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    LOL.... we are still here in VA? How about you? LOL


      Morning Ladies,



      RR: Did 5 outside yesterday. Today is supposed to be 12, not sure where or how much I will get done. Its very windy here 20mph+


      NRR: All the cards done! I always think of the song "12 pains of Christmas" when sending xmas cards.  Just some regular house chores.  Got some sleep after a very long night with M. Not a whole lot, but enough to make things manageable.  I think we are through the tough part or at least I hope. Not much really....


      Have a great day! Those traveling today safe travels and those who last day before vacation is today enjoy!


        Good morning! Weare still here too!


        GSD- hope you get your 12 in! It's kind of windy here too. Pouring rain also! I still haven't done my cards, I feel so lazy. 


        Meli- I will be in the city dec 26, the 24th and 25th I'm upstate with family. You are leaving the 26th? What time?


        RR- something. Probably just a streak mile. 


        NRR- after work yesterday went out for beers with my coworker whose fiancée just left him. Then I poured him into his bus lol and went home. I was still out too late though. Today is just working, I have a girl coming in for an interview at 6 pm so I will be at work late. Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut and hi lighted, doing cards, and last minute Christmas shopping. 


        Happy Friday! I'll try to check back. 


          love the title GSD! lol!


          RR: so I woke up and discovered the world hadn't ended so I went to the gym, ran 1.65 miles and had a great strength session from one of the womens health workout applications. felt good.


          NRR: work day. no meetings so hopefully very productive... then grocery store for some items then home to clean my bathroom and dust and do laundry. I'll try and stay awake for M's arrival late tonight. I'm so so excited that it's the last working day!


          Please send good healing prayers and vibes to my mom as she goes through shoulder surgery today and marc's dad as he keeps meeting with docs today. can't believe both our parents are going through medical crises right now. Urgh!


          gsd: good luck with that 12! maybe if you split it between the outdoors and indoors on a TM? that might help temper the wind.


          OJ: that was nice of you to be there for your co-worker. poor guy. a highlight and cut sounds timely and special for this time of year. Enjoy!


          now to be productive...

          MA runner girl

            Morning Ladies! Happy Friday before holiday weekend!!!


            RR: 3 or 4 miles after work... hopefully it's not POURING then like it is now!


            NRR: Finished up all my cookies last night! I posted a pic on FB for those that didn't see. I had the hardest time falling asleep last night, boo. Today I'm working at home for a few hours before I have an appointment with the insurance agent to sign some papers. Then I'm going into the office for about an hour before our holiday lunch! Mmmm looking forward to a yummy, free meal! We get to go home after lunch, which is nice. Tonight I have NO plans, DH and I plan on relaxing. I haven't done much of that this week! Our weekend is nutso, family parties Sat - Tuesday, so it will be nice to have a night just the 2 of us.


            GSD - Good luck getting in that LR! Running in the wind sucks, unless it's at your back Smile I hope M's teeth grow faster so you can get through this rough patch!


            Jewel - Yuck, interview at 6pm!? On a Friday? That sucks! Poor guy, his fiance leaving him! Sounds like you were a good friend to him.


            Have a great day!

            PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

            MA runner girl

              Liz - Thoughts and vibes to you, M, your Mom and his Dad. I hope everything turns out ok. Good luck being productive today!

              PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                MA: Loved your cookies! they are perfect! hope you get those miles in today after the rain!


                  Happy Friday! I have enough hours to leave work by 2 today! Then, 11 days off from work!


                  RR: running 5 after work today since I get some daylight and it’s actually cool out!


                  NRR: We had a cold front come through over night. It’s really windy, but it was 53 degrees this morning and it’s only a high of 62! Love it! I couldn’t sleep, so I’m super tired now (that’s how it always works, doesn’t it?) We had a good pre-holiday dinner with friends last night at least.


                  GSD: Way to go with the run yesterday. I hope you can get in the 12. It’s super windy here too.


                  OJ: Oh no! At least your coworker’s fiancée decided to leave before they were actually married. Wow, that is a late work day!


                  Lizo: Glad you had a good run. Whoot for the last working day. Sending many good vibes to your mom and M’s dad!


                  MA: Your pictures look beautiful! Enjoy your holiday lunch!


                  Meli: Enjoy the cooler weather! I hope you have a great trip up to NY too!!!!


                    Morning Ladies--


                    So my surgery is on Thursday. Somewhere between 11 a.m.-1 p.m. I can't wait for this to be over. My pre-op has been scheduled for Christmas Eve. UGH. I am trying to have it changed. Fingers crossed!


                      Morning ladies


                      Gsd-it’s windy here today too. Gusts were about 46 mph. hope you can get your 12 in


                      Jewel-that’s so sad about your friend, but that’s great you were there for him


                      Lizo-great job on your workout this morning. I love when ST leaves you feeling awesome. Hope your mom’s surgery and M’s dad’s consult goes well today


                      MA-your cookies were so adorable! Enjoy your holiday work lunch


                      PO-woooo for cooler temps


                      RLTW-oh yikes! I hope you can get your preop changed. That would really stink to have it on Christmas Eve


                      RR: 8 miles this morning. It’s officially winter. We had snow last night, though it didn’t stick, and cold windy temps this morning


                      NRR: feeling less stressed today. Last night went over to a friend’s house and we baked cookies (dinosaur cookies too lol) then went out and grabbed some pizza with a bunch of friends. Today is a long work day and then coming home and doing some cleaning and relaxing then heading to the suburbs for Christmas tomorrow morning for a few days. I am really looking forward to that.


                        gsd - good luck with the 12 miles, we're under a wind advisory too and I'd find it tough to tackle that distance under these conditions.  Way to get the Christmas cards done, that's such a great feeling (too bad we haven't started ours yet...)


                        Jewel - bummer about working late tonight, but your day tomorrow sounds busy and fun!


                        lizo - will say a prayer for your mom's surgery, hope she is able to recover well


                        MA - saw the pic of your cookies, awesome!  Sounds like you better rest up tonight, that's a busy schedule for the next several days, have fun!


                        PO - glad you enjoyed the cooler weather, I just looked at the month in review on TWC app the other day and it seems like the SE has been warmer than average, so I bet it's nice to have a break


                        rltw - keeping you in my thoughts and prayers this upcoming week!


                        taylor - glad to hear you're feeling less stressed, enjoy the time at home



                        RR:  just took the dogs for a walk in the blustery cool weather (I almost said cold, but then remembered that I'm originally from MN and I should be tougher than that)


                        NRR:  A few little things planned for the work day, but I think I'm going to end up working more than I intended over the break so I'm not rushing to get everything done.  Holiday party with DH's company tonight, likely bar hopping afterwards with me as the DD, should be fun to get out!  Lots of cleaning planned for tomorrow before my parents get here, a little bit nervous about them traveling down through Iowa today, saying a prayer for safe travel and clear roads.


                        In case it gets quiet around here over the next couple days, Merry Christmas!


                          RLTW: Really hope you can get your preop changed! counting the days with you till the surgery!


                          taylor: hope you get the cleaning done! we're cleaning buddies tonight! glad you're feeling less stressed!


                          po: that sounds like some super comfortable running temps! enjoy it while it lasts!


                            DR T: missed you! sending travel prayers for your parents as they travel through Iowa! enjoy your DH's holiday party!


                              Morning Ladies! I love the title... we are still here in NY too!


                              GSD- good luck with the 12 today. It is really windy here too... not to mention rainy and gross! I would not be going out to do 12 in this weather! Glad to hear you got some sleep last night


                              Jewel- hope you get your streak mile in. How long are you doing the streak for?


                              Lizo- sending you vibes for your mom and Marc's dad. I bet this is a super stressful time for you with the holidays and medical problems! hang in there!!


                              MA- i hope the weather cooperates for your run! Enjoy your relaxing evening at home and your free lunch!


                              PO- it is always so crazy to me when I read about you being excited to run in cool weather when it is so chilly here! Enjoy the 5 miles in the cool weather.


                              RLTW- I hope you get the pre op changed so you can enjoy the holidays a bit! I am sure you are so ready for all of this to be behind you!!


                              Taylor- enjoy your wintery 8 miles! Happy to hear that your holiday baking helped you destress!


                              Drtremendous- I don't think we have "met" unless you changed your name from the RW forums? In any case, have fun being the DD ... if that is possible! My good friend spent a couple of nights as the DD in the beginning phases of her pregnancy and then decided she couldn't deal with the drunks!


                              RR- blah... I WILL run this weekend! I figure if I at least get my long run in this weekend and a shorter run I am okay running wise...it is just my XT that has been absent!! I absolutely love this time of year, but, man, am I ready to have some down time again!!


                              NRR- I am pretty excited because we are going to a bar tonight with friends and the bar is super christmasy..like being inside a tree christmasy! Hopefully it won't be too long of a night because we are leaving to go to my parents early tomorrow!  


                                Good news! My pre-op was changed to December 26th (the day before surgery).