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(Over 40) Cupids arrow Thursday (Read 19 times)

    Happy Valentine's Day to all of us!


    Marjorie, hope your trip home went smoothly.


    Judy, haircut and color sounds fun.


    Carol, BOO for puffing up.  But at least it sounds temporary and you know what's going on.


    Julie D, love the dream sequence shot with you leading the pack of young guns.


    Hi Ginny, sorry you're not feeling fierce and strong today... some days are just like that.


    Hi Linda, nice 5 today.


    Karen, that's nice that you're running the Go! HM with your sis.  Believe me, I will not be fast either (but won't be able to blame it on doing a speedy HM the day before!).  Sorry to hear about your migraines but it sounds like the meds are helping.  I can't run after taking migraine meds... they make me too lethargic and dopey.


    Damaris, hope the kitty's eye is nothing to worry about.


    Hi Tessa and Carolyn -- hope your Valentine's Day was uneventful in a good way.