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beskirted & manicured

    RR - 8 miles of hills on the cemetery route with Sam.  Last week of hills.


    TR - took my pace bunny sign into the bath with him last night.


    FR - grilled cheese with mushrooms, canned minestrone.  The texture of the kelp noodles was weirdly crunchy, fail.


    NRR - yesterday felt like Friday..which does not bode well for the rest of the week.


    from yesterday -


    bermy - I run with a handheld water bottle in my left hand and have trained with that thing up to 30K so it was great training for carrying the sign.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      zorbs- ha, love the title of the post today! cute about B and the sign. hope you have a great run today, no double bitch hill this week?


      RR: 8 miles with 4 at MP today. legs were tired on my recovery run yesterday.


      TR: ate whole wheat gnocchi for supper last night and loved it! he's really into these little people wheelies (cars) that my mom bought him. he loves the helicopter.


      NRR: slept like crap last night, woke up a billion times, sigh. but tomorrow's friday and i don't have to set my alarm, yay!

       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



        RR - 8k with the stroller this afternoon.  5k of that will be recovery pace with RP.


        TR - I think she may be weaned off her pacifier! She only used it to sleep with so I didn't really plan on taking it from her yet, but there is only one specific pacifier she would use, of which we had three, but I haven't been able to find any of them since Tuesday. She went to sleep fine without it both nights and yesterday's nap. Woke up at 2am crying both nights, but went back to sleep after a cuddle.


        FR - Honey mustard chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans.


        NRR - The bridesmaid dress I bought for Saturday has a really low back. I could totally go braless but thought a little padding might be nice so I don't look so flat-chested. I bought a "backless bra" that sticks on at the sides. I just noticed it says it should only be worn for 4-6 hours. I will be wearing it for more like 12 hours. I anticipate a wardrobe malfunction! LOL




        zorbs - B in the tub with the pace bunny sign sounds hilarious. Was it a scream-free bath? You've been doing quite a bit of hill training. Is ATB a hilly course?


        rg - Boo to the bad night of sleep. Was R up a lot or were you just having trouble sleeping? A sleep in day tomorrow will be nice. Hope your legs are feeling peppier today for your MP miles!

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


          zorbs - LOL to B taking a bath with your pace bunny sign.  Sorry the kelp noodles were a fail last night.  I so wish it were Friday.  Have a great hilly run.


          rg - Have a great run.  Yay for not having to get up early tomorrow.  I hope your day goes fast.


          ernie - Yay for S weaning herself of the paci...I am jealous.  J usually only uses his to sleep with unless DH and I accidentally leave one within his reach then he snatches it up.  We tried 1 day to wean him and DH caved and gave him the paci...grrr.  DH has no will power.  I guess I'll be the one to wean him when DH is out of town.  LOL to your backless bra..I have a visual of it falling out from under your dress and someone picking it up...lol.  Be carefulWink


          RR - Nothing yesterday and my legs are itching to go.  Hoping for 5-6 today.


          TR - Still waking at 5 a.m. every morning.  Maybe the time change will be good for us.  Took hime to get his haircut last night...he looks so cute. His pink eye seems to be getting better and he is at daycare today so they better not call me.


          NRR - MORE TESTING!!!  Yesterday was horrible, boring, long, and I seriously thought I was going to fall asleep sitting there.  Today I proctor until 10:30 and then teach the rest of the day with no breaks.  I seriously should have taken tomorrow off to rest.  No such luck though.  I will survive, I will survive.


          FR - Bleck...no clue.  DH isn't home so it doesn't really matter.  J has a ham and cheese sub left from Jimmy Johns so he will eat that.


            got back to personals last night - posted super late. tried not to ask too many questions on yesterday's post so as to start a fresh new day here.


            RR: 9m - probably split it into 4m warm up and then 4 with coach in coaching session and 1 cool down. I think most of it will be about logistics of how to keep in touch and then goals - I am sure I will get the 'run short and hard and fast' for a while talk. 4dm yesterdya was great. I think I might have to get some sneakers tomorrow - the only ones I have here are absolutely shot (they squeak) and there is not another 70 m in them before we leave for good on 15th Fri.

            NRR: DS had his 18mo apt (even though he was early). He is measuring 35.5 inches and dropped his weight to 22lbs2oz (no surprises from stomach illness recently). Doc wasn't worried. Doc was also not worried about his handful of words either.

            NRR2: selling more stuff, packing more stuff. usual day really. We hit our $$$ goal for our stuff and we still have a lot to move and a housesale. So we are super happy now.

            NRR3: need to choose a car to buy in US. DH has bought his - a Ford Fusion hybrid as it gets 49mpg and fits his 6ft 6 frame and it still kinda compact. he thinks I might like the minis but I am not sure a jogger will fit in the back. I drove a rental ford taurus when we were there and it was way too much car for little old DS and me.

            BR: has a digger and truck obsession. And lawnmover. We went on the trail walking and he stopped about 400 times to listen and point to anything including random trees with rustling leaves in wind.

            FR: made lean ground turkey with bell pepper mexican taco sauce over ww macaroni for boys. I had chicken breast wrap with spinach.

            5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


              Quick post for now and I'll be back for personals later...


              RR:  Srd.  Was supposed to be tomorrow but H has a doctors appointment this morning and then I have class 8-5.


              BR:  Check-up to see if his ear infection is doing better.  We don't think the abx worked the first one he had so hopefully these did the trick.  He also has a terrible diaper rash which I am thinking is fungal.


              NRR:   TGIT!  tomorrow is my last Friday off of the semester.  I will be spending it studying for the 3 exams we have next week.

              5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40




                RR:  SRD.  Looking to do my long run tomorrow.  Thinking between 10 and 12.


                TR:  We were in the room that will be his when baby comes and said, is this J's room and he had  a huge smile on his face.  For as early as he gets up, he sure is cute.


                NRR:  Another busy day at work.  Can't wait for the day off tomorrow.  Sounds like we are moving in the direction toward a 1:1 in grades 5-12 which is huge.  Lots of work/planning to do.


                FR:  Meatballs and noodles for dinner last night were super good.  Sweets from a bakery for teachers today!  Yum!  Baby wants a doughnut! Smile

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                Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                  UGh, I will not be a whiner today!


                  RR:  I want to get 6 in after work.  We will see Smile


                  TR:  Oh man, he is trying me nutzo with his defiance.


                  FR:  Spaghetti and salad.


                  NRR:  LRS is having a sale on winter stuff, I will have to stop by at lunch.  This super sore throat has me bumming, I need something to cheer me up.


                    RR - likely no running today as I have a tennis match this morning (1 set of singles and 2 sets of doubles). We are playing a really hard team so just hoping I don't get my butt totally kicked.  Going to the chiro for some more ART this afternoon.


                    BR - will not say a whole lot of words but will point to what he wants, then point to himself, then nod his head yes.  It's so freaking cute.


                    KR - got all DD's presents for her birthday, now just need to wrap them.  I procrastinated on ordering the mermaid tail she wanted though and I don't think it'll be here in time, which is a bummer.  I know she'll want to bring it to the beach, but at least DH is not joining us until later in the week so he can bring it.  I think she is going to go through her terrible 6's.  I never thought she went through terrible 2's or 3's but she is transitioning from cute little girl to pain in the butt it seems.


                    NRR - got a few things packed up for the beach, hoping to do a bunch more today so I'm not trying to pack on DD's birthday!  would like to get out of here at a decent time Saturday!


                    zorbs - that is cute he took your sign to the bath.  cemetery route?


                    rg - sorry about the bad night of sleep, but glad it is almost the weekend!  You are back to part time now, aren't you?


                    ernie - so you get to pick out your own bridesmaid dress?  Hope your bra stays on through the ceremony at least!


                    jen - yuck on the testing.  I hope it doesn't make you too tired to teach the rest of the day.  Mmm Jimmy Johns!  We don't have one around here but my oldest said we HAVE to stop at one whenever we are near one.  Fine by me!


                    bermy - I have a Ford (expedition which is probably WAY too much car for you Smile ) and love the keypad on it so I don't have to carry my keys with me all the time.  I thought about getting a different kind of car last time we were looking but don't think I could give that keypad up.  You commented on my leg yesterday - I always seem to get more aches/pains when tennis starts back up.  I think running and tennis is a lot of pounding on my legs, plus I was still recovering from my race.  I guess I will just run less during tennis season and pick it back up when I cut back on tennis.


                    shelby - how long will you be in school for?  I hope H's ear infection is gone!!


                      Mer:  LOL on the baby wanting a donut Smile


                      Shelby:  Ouch!  good luck next week!  Hope little man's ear is better.


                      Bermy:  We are looking for a different vehicle as well.  ITs so hard to choose!  DH's SUV gets crap for gas mileage and my car is getting to be high mileage but I don't want two car payments so we will look at something new for DH first.  The new Subaru forester is supposed to get the same gas mileage as my car so we are trying to find one of those.  I love the digger and truck phase.  They get so excited to see them and I love to see those little eyes light up Smile


                      Jen:  I am praying that the time change helps with bed time!


                      I hear bossmans shoes.....gotta go




                        RR - 4 before DH went to work... C was up earlier than usual so I fed her and booked it out the door..


                        BR - she FINALLY figured out how to sit up in her crib!  Of course, it meant she didn't want to nap yesterday since she could sit and play in her crib but whatever... at least I know she can do it if she wants to.


                        NRR - heading to the mall (again) to look for a bday gift for DH.. he wants a Monster shirt.  His kids at school think it's cool when he wears his so he wants another.


                        QUESTION - is it worth the money to go to a specialty store and get C's feet measured for her first pair of walking shoes?  Or should I just find a good pair of shoes for cheaper??



                        zorbs - had a weird dream last night that you and I worked next to each other in my office...


                        rg - glad you get to sleep in on Friday!


                        ernie - I looked totally boobless in the BM dress i wore for my sister's wedding... I love the dress but it wasn't flattering.. you should post a pic on FB when you can!


                        jen - ugh, that's a lot of testing... i'd be irritated too ,.. glad to hear J's getting better!


                        Ok have to try and come back later... C tossed her cup and there's milk everywhere....


                          rr: had just changed into my running clothes and c woke up.


                          br: we have been giving him a spoon for awhile now, but while watching him yesterday i realized he has totally mastered everything about the spoon.


                          tr: had so much fun at their party last night!


                          nrr: taking c this morning to a resale shop since he's up anyways.


                          fr: leftover brownies from dh's birthday?


                          zorbs: last thursday felt like friday to me and yup, it made for a very long friday.


                          rg: cute about r loving the cars. c's obsession is this huge tonka dump truck that he can sit in the back of. my mom gave him rides around our house and now he's obsessed...


                          ernie: i would say there's no turning back now with the pacis! yikes to the potential wardrobe malfunction. the last time i wore a strapless bra was for my sister's wedding and i was nursing and it was a pain!!


                          jen: boo to more testing. i cannot belive you can't do anything the entire time! i LOVE jimmy johns!!!!!!!!!!


                          bermy: good luck picking out a car! how fun! my kids have all been scared of lawnmowers at this age. good thing no one is mowing around here for another couple months. yay for selling all of your stuff!!


                          shelby: yay to tomorrow off! boo to 3 exams! what are you hoping to do once you finishes with your schooling? join a dr?


                          mer: 1:1 just blows my mind. where does that money come from? and how do they get kids to remember to bring it to school every day? good luck getting your long run in tomorrow!


                          becky: beckys must think alike, because i am hoping a trip to lulu and the lrs will get me back in the running mode and out of this funk.


                          beskirted & manicured

                            rg - we'd have to do many many repeats of double bitch to make up 8 miles.  The hilly route is just that, rollers big and small for the entire loop.


                            ernie - at first I was thinking, so does the bra detach itself from your boobs after 6 hours? then I realized it's probably the adhesive that would get you.  I've had irritation on my foot from adhesive (taping blisters) and it SUCKS..be careful, you don't want that kind of irritation on your boobs.  ATB has a bunch of rollers, and one big hill at 26K.  So it's flat up to 10K where there's a hill, and then the slow rollers are from 17-26K and then downhill to the finish.


                            jen - what is with men and no will power?  I am quite willing to let B go to bed without dinner if all he wants to eat is crap, but DH can't stand for it and will cave and give him junk.


                            bermy - B loves vehicles of all kinds.


                            shelby - wish your day off was more fun than studying.


                            mer - when I'm getting my 2nd coffee, I am always tempted by doughnuts but I am good and get an egg white sandwich on an english muffin instead.

                            5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



                              Alrighty, shipped bossman off to court Smile


                              Zorbs:  Awe, that is cute on B and your pace bunny sign.


                              RG:  Ooooh, I love gnocchi!  That was my night Tuesday.  Woke up a million times.  So last night I just slept on the couch so DH's coughing and C's tossing and turning wouldn't bother me (since he's been climbing in bed with us).  It was heaven, slept like a rock.


                              Ernie:  I spit my coffee out on the waredrobe malfunction.  That's too funny.  You will have to let us know how it goes.  It took us forever to wean off the paci, I regret letting him have it so long.  Good job.


                              ARm:  Also have a pain in the butt.  Its like he's 3 going on 13.  Oy vey.  Hooray for beach trip!  I went shopping last night for stuff (new buckets and shovels since ours are broke).  I am so excited even if its going to be cool.


                              Cx2:  What is a monster shirt?  I never did, just a pair of baby nikes from tjmaxx.


                              MrsZM:  HA! Beckys are great minds Smile  Shopping trips always get me out of a funk.  I would be heading to lulu if it wasn't over an hour away.


                              Zorbs:  K is another that caves....come on dude, stand up to the kid!


                                zorbs - I was looking at the pic from you being the bunny and all I could think was that holding that sign for 2:15 would be horrible!


                                rg - I don't need an alarm tomorrow either!  Well, we have a built in 2 year old alarm!  Smile


                                ernie - That would be great to be off the paci.  That is going to be a challenge for us at bedtime!  At least you know to expect the wardrobe malfunction!  Smile


                                jen - Is he still going to bed at 6:30?  That would mean he is getting 10.5 hours of sleep.  J goes to bed at 8 and is up by 6:30 at the latest which would be the same amount of sleep time.


                                bermy - Yay for hitting your $$ goal!  That is awsome.  Your wrap sounds really good.  Now I want a chicken wrap...but mine won't be healthy because I will put ranch on it!  Your trail walk sounds like a lot of fun!


                                shelby - Enjoy your rest day!  I hope you get a lot of studying done tomorrow!


                                becky -  One Tooth is having a winter sale as well.  I hope some new merchandise helps you!  I just texted DH with questions so I can make some purchases today! Baby is a good excuse for snacks! Smile


                                armmama - The beach sounds delightful right now.  I hope your tennis matches go well.


                                cx2 - Is there a striderite or something that you could go to where they specalize in kids shoes and measure.  We printed a sheet from Robeez and used that for measuring J's feet.  Some department stores have mats that you can put their feet on too!


                                mrszm - We do have a lot of work ahead.  Every other school that we have asked have said that them bringing it isn't a problem.  We shall see.  it will be interesting to see how the community reacts when they find out....next month when the board approves it.  A lot of the money for us is one time stimulus money and some from fund equity.  Sucks though, that my 6 year old lab will not be replaced.  Enjoy your day with C.  You always have such good finds at resale shops!

                                zorbs - Do you hit up Tim Hortons or a gas station for  your 2nd coffee?

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