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beskirted & manicured

    RR - 4 miles with fartlek with Sam. I like messaging her on FB and typing, "hey, wanna fartlek tomorrow?"


    TR - likes to add -ses to pluralize things, like "want carses!"


    FR - chicken pie (yes on Thursday, omg)


    NRR - having lunch with alcoholic friend today, next week is his 1 year anniversary and his bday.


    NRR#2 - my beloved car ass warmer bit the dust.  I plugged it into the cigarette lighter and there's a little red light and it wouldn't turn on.  Other stuff plugged in there worked.  RP got me the ass warmer as a semi-joke Christmas present 2 years ago and it's seriously my #1 favourite gift of all time.  I need to get a new one, because having to endure icy ass after a winter long run makes me very sad.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      Morning Patty! Enjoy the fartlek run today. Bummer about the ass warmer- DH laughs when I tell him my cheeks are cold after a winter LR ---RR: 5 yesterday with R. Slow and really windy. Hoping for 6 today, he will be my RP again. Plank challenge: 3:01 this morning. Yesterday I did them as part of a core workout, 2x1:30 each. ---TR: took him to Old navy yesterday for a winter coat and he was great. It was snowing a bit when we got home and he was holding his hands out and giggling as the snowflakes hit them -----NRR: training clients this morning, hoping for a little shopping this afternoon. From yesterday: Sara: I have my masters in exercise physiology, ACSM HFS cert, and AFPA pre&post natal cert

       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



        RR: Coaching session today. All rested and ready. Probably hills. I love my coach’s flexibility. She said just call her when DS wakes up from nap. Very cool.


        NRR: DH’s works kids xmas party was actually ok. It was at a really fancy hotel right on the beach overlooking nothing but the Atlantic ocean – blank for miles to the horizon. Very very pretty. DS kept running to the window and pointing to the waves. There was a very cool musician playing the banjo. And a balloon artist (those long balloons). And a cookie decorating station. DS and I piped a reindeer in white icing and I gave it to DH to hold. Came back and asked him where my reindeer was and he confessed he had eaten the whole cookie! Then Santa came and we got a gift – it was a picture of us at the kids xmas party last year with Santa made into a jigsaw puzzle! Very cute. Felt bad for being a bit miserable about the party yesterday cos of how thoughtful gift was.


        NRR2: so, for a laugh I thought I would try on my skinniest jeans for the party last night, just well, to see how far I am off my skinny pre-preggo size. And they fit! I didn’t even have to jump into them or lie flat on the bed and suck in etc to get them closed. I wore them to the party! Score! Clearly my one day of plank challenge is paying off (joke).


        DS: he is happy and healthy. Was more interested in the sweeping brooms at the kids party than the party. Today we have playgroup this morning and then another xmas party tonight. I have given DH a free pass out of this one as it won’t be as good, but DS and I will go just for a bit after my run.


        FR: spanikopia pie. It takes 18oz of spinach. I walked to the store and bought all of that spinach, the woman thought I was nuts. Underneath the bob stroller was all packed with just spinach.


        Planks: will do one at personals. NICE JOB yesterday ladies! Whoo hoo!! Just do what you can!

        5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


        beskirted & manicured

          rg - dare I ask what is a slow pace for you?  


          bermy - excellent job on fitting into your skinny jeans without needing a crane.  I bet all that spinach just cooked down into a tiny pile.


          I'll be heading out soon..probably no more personals.


          have a great day everyone!

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            zorbs - Boo on the ass warmer...that is pretty good gift I must say.  Enjoy lunch...is it his 1 year sober anniversary?  I am confused since you call him your alcoholic friendWink


            rg - Great job on getting out there in the wind and running with the stroller.  Glad you got some shopping done.  Does R like the weather shield?  I am hesitant to get it since I don't know if J would like it or not.


            bermy - Enjoy the run today.  Glad the Christmas party was tolerable.  I love the gift they gave...that is so nice and a great memory.  Enjoy making your spinach pie.  (I can't say or spell the other word).  I did my plank for over a minute.  Couldn't really time it because DH called in the middle so I started talking to him and lost track of the time.  But I did  it...and you can tell I am out of shape because my abs hurt today...lol.


            RR - Hoping for 5 today.


            BR - Was an utter diaster last night.  Cried for over an hour after I picked him up from daycare.  I mean really just cried and cried and never took a break.  Only ate 3 bites of food for dinner but drank a ton of milk.  I thing he was just overly exhausted.  He went to bed at 6:30 and was out cold.  Poor little dude.  Woke up a happy boy this morning.


            NRR - DH comes home today.  MIL is having heart surgery so he is going straight from the airport to the hospital to see his mom.  Hopefully he will be home when we get there around 5.  


            FR - How long does homemade chicken noodle soup stay good for?  I made it Sunday and still have a TON of leftovers...still good?  May eat that if it is.  My grandma worked in a restaurant and she always said 2-3 days tops for leftovers.


            beskirted & manicured

              jen - yeah it's his 1 yr sober anniversary..I call him alcoholic friend because it doesn't matter if you're sober, you are always an alcoholic.  I eat leftovers as long as it doesn't smell/taste off.

              5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26





                RR:  SRD.  I just took one on Tuesday, but I usually only run 5 days a week and try to take both rest days during the work week so I can be home a little more.


                TR:  We had fun last night.  Question, though, first, at what age do you introduce showers?  Second, do any of you shower with your kids.  Last night DH was gone so I needed to shower.  I had J in the bathroom with me and he kept peeking in which was fine.  He also needed a bath so I asked him if he wanted to take a shower.  He said yes.  Which he normally does for everything, but after a short while, I decided it was just too weird.  Thoughts?


                NRR:  Game night tonight.  I am headed home after work so we can open our stockings from St. Nick and then hang out.  We will drop J off at the IL's around 6:30 and then go to our friends house.  This group hasn't gotten together since August, so I am really excited to go.


                FR:  Frozen pizza last night for dinner.  J loved it!  Although, he picked off the sausage!  My little vegetarian! Smile

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                Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                  Holy screaming child today!!! -from yesterday-MRSZACH---we are still in between 2 names. Colin and Owen. I for some reason am having a hard time committing. I like the name Owen better, but Colin seems more right...if you know what I mean. I didn't really want my children to have the same first letter, but I tend to like C names. The girl name we had picked out was a C name too.

                    zorbs - Glad your friend is still sober though...that is quite an accomplishment.


                    Mer - I don't think the shower thing is weird...yet.  If he likes it I would do it to save time.  J hates the shower and cries (DH took him during swimming lessons because it was required they shower off before getting into the pool).  Have fun at game night.  J doesn't eat meat??  We want our J to eat meat...although he is not a huge fan he is getting better.  When he is old enough he can decide for himself but I don't want him to be picky like me.  LOL.


                      zorbs - I hope lunch pulls through and doesn't get cancelled on you.  


                      runnergirl - I love Old Navy's clothes.  We have only had one shirt that randomly kept getting holes in it.  Some of my faves for J are Old Navy!  Yay for snow giggles!


                      bermy - The party sounds like a blast.   And WOO Freaking HOO for fitting in skinny jean!  Yay!


                      jen - Glad DH is coming home and you get to see him.  You are a trooper for being a single mom while he is gone.  (Not like you have a choice!)  Can you freeze some of the soup?  That is what DH did with his broccli cauliflower soup he made.  

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                      Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                        zorbs - Bummer about the seat warmer.  Christmas is only 19 days away so maybe you will get another...


                        RG - So cute about the snow.  DS saw snow last year but was just a newborn.  I can't wait for him to see it again this year.  I grew up with snow so I always think it is so wierd when kids have never seen snow.


                        bermy - Your coach sounds so great.  Will you try to find a coach in TN?  And awesome job on the jeans.  Those tough workout have been paying off!  I fit better into all of my jeans now than I did pre-pregnancy.


                        jen - I like to freeze leftover soup in muffin tins, that way you can pop a few into a bowl and eat them.  I think you could probably still eat it if it smells ok.


                        mer - I have a little vegetarian too!  He definitely prefers fruits and veggies.


                        CMG - I love your names.  I always jokingly made fun of DH because all of his siblings names start with N and I would never do that.  But I seem to really like H names.


                        RR:  Went for a long run walk yesterday with a 1 mile run for the streak.  Today I hope to get in 7-8 (3 on TM, 4-5 with stroller).  Having a very energetic dog ensures that I have to do at least two workouts when I go on the TM because she still needs a run.  Also going to try to plank today.  I hate core exercises so it probably won't last long Smile


                        BR:  He is so cute this morning in his little Christmas pjs.  Last night I was thinking about how much fun I have just playing with him.  I definitely want to have more kids in the future but right now I am really enjoying just being with him.  He is just the happiest little guy.


                        NRR:  Still trying to get over the mourning of not going to the retreat this weekend.  We may go to Raleigh for the day to some shopping and then have a date night one of the nights.  I would also really like to take DS to a playground because he loves to climb - he is climbing on everything right now!

                        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                          cmg - C must have what J had last night...no idea what it is but it involves hours of crying...boo.  I like both your name choices.  I love your DDs name too!!  


                          shelby - That sucks about the retreat...I am so sorry.  No friends who would babysit for free?  I hope you guys can still manage to get away together...you so deserve it.  I am glad you are enjoying your time with DS...I love hanging out with J when he is not so cranky...they are so much fun at this age.  Great idea on freezing soup in muffin tins...note to self for the future...its too late for that now.


                            Jen- my DS did the same thing yesterday! He just cried and cried in the car on the way home from dinner with my parents. I could not figure out why. He finally fell asleep so I think he was over tired too even though he had a 3 HR nap. My DH comes home today too! Woohoo. Is your MIL ok? Mine had a lot if heart issues. Sad Zorbs: sorry about the butt warmer! We have one in our car that we definitely don't need here bc it's never cold enough but I LOVE it!

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                              Hi ladies,


                              RR - planned 4 solo miles but ended up on my elliptical instead.  Wondered if this never ending cold is never ending partly b/c I keep running outside and it's not exactly warm... i wished I had run though..


                              BR - was good for Santa yesterday... she smiled and was quite happy on his lap but I didn't like the Santa, he seemed bored...

                              Today I'm supposed to visit my office with the other "maternity leave mom's" to take a picture with our babies in front of the big christmas tree..last year we took a pic of us holding our pregnant bellies and thought it'd be fun to do it again only holding our babies!  It's been so hard to get everyone together though.... everyone wants to meet at different times b/c of naps, feedings, etc... so the time we agreed on is right smack in the middle of C's usual afternoon nap time... I guess I'm the one who had to compromise..


                              FR - consuming chocolate pudding like I've never had it before... it's just so good...



                              jen - sorry to hear J was a mess last night but it sounds like a good nights sleep improved his mood!


                              mer - we're having frozen pizza tonight!  I don't think it tastes very good but for some reason DH thinks it's great...


                              cm - i like both names... Colin especially!  Owen was on my list for boy names but DH didn't like it..


                              C is crying for attention... BBL, I hope!


                                RR: 6 today on day 6 of the streak. DH: comes home today! It will be so nice to have him home TR and BR: Both up before 6 but I went to bed at 9:15 so I dont feel so bad. NRR: going to Target today. I need to find an ugly Christmas sweater for a party. Plank challenge: will do it after DS has his bottle

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