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Finding Nemo Friday - Preggos (Read 18 times)

MA runner girl

    Waiting for Blizzard Nemo to get here!

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: 3 miles last night were ok. I got a cramp in the last half mile. It was localized like a regular non-pregnant cramp but it lasted foreverrrrrrr. I had to walk slowly the rest of the way. Was going to get up today for another run but I couldn't get myself up, and the outside of my left foot is sore so a rest day is probably best, even if I wont run until Sunday now!


      PGR: 33w5d. Midwife appt was fine last night. I was up 4 pounds and measured 3cms more than just 2 weeks ago. Guess baby (and I) had  a major growth spurt! So now I'm measuring 1 cm big, when I've been perfect all along. Interesting. Midwife also agreed that I should listen to my body running wise and cut out the LR, but she's super supportive of me continuing to run, so that's nice! Also I brought up the belly burning again because it's gotten a lot worse and she said that typically women who feel that symptom end up feeling it throughout the entire pregnancy... and there is nothing I can do about it Sad


      PGR2: My shower is Sunday. I'm a little bummed because my best friend, who lives in Philly, had to cancel coming home due to the storm. Sad I'm sure a few others will be cancelling too. Bummed!


      NPGR: Nemo is forecasted to bring us 12-18 inches of snow! So basically just settling in for a few days of being housebound.

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        ER: 40 minute walk on the treadmill. First mile was my normal walking pace, which was too much, and second mile I alternated between slow and slower. I wore my support belt so will have to see if that keeps pelvis pain to a minimum.


        PGR: 37 weeks! Happy full-term day to me! I might start looking into eviction methods. Smile I'm mostly kidding... right now. I decided to take my wedding ring off last night and move it to a necklace. I was surprised to go this long with almost no swelling, but the swelling is definitely increasing now. I feel like I could leave it on but I also don't want to get into a situation where I'd have to cut it off. My finger feels so weird without it though! I have a preggo massage tomorrow morning! I'm so excited for it!


        NPGR: DH and I are going to try and test drive that car we are interested in this weekend, looks like tomorrow. Not sure if we like it if we'd actually purchase it tomorrow... the car is in the area by my parents house (an hour away), so I'm hoping we can do all that this weekend and that baby will at least wait until we get home. At least if something happens there we can leave A in good hands and high tail it home. We had to put A in the crib last night because I think she finally realized she could get out of her new bed and thought it would be fun to do so three times. She didn't seem too upset about being in the crib until she wanted something that was in her big girl bed and I wouldnt give it to her. So hopefully she doesn't do that again. We can't keep putting her in the crib too much longer! We were planning on taking A to Chuck E. Cheese this weekend because we've been so busy with baby stuff lately that we haven't really done much fun stuff for her. Depending on the test drive or the weather I'm hoping we can still go, but I'm not sure at this point if it will be tomorrow or Sunday.


        MA: Sorry about the snow! I certainly have experience with snow ruining plans! I'm just hoping I don't go into labor in a snowstorm right now! Sorry about the continuous burning. I've been having a feeling that may or may not be what you have, I think its from sitting weird at night and the bottom of my ribs fighting for space with the top of my uterus because its sore ribs that I have more of. I wouldn't worry about being 1 cm big, the normal can be up to 3 off either way.


          Happy Friday everyone!  It sounds like some of you are in for quite the storm.  I have to work this weekend so it is basically Wed for me right now.  I am just catching up a bit from the past few days so please bear with me.


          MA: I definitely admire your running consistency.  I agree that it is all about listening to our bodies and if our body is demanding a few days off then we will be okay.  I am really sorry to hear about the shower and your friend not making into town.  I can only imagine how disappointing that must be.  Any chance you can just re-schedule the whole thing for a few weekends from now?


          Trozy: I can’t remember exactly when I switched to my pregnancy pants but I am fairly certain it was early on.  Best thing that ever happened.  I opted to keep it simple with only a few pairs but made sure they were comfortable.  It definitely helped and I wonder what it will be like to go back to wearing a belt and jeans that buckle.


          Laura: My goodness you are dedicated and busy!  All those pizzas!  I am happy to hear about the whole GD thing.  The nurse who told me about two appointments ago that LO’s activity level was low totally misled me.  Luckily my next appointment was only a week later and the nurse/doc I saw then clarified everything but my mind really went crazy in between.  Enjoy those carbs!


          Monk: Nice restraint on the big baby comment.  I have a very large co-worker here who commented last week on my need to possible look at bigger clothing options as this baby continues to grow.  Please do not even get me started on her idea of clothes that “fit.”  I had to just tighten my jaw and keep walking.  I do think it all boils down to someone just trying to make themselves feel better and realistically much of our weight will be gone in a few short weeks.


          ER: Long swim this morning.  I am amazed at times how normal I feel when I get in the water, almost as if I was not pregnant.  Luckily LO kicks me every so often to remind me that I am there.  Went for another long walk yesterday morning (insomnia issues).  I could definitely feel the BHs.  Only a few throughout the walk but it makes me wonder.


          PGR: 37w5d.  Had a really good doc appt yesterday as this one included a u/s.  It was our first time seeing LO since our 20w appt to find out the sex.  She is definitely in position and sitting low.  Because she is so low my belly has been measuring small.  Luckily we found out she is already above seven pounds weight-wise.  I had the notion that I wanted to carry her longer so she could grow more as everyone was telling me how small I was measuring.  Now I am basically open to her arrival whenever.


          PGR2: Found myself craving tamales the other day!  Laura – any chance you have recipe for those?  Possibly talk DH into going out for “good” Mexican this weekend.  Tough to find in Florida though.


          NPGR: Trying to get so much done at work as the due date is quickly approaching.  I need to realize that I can only do so much though but it is difficult at times.  I want to really be able to step away from work when LO arrives.


            MA - That's too bad that people won't be able to make it to the shower because of the storm - hopefully it wil lat least been the snow amount they are predicting - I hate rearranging travel plans because of a forecasted big storm and then a few flakes show up...


            monk - Happy full-term! Good luck with the car test-drive - I hope it is a good option for you.


            yogi - Sounds like baby is ready to make her appearance sometime soon!


            PGR: 25w3d. Not really anything new...just feeling like a bit of a house.  Hip pain usually goes away during the day, but flares up at night when I'm not moving much - turning over is excruciating, and I think laying on my side is aggravating it, because I woke up on my back about 4 times last night...


            ER: Again, not sure - nothing yesterday, and my hip is so stiff/painful in the morning anything but waddling is out of the question. Smile


            NPGR: We picked up our new family room TV last night, returned the damaged crib mattress and ordered a new one, then BIL and SIL came over with their new dog - it's a rescue Am Staff terrier, she played with our dog nonstop - I see lots of doggie playdates in their future. - our pup can always use extra exercise and socialization.  Another bball tournament Saturday - only one left after this weekend, it will be nice to have weekends free again!


              Morning all.


              ER - I don't know I'll do anything today. I'm hoping to get to the gym tomorrow. Maybe if I'm twitchy I'll do a modified Shred workout.

              I did some research about the mall walking program and a quote from a local newspaper article said 2 laps around the entire mall was a mile. So we definitely did 2+ miles yesterday!


              PGR - Not a whole lot. My MIL has already bought the new baby some clothes and Sunday we'll go out and buy...more clothes. Of course.


              NPGR - Have to do a few things today. The storm yesterday for us was pretty much a bust out. A lot of rain. There was a dividing line just north of us where it turned to snow, but we maybe got a dusting last night. That's been pretty typical of the weather predictions this winter. They'll rave about how we're going to get walloped and then we don't. At least not in the suburbs where I live. This weekend we're going to my friend's house to deep fry a turkey. My DH and her DH shoot trap (remember the game Duck Hunt?) together sometimes and a few months ago the sportsmans club had a contest where the winners of each game won something Thanksgiving related. DH got a turkey and a can of cranberry sauce, so it was agreed if either won anything that we'd have a get together and deep fry the turkey since that's what her family did over Thanksgiving and they say it's really good. I've never had deep fried turkey before so I'm looking forward to it!


              MA - I'm glad your m/w appt went well and that you can still keep up the running. Hope your shower goes well and everyone else can make it. What timing with this weather. Sad


              Monk - I know what you mean about feeling naked without your ring. I had to take mine off somewhere in the 20-30 week range last time. I'm really hoping to get to 37+ weeks with no swelling. That would be great! Good luck with the car this weekend. Hope it works out for you.

              Laura G in Idaho

                PGR: 29 weeks today.  I posted a belly pic last night on FB.  Still catching up on sleep from the late night pizza making.


                ER:  Plan to swim and walk today.  I think the swim will feel good on my muscles after strength training last night.  I can feel soreness in my chest and upper arms.


                RR:  Last night I had to leave the house to take kids to swim team before my new support belt came.  It came while I was gone.  It would have been nice to have.  Oh well, I still managed to run 10 min, do my strength training with cardio bursts (since starting the sculpting DVD, I am going UP in my weights, so I must be getting stronger, what an amazing feeling!), run 10 more minutes, then walk 30 minutes.  I'm glad I didn't have to do a long run without the belt.  When I re-ordered my belt, I went down to a size medium, because even the large that I lost was a bit too big for me.  The medium fits like a glove and has a few inches for me to grow.  Can't wait until my race on Saturday so I can try it out.  www.run4luv.com


                NPGR:  Last night our YMCA was having their annual dinner to kick off their fundraiser, Strong Kids Campaign.  My older kids found their way into the room where they were holding the meeting, because there was free food.  I brought snacks for myself, so I was well-fed, but when I got my little kids out of childwatch, they saw their older siblings eating breadsticks and of course, they wanted some (we only live 3.5 miles from the Y, so we could have gone home, but...).  So, I took them in and let them have bowls of chili.  Surprisingly, they didn't make a mess with it.  My 21 month old was feeling super active, and couldn't sit through it, but we weren't allowed to take the bowls of chili and go somewhere where he could run around.  My 12 yr old daughter helped me a lot by keeping the toddler busy while the 5 yr old and 7 yr old ate their bowls of chili.  My 7 yr old went back for more chili.  <sigh>  I don't know how I ended up in this room, with my kids eating free chili, listening to fundraising stories...  I was rather embarrassed because I had to leave as soon as my kids were finished with the chili.  I couldn't stay with a super-active toddler.  I hate being rude... we just came for the free food, thanks, bye!  Oh well, what I can do to sort of make it better is tell my YMCA story and explain about the Strong Kids Campaign fundraiser.  I guess since I don't get out much, I'll just have to tell about it on Facebook.


                MA:  Hope your shower doesn't have too many cancellations.  What a bummer, stupid snow!


                Monk:  Congratulations on making it to full-term!  Hopefully when the new baby comes, A will understand that she needs to go to her big girl bed.  I have always been less stringent on that here.  My 21 month old sleeps in my bed, or with his sisters in one of their beds, very occasionally, he sleeps in the crib (mostly for naps).  When we had our 2nd child, we mashed a twin bed up to ours, so it was one giant bed, and the older child slept in it.  Worked fine until they were both ready to move out of our room together.


                  Cross posted with TN and Yogi and Laura.


                  Yogi - Glad everything's looking good. Sorry about the insomnia, I've been having bouts of that too. I wouldn't worry too much about baby's size. U/S's can typically go +/- 1 lb in either direction, so don't be surprised if you have the baby and they're only 7 lbs.


                  TN - Sorry to hear about your hip. Hope you can get some relief soon. Sounds like you're making a lot of progress with the house/getting stuff ready.


                  Laura - I know it was probably embarrassing but in the retelling your story sounded cute. I'm sure you can "pay it forward" somehow. Your sleeping plan sounds like what we're planning on doing. DS sleeps so much better with people (and in turn, so do we), so the co-sleeping will continue with him and the new baby until the new baby is big enough for them to co-sleep together in their own room. It'll happen in time I'm sure. Glad to hear you got your new support belt and you're noticing a difference with weights. That's great.

                  Laura G in Idaho

                    I cross posted with yogi, TN, and schmett.


                    yogi:  I don't have a Tamale recipe, sorry, lol!  But rural Idaho has a lot of great Mexican restaurants, because of the agricultural migrant workers who patronize them.  I'm glad you feel it's okay just to go ahead and have the baby.  That's a good state of mind to be in at this point.


                    TN:  I love watching well-mannered dogs play together.  I hope your pup gets lots more chances to play.


                    schmett:  Glad you found that the mall walk was much longer than your GPS gave you credit for doing.  Enjoy the deep fried turkey.  I've never had it that way, either.  I want to try it sometime, but wouldn't want to waste an entire turkey if I hated it.


                    So, did anyone try the custard recipe?  Just curious.


                    We're getting snow here, too, but in the valleys, we only get a few inches compared to the mountains, where they get feet at a time.  Still, people see the white stuff and drive right off the road.  Snow removal only happens on the busiest streets.  They sand at intersections, but it takes a while for the sanding trucks to make it around.  Neighborhoods are last on the list.

                    MA runner girl

                      Running a report that will take a while so I have a rare chance at midday personals! Smile We already have well over an inch... and it's only been snowing about 2 hours. And this is supposed to be the slow part of the storm!! Supposed to keep snowing until tomorrow at noon.


                      Monk - I had to take my rings off months ago... but they were as tight as possible already so I'm not surprised. I hate not wearing it! I'm finally getting more used to it, but I think that makes me more sad! I hope you do not have this burning!!!! Or at least not the burning that stays forever like mine... It is the worst!


                      Yogi - The shower is at a restaurant and I'm pretty sure it's all paid for, so no chance of rescheduling. Most of my family/friends live within 30-40 min of the restaurant so it will only be the few that are farther that may not make it. Oh well, it is what it is! I love how good I feel swimming too. Running I feel very pregnant, so it's nice to feel "weightless" for a bit! Nice that you got to see LO again! My midwife said last night that the weight measurments this far along in pregnancy can be up to 20% off! Just an FYI!


                      TN - I can't imagine that they would be that wrong about the snow.. it's already coming down quickly! But they are weathermen afterall... I'm sorry sleep is rough for you. I often find myself waking up on my back too. That's awesome that you have a new doggy for playdates!


                      schmetterling - My MIL is a bit of a shopoholic, so we have tonsss of clothes already! I'm predicting we won't have to buy anything for a while. And I haven't even had my shower yet! We have had the same for most storms this year, they never are what the weathermen predict. I'm hoping this one isn't, but it seems to be off to a strong start.


                      Laura - From yesterday, I'm glad I gave you a good idea with the walk breaks! Prepregnancy I hated walking during runs, and almost never did but now I find that not only does it help physically but mentally it's easier too when you know there is a little break coming up. Hope it helps you too! Nice job with that workout! That's crazy that they don't plow around you! We live in a well-populated suburb, so all roads get plowed, even our dead end! Though it's usually the last of the roads to get done.

                      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

                      MA runner girl

                        Just called the hospital... our childbirth class is cancelled for tomorrow and the 2 classes are moved up a week... which means that DH will be spending 9-4pm in class on his birthday Sad I feel so bad!

                        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                          PG: Nothing new. SIL’s due date it 9/13/13. Excited our babies will be so close in age!


                          ER: I was happy to make to spin class last night but two muscle heads came in late and the combo of their BO and cheap cologne was really getting to me I almost left but I stuck it out. Yuck! Rest today.


                          NPGR: TGIF!


                          MA: Yay for baby shower boo for the storm. Bummer your friend cant make it and about DH having to spend his bday in class.


                          Monk: congrats on being full term. Good luck test driving and have fun at Chuck E Cheese. I always felt weird going to bday parties there alone like the staff looked me weird when I checked in with no kids. Now I’ll fit in….lol


                          Yogi: Hope you satisfy your tamale craving.


                          TN: I love watch my boxer play with other boxers chasing each other and wrestling. My family’s dogs are too little for him to play with because he is too big and hyper.


                          Schm: have fun baby shopping!


                          Laura: I hope anyone that knows you can understand your situation and how full your plate.


                            So I'm happy to report my pelvis doesn't hurt much more than usual since my walk this morning! So I just need to make sure and still wear the support belt when I work out.


                            yogi: Well, it was easy to restrain myself because at the same time I had another nosy woman asking me what I'm having, what the name is, what we have already and another woman telling me she had her babies and just put them in the siblings laps and they got along right away... it was like social hour. I know its only going to get worse in the next few weeks... I'm glad you got a good swim and a good u/s! We got a mini u/s at my last appointment to confirm P is head down. P is sitting super low on me too.


                            TN: Don't worry about waking up on your back. I end up on my back a lot too because I turn a lot in bed and a lot of the time I turn from my side to my back and don't make it to my other side! From what I've heard any problem from being on your back would make itself known to you before it really became a problem.


                            schmett: My brother lives in the Rockford area and he's complained after every snowstorm about the lack of snow actually produced. We, on the other hand, have had enough up here in south central WI! I hope you can go longer without swelling too! I was super surprised to keep my ring on this long because I had it resized smaller not long before I found out about the pregnancy!


                            laura: I'm glad you got your new support belt and that you still got a good workout in. I think A will be good in the big girl bed now. I think last night she was trying to test us, so hopefully if we keep to our guns and only leave baby stuff in the crib hopefully she'll get the hint. Its not super urgent really, as P will be in with us for a bit, but I don't want A to think she can just pick which bed she wants to sleep in either.


                            MA:  My burning doesn't stay forever. It is mostly at night when I'm sitting in my living room and I can tell its because of my posture really, but I'm also most comfy when I'm just lounging in my living room too. The pain I get almost feels like an underwire poking butI get it when I'm not wearing a bra! Sorry about the class cancellation! I'm sure you can do some extra special stuff after class to make up for it.


                            mann: A's best friend is her cousin who's a year older. P has a cousin a year older too so I'm sure that will be the same way. I love how A gets along with her cousins! That doesn't sound like it was a pleasant spin class for the senses. I agree with you on TGIF!

                            MA runner girl

                              Monk - Ha, I wondered if my bra was causing the burning too, but I never wear a bra at home anymore and I still feel it, so I'm confident it's not from that!


                              Mann - YUCK! Those 2 guys sound really gross, sorry you had to be in thier proximity while working out. Good job gutting it out and finishing the workout. So fun that your SIL is due so close to you!

                              PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

                              Laura G in Idaho

                                Mann:  I feel sorry for you gagging on muscle-head BO and cologne while trying to do your workout.  Blegh!  Gross.  There were a few staff that looked at me, saw how I was flustered, and one said, "Don't worry.  This is a place for children."  I felt better, but still slightly embarrassed.  Anyway, she was really kind in saying that to me.


                                monk:  Glad your pelvis isn't hurting more than normal, anyway.  I can't wait to use my support belt on my next run.  Yay for getting a new one!