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Trying To Be Warm Tuesday - Preggos (Read 26 times)


    Depending on what site I look at, it's either -1 or 1. Either way, it's cold!




      RR - Hoping to brave the cold to go to the gym at some point today.


      PGR - 18w today.


      NPGR - I suppose this might be pregnancy related, but is anyone else battling super dry skin? I was doing some chores last night before bed and the tips of my fingers were super dry and rough like sandpaper. I put lotion on before bed but I know it's just a short term solution. Also, I've been waking up congested some mornings, and I can't tell if it's from blasting the heat constantly and the way the vent is situated in our bedroom. That's why I'm up so early, to blow my nose for an hour or so before my body decides that's enough. Looks like I should try the humidifier again.

      MA runner girl



        Schmetterling - Yes, I was super dry too, then we got a humidifyer and things are much better. So I definitely recommend that!


        RR: 1500m swim went well yesterday, very relaxing. Planning on 3 miles after work.


        PGR: 31w2d. My peeing frequency has tripled it seems! Baby boy must be resting on my bladder more. I'm waking up just about every 2 hours at night now, though I'm still not having any trouble getting back to sleep, which is good. Not much else going on, just feeling big and uncomfortable.


        NPGR: Back to work. I had a great day yesterday relaxing and having some alone time. I realized late in the afternoon that it was probably my last week day off where I won't have a baby to care for. Kinda freaked me out!! Time is going by way too fast. I'm also kinda bummed that I won't have another day off probably until baby comes... 2 months is a long time without a day off (esp considering I get 4+ weeks a year), but I'd like to save as much vacation time as I can for my leave. Sigh.

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          schmett - I have the congestion as well - I should get a humidifier, but we also have moisture accumulate on the windows in our house periodically, so I don't want to make that problem worse...not sure what to do.


          MA - Glad you enjoyed your relaxing day off!


          PGR: 23 weeks.  OB appt in about an hour.  I think I've transitioned into need a pillow to support all night now - I started off without one, but my back was sure hurting in the middle of the night.


          RR: Not sure yet - bball practice tonight, so maybe squeeze in something before that.  First yoga class tomorrow - nervous, I've never done a class before. I also need to figure out a preggo-appropriate wardrobe...


          NPGR: Hit the grocery store last night and bought a bunch of groceries, including meals for the rest of the week, then got home and did prep for a few meals - I carmelized the onions for the crock pot french onion soup I'm making today, then browned up with sausage for the stuffed shells I'm going to make Wednesday. Also bought a roast to make in the crock pot Thursday or Friday, so I'm all proud of my homemaking skills Smile


            Good morning! Its anywhere between -5 and -9 here depending on your source.


            Congratulations to yjpm, one of the few to give birth on your due date! Sounds like it was relatively quick and easy too. Now ozzy, you need to wait a few days to have your LO because once you give birth, I'll be next and I'm not ready for that!


            ER: 35 minutes on the elliptical, wore me out more than it should have, guess thats just how its going to be. I've started hunting for DH's huge shirts that he's never worn because thats what will cover my belly at the gym. Its annoying though to wear those because the sleeves are very long so its not the most comfortable option.


            PGR: 34w4d, finally got some house stuff done yesterday! I got stuff out to take to goodwill, DH loaded the car and then I dropped it off. I finally got rid of the super old computer thats been sitting in my basement for two years and also decided to just donate all of A's old toys. I know P will get plenty of new stuff on his own even if we specifically ask to NOT be given toys! I think I might take a day off work this week to try and get ahead on preparations even though I'm really trying to save my leave time. We have to put together A's new dresser and thats going to be easier to do when she's not home and DH isn't handy enough to do it on his own during the day. We also need to get rid of a bunch of junk throughout the house. I had my first labor dream last night, eeek. I'm huge and finally admitting I'm bigger than I was when I had Allie, belly-wise at least. I'm getting toward the ready to be done with pregnancy stage, but I need to get the house ready before I really am done, so I'm feeling a bit of pressure. It will be better once we get all the furniture moved around upstairs, which will hopefully happen this weekend.


            PGR2ish: DH joined weight watchers yesterday. While I know I can't really "follow" the program, I can use it as a guide to help him in our menu planning and hopefully keep my remaining weight gain to a minimum. We've done weight watchers twice before and I've had more success on it than he did, but since he's not working right now its perfect for him to do and get into better eating habits. I plan on joining as soon as I can after BFing is established as it was weight watchers that finally helped me lose the weight I gained with A, about two after her birth.


            NPGR:  And in much more exciting news, I ordered my new stove yesterday! Its going to be delivered Saturday. I cannot wait! I've hated my stove practically since we moved into our house six years ago. We have electric and pretty early on the one big burner stopped working. Not long ago a second one stopped working and one other is spotty about working. The house is 17 years old now and if the stove isn't original, its pretty darn close. A few times over the last few years we were close to getting a new one and then something else came up.


            And the not-so-great news, our second car died over the weekend I think... so we're sooooo glad we bought the new car in November or the old car probably would have died way sooner and we'd have been scrambling whenever it did happen. It stinks though because I was starting to enjoy being a two-car household again. We might look into getting a super cheap older car to replace that one, but not right away since there really wouldn't be a reason to have two cars if DH and I end up working in the same place. I will want to get rid of the second car eventually though because our garage is just small enough that its really hard to get everyone into the car without dinging doors and stuff.


              from yesterday -


              Sasha - Good to see you back! You are so lucky to have hypnobirthing classes near you, I totally like the concept and have read the book, am just very sporadic with practicing my meditations though,,,oops...as for weight, nice not to have gained noticeably, maybe it was LO stealing the calories in a growth spurt? I'm sure it's fine...that homemeade raosted garlic oatmeal bread slathered with some butter should help Smile


              Monk - forgot to comment on the baby carrier, I got a beco butterfly over the Ergo on friends recommendations (strap sytem more friendly) and also got a Moby Wrap (esp for early days)....then last week got a free Snugli which looks good too...I'll probably use the wrap firt, the Snugli for shops etc early on, and the Beco a little later for hikes and things...?




              Schmett - I have been congested the last 2 weeks at night; I read that mucus production does increase in pregnancy due to hormones so can lead to the "pregnacy snores" as my DH can attest too sometimes (and a a fellow preggo has mentioned it to) but I think winter environments also play a part? I have really dry lips at the moment but I think it's from breathing through my mouth all night!


              MA - great workouts; I don't include pee stops as contributing to a poor nights sleep either, it's only when you can't get back to sleep they count! I'm a 2hr regular too...I concur, 2months with no days off is a lonnnng time! Hopefully you can carve out some extra half days or hours and make them mean something too.


              TN - I hope the OB appt goes/went well; yoga tends to be so chilled out with its breathing/moves  I'm sure you will just love it! That cooking sounds delicious Smile


              Monk - Yay for the new stove, boo for the car Roll eyes  That's neat your DH will join you on WW, good support. Sounds like you are "spring cleaning" in winter!




              PGR - 39w1d  Yesterday went for a 45 min walk followed by a 20min walk into town to do mail and afterwards I was so exhausted and sore i could almost have cried. So DH gave me backrub #1 for the day and I snoozed for an hour, but felt a little grumpy for the rest of the day, I wanted to do my gym workout but it just didn't feel like a smart idea...BF class was so-so, not much there I hadn't learned in the 15mins we covered it in pre-natal class! Am reading Ina mays "Guide to Breastfeeding" though so should pick up more tips there...DH seems happy for LO to hang in there and I KNOW I should be enjoying this quiet time but...I'm not good at sitting still and waiting...


              ER: So i intend to do a good workout today BEFORE doing any walking (as walking just makes my SPD and RLP flare up like crazy but I'm still committed to doing some til LO arrives!); am tempted to change up the workout to some elliptical at the gym, followed by a shorter swim then a water run but will see, it's been a few days since a strength workout.


              NPGR - Oh, that's right. No such thing at this stage, ha. DH and I sat and watched the fil "Babies" (meh) so that's PGR, I am staying home today while DH goes to a ski hill and I was invited (to hang at the lodge in the sun which I will NOT be good at, I know I would go rent snowshoes and SPD be screwed) but just don't want to even be an hour from home in case I go into labor (I'm hoping for fast labors like my Mums!) making that PGR too....oh, and we've started getting texts from people/friends... "any news"...??? Which we are not responding to because I don't intend to tell anyone other than family (and you guys) about the arrival til we feel comfortable in having visitors/announcing it...   so yeah, it kind of is all PGR....


                I am making the Puffs company very rich indeed with all this tissue I'm going through. Sigh.


                MA - Good job on the workouts, boo on the leave. Glad to know the humidifier helps, that's on my to-do list of things to clean today.


                TN - After my race Sunday I definitely needed a pillow between my knees, and now that I've started doing it sleeping feels so much better. Good luck with yoga tomorrow, wear something comfy! Smile I'm envious of your food prep, yesterday I had grand plans for roasted butternut squash and red pepper soup and turkey bacon BLTs...well I got the soup made. We were just too hungry (and out and about) come dinnertime so we got an early dinner to go and I made the soup later in the evening. Today will be BLTs.

                Also, as Ozzy mentioned, if you are interested in hypnobirthing there are self study books, usually floating around on eBay. That's how I studied, and while I didn't take it 100% (the writing can be a bit hokey and eyeroll worthy) I thought it helped.


                Monk - Yay on the housecleaning and new stove, boo on the car dying. Life has a sense of timing, doesn't it?


                Ozzy - Yikes on getting texts already. I think you're handling that well. Hope you do well on your workouts and feel well enough after. You're a rockstar to think about snowshoeing at almost 40w pregnant!


                  PG: 25w2d. Feeling good. Target registry done. Made decisions on nursery bedding and decor. Slowly making progressive on clearing out the office.


                  ER: I'm sad, the weather has been amazing wish I was still running. Gym time and great 6 mile hike over the weekend. Today elliptical.


                  NPGR: it was nice to have 4 day weekend. Quality time with DH Two days in a row. Sunday got together with my GFs to plan details of a bridal shower I'm co-hosting in March. I won't be able to attend the wedding as it is in Hawaii and 10 days before my due date. Mon hike with my mom.


                  Trying to catch up on yesterday's personals. Please forgive me if I missed something important.


                  Laura: Sorry to hear such sad news and for your own loss. So heartbreaking.


                  Monk: glad you enjoyed your baby moon. I mentioned to DH I wanted to take our baby moon in San Francisco and he thought I was making the term baby moon up....lol


                  You: Congrats!!!! Thank you for sharing your story. Hope you get some sleep.


                  Veg: welcome and congrats.


                  I'll be back for today's personnals.

                  Laura G in Idaho

                    RR&ER:  Nope, still laying low with the flu.


                    PGR:  26w4d.  Tried to call midwife's office again yesterday.  Was routed to a voicemail box, again.  I have called 6 times, during business hours, in the last 4 business days.  I don't know why I keep trying.


                    NPGR:  Cold here, too.  -2*F this morning.  It's supposed to warm to a balmy 18*F today.  The forecasters took out all the predictions of anything over 30*F and replaced with low 20s and teens.  Sad


                    NPGR2:  Still have the flu.  I don't feel so much like I was hit by a train anymore, so hopefully that means I'm on the mend.  The cough and runny nose/congestion is still bad, and I haven't had a voice since Saturday.  Well, that's not true, sometimes when I try to speak, bits and pieces have a voice, and the rest comes out a whisper.  So, I have an intermittent voice.  The laundry is stacking up bad while I've been down.  I might at least get a load of diapers going, because those are the nastiest.  In my 2nd washer, looks like sheets and blankets are the most needed right now... I have bedwetters.  So, I'm going to have to make myself feel well enough to get up and do stuff, or the household will only continue to fall apart.


                    I'll be back later for personals.


                      monk - yay for a new stove! How did you get by without the big burner?  We use ours a ton.


                      Ozzy - Hooray for the DH backrub...those are few and far between for me.  DH doesn't like backrubs (his shoulders are mega tight, and he whines about it hurting) so I don't think he even thinks that someone else might appreciate one!


                      schmett - Thanks for the info on the self-study books - I'll have to check that out.  I figure even if I end up with a cs or an epi, I can at least relax about the process?  And my food prep was mainly because I hate the grocery store and I have something going on every night this week, so I wanted to be able to throw things together quickly after work (bball two nights, yoga, then DH has a HS basketball reunion thingy).


                      mann - Impressed by your 6-mile hike - I wish it was warm enough here to enjoy a good hike, or at least walk through the woods.

                      laura - oh boo, that's too bad that you're sick.  I hope you feel better soon.


                      Update on my appt - I'm measuring about 29 weeks. At 23 weeks. Ack.  No wonder I feel huge. GD test in two weeks - they schedule it to coincide with an appt so I can drink the drink, then go to my appt, then go get my blood tested? So that's nice that I don't just have to hang out for an hour.


                        schmett: I've had dry skin on my face throughout pregnancy, I had to switch my facial products because I got so dry and itchy. I also have dry skin elsewhere too. My throat is usually dry when I wake up because of the dry air in our room. Thanks for the input on the baby carrier. I just threw it out there, haven't done any research at all yet.


                        MA: I woke up every two hours Saturday night and luckily went back to sleep! Thankfully if I'm up a bunch I can still usually get back to sleep except for maybe once, depends usually on if I'm hungry or not. I'm with you on needing to save leave... I'm really conflicted on taking a day off to get stuff done or save it. Its just going to drive me crazy though if I don't start feeling like I'm accomplishing something. We have a bed for P to sleep in, but currently no place to set it up!


                        TN: I wish I could be organized to do advanced prep like that! Sorry about feeling huge, I guess that just comes with the territory of having twins. Yeah, the GD test is scheduled along with an appointment, wouldn't make much sense not to I think.


                        ozzy: The only carrier I had last time was a snuggli, which worked OK I think. I only used it a few times since we went right into winter after A was born. I'm feeling accomplished with all the cleaning, but still feel like I haven't gotten enough done. I wish we had a bigger house and less junk, but of course even though I sort of foresaw this moment coming when we bought the house six years ago, I couldn't do anything to prevent it. Oh well.


                        mann: Sorry you're sad about running but it sounds like you got outside a bit. Glad you're making progress on clearing out your office.


                        laura G: I was so sorry to read about the sad news about the baby's funeral and your son. I can't imagine how hard this time must be. Sorry you're still so sick.


                          Schmett - yep, i can't trust myself NOT to snowshoe even though it is not in my best interests (physically anyway, mentally it would be awesome!) so..no allowing me near the ski hill...


                          Mann - so jealous of your hiking! where are you located to be "hiking" and not "snowshoeing"?? Glad to hear the registry is finished...


                          LauraG - I hope you managed to get a little laundry out of the way...hang in there and rest up, hopefully you'll be back to normal asap!


                          TN - glad the OB appt went well, sounds like the norm for twins to measure way ahead...? Does this bring your due date (or "not beyond" date) any closer?




                          Just went for a great swim and water run - opted to run at the shallow end in the hope that all the "bouncing" would give a strong hint to LO???


                            ozzy - as someone who bounced on a birthing ball, ate spicy food, drank red raspberry leaf tea, ate pineapple, did acupuncture & acupressure, had intercourse and swam and walked upwards of 60 min a day from 38 weeks onward...I can say that I really hope your little one gets the hint. Mine did not.


                              runswithrocky - Hahaha! Hopefully your #2 will get the hint a bit better, I'm well on my way to trying all those things!!


                                Schmett: Probably pregnancy, plus the winter weather, has a lot to do with it. Even my thighs have alligator skin and that has never happened before. I use an oil and sugar scrub in the shower (Tree Hut and Alba both have good options) all over my belly, legs and anywhere else where I have dry skin. Then I immediately put on lotion after I get out. I am using a non-greasy lotion, Vaseline's “Total Moisture” is a great inexpensive option that I love!


                                MA: +1 to the peeing frequency! I'll be walking around feeling just fine and then, suddenly, the baby will shift or something b/c I have to pee like crazy! Glad you're sleeping well, even with getting up a lot.


                                TN: All your cooking sounds delicious! I love french onion soup, but I'd love to have an electric roaster so I can make it outside and not have the apartment smell like onions for a week!


                                Monk: Wow! I love getting new kitchen appliances! So sorry about your car. I hate that! Cars are so expensive but so necessary. My SIL calls them “money suckers” which is so true! Don't worry too much about your belly being larger with the second one. My sister gained less weight with her second but her belly got noticeably bigger she said. I think it's normal.


                                Ozzy: I just got an Ina May book from my midwife. It's called “Spiritual Midwifery.” My doula and midwife were encouraging me to read good birth stories from women who practice relaxation techniques to get me into the mindset of being able to do the hypnobirthing thing. Tell me how you like her BF book. I'm certainly interested. Um, the people who text about whether or not anything has happened... they should be shot!


                                Mann: That hike sounds wonderful! It's way too cold here! High of 27 today. I love quality time with DH. Glad you're getting some in before the baby comes.


                                Laura: Sounds like you need to physically go in there and shake someone! Gosh. You would think they had all been raptured or something :P. I'm so sorry you are still feeling so awful. I'm dodging people with the flu left and right. Been blessed so far.


                                ER: PPW later this evening. Really having to work on motivation right now.


                                PGR: 32w5d. Well, I was up 2 lbs this morning, so I guess I'm finally gaining again. Either that or it's just that I haven't had a proper BM in like 3 days... Sorry if TMI. The midwife had no concerns about the weight (well, since I gained 2 lbs in 3 weeks according to the scale she had no reason to be). She did encourage me to focus on protein if I started going down for some reason. I had blood drawn for the iron test. When the midwife was measuring me the baby was going crazy! It was cute. She said it is still head down (such a cooperative LO) and then felt around and could even tell where it's hands were! It's so crazy they can feel so much!


                                NPGR: My boss is an idiot! He has no idea how to do his job and then, when he gets in trouble for something, he tries to pass the blame off on us. I'm getting really sick of it. My manager said last week that he could get me a transfer to a different department (cooking versus even set-up) and I'm seriously considering taking him up on that offer. The hours are better and I wouldn't have to deal with the director as often. I was practically crying in anger and frustration when I left today!