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HAPPY FRIDAY, DIVAS! (Read 22 times)


    We made it yet another weekend...


      Morning ladies...



      RR: Another 5 miles. I thought last week would be a cut back week but I ended up with 30 miles, so this week I am down to 20 and my legs are very thankful.


      NRR:  SSDD. Depending on M I am going to over to order some contacts. She is all into my glasses. And I really like them, they are transition lens, so its time to make sure I can see without them.  I have had three night of crappy sleep and its not even related to M waking up. She has been sleeping through the night. I've had some dreams that are nerve racking. Oh well.... maybe I will work in naptime with M.


      Gotta run... have a great day.


        Morning GSD! G is into glasses as well. Everyone who wears them and visits gets a fair warning that they might be stolen. Great job on your running, your mileage is amazing! I think the highest mileage I've ever gotten to is 25/week. I'm hoping to get to 25-30 over the summer before I start training for the Richmond full in November. Do you have a plan that you follow for building up?



        RR: Rest day except burpees! 17 today. Rowr. I have ten miles on tap for tomorrow and then I'm meeting my friend S for some stroller running on Sunday (3-4 miles, probably 4 because she is a BAMR).


        NRR: FRIDAY! Got a bunch of abstract submitted to the meeting in Amsterdam. I'm currently waiting for Big D to find out about vacation days/decide if he wants to come, too. Hmm .. not much else going on. I do have G updates. Funny story. Griffin got "in trouble" at day care yesterday! Ha! In the morning it was just him and the 6 month old. The younger baby was geting his morning bottle from A (our teacher). I guess G was crawling around and getting into things, and before A could put the baby down and stop him, he had used a little chair to CLIMB UP ONTO THE TABLE. It's one of those sets of little kid tables and chairs, so only 18 inches off the floor or so, but still. He also forgets that he can't walk yet (or maybe this is just the first attempt at trying). He will be standing up at a toy or piece of furniture, and when one of the toddlers walks by he takes a step and falls. So we're getting close to having a fully mobile daredevil.


        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



          gsd-sorry about your lack of sleep the past few nights. Hope you can get in a nap with M today


          sassy-that's cool about potentially getting to go to Amsterdam! That's too funny about G. He is such a cutie


          RR: planning some speed work inside later today as the windchills will be below zero all day. Probably some circuit work with burpees thrown in to make it not so boring running inside


          NRR: waiting for Sunday to have fun for the superbowl. I will be doing work tonight and tomorrow most likely because I am so behind, but Sunday should be fun as I am going over to my friend's place to watch the game.


          Anyone else doing anything for the superbowl?

          MA runner girl

            Hello ladies! Happy Friday is right!!!


            RR: 3 miles yesterday were good, planning on another 3 today. It's actually snowing right now, so hopefully it's not too messy to run outside later. This has been the strangest week weather-wise. Monday was snowing, then we warmed up to 50 by Wednesday, so all the snow melted, and now we are back to snow!


            NRR: Enjoyed doing nothing last night. I slept well and woke up before my alarm. That NEVER happens. This weekend is going to be pretty busy. Tonight we don't have plans, but tomorrow my mom is coming over to help DH paint the nursery. Tomorrow night my SIL is having a sex toy party... which should be interesting LOL. Sunday my bro and SIL are hosting a Super Bowl party. Should be a good excuse to eat yummy food Wink


            GSD - Enjoy your cutback week! I hope you can get some good sleep, that is the worst! A naptime with M sounds lovely Smile


            Sassy - Enjoy your rest day! Haha Griffin does sound like quite the daredevil! My nephew is too, he will just dive for things he wants, even though he doesn't walk or have great balance. I seriously could just watch that kid all day!


            Have a fabulous day girls!

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

            MA runner girl

              Taylor - Enjoy your superbowl party! Do you actually enjoy football, or are you there for the food too? Wink

              PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                Happy Friday Ladies!


                RR: Probably nothing today. Will aim for 4-5 tomorrow.


                NRR: I typed a status and personals yesterday but forgot to hit Post... Any ways, I have my surgery consult today, and am just ready to get through the work day so I can get the consult over with and hopefully have a date set for the surgery. Tomorrow my friends are having a huge cookout at their new house (it's a 3 acre lot, so they invited about 70 people). We don't have any Superbowl plans, so will probably watch just DH and me.


                GSD: Great job on getting the mileage up. Glad you enjoyed the cutback week. Glad M is sleeping through the night, but I hope your dreams stop.


                Sassy: Sassy: Have a great running weekend. Ha, that's funny about G.


                Taylor: Yikes, it did get cold up there! Enjoy the speedwork and the superbowl party!


                MA: Good job getting in the miles! Glad you enjoyed doing nothing last night.


                Have a great day ladies!


                  Morning Ladies!


                  I've never been so happy to see Friday! Smile I made it through a week of work! It's the first time in months where I've actually hit Friday and am NOT ready to jump off the nearest bridge. Big grin YAY!


                  RR: Last night I went to the gym and did 2.5 miles and some weights. Today is a rest day.


                  NRR: I've very much looking forward to going home after work and putting on my sweatpants, making some pasta and watching a movie. I have a ton of cleaning/unpacking to do this weekend. I'm still digging myself out from under a suitcase, a few bags and tons of stuff I brought back from being at my parents for the month.


                  No time for personals, but I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday! Stay warm! Smile


                    Friday!! now just need to get through today....


                    NRR:  a little nervous... I have my second interview of the week. We spent 3 hours last night practicing. didn't get home till about 7.30. Interview this morning is at 9.45 and goes till 10.25. send good vibes and prayers our way!!  after, I have a hair appointment at 11.45. Will come back to work for a couple of hours, but really wanting to get out, pick up a few things from the store and come home and take a nap. that's the goal right now! M arrives around 5 tonight. He has dinner with my dad... Undecided don't know what to think about that. My dad wanted a one-on-one, only men allowed time with him. huh. My family is very "religious" and I'm really hoping my dad doesn't go there too much.


                    RR: good 1 mile in 8.37 and weights for about 22 minutes today. good times! still cold but a little more bearable than yesterday.


                    back soon!


                      Morning Ladies!! Yay for another weekend


                      GSD- great job on your 30 miles! Sorry about the bad sleep..must be frustrating when M is sleeping and you can't.


                      Sassy- Sounds like we have similar workouts today and tomorrow. Burpees today and a lr tomorrow! How funny that G got in trouble! I love it.


                      Taylor- enjoy your run and burpees. I am looking forward to the superbowl too! Do you have a team?


                      MA-I am a little jealous of the snow! We were supposed to get snow, but it doesn't look like we will. Have fun running in the snow...that is my favorite. Enjoy your weekend...the party sounds interesting!


                      PO- good luck with your surgery consulatation today. Your party this weekend sounds great!


                      RR- rest day today for me except for burpees. Tomorrow is my LR of 11


                      NRR- I am so ready for the weekend although I am not so sure how relaxing the weekend will be because we have a lot going on and I could use a relaxing weekend! I fell asleep last night at 9! I never go to bed that early, but I guess i needed it because I didn't wake up unitl my alarm went off!


                        Morning girls!


                        GSD, hope you can get a good night sleep today. Do you nap while M naps??


                        MA, a sex toy party?? Sounds risqué!


                        Sassy, Amsterdam sounds so much fun!!!!


                        Taylor, I would love to swap states with you for a few surgery cookout.


                        Po, cookout sounds yummy, BTW, you got us hooked on gluten free chex!


                        Tex, I'm thinking of you!




                        TriR, ST w traineR tonight. he had to reschedule last nights session. Spinnight last night. My quads are so sore from squats that we did Wednesday night!


                        NtriR, stressed with work stuff. Been having nightmares everyday this week relaTed to work and my anxiety is really high. I can tell becsuse my breathing has been very short and shallow and that's first thing that affects me when my anxiety rises. Luckily it's Friday and gorgeous weather.


                        have a grreat day!


                          I forgot it's girls night tonight and we're not getting together till later. I'm so not a night person and after a day like today will be... that's why I'm hoping for a nap. We're getting together at 8. my mom and I will hang out at their place tonight between 6 and 8 ish while M and my dad do their thing.


                          gsd: sorry about the dreams! hope you can get some nap time in.


                          sassy: woo! good luck with the 17!  that would be so cool if your DH could come with to Amsterdam!


                          MA: weird weather on your end!  yay for waking up before your alarm. that means you are rested. enjoy your day!


                          taylor: enjoy sunday! hope you don't have to work too hard tomorrow. Nope. have no plans yet. might get a text from a friend asking what we're doing. I suspect we'll be working on the shower project, but take a break to watch the game.


                          po: i bet you want it over! hope the consult goes well.


                          rltw: sweatpants, pasta and movie.... heaven!


                          mel: hugs about work! I can relate. I hate it too when it gets to start affecting your breathing and heart rate. Hang in there!!




                            Klmc, hi dear!! I owe you an email. Yay for sleeping so much!!!!!


                            lizo, good luck with your presentation today. Dinner boys only sounds fabulous!


                            RLtW, glad you're feeing better.


                              Yay Friday!


                              ER: Walked on the TM this morning for 45 minutes, varied my pace and incline and got a good workout for 8 months preggo... I've said in the past walking wouldn't work for me since I don't walk fast enough to get my HR up, but doing it on the TM was a good challenge. I've made it to the gym three times this week, the last time I accomplished that might have been before Christmas. Hoping to get there one time this weekend.


                              NER: Feeling cranky and ready to be done with pregnancy. I'm hungry all. the. time. When I'm just sitting on my butt at my desk all day! I bring the same amount of food to work each day and this week it hasn't been enough at all. I remember with A my appetite toned down toward the end, but that hasn't happened this time. I'm getting uncomfortable as P is sitting way low in my pelvis and I'm having to use the bathroom a lot, sorry for the TMI. My feet are generally sore a lot now too... I definitely do not remember being this cranky at the end with A. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon and I'm pretty sure I'll have an ultrasound if the doctor still suspects P is breech, so that will be nice. Not sure what the plan of attack will be at this point if he is still breech, if we'd make a plan now or wait til full term (which is next week). Due date is 1 month from today! EEEEK!


                              Tomorrow we are trying soccer again. DH has been practicing with A so maybe that will change her perspective on trying it at class. Also tomorrow a friend from work is bringing over their toddler bed for A. We need to get the infant seat in the car and the pack 'n' play set up for P... other than that just general organizing is all we need to do for P. Oh and I need to color my hair. For the Super Bowl we're going to my brother's house so that will be fun. A is looking forward to playing with her cousins and I'm looking forward to not cooking and the final football game of the year!


                              Today was the day we were expecting DH's severance to be direct deposited... and its not in the bank yet, so DH is freaking out. This company has been so inept through the whole layoff process, its driven me crazy throughout. That and certain people who kept stringing DH along that maybe he'd be kept on or get rehired there. I'm ready to be done with them and I'm not looking forward to DH having to fight with them, hopefully it won't come to that. We're so glad we cashed out his retirement even though I didn't want to. I couldn't imagine if we'd waited until now to start getting all the baby stuff.


                                Good morning, ladies!


                                RR: Got in 6 last night before it was cut short by GI stress. I have no idea how you ladies can consistently run after work. It's a complete crapshoot for me - either I'm totally fine, or I'm making a bee-line for the bathroom and in pain the rest of the night.  ST tonight.


                                NRR: DBF seems to be really sick so I think this means no pizza and beer tonight. I say "seems to be" because he was overdoing it yesterday with weird breathing that he later told me wasn't necessary. Well stop freaking me out, then! I'm having a hard time feeling sympathetic towards him, which is bad, but he doesn't do a good job of taking care of himself and it drives me crazy! Surely this isn't the first time he's been sick, and just because I'm here doesn't mean he can act like a baby!! WHEW Sorry!  Anyway, I leave for southern Nevada on Sunday and will be gone until the Thursday after next for various work and fun things. I need a break from the office and here, I think.



                                Sassy - Oh man, G is going to be a monster! A cute one, though, if that helps any.


                                GSD - I hope you get a nap in.  You're looking for 35 mpw for base, right?


                                Taylor - Chicago's weather has been all over the place this week. One of my friends posted a picture on FB of the weather there, and it said something like "Go away, January, you're drunk."


                                MA - Wow, waking up before the alarm? That only happens to me when I'm particularly focused on waking up for a run, but I end up going back to sleep anyway.


                                PO - That cookout sounds fun. Good luck (?) at the surgery planning. Must feel nice to be getting a move on with your health issues.


                                RLTW - Hurray for making it through a week of work! That can be a lot for those of us without serious health issues.


                                Lizo - Fingers crossed again. I think I'm picking up on your stress!


                                KLM - Hopefully your weekend isn't too bad, and you get some down time.


                                Mel - I havent' done squats in forever, because if I did them before a run, my runs were blah. Maybe I should do them anyway.