.  You still get in a very impressibe number of miles with a busy schedule.


                        zorbs:  What kind of candy is your fuel of choice?


                        jen:  Smart about the book.  Which one is it?  H has a ton of books that are off limits.  He once pulled all of the pop-ups out of a pop-up book.


                        ernie:  Happy birthday to DS!!!


                        bermy:  Enjoy your long stroller run.  Your DS is such a good boy for sitting through 3 hours!!  I wish H would do that but I think 2 hours might be our limit.  Our stroller running has really declined since coming back to a cold climate.  Enjoy your haircut!  I am guessing you will find a lot of thingd are cheaper than in Bermy!


                        cx2 - Funny about the jeans.  Considering I buy mine at target, those would be my good jeans also.


                        mer:  Sorry about the tummy pain.  Any idea what is going on?


                        mrszm:  So sorry the kiddos have RSV.  That must be rough!!  Hang in there mama.

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                          mrszm - That ART looks great.  Do you pay out of pocket for it?  I don't think my insurance would cover it.

                          5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                          Bad Ass Mother Runner



                            RR - meeting RP to run, it'll probably be 4k of 5/1's.  I did my tempo on the TM yesterday and even had time for a quick bath afterwards.  Love it when the girls nap at the same time!


                            RR2(sorta) - decided to try out blogging again.  I'm hardly ever on a real computer but wordpress has an app that seems like it's pretty easy to post from. It's terryruns.wordpress.com if anyone is interested.  I feel like I'm always wanting to babble on too much on my FB feed, so thought a blog might be a better outlet.


                            TR - had music class yesterday, the current theme is Motown, you never would have guessed that she was paying attention except last night in the bath she was singing a song from it, 'Grandma Moses is sick in bed...' DH was confused, who is grandma moses??


                            BR - still sleeping!  not sure what this is going to do to our running time, we usually go after her 2nd feed, which is usually around 10, but if she doesn't eat till 8am, then she won't want to eat again until 11-12.


                            NRR - posted yesterday, have to get another root canal...  I'm mostly glad that I caught this before we left for FL  My appt is the day before we leave, but I'm hoping to get in earler ona cancelation.


                            bbl DH took his laptop so it'll be later when I'm on the desktopdownstairs.

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                            Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


                              Shelby: the chiro i go to isn't in my network to begin with, but for my adjustments and ART they only charge me $30 or so per visit. So totally worth it.


                              Honorary Old

                                Bermy- If you liked Joann's, see if there is a Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or Craft Warehouse nearby Smile


                                RR: Nothing last night, planning on 5 or so today after work sans kiddo. Not sure if RP is going with me since I left my phone at home and can't text her, gah!  Dh has been leading these Firefighter crossfit workouts down at the fire house using ladders, tires, a ginormous 2" diameter rope, and kettlebells- I want to go try it one of these days but he seems to make plans to do it when I couldn't possibly go.


                                BR: Had so much fun with his cousins last night. I've never seen him eat his dinner so fast- he scarfed it down so he could get back in the play action. Then he went to bed really easily and slept straight through without a fuss until 6 am!! He has been waking up around 5-5:15 crying, and today he was just in there talking to himself and laughing and was just in an awesome mood this morning. I hope he has a good day at daycare too.


                                FR: Made spaghetti (well.. ww rotini actually) and my niece and nephew ate 2 bites then declared themselves full. Probably because of the carrots and spinach in it. As soon as my sister showed up they whined they were starving.


                                NRR: I was so tired last night.  DH was trying to get some on the couch and I was literally falling asleep during his advances around 8:30 pm. I think that my energy levels tank when I don't exercise with this PCOS thing.  Hopefully I can stay awake tonight!

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