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MESSY MONDAY DIVAs (Read 23 times)


    Blah, my apartment is still messy! Didn't clean as much as I wanted thas weekend.




      RR- did 11 miles yesterday, which were really tough. Today I'll xt probably.


      NRR- I'm working today even though we're closed for MLk day, but at least it'll be quiet at the office. Not much to report! Quiet weekend, just went to a housewarming brunch on Saturday, out to dinner with DBF Saturday evening, and yesterday we watched movies and hung out on the couch after my run. It was nice. Today I'm also hoping to get a manicure, my nails are looking kinda gross.


      Enjoy the day off if you have it! Or if you're working, I hope the day is productive and quick!


        Ha, just realized I should have made the title MLK Monday.  Oops!


          Morning girls!!!


          Jewel, enjoy your Monday hopefully it's nice and quiet!


          outwest, great job with your race! I cant wait to hear all about its!!




          TriR, good workouts this weekend. 7 mile run Saturday and 48 mile bike ride yesterday. 4 mile run plus ST with PT tonight.


          NtriR,  DF came back last night from spending weekend with my family at my nieces baptism. He's such a proud godfather!!! I ended up spending the weekend with his family and the pup. got pedicure done yesterday, church, read, napped, and I'm all caught up on Greys Anatomy!!!


          Have a great day!


            Hello ladies!  

            RR: Great 8 miler yesterday, and today I'm meeting my friend S for a stroller run, anywhere from 3-5 miles. I think it will be 3 as my right

            quad is a little sore (going up and down the stairs hurts a bit). I hope that's nothing major.


            RR2: Last night, I decided to register for the Half I'm training for (March 17th). I'm so glad I did because it was 88% full!! So American Tobacco Road Half Marathon is on the calendar!


            NRR: Our day care is closed for MLK day, so I am taking the day off to watch G.  I've been thinking about taking a "Stay at home mom" day every few months so this will be fun! Stroller run + brunch with S and her daughter (who is exactly 2 weeks younger than G). This afternoon I'll probably do some work stuff while G sleeps.  Anyone watch Downton last night?  It was one of my favorite episodes! I feel like there was something else I wanted to write but don't remember now. If I do, I'll pop back on!



            Meli - I think it's really cool that your DF went to the baptism without you. I do not like being with Big D's family without him (they are so awkward, I feel weird around them even though we've been together 11 years). Great job on your workouts. I've been absent from here - what Tri are you aiming for this year?


            Jewel - our house is still pretty messy too, even though cleaning was a major weekend goal. Great job on 11, and pushing to get them done!


            I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



              Happy Monday ladies!!!


              RR: Running tonight... my friend wants to do 5, so I'm hoping I can make it. I have my thyroid appt today, so I'm looking forward to find out everything that's going on and what I need to do to fix it.


              NRR: Had a good weekend out at the camp grounds with our friends. They were doing competitive shooting (at targets) and I tried shooting a rifle once. I've never done that before, and don't really intend to get into that stuff, but it was interesting. It's starting to hit me that I'm in my last couple days of being in my 20's! I'm a bit of a mess though as I'm thoroughly stressed out about life stuff right now, but it will turn out ok.


              OJ: Great job on the 11 miles!!! We work today, oh, but we're not closed. At least it will be quiet.


              Meli: Great job on the workouts! Glad you got to spend extra time with C's family at least since you couldn't be with yours. Super hugs to you again.


              Sassy: Whoot on signing up for the race!!! Enjoy your day off with G.


              Have a great day ladies!

              MA runner girl

                Good morning ladies!


                RR: 6 miles yesterday for a total of 15 for the week. Woo! No running today, but I do plan on making it to the pool for a swim. I normally have trouble getting to the gym on days off... must go!


                NRR: Had a great day yesterday with my family! My nephew is such a happy boy, he giggles at everything, it's too cute! At my grandparents, my aunt, uncle, cousin and his family showed up. Thier son is 17 months old and it was so fun to see the boys playing together (my nephew is 9 months). Next year there will be three boys to play! Smile Today I don't have too many plans, I need to meal plan and go grocery shopping. I'm planning on making black bean soup for dinner, yummm. Other than that, just relaxing! It was a fun but busy weekend, so I'm looking forward to a mellow day!


                Jewel - Bummer that you have to work today, but hopefully you can be really productive since it will be quiet. Great job getting the run done yesterday, even if it was tough!


                Meli - I'm bummed that you didn't make it home, but it sounds like you made the best of the weekend! Yay for DF being a godfather, so sweet! Smile


                Sassy - I hope your quad is nothing to be concerned about. Have a great run with your friend, those are the best. Yay for registering for the half!


                PO - Good luck with your thyroid appt, I hope it's nothing too serious. Oh, I don't think I ever said CONGRATS on getting into the school program, so exciting!


                Have a great day ladies!

                PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                  PO - my dad and bro are really into collecting guns, hunting, going to the shooting range. I went to the range with them one time and fired a handgun. I really didn't like it.  I hope you get a good treatment plan or just some good news at the appt today


                  MA - I keep saying that this (9 months) is my favorite age yet.  G is so happy and laughing all the time, curious, affectionate, and still no stranger anxiety. Enjoy your swim!


                  I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                    Jewel-nice job on the 11. Hope you have a nice, quiet day at the office


                    Meli-glad you had a nice weekend. Sorry you couldn’t go see your family, but I am glad DF was there. How cool that he is your niece’s godfather


                    Sassy-yay for registering for your half! I am assuming it’s run on the Tobacco Trail? That’s a really nice trail; I have biked it before. Very pretty


                    PO-good luck with your appt today. I shot a rifle before at a shooting range, one where you have to hit clay targets thrown in the air. Didn’t like it all that much. The reverberations from the shot were terrible and hurt, so not doing that again



                    MA-sounds like a very cute weekend you had with the little family members. Enjoy your day off today

                    RR: not sure yet. Waiting for it to warm up as it is 10 degree and feels like -4, so we shall see. If I don’t run, I will do some ST later


                    NRR: had a fun and busy weekend. Friday night, DBF and I went to a gallery opening for one of our friends. Saturday night was a Black Tie event with that same friend. So I got to dress up really fancy two nights in a row. Today is just catching up on some work and relaxing as I don’t have class or work today.


                      Good morning, ladies!


                      RR: SRD. My lower calves are hella sort. Yoga tonight should help.


                      NRR: Still hella cold here (why am I saying hella so much today) but the inversion should break up later this week and we'll finally get above freezing!  DBF has a cold, and I"m really hoping I don't catch it.



                      Jewel - Your weekend sounds nice. I don't get pedicures, but you've reminded me I need to at least cut my toenails before I slice my toes on them.


                      Mel - I second Sassy's thoughts, re: DH visiting your family without you being there. Sorry you didn't get to go but it's nice you got to hang out with DH's family. Oh wait, I just noticed you're calling him DF. Sorry!


                      Sassy - Enjoy your day off! I want a day off.  Congrats on getting signed up for the half, too. What do your LR look like for the next two months?


                      PO - I really hope you get some good answers today. I've never shot a gun before, not sure if I ever will.


                      MA - Nice work on the mileage! Have fun meal planning. I struggle with that some weekends, but that's the only time to do it, so I end up with food that is healthy but not necessarily what I want to eat.


                      Taylor - Ooh, fancy dress-up! I don't think I have the clothes for that.


                        Okay here is my RR:


                        The alarm went off at 5:21, and I hit snooze. “R, it’s the weekend,” my body was saying. “We can sleep in and go run in the middle of the day, when it’s warmer.” Damn you, body, for being so sensible. “No,” I said. “We paid money for this.”


                        The race was in Owyhee County, in SW Idaho, home of the high desert. I love this vegetation, and was looking forward to the scenery (not that I was really able to see that much of it).


                        We got to the race start around 8:30, I checked in, and went back to wait in the car for a while. It was hella cold out there (around 1* F). Kissed DBF, told Fay I loved her to pieces, and took 4 Fay treats for good luck (I usually run with treats for Fay in my pocket, and I knew I wasn’t supposed to deviate from my routine on race day). Race briefing was super cold. I told the person next to me that I don’t normally stand around like this when I’m running from my house. After about 10 minutes of standing around, someone shot a shotgun and we were off. Definite singletrack for the whole race. I made the decision to get around as many people as possible at the start, which was kind of tricky, because only a few places were acceptable for passing (i.e. no shrubs in the immediate area). I was passed by one person within the first mile.  I fell in behind someone with a decent pace and was good to go.


                        The first 4 miles had me superfocused on the shoes of the person ahead of me. This kept changing, as people pulled off the trail to take breaks, etc. I was worried I’d be one of these people. But I was not, at least for this part of the race. The trail wound through a draw, so there was up and down and all that. The snow here was very powdery, and about 5” deep. Getting traction was really hard, because the snow wasn’t packed at all. Luckily I was able to stay in the tracks of whoever was ahead of me. People ahead slowed down on some uphills to the point that it was easier to walk, which was a nice break. I could feel all of my toes again after about 2 miles, so I took off my jacket. Elevation climb of about 1000’ in the first 4 miles. Check-in at the top.


                        The next 2 miles were going downhill that same elevation, and this part went by FAST. The trail was rocky and had scattered snow atop of ice. Very slippery and fast. I’d like to thank my core strength and arms for keeping me upright this whole way. Lots of flailing and almost ankle rolling, but damn, so fast and fun! I did hold myself back on this part, which is something I need to work on. I can climb like a goat but am afraid of going too fast on the downhills and being unable to control it, especially in these conditions.


                        The last check in was at the 6 mile point, and I knew I had 4.8 after that (the total race was actually 10.8 miles, even though it’s called a 10 mile). I also knew the elevation leveled out on this part, but only after a steep uphill. DANG Okay it wasn’t that bad (it was on an actual road), but after what I’d already done, my legs were tired.


                        Then things got hella technical, and I was passed again (second time). I’m actually glad this guy got ahead of me, because he slipped and basically pointed out the need to walk down this one section (he didn’t fall). Very rocky, little small rocks, large rocks sticking out that were big sharp steps, lots of winding on tight corners that had the snow with ice underneath combo going on. This part made me realize how easy most of my trail runs are, in terms of rocks. I made the mental note to get out on some crazier stuff. Things opened up into this awesome canyon that I will have to go back and enjoy when I have the time. The trail was better here, and I recognized one of my favorite shrub species out there. I noted that I hadn’t been able to think about anything while I was out there, because I was so focused on where my feet went. Also, that shrub wasn’t going to help me, so I’d have to go back and talk to it later.


                        And then I got hungry. All I could think about were the brownies I saw in one of the tents at the start. All I had in my pockets were chapstick and the Fay treats. Damn it. Oh well, keep going…  I wasn’t sure how far I had left to go, but I started looking for the finish on the horizon, only to see the runners ahead of me running into the same setting...no cars, no tents, nothing. Keep going keep going… and stop to walk a smidge and put my hands on my hips because damn it, I was hungry and had no oomph left. Then some dude came up behind me and said he’d been trying to catch me for the last 4 miles. Smile  I told him congrats, because he had (third person to pass me). I tried to keep up with him or at least pace myself off of him but I was hungry and tired. I was also starting to get cold again. I probably should have put my jacket on here but NO I am stubborn.


                        Suddenly I looked up and WHAT cars!! We were back towards the finish!  And then I got passed by a lady who looked like she was in my age group (4th person). I was too tired to catch her, and was focused only on making it to the finish line and those brownies. I managed to pick up the pace a bit, but again, no oomph.


                        Final time: 1:57Tight lippedx.  2nd place female 30-39. I think 6th overall female.


                        The kicker? That lady who passed me at the end got 1st place in my AG. She beat me by 45 seconds.  I’m not dwelling on that so much because hey, I did a damn good job, especially for not training for this thing. I did nothing special aside from do my regular running, which is ~30 mpw.  I am very proud of myself. But next time, I will bring people food.


                          OWR  - Cool Dang girl that was an epic race report! If this were RWOL I would give you the bowing "We're not worthy" emoticon.


                          Taylor - totally jealous of your dress up opportunities! sounds like you and DBF are having fun!


                          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                            good morning ladies!


                            taking a few deep breaths here. Feeling a little overwhelmed with work deadlines - have an interview to prep for and a big project is due soon in the next couple of weeks... then wedding prep. M started asking about all the stuff that "I" have to do.... so I ultimately told him there are going to be things I need his help with such as making rental car reservations or plane ticket reservations for our honeymoon... argh! deep breaths, deep breaths... oh yeah, and we have the darned shower project.... told M it might be a good idea to get his friend E to help because I'll be doing all the project deadline stuff and the wedding follow up stuff...


                            RR: nothing yet. temps were in the negative region this morning and with wind chill -30. So no. I'm hoping for tonight, but even that, I have to shovel my sidewalks/ driveway tonight after work. And unpack from the weekend, and also try and squeeze in some work time.


                            NRR: see above. sorry for the little rant. I feel better now. Blush


                            jewel: way to go with the 11 miles! M and I managed 5 around the lake saturday. It was crazy windy.


                            sassy: yay for a day off and enjoy the day with G! awww. he's soooo cute!


                            mel: sounds like you had a great weekend!  all rested up!


                            po: hope the thyroid appt goes well today for you! and they figure stuff out and have a plan or something in mind!


                            MA: awww. that's so cute with the little boys playing! it's so fascinating to watch at that age.


                            taylor: that's kind of cool going to a gallery opening! sounds like it was a swell time!


                            outwest: hope you don't catch the cold! stay healthy!


                            gotta go... meeting time... boo that!


                              Sassy - Thanks! It was kind of crazy..not a lot of time to process anything.


                                Hiya ladies.. gotta be quick... but I will try to do personals a few now and later.


                                RR: Did 9 miles yesterday 7 is was supposed to be but the weather was nice M was doing great so I ran a little farther. Today is 5.


                                NRR: Not much.. trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Its like the worse question of the day and always asked every day. LOL.


                                Lucy: LOL. I am trying to not stress too much about it. The weather has been driving the dogs nuts they dont know to keep their coats or shed them, So, their fur is everywhere Smile


                                PO: Hope you get some answers soon. Enjoy the last few days of your 20s.


                                Out: Way to go girl! Great job!


                                Sassy: Enjoy your run and day off.


                                MA:  Great job on 15 miles.


                                Gotta run.. have a great day everyone!