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    Yawn... double coffee day.


      RR:  Another 5 or 6 today (I think) I am sore for Sunday, but I find moving helps.


      NRR: Gotta get fueling right. I am so slacking in that area. Not much is going on, just getting back into routine. If M is up we will go to the Aquarium for toddler time.  She will get to travel in her new car seat! I can't believe it, she is growing so fast. Gotta run... my little monster wants her breakfast.


      Have a great day!


        Morning ladies!


        RR: Just did 3 on the TM, have to do 49 burpees + abs later. I did 95 burpees right before bed last night (Sun + Mon) and it was rough. It also made it hard to fall asleep! Tonight I will make sure to do them earlier.


        NRR: Work work work. Not much else going on ,really! our day care teacher said all G wanted to do was eat and sleep yesterday, so he's most definitely going through a growth spurt.


        GSD - These babies need to slooooow down!


        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!


        MA runner girl



          RR: 30 min walk yesterday. Even that made my pelvis ache Sad Will head out today after work, but I might not run much! We'll see.


          NRR: Yesterday was one of those "I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open" days. I ended up working about an hour late, and by the time I got home I crawled into bed and rested for a while. DH was sweet and made 2 batches of meatballs, freezing 8 meals! And of course he made spaghetti and we had some for dinner. Smile I went to bed around 10 and woke up at 8! I feel much better. Working at home today.


          GSD - I find that a nice slow run makes me feel a lot better than nothing at all when I'm reallly sore. Have fun at the aquarium if you go!


          Sassy - Wow, that is a lot of burpees!! Great job keeping up with it. I hope G gets through the growth spurt without giving you too much trouble!


          Have a great day ladies.

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            Morning ladies


            gsd- were you able to get some sleep last night or was M up again a lot?


            Sassy-great job on those 95 burpies yesterday!


            MA-glad you were able to get some sleep last night.


            RR: pool or indoor run later today. We are supposed to get a few inches of snow today, but I don't think it will be as bad as originally predicted


            NRR: DBF is gone for the month Sad He is heading to southern IL to see family today then will drive to VA to see more of his family. I will join him there on the 23rd, but it's still hard to have him gone that long. On the bright side though, I feel like i will be able to get a lot of work done with him not "distracting" me lol


              no run yet today. was just too tired to wake up!


              RR: hoping for about 4 tonight on the TM. snowing pretty hard here now so I don't plan to try and run outdoors tonight.


              NRR: meetings today starting at 9 and going till about 3 I think. gym after work, then home to chill.... hopefully!!  Got some more wedding stuff done yesterday - looked into hotels for reserving blocks of rooms and also put together an address label sheet for invitations that are supposed to go out this week... Reminds me I need to call a couple of hotels today. M starts looking for his tuxedo this thursday. He has an appointment on thursday at 7pm. Is it weird that I want to go with him?


              ok later!


                gsd: good luck with the extra miles! don't over do!


                sassy: how sore do those burpees make you? M was doing them the other day and ouch... looked hard especially for the number you do!


                MA: yay for some resting time yesterday and an Awesome DH that cooked and took care of things!


                taylor: boo about your DBF gone for so long! hope his absence will lead to tons of productive time for you! safe travels to him!


                later. gotta get some work done before my meeting.


                  Good morning, ladies!


                  RR: Feeling better today after 7 trail miles with Fay. I actually didn't get to sleep until 11, and thought about sleeping in, but I woke up early anyway.Meeting with my PT today for a new routine. Also, I didn't get to my burpees yesterday so I will need to do 97 today. I may try to do them at work.


                  NRR: Worked on this presentation for work for a while last night. I'm really nervous about public speaking, even when I can't see my audience, so I have to write out my entire script. Lame but it will keep me from forgetting something. I also talk very quickly, so I think I might put times out to the side so I know if I need to slow down or not. I'd like to run some errands after my PT session but we'll see if I make enough progress on the presentation today at work.



                  GSD - Ooh the aquarium sounds fun!


                  Sassy - Is it weird that when I woke up this morning, the first thought I had was "Dang it, I forgot to do my burpees yesterday!" and then my second thought was "Sassy!"


                  MA - You must getting close..seems like you're more tired lately? That 10 hour sleep sounds divine!


                  Taylor - I know what you mean about the "distraction". The days will fly by before you see him.


                  Lizo - Are you getting married in Worthington or Sioux Falls?


                    Morning Ladies. I am sleepy too today!


                    RR: I ran 3 outside last night. It was a nice night and it stays light out till 6! yay! While running I had a moment where it just sort of hit me--I'm STILL a runner. I'm slow. I'm horribly out of shape. It hurts. But, I'm still a runner. I've had 2 brain surgeries in a 7 month span and I realize it is going to take time for me to get back into shape. But I am finally healthy and feeling great! Tonight I am hitting the gym on the way home for a run--probably three miles and then some weights.


                    NRR: Looking forward to going home tonight, putting on my sweats and watching trashy TV tonight!


                    Gotta run. Have a great day, ladies!


                      Good Morning girls!


                      GSD, I was using the vest every day! I took it off now and will only use it as needed. So the belly portion is what you are leaving about 1" lose,right? Hope M can go to the aquarium! Sounds like so much fun!


                      Sassy, Ouchy on the growth spurt! He'll be walking before you know it! Little Fellow is too darn cute!


                      Lizo, I also want to go Tux shopping with C! We all want him to wear tails. He said if he cannot see my dress then I cannot see his tux! We are hoping to mail out the invites within the next 2 weeks.


                      PO, How are you feeling dear?


                      Ma, Ouch on the pelvis pain. I hope it goes away. You're almost there lady!


                      OWR, I have no problem with public speaking but I also tend to speak very fast when I'm nervous so I have to intentionally slow my speaking pace down. I typically do a few index cards or type it up in really big font, double spaced. Good luck.


                      Taylor, That's a lot of time w/out DBF. Hope you get some work done!




                      TriR pathetic 2 miles this morning. I'm so out of shape it's sad. I need to get back into my routine. I'm doing a Tri in 6 weeks and I am really ouf of shape, feeling blah. Hey at least I got up and did something, right? Blush


                      NTriR, Seems like Baxter is responding a liiiiiitle to the meds. He had a better night last night, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that the meds will work. Volunteering tonight so it's a long day for me. I've also been in a funk lately so I need to schedule a visit to see my T ASAP.


                      Wedding Related: Finalizing Honeymoon plans this week and hopefully getting the invites printed this week. We will print 80% of them in Spanish and 20% of them in English. Thank goodness that the cost is about a third less over there then here. Then we need to get address labels done in caligraphy. Then postage, then we mail. We are probably mailing them out 6 weeks before the wedding and the local ones are always hand delivered. (That's the tradition over there. weird I know)


                      Have a great day girls.




                        Morning ladies!


                        RR. Um no. See NRR.


                        NRR. Woke up in the middle of the night SUPER SICK! I had a little stuffy nose when I went to bed and now I feel like I'm dying. DH was sick last week and weekend and I thought I wasn't going to get it. But OMG I feel miserable! And I have so much to do, I want to CRY! It is billing week for our water business, I have 2 clients for my massage business, I have 2 jobs to work and a marathon to train for! I don't even think I can get off the couch, much less be productive at all. And I get NO sick time for any of this, so losing $$$ every minute. Waaaaaaaaaa!!!


                        Sorry for the pitty party. Send me some freaking get well vibes ok!? lol

                        Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                        Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                        Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                        Half: 1:48

                        Full: 4:34



                          Meli- I was thinking about your little one last night and hoping he was doing better. ((hugs))


                          MA- Glad you got some rest and brownie points to DH (again!) for stepping up!


                          Sassy- Holy Burpees! 95! ouchie.


                          OWR- Glad you got a good run in.



                          OK I can't type because Tiger is laying on my arm and biting my fingers when I move them. WTF cat!

                          Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                          Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                          Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                          Half: 1:48

                          Full: 4:34



                            Morning DIVAs!


                            Tuesdays stink! Tomorrow isn't Friday, and even the day after tomorrow isn't Friday! Boo hiss!


                            RR - 3 miles yesterday to our new gym! Super excited. DF drove there and met me, and we went swimming! Got in 1,000 yards. Not bad considering I have bruised ribs from falling on a teammate's skate wheel on Sunday night! Needless to say, I'm no longer in the burpee challenge. Sad


                            DR - I'm starting a new class tonight, it's an artistic (figure) skating skills class that runs right into practice. I'm excited to learn more fluidity and how to jump and spin better!


                            NRR - Random PSA: KT Tape is NOT sweat or water friendly. It was already coming off my skin after my run, then was useless by the time I got out of the pool. It felt good on my ribs until it started coming off! Guess I'll be going back to Rock Tape (and Rock Tape H2O for swimming). Oh and I'm FINALLY better about updating my training log on here, so you can check it out!


                            Sparky - Great job on getting in those burpees!


                            GSD - Double coffee here too! Hope you had some good aquarium time!


                            MA - How nice that DH made all that food! I'm sure it was yummy! Hope the pelvic pain goes away!


                            Lizo - I don't think it's weird at all to want to go with him for the tux! When is your big day again? There are so many DIVA weddings coming up, I can't keep them all straight!


                            Taylor - Hope the time without DBF goes by quickly!


                            OWR - Good luck with your presentation! I used to write "SLOW DOWN" on my notes periodically so I wouldn't read too fast. LOL


                            RLTW - Once a runner, always a runner! You got this!!!


                            Meli - WOW, hand delivered! That's impressive. Who does the delivery?


                            NC - Sending you some get well vibes girlie!!! Hope you can get something accomplished today!!!

                            San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                            Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


                              Hey divas!


                              I finally finished P's full birth story last night. Read it here if you're interested! I'll be posting a pic or two on FB after this too...


                              Today its snowing... we have way too much snow for March! A is home and we're just relaxing. Had P's two-week check up yesterday and while he gained weight, he didn't gain as much as the doctor would like. So I have to feed him a lot and take him in for another weight check Friday. Its not a problem to feed him a lot so far, I think he's gone into the two-week growth spurt. I"m trying to feed him every two hours but he's asking for feeding sooner than that most of the time. He was awake for two hours this morning. I love seeing his eyes open!




                                RR: Ran 3 on the TM last night, so glad I didn't do it outside because when I walked out of the gym it was snowing and the wind was gusting like crazy. Today might be a rest day, or I might do ST tonight if I have time.


                                NRR: Got the save the date address labels into the correct format last night and put all the save the dates into envelopes, sealed them, and stamped them. Today I just need to print the labels at work (need a laser printer) and then put them in the mail! I will be relieved to have that done. Other than that, long day at work. Office work, out of office interview this afternoon, night meeting. Yuck. AF arrived too and is making me feel gross. Double yuck.


                                A few personals off the top of my head:


                                Lizo: I don't think it's weird that you want to go with M to pick a tux! I insisted on going with CRF. I wanted to make sure I'd like it and it would go with everything else I'd picked out!


                                NC: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I feel for you. I know how sick I was and it was impossible to do anything. Sending you the speediest recovery vibes!!!


                                RLTW: I am feeling the same way even though I did not have brain surgery...just a lot of health (mental and physical) related setbacks. It will be a long road (haha pun intended) but we'll get back there! Boilermaker here we come!


                                MArunner: I'm sorry you are so uncomfortable.  But I selfishly want baby C to stay in till next week...