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    Morning Ladies~


    Working 6-1 again today, then it's the weekend, yay!!! Monday I'll start working pretty much full-time again, which will last 6 weeks. I'm covering for a coworker who is having foot surgery to remove a heel spur and fix his plantar fascitis.


    RR: shorter run today, probably just 4 miles. only have 30 minutes for lunch..blah. Ran a super hilly 7.2 miler yesterday, kept the pace easy. I feel a bit like i've been run over a truck this morning- sore throat, congested, tired. Hoping the coffee kicks in soon and i'm not getting sick.


    TR: Cute as ever. Was walking around pulling a little wooden puppy toy behind him last night- so sweet! Running everywhere, non stop.


    NRR: glad it's the weekend- no plans, just relaxing with DH and R! Oh- my friend's DH made it through brain surgery on Weds, and the drs were able to remove 90% of the tumors!!!! He has to go thu chemo/radiation for the rest, but is doing well.


    Gotta go- have a great day everyone!

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    beskirted & manicured

      ER - ST at the gym.  Hopefully a client no shows so I don't have to wait until after my shift to work out.


      RR - making up my spring HM/30K/marathon schedule. It starts in 10 days, ahhhhhhhhhhh! I LOVE the calendar option on RA!


      TR - broke his favourite digger.  I HATE when he breaks cheap plastic crap because I can't fix it.


      FR - fried veggie brown rice, teriyaki salmon.


      NRR - I am going to ROAST MY ASS in my car!!! weeee!!!



      rg - I definitely am feeling the same way, I know it's from B smearing his snot all over me.

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        RR - 6k easy + ST


        BR - Last night she pulled herself up and let go so she was standing on her own for a bit! Then she tried to take a step and face planted...ha, at times like this, I'm glad we haven't got around to tearing up the carpet and putting in hardwood. She's getting the second dose of her flu shot today. The first one didn't bother her at all, so hopefully this one doesn't either.


        FR - Going to bake some bread and blueberry muffins this afternoon. Will probably have soup for dinner with the bread.


        NRR - Today my tiredness is my own fault. S slept pretty well but I stayed up way too late reading. I finally got around to starting the second book of the Hunger Games. I read the whole first book in tub while I was in early labour with S last February and then, you know, things got a bit busy so I kept forgetting to borrow the next two books from my friend and read them.


        RG - That's such good news about your friend's DH!! Do you have to put R in child care when you work full-time the next 6 weeks or do you get home before your DH goes to work?


        Zorbs - Mmm, I love teriyaki salmon. I'm so jealous of your heated seats! That is going to be a must have in my next car.

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          RR: SRD. First rest day in 9 days of running. I am going to go crazy. I love running and love the way it fits into my day plus it means I drink plenty of water and have a guaranteed shower. Need to do this whether I run or not.


          NRR: playgroup this morning, then to the ear specialist at 11 about the week of vertigo.


          BR: Is so obsessed with dogs. Like when he sees them he crouches and points and makes such excited little squeaky noises. Makes me really want to get a dog when we get to the US. I can't decide if I want a dog that can run or a dog that is a clumsily lovable fluffball.


          FR: Gardener's Shepherd's Pie turned out awesome. I have started taking pics of meals which I will get around to posting on fb.Leftovers tonight. Everyone loved it. I put celery and kale into it as well as all the other veggies and I liked my additions.




          zorbs - can you walk today after your workout?


          Jen - the pea ravioli doesn't stick if you use a shallow bowl to present it and just have a few of ravioli in the pot cooking at once. It took me a bit to figure it out.


          CA - your plan looks AWESOME. Love the length, the detail and the variety. Great job.

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            Happy Friday!


            RR - usual rest day...


            BR - my chubby baby isn't as chubby as I thought... she's 18lbs 4oz, at just over 9 months... still in the 50th percentile which is where she's been since birth...  started clapping her hands yesterday, although I don't think she realizes it's actual clapping.


            NRR - so the DH's new "smart" tv isn't that smart yet.. we can't connect it to the wifi in our house... we called their support line and they said it must be our internet connection... ok, but our phones, laptop and iPad are all connected to the internet just fine, so no, i don't think it's the connection!!!  Now we have to wait for a more experienced technician to call us and help...


            FR - I accidentally bought plain greek yogurt and it's just way too tart... I tried adding fruit and it's still too strong... I hate wasting food but DH doesn't eat yogurt, and I don't usually cook with it so this may have to be tossed...



            rg - that's great to hear your friend made it through surgery!  I hope he gets a good prognosis..


            zorbs - seat warmers are so great... never had one until our last car, and we have them in our new one... ppl always ask me if it feels like i peed myself when I tell them i always turn on the heated seats option...


            ernie - for whatever reason it never occured to me get C a flu shot... i used to get one every year but i totally spaced this year...


            bermy - i think a running dog would be awesome!  I know some runners who have dogs that go on 20 mile runs with them... that'd be good company!




              RR:  5 after work today.  My legs feel really tight so I might foam roll tonight for some relief.


              TR:  Didn't cry again today when I left....maybe this is progress?!  Was starting to fuss at 5:40 though.  Its much worse to listen to when I don't have to get up!


              NRR:  I am so tired!  Only working 3 days this week is probably a good thing as I am SO ready to crash on the couch tonight with nothing that needs to be done for the next day.


              FR:  Pancakes for dinner last night.  Thinking eggplant parm for dinner tonight.

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                runnergirl - I hope you aren't getting sick!  Have a good run today.  Relieved that things went well for your friend.


                zorbs - You are too funny about the ass warmer in your car!  I hope you are liking it!


                ernie - The hunger games books are really good...I enjoyed them all.  I saw the movie in the theater with my nephew which was a lot of fun.


                bermy - Keep us posted about the appointment.  I am curious to hear what the doctor has to say.  9 days straight of running...wow!  You are right up there with runnergirl!


                cx2 - Sucks that the TV isn't working properly (or the extra part of it).  I hope you have a good day!  Any progress on daycares?

                Upcoming Races: 

                Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                  rr: 4 yesterday. going to get out and calibrate my nike+ at some point today.


                  qotd: where do you ladies buy your jeans? i am in desperate need of a pair that fit nicely. Right now the only pair that fit me are guess premium daredevil skinny jeans which i love but they are more like jeggings and not so much everyday kind of jeans.


                  nrr: dh is going to the packer/vikings playoff game tomorrow. so our friends are staying over with their kiddos. should be fun.


                  tr: my mom is coming over today to take the girls to the store to buy their snowmen hats and scarves and mittens. very cute.


                  br: starting to mimic things i say. yesterday he wanted something on so i said, "on." he looked at me and repeated it and later came and said "off."


                  fr: in love with crunchy peanut butter on celery


                  rg: yay for your friend's dh. Have they given him a prognosis?


                  zorbs: how's the car?!


                  Ernie: i loved the first 2 hunger games books but hated the third. Loved the movie too.


                  Bermy: oh please don't get a little fluffy dog! we have a black lab and he is great with the kids. As in they crawl all over him and he doesn't care. Plus he is a great protector and a great running partner!


                  cx2: You got me thinking that we need to start using the smart features of our tv. Think we are going to start getting netflix.


                  runninmer: i had a dream you told me my posts weren't interesting enough and i needed to try harder...Hmmmm.....


                    RR - had to deliver some money to a girl on my tennis team so took the dog for a run/walk this morning to her house, so got in 2.75 miles.


                    BR - so snotty.  Poor guy.  He's awake and talking in his crib right now.  I had planned on showering before I got him up so I hope he doesn't mind staying in there a little while longer!


                    KR - DD1 spent the night at a friend's which means DD3 crawled in bed with us overnight.  I wonder if she'll ever stop being scared to sleep by herself.


                    FR - DH insisted we have the turkey meatballs and spaghetti tonight so last night we had leftover pork tenderloin on sandwiches.  I made up the meatballs so they will be an easy dinner tonight.


                    NRR - finally got the kitchen cleaned up and the floors mopped and it feels so good!  Now I need to tackle the living room, ugh.  Still haven't put away all the Christmas presents.


                    rg - great news about your friend!!  Whenever L gets sick I get sick.  I think it's from all the open mouthed kisses he likes to give me, which I can't really complain about!


                    zorbs - I love planning race calendars/schedules!  I wish I could find a good spring/summer race but when it starts to get hot out I probably won't feel like training for something anyway.


                    ernie - I haven't read the Hunger Games, although I have the first one.  It's hard to find time to read lately, I get so tired when I try!


                    bermy - I don't remember you having rest days very often!  You are so hardcore.  I am always thinking of getting another dog I can run with.  Mine used to run with me but she's too old now and I really miss it, especially when I run in the dark.  It makes me feel safe even though she wouldn't hurt a fly.


                    cx2 - that's great she's staying on her growth curve!  I buy plain greek  yogurt and sometimes add raisins with my fruit to sweeten it up.  Or use it in place of mayo to make chicken salad.


                    mer - hope the not crying is a trend!  I wish our kids went back this week, it would have been nice to ease back into school.  It's always so hard to get used to waking up early again.


                    mrszm - I'm not really looking forward to the game tomorrow.  Either I'll be bummed out and DH will be jumping around like an idiot or he'll be super crabby and I won't be allowed to say anything.  I got sick of the way cheaper jeans fit me - they usually stretched out too much and I felt like i was constantly hiking them up or they were a little too short.  So I started splurging on nicer jeans.  My favorite pair of every day jeans are a pair of Joe's I got at an outlet mall last year.


                      mer - hope you get to chill out tonight... i always want to just crash on the couch but then I start thinking of all the things I have to or should be doing.... daycare is still up in the air.. .we thought about putting C into Montessori but most places don't take babies, they gotta be at least 18 months old...


                      mrsz - i haven't bought new jeans in a long time, but i used to buy them at Aeropostale, and only if they were cheap, like $20... i'm built like a kid still so youth clothes fit me better than actual women's sizes..


                      arm - ha, C is talking in her crib right now too, she's not quite ready to nap... i try to shower when she naps on the days I don't take her running..


                        rg - Take it easy today...start popping some Vitamin C or something.  So happy for your friends DH...that is so scary being so young and with a baby at home.


                        zorbs - What races are you running?  I really need motivation to train for another marathon.  Nice car...I take it you like it??


                        ernie - I hope the flu shot goes well for S.  Glad she slept much better for you.  Sometimes it is nice to be able to stay and up and do something just for you...even if that means not sleeping.


                        Bermy - Today was my 9th day of running in a row...guess tomorrow is my rest day!!  Glad your shepards pie turned out well.  Too cute about DS and the dogs.  I was watching the news this morning and they did the weather in Bermuda...random...but it said it was in the 80s...I am jealous!!!!


                        CTimes - I despise plain greek yogurt...I do have a few recipes that call for it though.  C is a good sized baby.  Cute about clapping her hands.  J didn't do that until he was over a year old.


                        Mer - Can I come to your house for dinner?  Yum!!  Enjoy your Friday and get some rest this weekend.  Wish we could make a whole foods run and do some shopping!!  Rest those legs.


                        arm - Way to get an errand and a run done at the same time!  Poor L...sorry he is so snotty.  J is just now getting over his snotty-ness...after a week.  We had pasta and turkey meatballs last night!  Enjoy.


                        RR - 5 on the TM this morning and some weight training...woot!  Haven't ST'd in a LONG time until this week...I have already done it twice.


                        TR - It's PJ day at daycare so he was happy as a clam running around in his fleece footie pjs!!  LOL.  He has been really MEAN lately.  He throws things (toys, food, etc) hard across the room and then starts growling and getting red in the face.  We give him little spankings but I don't think that is good since I think he then sees it ok to hit...but It worked for DH and I growing up so I don't know.  I think he is too young to understand time outs.  How do you discipline an almost 15 month old?  He needs anger management for babies!


                        NRR - Last day off then back to work Monday.  Sad that break is over.  I need to finish cleaning my house and run some errands.  I also have a chiro appt shortly.


                        FR - Did pasta and turkey meatballs last night and we have  ton of leftovers...so left overs tonight and then chicken noodle casserole tomorrow.


                          mrszm - I missed you.  Too cute about buying clothes for the snowman!  I hate buying clothes but I just got a pair of jeans at the DKNY outlet that I like.  I never buy jeans from the same place because I don't like any of them.  I have a few from ON only because they were cheap.  I have a pair of Gap ones but they are now too small.  I have a pair from Banana but they are too long.  Ugh...Good luck...jeans are tough.


                            Good morning!


                            RR:  4 mi on the schedule today.  Was hoping to go outside for it but if DS takes a good morning nap it will be on the TM.  We will probably go for a walk with the dog later if so.


                            BR:  I can't get enough of him.  His cuteness is almost too much to handle.  He is such a happy little boy and it warms my heart.  Sometimes his energy wears me out but he is just so much fun.  He loves to play and giggles when you chase him.  He is so interested in the world and it's fun (and exhausting to watch).  I think I sent DH like 10 videos of all the cute things he did yesterday. Now if only he would sleep, he'd be the perfect child.  Up again every 2 hours last night.  I think the poor guy has molars and an incisor coming in.  I would love to start waking up early for runs but not when I am getting newborn baby sleep again.


                            NRR:  Nothing too exciting planned for the day.  Depending on the temp, we may go to the playground.


                            zorbs - I love the calendar on RA too!  It even send you a reminder email about your training run and then asks later if you did it.  Plus when you log your mileage you can select the workout from your plan.


                            RG - Oh no!  I hope you can avoid getting sick.  +1 to the vitamin C!  Glad to hear the news about your friend.


                            ernie - Yay for steps.  And I loved the Hunger games.  I read one of them the week H was born while I was BFing him at night.  I was so addicted I somehow did it through my sleep deprivation.


                            bermy - Enjoy your rest day!  DS is also obsessed with dogs.  It is his only regular word Smile


                            mrszm - I like Calvin Klein jeans, I usually buy them at Macys.  They have a high enough waist but not too high.  Jealous DH is going to a playoff game!  I would love to do that.


                            mer - Glad to hear no crying again!  Sounds like progress to me.


                            arm - Hope DS stays alseep a little longer so you can shower!


                            jen - So cute about the pjs.  And I have no clue about the discipline.  DS still doesn't really understand the word no and I think we need to work on that.

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                              Good morningSmile


                              RR:  going to go for 5 today at lunch.  We are super slow here at work, so I am going to stretch the lunch "hour" a bit.


                              FR:  Made a recipe called "Fake" Filet Mignon last night.  Healthy, but not that great.  Ground beef, brown rice, onions, garlic, steak sauce all rolled up in a ball and baked at 450 for 30 minutes.  Looked like mini meatloafs.  DH ate it all though, so must have been ok.  Tonight, I am making a recipe from one of the girls who works for me:

                              http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/athenian_orzo.html.  Looks delicious!


                              BR/ KR:  D is saying so many words now!  We were playing with one of Allie's puzzles where you had to spell words, and D recognized several of the letters.  I couldn't believe it.   D and A have this game that they play now where they chase each other around the house and hide in all the closets.  They think it's hysterical.


                              NRR:  Nothing crazy planned for the weekend.  Just got a note that the trail I want to run tomorrow is covered with ice and they recommend putting sheet metal screws in our shoes.  Not sure if I should brave it for my first trail run b/c I don't want to get injured.  We'll see.


                              Bermy:  I had pretty bad vertigo in early November and went to see my doctor about it.  He said that it could have been either stress induced or a result of an inner ear infection which can't be detected by an otoscope supposedly.  (I had just had an outer ear infection, so it was possible).  Anyway, it ended up going away on it's own a few days after I saw the doctor.  It was such a weird sensation though.


                              Ernie:  I still haven't finished book 3 of Hunger Games.  I also flew through book 1, but book 2 took a bit longer.


                              Marathonjen:  D (21 months) has also been throwing things lately and smacking people (I blame it on daycare).  You are right about them not understanding time outs at that age.  Not sure that spankings would work either though.  We just keep keep taking a toy away if she throws it and if she smacks someone, we take her hands, look her right in the eyes, and say, "be gentle; be nice".  She seems to get it, but I do think that it is a phase at that age.   My DH's method of discipline is to yell, "NO", which I don't think works at all.

                              5K:  25:52; 10K: 57:53; HM:  2:01.10


                              Bad Ass Mother Runner

                                RG - at least you're fast and can fit 4 miles in 30 minutes!! I might be able to get close with full race effort but I'd be beet red and looking like I was going to throw up afterwards Smile

                                zorbs - I love the calendar on rA also!

                                ernie - mmm soup and fresh bread is the best! I listen to most of my reading on my phone while I run these days... or read in the tub but I like to read running books and magazines in the tub.

                                bermie - most of the plan was just copied directly from the Run like a mother ladies new book. I'm also keeping the option of dropping the interval runs to easy runs if it is all too much too soon. I'd go with the big dog for sure, they are often more laid back when they aren't outside running.

                                cx2 - I love plain yogurt. Try putting some honey in it with the fruit.

                                mer - I've been rolling my glutes a lot, they are tight! mmm your FR sounds delish!!

                                mzm - my current fav jeans are 7 for all mankind I bought at a bloomingdales outlet.

                                arm - I cleaned our main floor yesterday also, it was so nice to start to get the junk away and cleaned up!

                                Jen - just be consistent. He'll get it, it's a toddlers nature to not care about anyone else but themselves. I feel your pain though, M got some good slaps last week and just didn't seem to get it but then the next day was better. It'll be easier when he's older and can understand reason and consiquences.

                                shel - your son sounds just adorable right now, I love that age!

                                Erin - When I ran at lunch my hour was often 1.5 hrs.... If they wanted a good contented hard working me, this was the price! My Boss ran the same marathon that I did when I trained for my first, I ran with him at lunch many a day, it was nice to not feel any guilt since my boss was with me.

                                RR - rest day, I think I'll do some ST'ing and rolling this afternoon. I've been rolling my glutes and it's helping a lot.

                                TR - I was in O's room feeding her at 1:30 or so last night adn M was awake, belting out songs in her room... funny kid!

                                BR - I feel like a broken record... more teething! She was up twice last night.

                                FR - made roast potatos, brocolli and a wine reduction sauce for our leftover lamb last night, it was super yummy. Not sure what for tonight.

                                NRR - I woke up hungry this morning- for the first time in 2 weeks, a good sign that I did not over eat yesterday!!

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