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Mighty Mouse

    Post as you wish. Special commendations to racers. Smile



    Mighty Mouse

      Mommymac, our gym is a very big one and the area has lots of old retired guys. Many of them come to watch the women. The cop I run with watches them.

      MarjorieAnn3137, the dog pics are so cute!


      Monday I got in 45 minutes on the track. I do a hand weights workout (very short) 5 days a week and am trying to keep it going.

      Today should be a track run, more light and easy than yesterday.Big grin

      Happy runs, All! :::HUGS:::



      Run to live; live to run

        Thanks everyone for the comments on my pups!


        Morning Judy and hi to everyone


        Gatsby wow 5000 gain I'd be tired too. Can't get much flatter than Charleston SC.


        Lisa bonus is nice and it is great you got one! Okay need to stop playing on the forum and get my butt out to run.


        LC Runs



          No run this am, will try and get in a few miles after work Smile


          Hi Judy!

          Disney freak

            Marjorie - I noticed it was 5:10 am when you said you were going to go run.  It's still dark out here.  Do you run in the dark?  I know someone had mentioned they wear a flasher, and someone else said a headlamp.  


            I'd be afraid I'd step in a hole! (I've had several bad twisted ankles - they're not weak, I just go down easy - more likely to scrape my face up than hurt my ankle)


            There is just barely enough daylight to run when I get home! 

            Lisa Marie

            • first 5K on 12/8/12 - 39:14
            • first 10K on 1/12/13 - 1:23:45
            • upcoming races: Hypnotic Donut Dash - 1/26, Hot Chocolate 5K 2/9, Rock n Roll half relay 3/24
            • training for Big D half on 4/14

              Good morning!  5 planned for the day and the weather is back to normal-36. I'll catch up with personals... 

              Laura, sorry your work is tough right now. At least you have cookie making to look forward to.

              Tessa, I checked out the quilt museum.  Sounds nice!  DD is getting married in TN on Memorial Day weekend, so I'll prob go home end of May.

              Marjorie, love the pictures!! They are just adorable.

              Lisa, I'd find that discouraging, too.  Is he depressed? A copy of the Happiness Project in his Christmas stocking might give him a hint. (kidding).

              Karen, I think she'll be fine. My DD usu works when I visit and I find plenty to do. You could have her meet you or hubby for lunch.

               Ginny, your weather for the Hustle sounds worse. Take heart...the 10 day forecast truly changed every day for mine with dramatically different temps (and rain-didn't). I ended buying a super cheap poncho, taking shorts, capris AND pants because it was so confusing. Maybe yours will change for the better.  Also, I didn't mind my time really..it was my caving to the desire to walk so often that bothered me...just  wimped out. I did that a lot early last summer, but had been better.

               Cindy, your description of your run yesterday made me feel better about Sunday-clown shoes. : ).  Today should be much better.

               Tessa, great link on quilt museum.  DD's wedding is end of May, so I'll be late going home this year.

              Carol, on your question about the arrythmias. I've had odd occasional episodes for 3 years when I'd get to mile 1 or 2 and just couldn't run-sucking air and irregular p.    The symptomatic  episodes felt more like PVC's/PAC's with one every 3 or 4th.  Last Thurs, I caught an episode while I was on  the treadmill (not the Bruce day). It was irreg, irreg and I wasn't symptomatic.  He says odds are that it's a fib, but is doing stress test due to family history.  I was a nerdy critical care nurse for 20 yrs and started a cardiac rehab program so know the subject a bit, though it's been a while. Have your pvc's stopped? Do they make it hard to run?

              LisaMarie, good pic!   How fun to have your family there. Most half courses are better than one closed lane.

              Linda, are things better with your DH?  Hope so.

              Julia and Linda the Bruce Protocol is the stress test protocol. It starts with walking at 10 degrees elevation and elevation and speed are increased every 3 min.  Prob not wise to do unmonitored, but I was at the gym, cking p closely, have the background and stopped early.

              Knit queen, when are your tests?  I had a similar scare about 10 years ago, which turned out ok. 

              Jules, Looks like you'll have some nice weather here!


              Hi, Judy  and Gatsby!

              LC Runs

                Hi Lisa Marie - I run in the dark and wear a headlamp as well as hand held light.  I don't when roads are icy, though, I stick to the TM.


                Camille - have a great 5 and thanks for the nice words!!


                Lisa - sorry about the DH, so frustrating especially since you are so optimistic.  My BF is like that, very cynical.  My ex dh never had an opinion, good or bad, about anything.  Men are crazy ha ha!


                  Looking forward to another run out on the roads today! Maybe even a double if DD wants to go for a few after school. She's pretty upset about the "no puppy" decision but he was so cute, I'm sure he will find a good home soon.


                  Lisa - I love the "husband - glass half empty" portrait you paint. Some of that going on here too. I guess my job in the marriage is to smile and try to keep spirits up while remembering that I function better with the glass half full. Philosophies on life . . . . sheesh!


                  Marjorie - Too cute! Their faces look a lot like Beagle; you said they are siblings?


                  Got a batch of cookies baked last night too. Also decided that our family and my girlfriend's will spend Christmas Eve hiking a trail! We decided to forego the hours in the kitchen, the starched shirts and dresses, the messy day after clean up, and go hiking on a local trail. Then back home for home-made pizza and ice cream sundaes. If weather permits, we'll get the firepit going and ring in Christmas Day. We're excited about doing something fun and spending time visiting instead of cooking.


                  Fog has lifted here; hope it has where all of you are too.


                  Happy Tuesday - Carolyn 

                    Good Morning!  4 miles early (Lisa Marie--I wear blinky lights and sometimes a headlamp) --and started carrying pepper spray just in case--"full battle rattle"  lol.  Hip has been bothering me since the trail race so I cut it short. 


                    Thanks for the quilt link Tessa--I will have to check it out. 


                    Ugh!  It is 40F outside, so I wore a long sleeved top.  They must have the heat at the office cranked up to 90!  Really guys???


                    Marjorie--loved the puppy pictures!  IDK I can get my guys to be still that long.


                    Hugs Lisa!


                    Have  a great Tuesday!


                      Lisa Marie...I always run in the dark, I wear a blinky light too around my arm


                      Saw the greatest bumper sticker the other day....0.0  that was the sticker!  You know instead of 13.1 or 26.2, I thought it was pretty funny!


                      No run for me this morning, I am off in the morning tomorrow, so will try and go then.


                      Camille...the forecast has already changed.  Now it says 41 and 50% chance of rain.  I don't know which is worse, I would rather be cold than wet and cold!


                      Lisa...sorry about DH's attitude.  I know you struggle with this.  Hugs to you!


                      Made cut-outs last night... my first batch of many!





                      6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


                      Run to live; live to run

                        Lisa Marie it was 6:10 actually when I posted since I'm on the East Coast.  I usually actually go much earlier to run most days.  My neighborhood is well lit and actually it was already getting a bit light out when I started to run.  And the route that I do here early am I've done so many times over the last 12 years I think my feet know automatically where the sidewalk is uneven etc.  I have reflective gear and blinky lights etc.  Even when I travel I usually run at 4 am just in well lit areas.


                        I did run 11 miles this am also.  The weather was awesome, maybe just a bit warm when I finished but overall a very nice run.


                        Laura hope you get some miles in after work'


                        Camille hope the 5 went well


                        Carolyn yes they are liter mates.  They are not pure breed Bassets.  Their mom was a Basset but they don't know what the dad was.  Still, they are super super sweet guys. 


                        Ginny we spent a long time in obeidence.  I can get them to pose pretty easily to take their pictures as they will do anything for one of their training treats.  We still put them through the training drills on sit wait stay etc every day.  Getting a Basset to listen is hard so I'm really glad these two are ones that will listen to me.


                        Oh and Ginny there is another one that says 27.6 or something and under it says I got lost.  It is super funny as well. 



                          Ginny, don't worry yet.  Rain was predicted on the 10 day 9 of 10 days.  It didn't.  : )


                          On a chilling note, have any of you been hearing about Israel Keyes, the serial killer who committed suicide in jail last week? The FBI is now releasing info from the interviews, hoping they'll be able to find more info about his victims.  He'd moved to Anchorage and yesterday's story was about him waiting for people along the Coastal Trial I love so much. I can't seem to stop reading about it, which isn't like me at all. Maybe because he said he often waited at campsites and trail heads?  Very normal looking guy.   Be careful out there.


                            Marjorie - I need that sticker! I ran the Disney full one year with a new belt to hold my gu. At mile nine I looked down and the gu was gone! Hadn't planned on that so turned around and started back, looking everywhere and trying to ignore the "You're going the wrong way" encouragement I got from the crowds. I had put 4-5 gu packets in the gu dispenser and it came off my new belt. Never try anythin new in a race!


                            Anyway, found it under a water station table and screamed for the volunteer not to step on it. I probably added ten minutes to my time.


                            Live and learn.



                              Judy, I am glad that you have male running buddies who look out for you and the other women at the gym. Sorry that some of the retired guys think that you are exercising for their entertainment.


                              Lisa-Marie, I run before dawn all year round, and I wear a reflective vest and blinky light. DH has referred to me on occasion as "Our Lady of the Flashing Navel". Sigh. Most of the streets are well lit, there are a few that aren't and I try to limit runs on those to the week after the full moon when there is the most light in the 4 AM hour. Even at summer solstice the sky is just paling in the east when I get back from my run.


                              Lisa/MMR, DH is such a negative nelly! He should be happy that you got a bonus at all, rather than calculating the net amount and muttering how it's not much. (Though in his defense perhaps he thinks you work so hard that you deserve a lot more?) Ooh yes do Hatfield-McCoy. It's less than 450 miles (I just looked) and it sounds as if we are going to have a good group, especially since Zipper did not make it into Western States and therefore is doing H-M. I think you two would get along very well.


                              Marjorie, do you have problems traveling and going to altitude? Charleston is at sea level, right?


                              Gatsbybird, Shadow is at altitude, that is true. http://www.bigbaztrailraces.com/12/50K-ShadowG-Jun02.htm 5923' elevation gain, starts at 5000', goes up to maybe 7800' at the highest point. It depends on which course is being used that year.


                              Laura, hope you manage to get some running in after work. I will try to join you (virtually) since I have a lunch meeting.


                              Camille, congratulations to DD. Hmm. If DD is getting married in TN at the end of May, would that mean perhaps you could be at Hatfield-McCoy too? Second weekend in June, Williamson, WV and Goody, KY and areas around there. It is definitely the back end of nowhere!


                              Carolyn, DD will have to live with the "no puppy" decision, when she has a home of her own she can get a puppy if she wants.


                              Yay for runs!


                              Susan, I hate it when the office cranks up the heat. Some people come in in summer clothes and expect the building to be overheated to compensate.


                              Ginny, blinky lights are good, you should look like an ambulatory Christmas tree in the darkness.


                              Hee on both the 0.0 and "27.6...I got lost!" stickers.


                              4 this morning with running neighbour. No run at lunch due to a meeting, hoping to get a few more miles in this evening.


                              So, decision. DS's choir is singing at Disneyland this weekend. DH still has not decided if he wants to go or not. It's two performances, 5:30 and 7:30 PM, no reservable seating, we'd wind up sitting on the curb or standing on the pavement in a very large crowd to listen and perhaps catch a glimpse of our offspring with 1200 other choristers.

                              DS has said he would like us to go but he understands if we can't.

                              I have choices:
                              1) buy two tickets through work ($81.50 apiece) and drag DH, who doesn't like crowds and doesn't like being out late and has to manage both blood sugar and eating. And who is in no shape to stand for any length of time but who doesn't want to sit on a curb.

                              2) buy one ticket, plan on going, and if DH changes his mind and wants to come buy a ticket at the gate ($89).

                              3) buy one ticket, go, and tell DH he waited too long and he is SOL. This means driving myself and being at D-land by myself.

                              4) skip it, save the $$, and deal with DS's quiet disappointment.

                              Oh, hell. I think I just answered my question, which was "which should I do?" Sigh.

                              I haven't included "see if mum, Sis, SIL, or others want to go" because I know my dad can't stand that long either, and they have no reserved seating, and he wouldn't want to hire a wheelchair. And none of my family like DH (feeling is heartily reciprocated) so I don't want to ask family members to go and then find that DH has decided to go and have them all glaring at each other the whole time.


                              Run to live; live to run

                                Tessa nope altitude hasn't bothered me too much when I travel. Most isn't much elivation but honestly I haven't noticed.