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    We made it!


      RR- still having coffee. I may do a 20 min workout DVD or I may rest. Planning on my LR of 14-15 tomorrow if I get up early enough. I missed last weeks LR when I wasn't feeling well so I'd really be thrilled if this one goes as planned. I did hear there may be bad weather though, so hoping that doesn't happen.


      made my reservations for Gettysburg in April, can't wait!


      NRR- got home last (I love my new car btw! Drove great and I am happy so far!) had dinner with DBF which he had nearly done when I got there! Then we vegged out and had wine and watched dvr shows. Went to bed early. Today I'm just working and hopefully relaxing tonight at home. DBFF may go out, so if so ill probably get a mani pedi and takeout and watch tv.


      Have a great day! I'll try to check back later.


        Ugh so I just checked my credit card bill and it looks like the B and B I booked has already charged my card? If it doesn't disappear in a day or two ill have to call I guess. They never said anything about charging me before I got there. And I kind of wanted some alone time tonight but looks like DBF is planning on staying home. Oh, well.


          Jewel - I've had hotels charge my credit card a fee (not the whole cost of a night) when I make a reservation and then they charge the balance after your stay. I hope you can get it sorted out. We've got bad weather and 100% chance of rain tomorrow when I have my LR. Sigh. I might change it to Sunday.



          RR: SRD! I had a good 3 mile run + 73 burpees (two days) + lots of lower body exercises. I tried to take it easy for the first time and I'm not super sore today so I'm happy about that. Tomorrow is 11 miler, weather permitting. Otherwise I might put it off to Sunday.


          NRR: Big D gets home tonight! We had an ice storm overnight and all of the schools are on a two hour delay so I hope the roads are safe when I head out. This morning I have lab meeting, a seminar, and then lunch with the speaker. We hired another postdoc in our lab, so now there are two of us to split the work! This afternoon I'm teaching him some stuff.  It will be nice as we can split some of the lab maintenance stuff and then i can start focusing on my own stuff.  He's got two kids so we have that in common.


          I gotta go, G woke up early and I've been letting him sit in his crib hoping he'd go back to sleep ... but it sounds like his chatting is becoming more adamant.


          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!


          MA runner girl

            Morning! We made it to Friday!


            RR: 3 miles after work. Going to resolve to at least walk for 20 min every day that I'm not running... we'll see if I can stick to it. I don't really enjoy going out for a walk by myself, but DH said he'd walk with me some days. He usually doesn't like walking with me because I'm "too fast" but he can't say that anymore Wink


            NRR: Midwife appt was ok last night, baby is fine, strong heartbeat as usual. I am measuring 2 cms ahead, and I somehow gained SEVEN pounds in 2 weeks. What the heck? She thinks it's partly fluid retention (she pressed on my leg before determining that..) and from decreased activity since I cut my 6 mile run 2 weeks ago and didn't replace it with anything. So I have to increase my water and protein intake, and decrease my salt and that's why I want to at least walk every day. My BP was also high for me again... Still perfectly normal and my midwife didn't even mention it, but I decided that I'm going to up my working at home days to hopefully help with the stress. I'm at home again for the third day this week! Sorry that was so PGR...


            NRR2: This weekend DH is on call, my parents are going away and my Bro and SIL are on vacation. So we are pretty much forced to stay home and get organized. I'm kinda glad for that. DH has to finish painting the nursery closet and setting up an organization system so I can get everything from the shower organized finally. I also want to tackle the office while he's doing that, there is paperwork everywhere. We do have the last 3 hours of birth class tomorrow morning. Excited for the hospital tour!


            jewel - The weather is supposed to be bad here in the evening, so I'm assuming you have the morning to get that run in! Good luck.


            Sassy - Stay safe on the roads!! You are from up north though, I'm sure they freak out a little more down there! Wink That's great that you have someone to split the work with in your lab!


            Have a great day girls.

            PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


              Morning girls!


              Sassy hope the weather gets better. Thank goodness you have an extra person to help you out!


              Jewel maybe the hotel is charging you just to hold the room.  enjoy your nigTy tonight!


              MA when is your due date??  how's C doing with the passing of the cat??


              TriR just worked out with trainer at gym.


              NtriR mom and sis come today!!! Yippee! sis staying with us momm with my in laws! Dinner with families tonight! And my fun aunt from Orlando is driving in for the weekend to see us.


              doggy related. We think Baxter is going a little senile which has us super worried and anxious. C is taking him to vet Today he's been anxious, interrupted sleep, paces in a circle, gets stuck, shifts his body to one side and is not sleeping well at night. He's a little yorkie that's 13.5 and is our little child. Please keep him ur prayers. This also might explain why he's been having potty accidents inside the house....


              gotta go shower.



              MA runner girl

                Meli - March 24th... 30 days!!!!! Smile C is doing ok, he is bummed, and it's still strange to come home to an "empty" house, but thankfully we have the baby's birth arriving to fill the house with joy! Thanks for asking! Have so much fun with your family this weekend!

                PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                  Happy Friday ladies


                  Jewel-I am so glad it's Friday too. Sounds like a really relaxing night you have planned


                  Sassy-wow great job keeping up with the burpees. Do you do them all at once or split them up?


                  MA-hope you can get some chores done this weekend while everyone is away


                  meli- sorry about your dog. How old is he?


                  RR: planning on a tempo run today, around a 4 or 5 mile tempo. Found out some bad news. The half I was planning on running in late March is all filled out, so I can't do it anymore. Really upset with that. I was waiting to book tickets and get some extra money before I paid for it, but I guess I really need to get on signing up early for races


                  NRR: working all day then heading to DBF's tonight. We have 3 parties to go to this weekend, so it's gonna be a busy one. Also hope to get some good running in and lots of homework done


                    Good morning, ladies, and TGIF!!


                    RR: I slept in again today, so will try to get a run in this afternoon with Fay.  I'm hoping to get fully back on track next week. Maybe it's because I was coming back from two weeks away but everything felt off the whole week, and I never felt on top of things. I hate that feeling.


                    NRR: Not that much going on this weekend, I don't think. I finally feel caught up on a bunch of little things around the house, so hopefully I can catch up on reading.



                    Jewel - Hoping the weather holds out. We're supposed to get a few inches of snow here.


                    Sassy - How were those 73 burpees? I was annoyed with having to do so many, probably because I knew I slacked the day before.


                    MA - I vote water retention, too. You'd have to put on a serious feed bag to gain that much.


                    Mel - Have fun with your family this weekend!  Hopefully things go as best as they can with Baxter at the vet today.


                    Taylor - Well that's crappy about your race being full. Is there another one nearby or close on the calendar?


                      it's friday and the last day of my project!!


                      NRR: yay! last day of project. End of day today, I'm walking out and singing a hallelujah!! then it's grocery store visit for some stuff. M arrives around 5.30 and we might go for a run at the gym after.


                      RR: We got a ton of snow. I think about 8 inches and it's still coming down. So that was my workout this morning. shoveling for about 35 minutes. probably have to do it again tonight when I get home. then we're supposed to get more snow on sunday. boo that, but hey we need the moisture and I'll take it.


                      hope everyone is staying safe!!


                        Hi ladies!

                        Posting from my phone so we will see how this goes...


                        RR. Rest day, will do yoga and maybe a hike later.


                        NRR. I start my new job March 4. Just 2 shifts a week,.and I'll still be at Mt current job, but if I like it there, maybe I'll go there fulltime.


                        Gotta go. Happpppy Fridayyyy!!!!

                        Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                        Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                        Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                        Half: 1:48

                        Full: 4:34



                          Taylor/OWR - I did them in sets of 10, with a set of leg exercises in between each. It was ok, but definitely kept my heart rate up!


                          MA - 30 days!!!!!!!!!!!! One week I measured 1 cm ahead, and the next I was 2 cm behind! It's weird. At least you have a good plan to keep yourself active and healthy for the next few weeks.


                          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                            RR: 4 last night. Storm had just passed through and it got warm and humid quick. Haven't sweat that much in a while. Gonna do 4-5 after work tonight and a LR of 10 on Sunday.


                            NRR: Yay, its Friday!! I don't have much else to put here. LOL


                              Happy Friday!


                              RR: Every day I wake up thinking it will be the day I feel good enough to work out again...and every day for the past 11 days I've been wrong. Even something gentle like yoga won't work because bending over with an ear infection is super painful. Sad I'm feeling quite blobbish.


                              NRR: Soooo day 11 of being sick and day 5 of antibiotics with only a small-ish amount of improvement. Cough is lessened but still there and bringing up gunk and ear is still clogged, itchy, and painful. Called the doctor this morning and they're switching me to a stronger antibiotic, but one that causes stomach upset. FUN. The cough doesn't bother me much but the ear is sooooooo irritating. Or should I say "ear-itating"? LOL. Anyway, really hopeful the new antibiotic kicks in quickly because we're doing a bunch of wedding-related stuff tomorrow and possibly skiing Sunday, and I'd like to feel 100%


                                Jewel: I totally know how you feel about looking forward to alone time and then being disappointed when DBF stays home. It sounds terrible, but it happens! Usually CRF goes to the gym certain days after work and doesn't get home till 8, so I have 2ish hours to myself. The days he decides not to go I am kinda like...aw man...hopefully you can still do a mani/pedi and takeout!


                                Sassy: 73 burpees!?!? Shocked And not super sore? You rock! Also, I had a dream last night that I was babysitting my nephew, except he was older, and looked exactly like Griffin. And he was talking in full sentences. Like, I found he'd crawled out of his bouncer and scolded him and he said, "Well you should have been watching me more closely." LOL.


                                MArunner: I hope your extra exercise and protein works and you don't develop any problems! You're so close to the end!! Sounds kind of nice to be forced to organize for the weekend...at least you'll be productive, right??


                                Meli: Poor Baxter! I will send good vibes for him. Lucy has been having accidents in the house lately too and I took her to the vet and they attributed to age. Cry At least it is only pee accidents so far...Have fun with your family this weekend!


                                Taylor: Sorry about the half filling up! It sucks when you're sort of on the fence about registering and then it is too late. 3 parties this weekend!?!? You guys are popular!


                                Outwest: I am similarly hoping to get back on track next week. Is it reading for pleasure or work you want to catch up on?


                                Lizo: YAAAAY end of project! Congrats! Celebrate!


                                NC: I hope you enjoy the new job!


                                Tex: It is so hard to think of being warm and humid when the temps have been below 0 with windchill here. I don't know which I'd prefer! YAY Friday!