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    Not feeling very creative with the title today. RR: had a really great 8 miler yesterday. Ran a hilly route and avg marathon pace. Stroller run today, probably 5-6. ----- TR: is a good eater. Ate an entire grilled cheese sandwich, a huge bowl of pear sauce, a bowl of peas, and some crackers for dinner. Loves reading books with me and lays on his belly on the floor, it's so cute! ---- NRR: finished shopping for all of my family members yesterday. Just have one or two things left for DH, his stocking, and a couple of thing for R. Gotta go- training clients!

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



      RR: another 5m I think. Steady, and relaxing. They feel a bit junky in comparison to my Mon/Thurs workouts but everything can’t be a speed workout. Look who’s addicted. I started making an XL spreadsheet of my speed workout sessions Shelby so I will keep doing it and post on fb.


      Plank: now I have reached 1.30 on plank I would like to add in a side plank (brave steps I know). Anyone (i.e. zorbs) recommend a good training video with correct form?


      NRR1: I am still waiting to hear from the national visa centre for the last stage of my green card. This will be the medical and interview. Sigh.


      NRR2: xmas shopping this a.m. playground and park afterwards. I think that’s more for my sanity than DS. Yesterday morning DS had 3 straight hours of playing – 2 at playgroup (we also made a photo frame xmas craft) and then another at the playground.


      DS: still sleeping from STTN. I am up and at it and feel very refreshed. He learnt to walk backwards yesterday. It was so funny.


      FR: fish tacos. I went grocery shopping yesterday and the shelves were full so I bought lots of things for the freezer too. Have a nice stock up.

      5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


      beskirted & manicured

        ER - ST at the gym.


        TR - sang twinkle twinkle at the top of his lungs while at the grocery store.  I thought it was cute; probably no one else did.


        FR - lunch: sushi with alcoholic friend; dinner: noodles, stir fry veggies, teriyaki tofu.


        NRR - getting an actual mani this morning.  You might find it hard to believe, but I really hate the hand care that should go along with being a nail polish whore.  I suck at filing, I don't have the patience to trim the dead skin or push back cuticles and I barely use hand cream.  So once in awhile I pay someone to do it.

        5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



          RG:  Hope you don't mind me asking but what is avg MP for you?  And that is awesome about your good eater.  DS used to be a really good eater but has recently gone through a picky phase.


          bermy - Yay, looking forward to that spreadsheet.  I wish I loved speedwork but I dread it.  Very cute about the walking backwards.


          zorbs - Enjoy your mani!


          RR:  Went out and ran 1 mi yesterday and my throat was burning and it was hard to breathe.  Feeling a little better today so I am hoping I can get in a few miles.


          BR:  Was very cute with Santa yesterday.  He mostly just stared kind of wide eyed but then  he started crying and Santa was very quick to hand him right back to us Smile.  They gave Dh a stuffed animal and a really nice recorable book.  DH and I are going to record it together for him.


          NRR:  Getting a little stressed about the upcoming move.  We have most of the house packed but there is still so much to do.  We pick up the truck tomorrow night and will empty our storage unit, and then load the rest Friday. 

          5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


            RG: happy Wednesday. Wow on your 8 miler at marathon pace. Your milage amazes me! BERMY: geez you are still dealing with the visa people! Way to go on your planks! ZORBS: I bet everyone thought B singing Twinkle Twinkle was cute. Claire is a singer too! SHELBY: good luck moving!

              ER: did 20 min waddle on the treadmill yesterday!!! I could waddle fine at a super slow pace of 2.2, but when I would go to 2.5 I would get contractions. Some I couldn't walk through. I'll stick to 2.2 Smile TR: daycare had a note that she bit someone, but then said they didn't believe it. Some young guy was in there while her teacher was on break. She has never bit before, slap and kick sure, but not bite. So they through it away and said they didn't want to even give it to me. Sounds good to me. FR: I put that crockpot chicken with beans, corn, salsa and (eventually) cream cheese in this morning, yum! PGR: dr appointment at noon. Group B test today

                rg - Glad you had a great run and got your Christmas shopping most of the way done.  I am almost done too...just a few stocking stuffers for DH and J!  What are some of R's favorite foods?  I am struggling to come up with new things for J?  He eats really well for breakfast, so so for lunch, and terrible for dinner.


                Bermy - Glad you are getting some good sleep!!  Sounds like a fun day yesterday and one planned for today!  Have a great run...slow down a bitWink


                zorbs - I hate nail care too!!  I rarely ever do anything other than cut my nails.  I have HORRIBLE cuticles.  Who cares what the other people in the store thought.  Yum...I want to go to lunch with you.


                shelby - Glad that you are feeling better today.  I really want to take J to see santa...maybe this weekend but I have a feeling it will be nuts.  When do you officially move?  That is so stressful especially with being away from DH for so long.


                RR - Did 5 yesterday on the TM...SRD today.


                TR - Was a good boy yesterday but was tired and wanted to go to bed before 6:30...so I put him down and he fell right asleep.  Up this morning at 5:40 (which is what time he gets up).  He does new things everyday and it is so cute.  This morning we were practicing saying his words...mama, dada, duck, grandpa, bubbles, bye, hi...lol  He said them all right after me.


                NRR - Lots of errands to run and going to the chiro.  Hope I can get it all in.  I had to send dinner to daycare for J because my chiro appt isn't until almost.  Ugh...I hate that he is there so long.


                FR - Was doing really well for the last month with eating and calorie counting.  The last 2 weeks have gotten too lax.  I need to reign myself in.  Ugh...feeling nasty and gross but I can't seem to EVER get full.


                  Cmg - We have those leftovers in our fridge.  Glad you at least got a waddle in!  Good for you for continuing with it.  Sorry about the situation with DD...seriously...if you don't know for sure then don't write it up.  I love that you say slap and kick...lol that is J too.  Throw toys sureWink




                    RR - nothing today...


                    BR - playdate this afternoon, hopefully C will stay awake since it's smack in the middle of her usual afternoon naptime...it's kind of a bummer that most activities or outings I want to attend or do happen smack in the middle of her needing to sleep.... 


                    FR - leftovers for dinner b/c we have a lot of food that should be eaten before it goes bad..


                    cm - glad you got in a "workout" on the TM!


                    shelby - ugh, hope you feel better soon!


                    zorbs - DH sings to C when we're out shopping and it's loud... 



                    be back soon, need to shower while I can!


                      Morning ladies!


                      rr.  Did 4.25 last night on the 'mill.  I did 4 sets of Yasso's 800's.  Yikes!  Can't wait to build up to 10 on those!


                      nrr.  Just making it through til the holidays.


                      tr.  Woke up crying at 5:30, just kept screaming, put her back down and she went to sleep.  Back up 20 minutes later.  We're up for the day.  Yippee!






                        RR:  5 after work today.  On my way to 1200 for the year!


                        TR:  Up at 6:30 this morning.  Is seriously obsessed with the bathroom and talking about showers, pee pee, and his bum bum.  Thats my kid!  


                        NRR:  I had meetings yesterday after work.  The district hired a Technology Integrator this fall.  I applied for the job and so did someone else in my building.  An outside person got it.  He is an idiot.  I can't stand him.  Yesterday, I thought my principal was going to punch him in the face.  


                        FR:  I love sweet potatoe tots!

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                          runnergirl - Sounds like you had a great day!  Wow R is a big eater!  Yay for finishing up Christmas shopping.


                          bermy - You do a great job at keeping you and DS busy!  My plans are getting weak....I think my abs need a break.


                          zorbs - Enjoy your mani!  


                          shelby - I can only imagine the stress of the move.  Positive thoughts to you that it will go well!  


                          cmg - You are doing an awesome job with your workouts!  Hope your appointment goes well. 


                          jen - Having them parrot  you is fun.  J says "mole" in the cutest way!  I am just not looking forward to him dropping the f-bomb or the s-word!


                          cx2 - Have a great time at the playgroup.  Its okay to skip nap every once and a while for social outings.  


                          simon - Yuck on the early wake up.  I hope you get a nap or some down time today!

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                          Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                            fly by for me. I will try to do personals at lunchtime.


                            rr: srd or something on the tm.


                            br: slept until 10:45am yesterday from 8:15 pm. and i woke him up at that time to go pick up dd2. and he is not sick...


                            tr: dd1's holiday concert at school this morning so dh is still home.


                            nrr: wrote out christmas cards yesterday and wrapped all the kids' presents. still waiting on a bunch of skirts a friend is making for the girls though.


                            fr: sloppy joes last night. probably all leftovers tonight.


                              Happy Wednesday!! RR: Hopefully 5 miles today at lunch. Yep still lingering quad soreness. BR: 18 month check up today TR: Her excitement about Christmas makes it so much more fun. She calls it "kissmas." we will see Santa thisweekend.

                              5K - 21:44     10K - 44:54     15k - 1:09:37     HM - 1:39:05   Marathon - 3:28:48


                              Bad Ass Mother Runner

                                Morning. RR - heading out for 5k after I feed O. Dh doesn't have to leave for work early today so it worked out great. TR - keep forgetting to tell the most hilarious story ever. DH told me that she saw him in just underwear and saw his bulge in his underwear and asked him if he pooed his pants. Lol. BR - slept from 8:30-7am. Did foot prints on Xmas ornaments last night. She even sucked on a soother for a bit and dozed off in her car seat so I could paint two handed. I will go finish them without her some day. NRR - no baby for rp yet. If she's not in labor tonight we are going to do a slow walk/waddle. I'll be back after me run. Oh and I have a confession - I didn't plank yesterday. I'll do some plank penance today.

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