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MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: Didn't do anything yesterday, it was just not happening. Brought my gym bag with me today so hopefully I'll make it after work.


      PGR: 34w3d. Belly burning is super painful Sad After work and 2 horrendous commutes yesterday the only thing I wanted to do was lay down so I took a nap. I'm really trying to stay positive. Yogi - I was thinking the same thing as you yesterday, all this pain means that maybe labor will be "easier" or at least I will look forward to it so the pain can stop! Smile I did write half my thank you cards last night, so that was good!


      NPGR: I woke up from my nap yesterday to DH cleaning out the fridge! Then he made pizza for dinner. He has been super sweet the last few days when I have felt like doing nothing. The roads are so bad, and the crews are cleaning up all the snow, which is making traffic even worse than usual. It took me almost an hour and a half to get home yesterday and over an hour again this morning to get here, and my commute is 30 miles! Not looking forward to the ride home. Work is stressing me out too because there are so many deadlines and the work keeps on piling on... don't they know I'm leaving in 6 weeks!?

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        Morning all.


        RR - Went to the gym yesterday and did 3.1 on the treadmill in mile walk/run/walk intervals. I noticed when I went to the gym the bottoms of my feet felt sore and they've continued to feel that way last night into this morning. I put on my compression socks to see if that helps. Going to the chiro Friday, I'm assuming this is just normal pregnancy relaxin affecting your feet type aches.


        PGR - M/W appt today. Was supposed to go last week but my m/w was out with the flu. This is completely non-scientific, but I thought being pregnant with a girl would mean I would be crying instead of angry all the time. I was angry all the time with DS and I figured it was bc of the extra testosterone. Yesterday I was in a hormonal rage for the better part of the afternoon and finally going to the gym and working it out was the only thing that set me back to normal.


        NPGR - I can't think of anything.


        MA - Your DH sounds like a winner. Don't beat yourself up about the workouts. Taking care of you is #1 priority, and if that means napping instead of working out, then nap you should.


          MA - sorry to hear the belly burning is still so painful - I'm glad your DH stepped up and took care of things so you could rest.


          schmett - My SIL asked me recently if I've been more emotional during pregnancy.  I told her aside from bawling uncontrollably at the Sports Illustrated Sport Kid of the year video, no - but I have been incredibly irritable - I chuckled during our birth class because the instructor talked about being mad at her husband when he could sleep and she couldn't - and I've totally been there.


          PGR: 26w1d.  Feeling nauseous this morning.  I think I've overdone it on the valentines conversation hearts- but I can't help it, they are so delicious, but I think the sugar has caused my nausea.  Had an AWESOME night of sleep last night, didn't even wake up to pee - which probably means i need to hit the water hard again today, and I only rolled over 2 or 3 times, which means the searing hip/pelvic pain was at a minimum.


          PGR2: Found a double snap n go on Craigslist for half price - the people are bringing it by my work today so I can check it out - if it's in good shape, I'll probably purchase it - this is the first one I've seen on Craiglist in our area.  I feel a little silly meeting them in the middle of the day in my work parking lot, but oh well.


          ER: yoga tonight.


          NPGR: Bball practice last night - girls worked really hard, it was a fun practice.  Still keep forgetting that I should keep the demonstrating to a minimum as it aggravates my hip/pelvic pain...


            ER: Body flow this morning. I didn't even try to do the core track, I usually can do some modifications but not today. It was hard but I was glad I went. My wrists are really sore now and so are my ankles and I'm moving really slow. I'm struggling to make myself get to the gym at all and I'm really disappointed. Considering I was running until 30 weeks I didn't expect the end to be this tough. I want to walk to Starbucks this morning since its finally not bone-chilling cold, hopefully I can make my tired body go the measly block there and back.


            PGR: 37w5d. I'm starting to second guess everything going on in my body. I do think I am having a few real contractions in between the BH ones. I really need to get that hospital bag ready or at least started! My pelvis is on the painful side since body flow. I think I had every icky digestive problem last night and felt so disgusting. Feeling better this morning though, thank goodness. This morning DH is getting the car seat inspected, hopefully they can fix it so we can get the seat in and out without shaking the baby. My mom brought us the new chair yesterday and I love it! It looks really nice but it rocks back really far. I should be able to post pictures of it on my blog later this morning.


            NPGR: DH didn't get the job he interviewed for in my office a few weeks ago. I suppose its for the best. I'm not sure I could work with him again, realistically. We actually worked together when we were first dating and it wasn't always fun. Geez, sometimes he drives me crazy when we're at home together too much! He's a little sad, but optimistic. We found out he can claim unemployment already, so with that we get a little boost in income for maternity leave and he's required to apply to two jobs per week. Hopefully he'll find something soon.

            Laura G in Idaho

              MA:  I also skipped my workout in favor of sleep yesterday.  I made it to bed by 10 PM, and woke up at 7:15 AM.  Halleluiah for a night of decent sleep!  How nice your husband cleaned out the fridge and made dinner.  Mine can make dinner just fine, but I've never seen him clean out a fridge.  Not once, in over 18 years of marriage.  Ha!


              Schmett:  The bottoms of my feet also feel sore sometimes.  I was worried at first that it might be plantar fascitis (is that how you spell it?).  It comes and goes, so I'm thinking it's not.  Good job on the run/walk on the treadmill.  I'm not sure about the emotions having to do with boy or girl baby.  All I know is that all my emotions are right near the surface, sadness, anger, happiness... I'm a lot more volatile and my mood swings surprise even me.


              NPGR:  My aunt sent me $60 out of the blue.  She read on FB that we have broken our changing table and she loves my homemade soap, so the $60 is for me to send her some soap and get myself a "new" (2nd hand) changing table.  I'm speechless.


              I had to do a lot of taxiing kids yesterday, and we were running out of every fresh fruit and vegetable here, so I made a trip to the store.  Bad idea.  The lines were soooo long!  I guess two days before Valentine's Day is a busy time.  I did think to get my husband something for V-Day while I was there, since there were so many cards, cookies, chocolates, etc.  I got him a new technical tee for running.  All his old t-shirts have developed holes and he finally threw out the last one.  This is a major accomplishment... he never throws anything out.  So, I wanted to reward his efforts.  Smile


              PGR:  29w5d.  We have a girl name picked out, but not sure about our boy name yet.  My aunt that sent me the $60 shares the same name (so did my grandmother, but she died in 1986), and so I asked her about it, since it is an unusual name.  I wanted to know if living with it has been a blessing or an annoyance.  She gave me a lot of the history of the name in our family, and explained how it has been a wonderful name to live with, even though it's unusual.  So in the card my aunt sent, she used the baby's name, as if she was sure it's a girl.  I hope it is a girl, because we've had a run on boys lately (4 in a row, 6 total), but what if she just referred to my son with the name I have picked for a daughter?  Ha!  I wonder if she thinks that I know it's a girl.  I better clarify when I send my thank you and the soaps her direction.


              RR:  Plan to do my "strength sandwich" today, where I run, do strength training with cardio bursts, then run some more.


              ER:  I moved yesterday's skipped bike workout to a different day this week.

              Laura G in Idaho

                Cross posted with TN and Monk.


                TN:  I'm so glad you got a good night of sleep.  I haven't eaten ANY Valentine's candy, because I'm afraid if I start I won't quit.


                monk:  It's not too early to get that bag packed.  It could happen anytime.  I hear you on being surprised by how little you can do at this point, even though you were running up to 30 weeks.  It really does get much harder the last month of pregnancy, exercising or not.  It won't be long now, though!  Smile


                  I just got something that made my day... my new office chair! I am so happy because I was SO uncomfortable in my old chair yesterday afternoon! And DH just called, the car seat inspector got it adjusted right and now we can get the seat in and out! Yay! Now I really need to get to work... will try to do personals around lunch time.


                    Halfway through the week!  Some of this is just me catching up from yesterday...


                    MA:  Sorry about the long commute.  Just do what you can at work.  I am sure they will figure it out when you leave.  At least that is what I keep trying to tell myself.


                    Laura: Thanks for the words of encouragement!  They have definitely brightened up my morning.  Nice job on the run, especially with a lingering cough, and happy to hear that a little walking in between seems to keep the pain at bay.   Enjoy the bike ride. 


                    Monk: Your ER post yesterday definitely made me chuckle.  The many times I have felt that way…  It sounds like the rocker is going to be really nice.  We have a glider on order that has yet to show up.  Long story on that one.  Hope the situation with DH does not end up in a blow up but definitely something you will have to address I guess.  In the meantime I would focus on what keeps you sane and healthy.  Do the housework/cooking/dishes only if you feel up to it.  I quickly realized that DH will pitch in (especially if I give him specific instructions) but it most likely will not be exactly how I would do it.  That is the part that I have to be okay with.  Good luck though.


                    Schmett: I read that article as well.  I think it was somewhere at the beginning of the second tri so it has long since left my memory.  I appreciate the reminder as the reality is that I am actually working out for 2!


                    Sasha: Hopefully the walk to and from work was nice.  Yea for new clothes!


                    TN:  DH and I have huge plans for Vday.  I am making him tacos.  Actually we are planning on dinner out Friday night.  Vday reservations were crazy and honestly going out in the middle of the week does not really appeal to me right now.  Have fun at the bb game.


                    ER:  Long walk with the dog this morning.  Hoping to make it to yoga this evening but it will depend upon how the stomach feels. 


                    PGR: Woke up in the middle of the night with some GI issues.  Not sure if it was something I ate or if things are starting to kick off a bit.  Feeling a bit better this morning but we will see what happens.  Noticed serious stomach movement this morning as I was getting dressed for work.  It fascinates me every time. 


                    PGR2: Wondering about work plans should LO hang out past her due date.  Part of me wants to just call it a day the Friday before DD and enjoy any time at home before her arrival if it comes to that.  Another part of me wants to save up as much time off as possible and thus work all the way until it happens.  Of course with 11 days to go it might not be up to me but still things I am considering.


                      Well ladies, this will have to be short, and sadly I will probably not get back for personals today.


                      PGR: 35w6d. Had an appointment today. I am measuring a bit small still: 34 cm. But they are not worried. They say the baby is really low and that could be causing the small measurements. But I have been small since at least 24 weeks, so... I guess the baby has always been low. We had a talk about things to bring with me for the birth and they gave me a nice list. I have to get going on finding a pediatrician or at least someone who sees babies. I guess I'm a little behind... Oh, in good news, we made the last payment on the baby! Yay! So now it is all paid off and I won't have to worry about that large bill anymore.


                      ER: Sadly nothing today probably. I might walk home from work if it's not raining, but it is supposed to be and I don't want to get cold and wet. I might at least do my yoga.


                      NPGR: Can't think of much. DH is working like crazy, which is good for our bank account.

                      Laura G in Idaho

                        yogi:  I feel the same way about going out in the middle of the week.  I'd rather not.  I hope the GI stuff could be getting things going for you.  Sometimes it starts that way.  Every time is different.  No two labors are exactly the same.  It might be nice to have a few days before baby arrives so you can finalize any preparations, relax, enjoy life a little bit before baby comes.  But I can understand wanting to save up all the leave you can until the final moment.


                        sasha:  Way to go on paying off baby before baby even arrives!  That must feel good.




                        I think my cough and sniffles are slightly better today.  Amazing what a decent night's sleep will do for a person.  It is beautiful and sunny outside.  About 50 F.  Perfect running weather.  I'm planning to do my strength sandwich, and that means I need the weight room.  So, I won't be running outdoors today.  Sad  I have had to adapt some of my weight training as my belly has grown, and I don't use free weights and body weight the same way I did before pregnancy.


                        My crazy morning:  I had an appointment with our local WIC office this morning and was supposed to bring a bunch of documentation for income, birth certificates, current address, etc.  I dutifully gathered all of that up and was totally prepared for my appointment.  I had my two teenage sons drop me off so they could go to their religion class, figuring they would pick me up after they were finished.  Great.  So, just as they were dropping me off, I remembered, I was supposed to bring my 21 month old son with me, and I left him at home being babysat by my 12 yr old daughter.  Oops.  So, I went into the appointment, explained the situation, and kindly, they allowed me to come back later in the day.  I sat for an hour and waited for my chariot to arrive.  When the boys came and got me, I explained the situation to them, and we headed back to the house to pick up my little guy.  When we got back to the WIC office, the oldest teen son really didn't want to wait, so I gave him $100 and said to buy a new cell phone battery for my phone and use the rest for gasoline.  He was pretty elated at that little errand and came back just as I was finishing up at WIC.  The cell battery place didn't have my size battery in stock, so DS had them order it in.  It'll be $35.  He spent $60 in gasoline.  Then he wanted to know if he could have $5, for the trouble of running my errands.  I gave him a look like he had three heads.  I told him he could BORROW $5 from me.  He wants it for some stupid game cards for a role-playing game he plays.  Definitely not a necessity.


                        Insane morning.  But, WIC is worth it for us.  It saves us about $90 a month on groceries.  I really don't like being on WIC, because in my heart, I feel that it is a form of socialism.  I don't like getting a hand out.  We were on WIC when our oldest children were little, then went off for about 6 years when the middle kids were born.  We have had some bad investments and unexpected repossessions since the economy tanked, and now we're back on WIC.  I must say this about the WIC program:  of all the government-run programs, I feel this is one of the best ones.  It achieves its goal of getting healthy foods into the mouths of pregnant and nursing women, and young children.  This likely saves taxpayers on the expenses of their health care through medicaid (we're not on medicaid or food stamps, in case you might be wondering how many of my children your tax dollars are supporting).  Anyway, I feel I must apologize for using WIC, but it really helps our family food budget quite a bit, and even with WIC, we run out of money for food occasionally.  That's when I'm thankful for my church.  I just don't want anyone to think we're the type that feel the world owes us a living, or that we're "entitled" to anything.  We work hard.  In fact, our church's welfare program is set up where we've worked in the church-owned orchard, canned fruit at the church-owned cannery, and we've donated cash to the program.  This is expected of every member of the Church.  Even though it's not set up that way with WIC, I try to help where I can.  Being an experienced breastfeeding mother, I've offered volunteer help for any moms who need mentoring.  I've also shared ways to use up WIC milk for their info sheets, since having a family cow has taught me lots of ways to use milk.  Right now I'm freezing all my WIC milk while my cow is still fresh (lactating), and we'll drink the WIC milk when she dries off in late April.  Since we receive financial assistance from the YMCA, we try to help them with their fundraising efforts, and I've volunteered several times.  We have run our own family fundraisers to pay for swim team (take n bake pizza, anyone?).  We really do all we can to help ourselves.  We still can't make it without some assistance at this point, because we've hit a few potholes in our road.


                          M/w appointment went well. We're going to combine the blood draw that I've been putting off forever with the GD test next month. Get it all out of the way! Fine by me since needles and I don't agree. I hope I get a phlebotomist knowledgeable about drawing from my hand. She thought I was losing weight because of that wacky scale reading at one of my first appointments. It had me 3 lbs heavier than what the scale had me at today, and that was back at 8-9 weeks or so! According to the scale at the location I use now, I'm up 7 lbs, but my home scale reads a little less, around 5-6 lbs.


                          TN - That's great you found a snap n' go double. I hope it all works out for you and you were able to get it. I really liked our snap n' go single.


                          Monk - The chair you posted on FB really turned out nice. I can see why you're excited about it. Same with your office chair. Glad to hear the carseat inspection went well. Another thing crossed off the list!


                          Laura - That's great to hear about your aunt's present and that the WIC office was so understanding. What kinds of soap do you make? We made a basic olive oil soap (literally olive oil, lye, water) and that worked pretty well. Very basic though. I was telling my m/w that DH is still getting used to the name we want to use, Lavinia, as he's afraid people are going to think we made up the name or our daughter will be forever spelling it or some such thing.


                          Yogi - Hope things are going well for you and your work plans cooperate no matter what happens. Wink If you're not posting in the next few days, I think we'll know why.


                          Sasha - You're coming up close too! Good luck finding a ped you and DH like.