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beskirted & manicured

    home wifi is dodgy this morning, I have my laptop connected to my phone as a portable hotspot! pretty creative for 5:30 am if I say so myself Smile


    RR - srd


    TR - "do you love mommy?" No.

    "Do you love daddy?" No.

    "Do you love gung gung?" (my dad) Yes.

    "Do you love po po?" (My mom) Yes.


    FR - pad Thai with tofu and low cal kelp noodles.


    NRR - daycare lady had a pile of purses, that she said belonged to her daughter.  There was a black Coach purse so I snatched that up..unfortunately upon closer inspection and a google showed that it's definitely a fake.  Still a nice looking purse though.

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      zorbs- yay for a new purse, even a knock-off! cute about B loving the grandparents. enjoy your SRD. how ya feeling after the fast run w/ Sam?


      RR: recovery run today, probably 6-7ish miles. last night, i looked at my training log from the last marathon i trained for (Wineglass 2010) just to compare mileage/pace etc, and was definitely encouraged!


      TR: so cute and snuggly lately! took him outside to play for a while yesterday, he was soooo happy! it's been such cold crappy weather that we haven't been out much the past week. he stomped in all the puddles, then i changed him and we went to the park to swing and climb on the slides for a bit.


      NRR: not too much. training clients this morning and tomorrow, and a low-key weekend w/ DH and R.

       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



      Bad Ass Mother Runner



        zorbs. - I doubt anyone else will inspect the purse that closely. M was just in a I don't love anyone phase but has since graduated to an I love everyone phase.


        RR - ha! Hauling myself and two kids through airports. Still sore from st'ing on Monday.


        TR - skipped her nap yesterday and put her to bed an hour early, hopefully that will help the pre 5am wakeup


        BR - feeding her now. Right boob is back to being itchy. I'm pretty sure it is/was thrush now and that my grapefruit seed extract helped but then I stopped using it too early. Bringing it and the anti fungal pills with me.


        NrR - leaving the house by 5am, it's 3:45 now so no point in going back to sleep. I hardly slept anyway, I'll be fine today and can catch up tonight in FL. We are flying to Chicago with mil coincidently on the same flight and then she goes on to NH and us to fL. I'm happy for help on the first and longer flight. I also have a friend of a friend who's a agent at the united checkin desk who might be able to upgrade us, we'll see.


        Wont do personals and likely won't have data on my phone after we leave Calgary. Chicago does not have free wifi in the airport.

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        Bad Ass Mother Runner

          RG - was wineglass your pr marathon? Do you have any time trials or tuneup races scheduled? I can't wait to spend the next 2 weeks outside non stop!!

          5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

          Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


            RR - 6k easy. Yesterday's run was so nice - I went out in the afternoon and the sun was shining, it was a balmy -1C and I was wearing capris.


            TR - I was watching the news last night and a clip of Justin Bieber singing came on. She seriously started bouncing up and down, clapping her hands and squealing. Bieber fever already? Good Lord.


            FR - I forgot to get the crockpot chili started yesterday, so ended up eating leftovers for dinner. Crockpot chili tonight!


            NRR - I am not impressed with DH. He was supposed to paint the guest room, for which I bought some lovely yellow paint. Yesterday, he asked me to come look at his work and OMG. He painted two walls yellow and then mixed up a bunch of old paint we had leftover from other projects and painted the third wall a horrid pinky brown colour and the fourth wall an awful snot green. Not only are the colours ugly, they all completely clash. He was very pleased with his work, saying "Isn't this creative? I think it looks fun!" I was like "Are you high??"




            zorbs - If it took a close inspection and a Google to determine the Coach purse was a fake, it's probably a pretty good fake! I've never had kelp noodles before. Are they at all similar to glass noodles?


            rg - Your tempo runs have been at a great pace lately. I bet your marathon is going to be awesome! Is your PR from 2010?


            CA - Have a great trip and I hope the thrush doesn't flare up again!

            5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


              Quick selfish post for now...will be back later this afternoon for personals.


              RR - Was hoping for 6 yesterday but only got 5 in before daycare called.  Probably nothing today unless I do a stroller run with J.


              TR - Has pink eye in both eyes.  Well, the doctor thinks so but didn't want him to come into the office for fear of spreading it.  So they said if I was ok with it they would just call in some drops.  Fine with me, one less trip there and no chargeSmile  He is home with grandma today.  I can tell he is not feeling great as he is super cuddly with us.  He kept giving DH and I hugs last night and this morning.


              NRR - Stupid proctoring this morning for 3.5 hours.  Then teach classes.  I am not looking forward to this at all.  Proctoring means no cell phone, no papers to grade, no sitting down...NOTHING.  I can't wait for today and tomorrow to be over.  I already hate this so much.


              FR - Was going to do a beef roast in the crock pot but DH said no he didn't want his mom to have to smell it all day.  Um...ok.  So probably nothing...maybe Panera as I might take J to get his haircut which is right by Panera.


                zorbs - At least B loves his grandparentsSmile  Enjoy your rest.  Your FR sounds great and yay for a new purse!


                rg - Enjoy your run.  You are having some great and speedy runs...you will dominate that marathon!!


                CA - Enjoy your trip to FL!!  Can't wait for fun in the sun updates.  I hope the flights go smoothly and the kids are great.


                ernie - Have a great run...lol to the young Justin Bieber fanWink  Ugh to DH and his painting.  I bet he thought he did an awesome job.  I'll never understand mens thinking.


                  Hi early birds!


                  RR: feeling more human again. going to try a light easy 4m just to get back into the swing of things. with stroller of course. have a coaching session tomorrow. should be back on fm schedule today. Had a weird dream about the nashville rnr - erniegirl met me and we were late to the start line - well, we had about 15 mins but I had forgotten my gels (I pin them in my shorts) and to put body glide on. Then I went to drop off my boyfriend's wallet (who this was I have no idea) in his dorm room and it was some other guy sleeping in his bed. I was in a fluster as I was not going to run a marathon with my boyfriend's wallet in my hand.


                  NRR: DS's 18mo check up - he is not 18mo til the 20th but I needed to get him his second shot of the pair started at 15mo and i wanted to do that here in bermy. he hasn't puked for 36 hours so I think we're over that. Was up at 3am and lay with him until DH woke me up tapping a rock at the window at 5am as he had locked himself out and needed to get back in to get his keys for his bike. Sigh.


                  NRR2: my car is going into the garage for a little bit of body work touch up - it's pretty much brand new but there's a scratch (DH not me) on the front bumper and i want a high asking price (more on those people another time) without negotiating for a silly scratch.


                  BR: shots today. in better spirits. would love a sttn but will take nsttn over puking and washing sheets three times a night at least.


                  FR: managed chicken breasts and broccoli. And 142lbs now. Flu did wonders for weight loss. Not in a good way. And i don't advise it. Aiming for 140 for now. I was 138 when I ttc'd with ds - I would like to be on the 130s side of 140. (5ft9").

                  5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                    Ernie - I am crying laughing over the paint and your response. I am still giggling in out bursts. Too funny.


                    CA - GOOD LUCK travelling with your munchkins. Hope that b00b doesn't act up. Hope you get upgraded.

                    5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                      Morning ladies,


                      RR - nothing today, maybe elliptical...


                      BR - was happy for my mom yesterday, but a grump for DH and I in the evening.  And when she's grumpy she doesn't want to eat, so she barely ate dinner.  At least she still slept...


                      NRR - so my first day back at work, the 25th, I'll be working from home.  Nice.



                      ernie - i'm making crockpot chili tonight too... meat is all cooked, just have to toss everything in!


                      bermy - glad you're feeling more human!


                      CA - have a great trip!


                      zorbs - if the purse is nice i'd still use it... i don't own designer purses, mainly b/c I'm rough with my purses and they get wrecked easily.


                      jen - ugh on the pink eye!  Seems you can never get a break with J"s health... Sad


                      rg - jealous of your trips to the park.. still too cold here for that!




                        RR:  Thinking about 6 after work outside if I can find my hat and gloves.  It is supposed to be warm(er) so it would be nice to hit the streets and  not the TM.  Didn't get to run yesterday which didn't make me a happy camper.


                        TR:  Didn't see him at all  yesterday.  He was up at 6:15 and when DH brought him out of his room I couldn't believe how BIG he looked.  It was nice to hold him and talk with him this morning.  He was taking bites of my cereal which was cute.  He also said "Dada Plow" and "Papa".  I have never heard papa  before and am proud of him putting words together unprompted!


                        NRR:  Work was a crazy mess yesterday.  I work with our CD teacher and her kids on Tuesdays so I had that, I am trying to get in touch with people to help us with this crazy tech stuff that is going on, I had a tech meeting, and then taught a Publisher class at 7.  Needless to say, I am tried, and just want to go back to bed! Cannot wait for Friday.  (My day off.)


                        FR:  Gross stuff for dinner last night.  Subway didn't sound good, so I opted for McD's again.  Yuck.



                        zorbs - J always says no when I ask him if he loves me!


                        rg - Glad you got outside to play yesterday.  Sounds like fun!


                        CAR - Enjoy your trip!  I hope your boob clears up and you don't have to worry about it one bit while you are in Florida!


                        ernie - I can just hear that conversation with you and your DH!  I hope he has every intention of painting over it!  What a mess!


                        jen - I am jealous of your proximity to Panera! Smile  I hope the proctoring goes quickly for you!  Bummer about J and his pink eye!  Glad Grandma was able to help though!


                        bermy - Glad to hear you are feeling a little bit better.  I would have been freaked out had DH woken me up that way!  I hope DS's 18 month well check goes smoothly!


                        cx2 - Rock on about working from home!  Sorry about the grump last night.  Hopefully she is happy today!

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                          RR - going to try for 3-4 in a bit.  I'm paranoid my leg is going to hurt though.  I can hop on it, play tennis, walk etc without it hurting so at least there's cross training if it does hurt!  Going back to the chiro tomorrow.


                          BR - poor guy is constipated and was crying and screaming last night.  Sad


                          KR - DD3 has a field trip today and DD1 has a cast party for her play the other night.  I was going to try to make it to to both but I decided not to go to either.  I have too much to do to get ready to go out of town next week.    I also need to make a birthday cake for DD3's birthday Friday.  White cake with chocolate frosting - kind of boring but it's what she wants!


                          FR - maybe chicken tacos and then my freezer will be cleaned out of meals and I'll actually have to cook something sometime.


                          NRR - massage was great yesterday!  It kind of seems like a waste though when I just have to go home and listen to screaming kids afterwards though.


                          NRR2 - Target today!  I realized L doesn't have a swimsuit that fits him.


                          zorbs - my kids prefer grandma and grandpa over us anytime.  At first it hurt my feelings but now I just let my parents take over when they are here and don't feel guilty about it.  Nice on the purse, even if it is a fake!  I wouldn't know fake from real, I don't think.


                          rg - you will do awesome in your marathon!  I'm excited for you!


                          CA - hope you have a smooth day of travel!  You flight isn't affected by the snow in Chicago?  Hope the girls are good for you!


                          ernie - too funny at the bieber fever!  So... will you repaint?  Sounds pretty interesting!


                          jen - I'm sorry about the pink eye but love it when doctors just call in medicine rather than having to go see them.  Hope it clears up quickly.  Why wouldn't he want his mom to smell the beef?  I love the smell of something cooking all day, although it makes me hungry and I tend to eat more when I have something in the crock pot!


                          bermy - glad you are feeling better!!  I always lose a few pounds when I'm sick but then a couple days later I have a giant appetite and gain it all back.  Oh well, it's nice while it lasts.


                            RR:  4mi today...maybe.  My alarm went off this morning and I was sooo tired so I decided against it.  I ran 8 yesterday with 5x800s so I thought my body needed the rest this morning.  Will try tonight when I get home if its not dark, or after H goes to bed.  We have a 3 hour break during the day today but then a group thing in the afternoon.  I would love to use that time to run but I hate to go to the group thing sweaty (I am a sweater).


                            TR:  I have been missing him  a lot during the days lately.


                            NRR:  Yesterday I got home late to see a beautiful boquet of flowers on the table.  I was very confused about why I would be getting flowers.  Turns out Dh sent them for our anniversary...oops!  We technically have 2 anniveraries because we first got married in a court house and then had a wedding about 6 months later.  We were right out of college when we got married so going to the courthouse was a big deal for me, so I like to celebrate this one.  Unfortunately with being so busy I totally forgot about it!

                            5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                              zorbs - At least he loves grandma and grandpa right? Smile


                              RG- are you doing more mileage than last time around?  What is your new goal?  From yesterday, I like a lot of areas so I am not really sure what I want to go into.  At the top of my list are urgent care, ER, family practice, pediatrics, and women's health.  I am not a big fan of surgery or being in a hospital (unless its the ER).


                              CA - Praying for safe and easy travels for all of you!  You are going to have such a great time.


                              ernie - Haha beiber fever already!  And the story about DH is hilarious.  On one hand it is sweet he painted and then though to get creative.  On another hand you now have ugly walls... Smile


                              jen - Hope you get your run in.  That sitting still would be terrible.  You feeling any better?


                              bermy - What a funny dream!  I had wierd dreams last night too but can't seem to remember what they are about.  Congrats on passing the interview!  Does that mean you are done?


                              arm - so glad you got in your massage!  Did they work on your leg at all?  What part hurts again?


                              cx2 - Yay for working from home!


                              mer - I don't know how you work such a crazy schedule and are pgr.  You must be totally exhausted!

                              5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                                rr: srd. got in 4 yesterday am before c woke up. then went to ART/chiro.


                                tr: dd2 sings at 4:30 church today then both girls are going to a friends' house for a birthday dinner/cake/presents.


                                br: got a haircut and looks so handsome and grown up!


                                nrr: dh's birthday today.


                                fr: bbq chicken sandwiches in the crockpot. lettuce wraps last night.


                                zorbs: score on the purse! thanks to marathonjen i got a new purse in the mail today. haven't taken it out of the house yet, but love it so far!


                                rg: dd2 keeps asking me about things we can only do in spring/summer and then adds, "when the snow is all melted."


                                car: safe travels! i would take the antifungal and if it's thrush you should feel relief very quickly! have so much fun on vacation!


                                ernie: lol at the "are you high?"  did you decide what to do with it? leave it/paint over it?


                                jen: did you get the drops to go in? boo to the proctoring today. i remember using that time as a prep; maybe they have become super strict with it since i have stopped teaching. glad mil was there to help and weird to dh not wanting her to smell it all day...?


                                bermy: good luck with all of your stuff today: appointment, car, selling stuff, etc. when are you officially out of bermy? your flu weight loss reminds me of in devil wears prada when emily says, "i'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight." Wink


                                cx2: will you get to work from you regularly? have a nanny during that time? i guess  i have no clue what you do Smile


                                mer: hope you get your run in. ugh to a long day yesterday. dh didn't see c at all on monday and it made me so sad. is papa also dada or grandpa?


                                arm: love the little guys in swimsuits! i was going to make dh a cake but he likes boring kinds too, so i'm opting for brownies instead. hope your leg holds up to running, but you're right at least you have cross training if it doesn't.


                                shelby: how nice of your dh and yup, i would recognize that anniversary too. this morning dh went into the girls' room and they completely forgot it was dh's birthday. i said, "what day is it today?" to which dd1 said, "wednesday." Smile