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HAPPY FRIDAY, DIVAS! (Read 22 times)


    Morning ladies!!


    RR: Hmmm last workout I had was a 2.5 mile run + 10 minute abs on Wednesday. Planning on 30 minutes of cardio and ST intervals tonight.


    NRR: Last night I met up with ex-DF's ex-SIL for drinks. That's kind of a confusing relationship...so she was N's brother's wife...she and I would have been SILs if I had married N, BUT she and N's brother got divorced around Christmas time. She had a lot of the same problems in her marriage that I had in my relationship with N because the 2 brothers are very similar. It was fun for us to catch up, and now that she's no longer a part of that family, we can get together more often. In other news...no big plans this weekend...laundry, cleaning, errands, and having dinner with my sister and BIL on Sunday.


      Hi, lovely ladies.


      I hope you don't mind that I continue to post but I might not always get to personals. I need to stay accountable.


      RR-Who has 2 thumbs and needs a run? This gal. Haven't run since Monday bc of midterm and the interview. Did ST last night though. I hope for 4 miles but I will be happy with 3. Burpee challenge starts today for me!


      NRR-My week was long and contradictory...my placement interview apparently went really well that I got placed but I don't where. We find out next week. On the other spectrum, my structural analysis test went really badly.  My fault for listening to 20 different people give me advice on how to study for this professor's test instead of studying my way.

      The naturopathy appt got moved to today, so heading over there after my run.


      Have a wonderful weekend, ladies! I'll try to get in some personals after my run. Lots of love to you all!


        Sorry for this selfish post...


        I just realized what todays date is...... It is 10 years! 10 years since I had a football sized tumor removed.  I ended up losing my ovary bc of it and the surgery was long.  And was told point blank by my doctor/surgeon I was lucky to be alive and if I could have children I was even luckier. Holy smokes! Time flies! I guess the Irish side of me has been very gracious.. Smile


        Again sorry.... I got so lost in day to day things I forget about how precious life is...


          GSD: Congratulations!!!! You are one amazing DIVA! (And I can relate totally to having a new understanding of just how precious life it) Smile


            RLTW: Smile... I know you will have a happy 10 too. Hang in there!


              GSD: At this point, I'm counting the months! And I just had a happy 1 month! Smile Can't wait to make it to 10 years!!!!!


                interview went well. now we wait to hear if we get the project. Keep those good vibes coming! got my hair done and now back at the office. Smile


                dona: hope your weekend is a little relaxing in spite of all the stuff happening!


                monk: hugs! you're almost there.


                outwest: hope you get that pizza and beer. I know right about the stress! sorry! Blush


                ok... later!


                  GSD - that is a wonderful anniversary to celebrate, and I had no idea you went through that.


                  I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!


                  MA runner girl

                    GSD - I too had no idea you went through that! Congratulations on 10 years. That is awesome.


                    Just had an AMAZING run. Even picked up the pace in the last half mile (don't worry, not too much!). Smile

                    PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16