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    Quiet morning...is everyone posting on FB instead?  Bummer if so for those of us who can't post to FB during the day.  

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    Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



      Good morning mommas!


      RR:  My mileage last week was terrible between moving, a sick baby, and the stomach flu.  Hoping for 4 today, although I have to take H to the doctor's and DH should arrive around 2 with the moving truck.


      BR:  Still has diarrhea, poor love.  We have to find a new doctor and I am hoping we can get in somewhere today.


      NRR:  This move has been crazy!  H and I are getting settled in Denver.  The new place is great and very convenient.  I have already seen TONS of running trails which makes me so happy.  I can't wait to get out there.  Unfortunately, cold weather is coming so I better get used to it asap.  It has been nice having my parents here to help with H.  Hopefully we don't all drive each other crazy living together for the next year!


      As I said, DH should arrive around 2.  He got a flat tire yesterday so that set him back a bit.  Hopefully that doesn't happen today because the movers are coming at 3 to unload the truck.  And then we get to unpack and enjoy family time for the next 2 weeks.


      zorbs - You should definitely do a 5k.  I took a long time off from doing them and was amazing how much faster I was when I started them up again. 

      5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


        bermy - Great job on the training so far!  It will be rough for me as training starts soon and I have barely been doing 20 mile weeks!


        jen - DS also lost it in Target yesterday.  Must be something about the store!  And there is just too much yummy food this time of year to pass up. 


        cx2 - Great job on the mileage.  And sorry about the poop.  Since DS has diarrhea, every morning has been like that lately...


        mrszm -  What is ART?


        mer - Great job on the planks.  I am the opposite...I have only done it one day, ha!


        CMG - Wierd about the weight loss.  Maybe it's just water weight.  Have your fluid levels been looking good with the baby?

        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


          cmg - I really hope C feels better when she wakes up.  I lost 5lbs right before I had J.  I was leaking fluids though...a lot.  I hope you are able to get a lot done with your day off.


          Shelby - Boo to DS still having diarrhea...seems like a long time.  I hope you can get him in to be checked.  Is he happy otherwise?  Sorry to hear you were sick too...ugh!  Poor DH on the flat.  I am hoping he gets there safely and quickly and that you guys get unpacked and are able to enjoy lots of quality time together...and healthy!


            Morning ladies!


            RR:  3 on tap for today. 


            TR:  A nightmare now that the inlaws are gone.  ugh, I hate that. 


            NRR:  We did Christmas on Sat. morning while the grandparents were in town.  I said no more toys and what does C get?  A ton of new toys.  ARGH!!!!!!


            QOTD:  How do you ladies stick to training plans when you are on vacation?  I can see DH getting pretty pissed at me this coming weekend for being selfish and wanting to run rather than spending time with my family as he puts it.  He's ok with it any other time, just not when we are away.


            I will try for some personals now....


            Shelbyjo:  So glad you made it, hope your little one feels better soon.  I can't imagine running during moving.  Moving is exhausting.


            Ok, back to page one....


              Zorbs:  DO IT!  I haven't ran a 5k in ages.


              Ernie:  Hi there!  Working mom of a 3.5 year old.  Training for my first full this spring!


              Bermie:  Yikes, I can't imagine 10 with a stroller.  Good job woman!


              Jen:  Haha, we have to buy popcorn as soon as we walk in the door at target or else full meltdown mode.  I don't mind since it keeps him quiet the entire trip.


              Cx2:  Holy poop batman, I think I would had puked.


              Mer:  There is a reason C has only had one real haircut in his life so far.  Nothing is easy with that kid.  I feel your pain.


              MrsZM:  I love a good dinner, its so nice to have grown up time with a friend!


              CMG:  Don't you drop a few lbs before the big event starts? 


              Oh and my running capri arrives in the mail today, woooohooooo! DH scored some brownie points by giving me a tiffany box for Christmas, my consellation prize for not getting into NWM.  I guess that means I need to run 13.1 this weekend Smile


                jen - C was alert during the run so I stretched it to 5.5... yea, I put a plastic shield over her stroller to block the wind and rain.. many times I've taken her out of the stroller and she felt warm, so I guess it does the job!  Hope the week flies by for you!


                mer - i tried lurking in Gen Nuts but I don't recognize anyone... there were some fun times in that forum!  The strike is b/c the Gov't and the school board had to negotiate a new contract, but then the Gov't decided to not let the teachers negotiate and said, Here's the new contract, tough.... it went against the union's rights to negotiate, and that's not right... so now the teachers are on work-to-rule basically... but a lot of parents think the teachers are being greedy and want more money, since the new contract includes a wage freeze and slashing sick days... that's totally not why the teachers are angry, they're angry at being forced to accept the deal when they're supposed to negotiate.  One of my friends (a non teacher) said, I don't blame them, teachers coach teams, stay after hours to run extra curricular activities, meet parents/students, and don't get paid to do any of that.

                Sorry, that was a long explanation!


                ernie - i'm just on the other side of Detroit, about 20 minutes from the border...


                shelby - ugh diarrhea every morning?  Not fun... hope your DH makes it safely!


                cm - your job sounds interesting!!


                becky - sadly, DH and I haven't been on vacation since our honeymoon in 2010... 


                  Zorbs – DD went down to the  basement with me last week to look for something and I totally forgot I had the presents out in the open, but I don’t think she saw any.


                  Ernie – welcome! You probably won’t see me a ton around here because I have become a very sporadic poster. I teach middle school have a DD (3) and DS (1)


                  Bermy – having the option to run on the beach sounds nice, it’s very cold in WI today!


                  Jen – awesome mileage!  what are you training for?


                  Cx2 – eww on the poop!


                  Mer – the first time R got his cut professionally he did awesome and sat really nice, the second time screamed the entire time and the cut was really uneven so I tried to fix it at home and put too short of an attachment on the buzzer, oops!


                  Mrszm – that is crap that you might not get the same watch back. Love chicken salad!


                  Cmg – both my  kids have been cranky and have colds, seems like we can only go about 2 weeks with everyone healthy.


                  Shelby – I hope DH makes it with no other problems


                  Becky – my DH is a runner too so running on vacation isn’t a problem, especially since he knows how crabby I can be if I don’t run!


                  RR - SRD, got in a 9 and 5 this weekend. Signed up for my 50k, my new RP is doing the same race and we will do long runs together on Saturdays, I love having a long run RP!


                  NRR - almost done xmas shopping, have a few gift cards to pick up. DD and I baked with my mom yesterday.


                  TR - let her pick out a gift to give her little bro this weekend, trying to stress the giving part of xmas, she is excited to wrap it and kept telling him "dont look in the cart"


                  BR - loves to dance!


                  FR - grilled cheese and tomato soup tonight, I'm pretty excited for this because we bought some bread from Panera to use.


                  beskirted & manicured

                    ernie - welcome, I am from Ontario as well.  Yeah, if I'm going for a PR I want a freakin chip time!


                    bermy - what marathon are you going to run?


                    jen - there were a bunch of really good 5Ks about a month ago (including the one where I set my PR back in 2010)..but now not much until spring, and even then, they are associated with bigger races that I'm running already.


                    cx2 - we never really had poop incidents with B, but he is still young...


                    mer - what's 1:1 initiative?


                    mrszm - I have smuggled the playmat in the house, and hidden it in a safe place, hopefully.


                    carly - weren't you the one who went to the hospital with a cup of amniotic fluid to show that your water was broken?


                    shelby - I always heard that CO is one of the fittest states, so I am not surprised to hear there are great trails.


                    becky - I'd say to hell with everyone else and stick to the training plan..MAYBE shorten a bit, but the frequency would be there.


                    moxie - I thought I got the playmat out of the car fast enough, but B got enough of a glimpse in the 3 seconds...sharp kid.

                    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



                    beskirted & manicured

                      bah, double post

                      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



                        mer: I think it's just the quiet of the holidays.  There isn't a parallel daily on FB that I saw. 


                        ER - Yoga both days this weekend + dogs walks with the stroller.  Yesterday was 2:00 min forearm plank.  So I forget, is the plank challenge just one a day?  (I know I need to add in the side planks). Or is it 3 a day?  I'm not sure it matters as long as I'm doing something.


                        PGR - whiney whine whine.  My sciatic are killing me. Happened with Em for a few weeks and then she was up and out of my pelvis and off the nerves.  I've been stretching them daily.  My knee hurts, my hip hurts, my ankles are sore, the bottoms of my feet hurt.  Blerg.  Yesterday I wore Em for about 45 min while she napped and I cooked dinner.  So maybe that's why everything hurt.  Ok, whining is over.  Feeling much better today.


                        NRR - MIL comes into town tomorrow night. 


                        FR - Brats & freezer veggies tonigth and whatever other leftovers DH wants.  We have eaten down almost ALL the food in our freezers (yes, we have a two fridges and hence two freezers).  Got through all my prepped meals, all the frozen meat except for some frozen ground chicken.  Only thing left in the freezer is some boca burgers, tomato sauce & turkey stock from thanksgiving.  Woot! 


                        TR - Emily is really starting to understand what we are saying and will nod her head yes and no.  She recently started nodding "yes" which is super helpful instead of just "no."  Said "dada" this morning clear as day when he was leaving for work.  DH actually stopped and paid attention to her, hugs and kisses, etc. and she clapped and was SO pleased with herself.


                        Christmas related - Got ALL of Emily's christmas shopping done yesterday.  Just need to do DH stocking & get some cards and I'm done!  woohoo!  Debating on whether or not to make christmas cookies this year.  I think I want to skip it.  Dh is doing really well on his diet and, well, MIL doesn't need cookies with her weight and diabetes and BIL is diabetic too - so I'm thinking I can use the i'm-tired-from-a-toddler-and-being-pregnant excuse.  Maybe just one batch of oatmeal chocolate chip...


                        Shelby - what part of Denver are you in?!  You can PM me on facebook if you want (or vice versa).  I'd love to try and meet up with you and H if you want. :-) 


                          Morning Ladies~


                          RR: 6.1 miles with R in the stroller this morning. It's in the 40's, and felt great to run in shorts! Planks- 3:00 front, 1:30 each side.


                          TR: was great all weekend traveling. He had a blast at my mom's house. She has a train table, which he is obsessed with. She also has a mini shopping cart that he was running up and down the hall with, laughing hysterically. Slept and ate well while we were away too.


                          NRR: Wrapping DH and R's presents today, we're going to celebrate our family Christmas this coming Saturday morning before we head out to visit family/friends.



                          zorbs- yeah, 5K's are hard to find around here this time of year too. And I'm not driving 2hrs each way to run for 19 minutes, not worth it. Oh, B is going to have fun with the playmat- those things are awesome!


                          Ernie- welcome! I have a 16month old boy and work on a per diem/part time basis. I'm an exercise physiologist/personal trainer at a wellness and fitness center. I've been running for many years, started racing in 2002. I love the half and full marathon distance. Great to have you here! We have a few other ladies from Ontario, too!


                          Bermy- saw your runs over the weekend- AMAZING!!! You're getting realy strong, and fast! Can't wait to see you tear up the course in Nashville. I love love love your FB pic of you and DS!


                          jen- ugh, sorry about the screaming in Target. I have started bringing a bag of snacks in for R, which keeps him content for a bit. It's still not enough for me to shop leisurely, but at least i can get everything i need before he decides he doesn't want to sit in the cart anymore. Nice job on the runs over the weekend!


                          Cx2- great LR on Saturday. Ugh on the poop-splosion!!! It's sooo gross when they get it on their hands. R is obsessed with his "parts" right now, and has to grab himself every time the diaper is off.. I have to be quick to clean up if it's a poopy one!


                          mer- Hope you get some good rest soon! nice job on the running over the weekend! when's your next race? mmm, i love greek pizza, what do you put on yours? there's a pizzaria here that makes it on whole wheat crust and it's delicious!


                          mrszm- how's the ART going? are you notcing a difference? lol on the dinner out with your friend- sounds like some quality girl time. cute about DS and his blocks!


                          CMG- congrats on making it full term!!! hope you have a great day and C woke up happy for you! enjoy the last few days of work before little man arrives.


                          shelby- hope you're feeling better! glad you guys made it safely with the move. Aw, hope DS feels better soon!!! You're living with your parents? Nice to have the built in babysitters. When do you restart PA school?


                          becky- do the inlaws spoil C? booo on the toys...can you hide some of them away for later? As for the training- is getting up early and running before everyone else is awake an option for you? While we were in Maine this summer, I ran right after R went down for his first nap ~8:30AM. Most of the rest of the family was just rolling out of bed at that time, and rubbing sleep out of their hung over eyes. hehe.


                          moxie- loved your family pics on FB- you have beautiful kids! yay for a 50K!!! btw you and runprof(alissa) i'm seriously considering one...yikes. Is this your first 50k?


                          rocky-nice job on the planks! i did them all the way through my pregnancy with R, and started about 1 week PP again. definitely helped my core bounce back fast! Can you see a chiro for your sciatic pain? I know a few of the other ladies on here swear by them when they are preggo.

                           5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                          beskirted & manicured

                            rg - *snort* it takes me a bit longer than 19 minutes to run a 5K.

                            5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



                              rocky - Its fun when they start to really understand what you are saying!  J used to say yes to everything.  Now he says yes and then no.  Funny kid.    I know there was a parallel thread last week.


                              zorbs - 1:1 means that every kid in the building has a device of their own to use all day and take home.  We have 800+ kids in our building alone.


                              moxie - We were at Panera this weekend too.  DH tried to cut J's hair once which is why we were having my mom do it.  At least the ladies in the shop thought he was cute which cancelled out all of the crying.  And, its grandma so I don't feel as bad that he wasn't good.  I just looked at her and said, "Welcome to our world!"


                              cx2 - Sounds similar to what we went through last school year and what MI is going through right now.  We had a lot of changes to our "manual" which were intersting.  It is nice when people realize the work teachers do outside of the classroom and not get paid for.  Like last night, when I was grading papers until 10pm, or texting with a parent of a student that I am mentoring.  But, in a way I feel like we knew what we were getting in to when we signed for the job.  BUT...if there are rights, it is not fair for those to be taken away.  


                              becky - I didn't realize that was from Tiffany!  I need to find the link and send it to my DH!  We don't really go on vacation so I can't help you there.  LIke Moxie, my DH knows I need to run.  I guess Jen does too...she sent me a shirt that says "I run because....you wouldn't like me if I didn't!"  Smile


                              shelby - You have had a lot going on.  I am glad you are getting settled in CO.  I visited there once (the Denver area) and LOVED it.   

                              Upcoming Races: 

                              Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                                mer - I think the ipad users sometimes post a parallel thread since this site is not that compatible with those devices.  And I have access to both at work (RA & FB) so, I post on both just to entertain myself.  LOL.   What kind of a device?  Like a flash drive, or like a laptop?


                                RG - If the sciatic continues longer than a week or two, I'll go to the chiropractor.  I'm hoping it's like last time though and will just go away as the baby and uterus change and move positions.  Um a 19 min 5k.  I would be finishing mi 2 as you were finishing the course!