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TGIFriday! Preggos (Read 269 times)


    KC born 7-14-13. RC born 7-21-15

                  Old PR's: 5k 19:36, 10mi 1:07:46, HM 1:30:04, M 3:06:19

     Working on a Comeback after baby #2


      Morning all! 


      ER: going to try the 3k loop twice today! it's rainy but 13 so I don't care!! ( I guess that's like 40f?) 


      PR: Not really PR..  I'm going to Chipotle today on the way to the grandparent's house!! Wish we had them in Canada, so we're d riving most of the day which is fine since it's rainy.  We might also do some baby shopping this weekend while up in lubbock.  The grandparents wanted to buy the crib and crib set but we already got those online for cheap.. so they might give us money insteaad which is perfect!


      Have a good one! 

      MA runner girl

        Good morning!


        RR: Went out for my run last night and ended up turning around at the half mile mark because I had really bad RLP (or gas?). I asked my midwife about it just to make sure it's ok to keep going with it. She said it's fine and normal, I should just walk/slow down and listen to my body. Exactly what I've been doing but good to get reassurance. I ended up running this morning because I wanted to see if it was easier, and it was! Ran 3 miles, good to get it out of the way.


        PGR: 25w5d. Midwife appt went really well yesterday. Baby's heartbeat was good and I'm measuring fine. The scale said I was up 8 more pounds!!! I kinda freaked out, but I weighed myself again this morning and I was 3 pounds less than in the office. So that would mean I'm up 14 pounds instead of 17 at almost 26 weeks. I'm ok with it, just have to slow down a little on the eating going forward Wink


        NPGR: SO happy the weekend's almost here! Looking forward to doing lots of Christmas related things. I haven't bought one present yet, oops! I also need to bake cookies for the family since next weekend is full of xmas parties. Can't believe it's in 10 days!!


        Canada - Mmm enjoy Chipotle. I love mexican! We just started getting Chipotle around here, dangerous! Enjoy spending time with your family.

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Hey everyone!


          Canada, I can't believe it is that cold there. I only say that b/c DH and I live in VA and our weather has been in the 50s and I always feel like Texas should be a lot warmer. You never know though! Also, even though our days are in the 50s, the nights are still down to 24. Brrr. I love Chipotle! We hardly ever go, but I always enjoy it SO much!


          MA: Haha! You're exactly where I was at that point. And I felt the same way about trying to slow down on the eating. I don't know if I've changed much or not...I also can't get over how close Christmas is. I'm planning on baking on Tuesday, which I'm looking forward to. Doing lots of baked things for certain members of my family who are hard to purchase gifts for, but who love goodies. Great job on your run! RLP comes and goes in bouts for me. Glad your midwife thought you are fine to keep running. Smile


          RR: Ok, trying very hard to motivate myself for 3 miles at the gym. I did go and do the eliptical yesterday, which was super boring, but I'm glad I did it. I know that I will be happy if I go running, it's just tough to get up the motivation since I then have to go and work 12 hours. I'd rather be in bed still, to be honest. I would actually like to do a video, however, DH and I have no TV and just use the desktop computer with the nice screen to watch movies on, and he took it over for final paper writing and I haven't gotten to use it for workouts in over a week. Ugh. Thankfully, today is his deadline, so it's the last day.


          PGR: I think I need to be drinking more. I am starting to get to the point where the baby sits on my bladder a lot of the time, so even though I don't drink a ton I still have to pee often. However, that is making me forget how much water I probably actually need. Also, there are certain positions in bed which make me feel like I have to pee like crazy even when I don't really need to. So frustrating!


          NPGR: First of my two 12 hour days today. On the upside I am working a Dave Matthew's concert. I am not really a DM fan, however, The Lumineers are opening for him, and I really love them. Kind of nice to have the opportunity to go and see them for free, since tickets for DM are over $100! Yikes! Trying to rally my limited preggo energy for the next three days of work to get to my "weekend" (mon and tues).


            Happy Friday ladies!


            Canada - Oh, yum, I haven't had chipotle in a while - I love their corn salsa.  I hope your rainy drive goes quickly!


            MA - Glad your 3 miles this morning were comfortable, and I'm glad you had a good appt.  Baby growth spurt is probably the reason for the weight gain?   I was looking back at the app I've been using to track weight gain and I gained 5 lbs between weeks 13 and 14. I have no idea how.


            sashsa - I LOVE the lumineers! And I'm a bit irritated they are getting radio popular - I feel all smug because I found them on pandora a while ago. Enjoy the concert!


            PGR: 17w3d. I might take another pic for FB today - I have a more form fitting shirt on, and mat. jeans today, and the bump is definitely visible now. Definitely felt babies moving this morning before I got up for the  day!

            RR: tried demonstrating something during a drill for my girls at bball practice last night and totally aggravated my SI joint again, walking, turning in bed, everything hurts...ugh. Must remember cannot sprint while pg... The girls thought it was funny when I had to waddle back though. So not sure if there is going to RR for a few days again. Grr.


            NPGR: DH was gone Wednesday night, and had some negative things happen with his work day yesterday, and was a total grump last night.  Glad to have you home, crabby pants.  I finally had to go do my own thing for the rest of the night and put some space between us. He was still cranky this morning.  Looking forward to the weekend - doing some cleaning and present-wrapping tonight, then girlfriend holiday party Saturday.  Our party used to be all sorts of drinking and playing games and sleepover, now two of us are pg and everyone is bringing their kids Smile




              RR: Nothing today.


              PGR: 29 weeks. I am feeling much larger. And my bump is getting harder and I'm bumping on things and hurting myself... I've only got 11 more weeks! So of course kinda panicking wondering just HOW big I'm going to get. Went to bed early again last night. I am awake during the day but then I just get so exhausted so early at night now. Kinda frustrating because when we finally get A to bed I'd like to relax but I'm already ready for bed. Oh, and I had my ergo assessment yesterday and was recommended to get me a new gel wrist rest and tilt my keyboard down and also a new chair. Of course now the question is how long it will take to get the wrist rest and chair?


              NRR: Today is DH's last day of work, and the poor guy is sick! He's going to make it to work but going a little later. All he really needs to do is his exit interview and some of his coworkers are taking him out to lunch and he'll probably get out early. He's sad. I wish I could make him not sad! Tonight is another work Christmas party, outside work so should be a bit more fun than the one on Wednesday. I don't know if we'll all go or if I'll end up going by myself because DH might not feel like it. Or I might just skip it and we'll do something together. I'm hoping we'll all go! Tomorrow we're finishing our Christmas shopping. We don't actually have to do much because DH's mom and sister bought stuff for our nephews because it was something specific they wanted that they already found. Not sure what else we'll do this weekend. I might make more cookies. I'm really into the baking lately!


                Morning all.


                RR - We'll be going downtown this morning to visit a German-American Christmas themed market. Figure we'll get some walking in there.


                PGR - I don't know if I've been hit with an attack of pregnancy insomnia or what but I was up checking Facebook at 2 am. I was also hungry so it could've been that? I contemplated starting this thread early this morning. Wink


                NPGR - Finally, a breather from this week! I so need to focus on housecleaning it isn't even funny. We have a few things lined up this weekend, but at least the constant go-go-go feeling should let up.


                Back for personals later.


                  Hi all-


                  RR - Ugh, yesterday's off day kind of sucked, as expected. I always end up eating more/like crap on off-days, which makes no sense, but oh well... This morning, got up an dressed to go to bootcamp at 4:45, but then was not feeling well at all (see PGR). Maybe I'll be able to walk this afternoon, but not sure.


                  PGR - 24wks6days. Had some serious stomach troubles (diarrhea) this AM. Not sure what it's from but I kind of freaked out because I broke the rules and ate some deli meat at a lunch meeting yesterday. I have mostly avoided it (except for one other time) and I know it's probably unrelated, but I still feel mad at myself for taking a risk. Hopefully it's nothing. Will try to drink lots. Meanwhile we have our office holiday party and a dinner out with friends tonight, so worry that I will expand even more this week...


                  NPGR - last weekend before we head out to CA for the holidays. Lots to do!


                  Canada - Enjoy Chipotle!


                  MA - 14 or 17 at 26weeks is pretty normal, I think. My midwife told me that they stage we are in is a "high growth" one and not to worry if I was up more than a pound a week over the past month or so. I'm at a similar point to you, weight-gain wise. About 15lbs at 25 weeks.Glad you felt better on the run this AM.


                  Sasha- I love the Lumineers! Have fun.


                  TN - isn't it funny how things start to shift once the baby boom begins? Hope you have fun at the party and that your husband cheers up.


                  Monk - I know what you mean about feeling tired at night. Hope you husband feels better and enjoy the baking!


                    38 Weeks!


                    PGR: Saw one of the MW yesterday--super nice, wish I would've seen her more throughout my pregnancy.  I am @ 1cm and 80% effaced with baby's head very low and in position.  I am measuring a tad smaller than she'd like so she is recommended an US next week if I don't deliver before.  She said the measurement could be a little off since baby is so low but she wanted to check ammio fluid level too.  She said as long as baby is moving often not to worry.  He rarely stops moving so I'm good with it.  Weight down 1/2 pound from last week, but I think an 1145 appointment vs a 4pm appointment is the reason.  I've started prim rose oil caps last night to help continue the ripening of the cervix.  I slept almost 5 hours last night with frequent wake ups for contractions, but it was at least a little more than usual.


                    RR: Going for a short run in a bit before getting ready for dh graduation and hooding ceremony.  Hope that the run doesn't give me too many contractions, or if it does continue, the 'real deal' doesn't start until after he is done, hahaSmile  I am so excited for his graduation.


                    NPGR: I think I was overreacting to my mil and the coat comment--she never said I was HUGE, that was all me and my own issues.  I honestly think she was trying to be helpful in me not getting disappointed if things don't fit right away.  She is a retired nurse who has back ground in OB and also worked in an eating disorder clinic.  I am trying not to make unrealistic goals that would not be good for me or baby who will need me in top shape (mentally!) to care for him. 


                    Within a few weeks after giving birth we will be moving across the country for dh new job and will be living with in laws until house sells (or I go crazy!)  It will be stressful with lack of privacy, however having mil at home during day will be helpful and will help keep me accountable for taking care of myself.  Being alone with baby, I know I could have the tendency to over exercise and under eat.  It will be all good, and at least if I need a nap, I have an instant babysitter.


                    Jazz: Yummy, I love Chipotle!  Have fun shopping.


                    MArunner: Great job on the run.  I had odd weight gains of nothing and then up like yours, I think fluid related.  Glad your run was better today.


                     Sashannadelina:  Boo to 12 hour days, but at least you get to see DM, should be fun. 


                    TNesq: Sorry about your cranky pants at home and the SI joint issue.


                      CJ: Gotta make your way to Toronto - Chiptole is everywhere! Have  a great shopping trip today!


                      MA: Sorry about your run yesterday. Good for you for stopping half way and not pushing it. I weigh myself at home too as the doctor scale is quite different. Smile


                      Sasha: I use my computer to watch videos and TV too. 


                      TNesq: so cool you're able to feel the babies so soon! Hope your SI joint feels better!


                      monk: Oooo! What are you going to bake?


                      Schmetterling: I get evening munchies. I woke up at 5am hungry


                      Liz: Oh, I hope your stomach feels better soon. 


                      Teri: whoa, you have a lot going so soon after the baby is born! Happy to hear everything is going well and 




                      PGR: 34w5 Had my doc appointment yesterday. Things are going well - measuring normal, up only a pound from two weeks ago (which is better from the previous appointment poundage leap). He told me LO's head is down. He looked at the pain I've been having with walking, etc and he confirmed it's a pulled pelvic muscle. Then he told me it's only going to get worse as the baby bares down. He said physio likely wouldn't help, but massage will. So frustrating. Shuffling around in pain. He was really sympathetic about it - said it's not all that normal to have such a significant muscle pull. I could use the epidural now. lol.


                      PGR2: Our den conversion into a bedroom starts on Monday. I might start cleaning some of the baby clothes today.


                      ER: Will do the DVD today as it seems to help stretch out the muscle a bit.


                      NPGR: Having xmas lunch with my parents this weekend. I'm picking up some pre-cooked stuff from Whole Foods for lunch because I'm not a cook At. All. Willing to spend the money to enjoy I don't poison my family. ha. 


                        Morning ladies!


                        CJazz -  I hope you enjoyed your 6km loop - did you hear the Cdn dollar is up against the US (or it was yesterday) - happy spending! And enjoy Chipotle, I've yet to go there, though have seen it in my travels south.


                        MA - good work on the re-submitted run Smile must have been a relief. your weight gain sounds similar to mine maybe? I gained a whole ton between weeks 23-30 and have slowed down - a bit - now...maybe you should save yourself the shopping chaos and turn your baked cookies into gift-wrapped presents!


                        Sasha - happy working, that's pretty neat to be so closely involved with concerts you can get into cheaply! 


                        TN - funny how friends get-togethers change over the years - from drinking and late nights to....kids and late nights...I hope your DH starts to see the sunny side today. awesome you can feel the babies move! I had to wait til 21 weeks before it became distinct as my placenta sits in front? Oh, and if it helps, my SPRD and RLP was really bad from weeks 25-30 and now seems to have subsided substantially or is far less frequent so hopefully your issues will drop away to being infrequent too at some point.


                        Monk - a good time of year to be into baking - whet my appetite, what will you make???  I hope DH feels better soon.


                        teri - I wonder if we will come back monday and find you have a babe in your arms? Glad to hear you are feeling better about things; DH and I were just talking this morning about our pending move and the stress involved...we have move a lot in the past but this time feels...harder?


                        Liz - sorry to hear about the tummy troubles; i ate sushi at 10 weeks (it was sitting there in front of me on a platter, what else could I do??? Mmmm) and then next day read about how some of the lower 48 had some raw fish food poisoning outbreaks which put a kaibosh on any other plans I had to have a sushi treat once in a while...


                          Oh, and I forgot - Just signed up for a 10K at the beginning of May for motivation.  Yay!


                            PGR - 33w4d (oops, I think I said that yesterday but today I really mean it Smile  Wink. Baby shower last night went well; there were about 10 ladies, I got a whole bunch of cloth diapers, some winter baby clothes, a couple of blankets and things, and almost everyone obeyed my rule of second-hand items...oh yeah, guess I'd better get onto the thank-you cards too. At least it's not 50 people to write them for like swimbike! I saw some photos taken this morning and I looked so...."booby and belly", like a fully grown pregnant woman...really? That is me??? So weird though to think it is only for 6-8 weeks more...a part of me likes my belly and feeling the baby move, and not having to worry about "sucking my stomach in" !! Tomorrow is our prenatal class.


                            RR - got through 3km at the pool yesterday and was quite pleased with myself. Though I am now around 5 secs per 100m slower with the drag/excess keel factor so all I could do was compliment the faster women swimming at the same time in my and the neighbouring lane (was actually nice to be swimming with fast women vs aggro men!). Today hoping to get to the gym for elliptical (or dare I get on the stepper again?) and maybe some weights/core work. 


                            NRR - Both DH and I were awake at 4.30am this morning...DH and I are both wondering if we are crazy to be going through with this move. We have moved a lot and it has always worked out but we really do have quite a good thing going here, it's just the increasing traffic, driving distances, and rate of development which gets to us. We realise though that we have to be "all in" or "jump out"; we had fooled ourselves into thinking we could "try out the new location" but there could be serious consequences with DHs job if we did that...(in fact there could be some kind of consequence if we were to cancel our move but I am leaving it to DH). I think we will go through with the move and just make things work out like we always have but...yeah. I am a terrible person for seeing the pros and cons to both sides and being happy to roll with either, albeit the actual move being a stressful period, I love exploring new places...


                            NRR2 - Our unit Christmas party is tonight, tomorrow is the company party...needless to say i'm looking forward to a plain old work day Sunday after so much socialising Smile


                              YJPM - Yum, I love Whole Foods/Whole Paycheck, you can serve me stuff from there any time Smile  Bummer on the doc's prognosis, though you only have 6 weeks-ish more to go (eek!), hopefully the pulled muscles might ease up as it heals though despite the baby's position? I'm not sure if swimming would feel good or not - probably would in that the weight is off but I'm not sure what strokes the muscle would allow you to do?


                                PG: I'm wearing my maternity jeans for the first time.  Feels so comfy!!  I've been getting away with dresses and leggings.


                                RR: 3 miles today hopefully.  Yesterday the spin instructor didnt show up.  My friend convinced me to take turbo kickboxing......LMAO.  First of all I'm not very coordinated but also add in PG and modications.  I'm sure I looked like a fool but I feel I got a good cardio workout.


                                NPGR: Kitchen remodel not completeAngry Tile for the backsplash not in.  But I will have functioning applicances tonight.  So I can make a homecooked meal tonight and start putting things in the fridge and cabinets over the weekend.  Its fustrating but I'm really happy with the way it turned out Smile


                                Canada: Chipotle is one of my favs.  I eat there once a week.  They are also sponsers to local races so sometimes they give out free burrito coupons!


                                MA: I'm up 14lbs at 19 weeks.  Ughhh


                                Sash: just remind yourself you'll feel better after the run.  Enjoy the concert.  I heard DM put on a really good live show.


                                Got to go. I'll try to be back later.  If not have a good weekend everyone!