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    Here's the place.


      Good morning!


      Tessa and Marjorie,  most people think I get up early, which is usu around 5 or 5'30.   If they knew you two....: ).


      Karen, bummer on the boat-maybe it'll sell better in spring.  If you're in Asheville, have you been to the Biltmore Estate?  I went years ago and it's impressive.  A couple years ago, I found an Artisan's shop on the Blue Ridge Parkway and I think it was near Ashville.  They had really beautiful, handcrafted items. They have different shows each month.  Fun to look...most too expensive to buy.


      Lisa, great pics!  Is Chicago getting  hit by that storm?


      Carolyn, did you ever think you'd be wondering what you want to do when you grow up at this age?  At least we have choices and I have decided that it doesn't matter what we do, as long as we are doing something useful. I get the peer group issue.  Many Alaskans collect adventures, but people here mostly collect things.  Just different, but I miss the adventure stories. I have a group of women I go to dinner with pretty regularly and they're nice, but a couple of them are really into finding a man and talking about neighbors.  Reminds me a bit of high school, but the women have good points, too.  I keep thinking I need to get involved in a couple activities/groups where people do things I enjoy.  Have you tried that? Are you in a running group?


      It was a lovely afternoon here yesterday and I did the hilly route near my house.  The evening brought a thunderstorm and it's raining today. I work at the clinic this morning and will hit the gym afterwards.

      Have a great day!


      Mighty Mouse

        Thursday after a grocery run I went to the track. I did just under an hour run, then did 40 minutes cardio dvd at home.

        Today will be track run, then cardio DVD. This evening I shall pack up the crockpot with beef vegetable soup so it can cook all night. Yum!

        Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::  Big grin


          Camille-I'm back in Detroit now but Chicago was under threat of snow hitting last night.  I totally get the collecting experiences/adventures vs collecting things.  I certainly fall into the first while dh falls into the second.  In a heartbeat I could switch to smaller house less things in order to travel/do more.  He still talks about wanting a bigger house.  Like that with jobs too.  Some value title/pay as the indication of their success.  Others value the work itself, as long as supporting lifestyle on pay.

          LOL on the getting up early. I have friends that comment when my runs of 7 and 8 miles post on FB .. at 6:30am that they're still in bed. You get used to 4am.. sort of.


          Judy-sounds like a yummy weekend ahead for you!


          SRD for me. Get caught up (ha) in office then work fish fry at dd's school tonight.  Going to meet run buddy for long run in morning. we'll decide if trail or paved when we get there.  Not too busy of a weekend.  I have a ton of work to try to close the gap on so quiet with laptop works for me for most of it. believe it or not.


          Tessa-thought of you when meeting with the BI / Business Insurance people in our Chicago office. Do you know that publication/website? It's a smaller one of ours but I'm a hiring for it..




            Camille - It is great that we have choices.....Interesting about your friends in Alaska collect adventures and people where you are collect things...I jokingly say when getting up in the early hours to travel to an event "some women go away shopping for fun"....Don't get me wrong I like to shop - don't really buy much - but like to look around.  However I wouldn't get up at 4 am to drive to the mall!


            Judy - Yum on the crockpot, love to have a crockpot simmering away!


            LisaMMR - Loved your Chicago pictures!


            LCruns - Hope your knee is better!  Your work environment sounds horrible....hope it gets better or you can get out of there!


            Ran 4 miles on track last night and then did a 1,200 yard swim w/o.  Good times!


            More snow/ice coming here today BOO.....I'm tired of fighting slippery roads/sidewalks....




              I'm wearing running clothes so I must be going for a run! Sometime today . . .


              Camille - Funny thing about a running group; I was in a terrific one when I started running regularly,and when we moved, I found myself starting my own. It was a great experience and we had a good couple of years, but the commitment was not there for most. I was looking to start adding road biking, snow shoeing, and even a softball team, but more important things came up for my teammates and I got tired of encouraging people who didn't want/need encouragement. Most of my years as a stay at home mom have been about joining groups and it's been great; I just feel a shift and wonder who the "authentic" me is.


              Another bright orange sunrise here; sounds like much of the country has stromy weather.


              I was up at 5 this am and thought about all of you who were already up and going. I think that's really cool!


              Having problems scrolling the page today so I'll check back later to see what everyone has been up to.




              Run to live; live to run

                Well I still woke up early even though I'm off today.  Lounged around but finally got up.  Got my bonus amount for 2012.  Very pleased so can do a lot with it.  Need to go run since not raining yet.  Pilates this afternoon.


                Karen hope the race goes okay.  Just remeber the dances with dirt race and you'll be fine.


                Lisa what nice pics from yesterday.  I could go to smaller home etc too.  Bigger isn't always better.


                Camille I don't always get out of bed but I'm generally up between 330 and 4.  Sometimes I can go back to a light sleep, but not always.  I see the highschoolesque stuff a lot too.


                Carol be safe in the snow that is coming.  I'm with you on not buying much.  I am thinking of doing something nice for myself with my bonus money though



                  OK then; seven miles in and the world is looking better!



                  Anonymous Guest


                    Freezing rain here, so just hanging out at the hotel this morning. May do a little exploring this afternoon. I usually have a hard time just relaxing the day before a big race because if I'm traveling there is so much I want to see, so this may be a blessing. I slept in until 8, had breakfast, and am now just messing around on the internet. A book I was on the waiting list for at the library became available last night, so I stayed up late reading and will probably read more today. Oddly content doing nothing. I think because I never let myself do this at home because there is always so much I "should" be doing.


                    Here's the latest from the RD for tomorrow's race:

                    Mitchell and Yancey counties on a 3 hour school delay this AM...that means ice/snow over 3000 feet...that means ice/snow on the last couple of miles of the Toll Rd before the Marathon turnaround...all snow inside the park and on the Parkway...The probability of the Challenge running pavement only from the Marathon turnaround to the summit is very high...36 miles...but still a summit...More tonight.


                    This would actually be good for me. Since I haven't done a lot of long runs (just the 50K two weeks ago) 36 miles instead of 40 would be great. And on the road...probably less chance of injury, although it will still be snow and ice covered. And we'd still make it to the summit. It depends on what the park police allow, will find out at the pre-race briefing tonight. Rain is supposed to clear out by 8-9 tomorrow morning, so I'm thinking of grabbing one of those little disposable rain ponchos somewhere for the start, and either throw it out right before we start or shove it in a pocket once we get running and throw it out at an aid station.


                    Lisa, great pics yesterday! I love running in Chicago. Glad you got out of there before the storm.


                    camille, I can totally see how there would be such a difference between Alaska and Georgia friends. We had a great group of friends out in CA, mostly through sailing. Out here, we haven't had much luck finding a similar group, even though we've been out here 11 years now. I am in a running club but it is huge, and I haven't met that many people. We're actually hanging out a lot lately with DH's bike racing team....finally a fun, athletic group.....and we'll be moving soon.


                    Carolyn, I think I understand some of your issues. I realized recently that I don't have many close local friends, and I'm not sure how to get them. Or if I should even try since we're moving in a couple years. And when we move, it will be very much into a "company town". I don't know if I'm going to be a good "corporate wife", I'm not a party person, or a go to lunch and arrange a charity person. In the past I've never had much in common with the wives, as I am an engineer and used to work for the company myself. I've stayed away from that scene out here because most ExMob people live over in Virginia so we don't see them or hang out with them in Maryland. I think running has helped me learn a lot about myself and is maybe helping me figure out who and what I want to be when I grow up. But I still don't know.


                    Carol, good point! I've thought that myself getting up early for races. My mom and her sister love to plan on Thanksgiving day their shopping plans for Black Friday. They will get up way earlier than any normal person should for shopping! Me - I'll get up early for a race, but that's about it.


                    Marjorie, congrats on the great bonus. If you need help spending that, I'd be more than happy to help Big grin.


                    Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                    Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?


                    Run to live; live to run

                      13.1 miles for me before it rained  Some guy LET his dog jump on me.  I almost fell.  Yes, he did it on purpose.  I did scream at him as I was right at mile 13 when he did it.  Damn him.


                      Karen I think you will do great.  I have half the bonus earmarked alredy for stuff.




                        Lisa, great pictures! Frozen waves? I didn't know they could freeze like that.


                        Yes, I know Business Insurance. We have subscriptions so there are always copies floating around the office. I think it's on our Factiva feed, too.


                        Karen, only in a group of nutcase extremist runners could you say "only 36 miles" and have people nod understandingly.


                        Sorry about the boat, hope you do find a buyer. At least now you have a survey to show prospective buyers (at least I hope you have it) so that that hurdle can be crossed straightaway.


                        On finding friends, maybe join the SWE chapter once you move? I'm sure there are a number of them in Houston. Or is there an alumni club for your alma mater?


                        Carolyn, are you by any chance coming up to a milestone birthday? Or is your youngest about to graduate? Bear in mind there is no shame in changing occupations, I keep reading that more and more people expect to change jobs and occupations multiple times in their lives. If you had your druthers, what would you want to do?


                        Not up when you were because of the time difference...but Marjorie was already out there!


                        Camille, KWYM about collecting adventures or experiences rather than collecting things. I think that's part of the whole 50 state/Maniacs concept. Storing up memories, treasures in heaven if you want to call it that, rather than storing up treasure on earth.


                        Judy, enjoy the beef vegetable soup! I'm sure the apt smells wonderful with that in the crockpot.


                        Marjorie, nice to get a bonus, enjoy it -- sometimes mentally spending it is more fun than actually spending it.


                        *angry face* on the dog owner. No ill wishes for the dog, but I do hope that the dog leaves a nice present for his owner tonight that the owner's bare foot will encounter on the way to the bathroom tomorrow morning.


                        Another 4 miles this morning. I would like to bump that default distance up slightly. Trouble is the next light in that direction is .65 miles (and downhill) so going to the next light means adding over a mile round trip and a hill on the way back. I'd have to allow about 12-13 minutes more. That's a lot to carve out of the morning.

                        Tomorrow running neighbour and I plan to do some of the Leona Divide course so running on the Pacific Crest Trail, problem is we need to figure out where the end of the segment hits a road where we can leave a car. I think I found it on Google Earth, so we can leave a car and start at the turnaround and go up and along to the point that both of us have run to before.

                        Happy runs!

                        Bad Ass

                          Hi, girls.  very bosy today so just now is when I have time to come here and do proper shoutouts.  I did 6 miles last night but they were fast and I liked it, LOL.


                          camille, sounds like a nice route.  To me 7am is early, LOL.


                          judyruns, enjoy your cardio DVD and the track.


                          Lisa, enjoy the rest day and eat some fried fish.


                          Carol, nice swim and run.  Hope the weather gets better for you guys up there.


                          mommymac, sounds like your 7 went nice.  And of course the world looks better.  You ran.


                          Marjorie, I assume you're back home and the puppies missed you.  Enjoy your 4 day weekend.


                          Anonymous, sorry about the rain.  Is the race still going forward?


                          Tessa, nice run.


                          I have a HM tomorrow and I'm doing it for a cause, so I better do it, no?  I'm just so not into HMs right now.  I must be crazy, yeap.


                          Have a nice night, girls!



                          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                          It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                          Run to live; live to run

                            Tessa that is a good chunk extra time.  The guy I've seen before with the dog.  The dog always lunges at me and others. but I'm usually on the other side of the street.  Today I was on the main sidewalk in/out of our neighborhood so I had no where to go.  He saw me coming.  He did nothing to shorten the leash and didn't even apologize.  The dog nearly tripped me.  Sigh.


                            Damaris yep pups were very excited.  Very cuddly etc.  I'll be in Orlando Tue to Friday next week so we will go through the whole thing again when I get home next week.  Quincy about turns himself inside out when I get home.  He gets so excited.


                            Bad Ass

                              Hehe.  Poor baby!


                              Tessa that is a good chunk extra time.  The guy I've seen before with the dog.  The dog always lunges at me and others. but I'm usually on the other side of the street.  Today I was on the main sidewalk in/out of our neighborhood so I had no where to go.  He saw me coming.  He did nothing to shorten the leash and didn't even apologize.  The dog nearly tripped me.  Sigh.


                              Damaris yep pups were very excited.  Very cuddly etc.  I'll be in Orlando Tue to Friday next week so we will go through the whole thing again when I get home next week.  Quincy about turns himself inside out when I get home.  He gets so excited.



                              "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                              It's always fucking hot in Miami!