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MA runner girl

    Morning! Post!

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: Swam 1500m last night and felt good. I think it helped my back even more as I feel great this morning! So I'm ready to run! Cannot wait. Though I know that my legs are going to be SORE.


      PGR: 30w2d. So I've noticed that I'm not as tired in the mornings anymore... shouldn't this be the other way around? I'm waking up really rested and dare I say in a good mood! I've never been a morning person, ever, but the first 30 weeks of pregnancy were the hardest to get out of bed! Bizzare. Yesterday I had so many BH contractions, all afternoon. I usually don't get them that often, during/after working out and sometimes once during the day maybe, so that was new. Baby's movements are becoming bigger, if that makes sense, like instead of just feeling little kicks here and there, I feel his whole body moving around. Still the coolest thing ever. Last night I sent DH out to get me ice cream (well frozen yogurt), I felt like a silly typical pregnant girl, but I wanted it! Smile


      NPGR: Tonight is a little up in the air. I have tentative plans to hang out with my cousin, but she didn't give me an answer either way yet... annoying! So I'm prepared to head ot my parents to run, or home depending on her answer.

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

      Laura G in Idaho

        Just a short entry to say last night's 4 mi run was good, but the stomach bug my kids have is coming my way.  Tummy is hurting, and lots of rumbling.  My burps have that taste where you know you're going to be sick.  So, no workout today.  I was going to do grocery shopping, but I think it can wait.  Everyone is sick anyway, so no one is really eating.  I think I'll spend as much time resting as possible today, and eat light, if at all.


          Good morning, I am up with the early birds today!


          MA - nice swim! i hope you have a nice return to running soon, glad the back issues have been sorted relatively quickly...I loved the change to "bigger" movements of LO too, I'm always wondering (well not so much lately) how it looks when a very pg woman is buying chocolate or ice cream too, thinking the shop assistant is saying to him/herself "ah, preggo cravings..."...




          PGR - 38w1d  Not much happening, I'm a little disappointed maybe as it'd be nice to have some more signs that things are building...but then another part of me is thinking it'd be nice to just go "straight into" things with no build too Smile M/w appt tomorrow and next GBS swab...hmmm, should i break and indulge in an icecream as soon as I've done the swab??? Will wash with Hibiclens before to see if that changes things too.


          ER - Ended up just doing 45mins on elliptical yesterday; I have a 40min swim this morning planned then maybe an elliptical again at work depending on energy, finding i am a bit more heavy/tired occasionally of late.


          NPGR - meeting a friend for breakfast after my swim this morning and before work...eggs, bacon and hash browns are likely on my menu, no sugar etc, but yum all the same... DH and I are perhaps going to the movies again tonight (cheap Tuesday!); it's too late to see Argo but maybe the Silver Linings film or Zero Dark?  Oh, and I have finished putting my crochet bunny together...for some reason am putting off doing the face as I'm scared my needlework will turn him into "evil-looking bunny"!!


            LauraG - Blergh, that feeling of getting a stomach bug is nasty!! Glad you got a run in last night though, take it easy!




              RR - Nothing yesterday unless you count the massive going to IKEA trip and resulting home makeover I've got going on in progress right now (more on that in NPGR). Finally had my first bout of RLP bc of it and ow ow ow ow ow! Definitely trying to take it easier today.


              PGR - 17 weeks today!


              NPGR - So we did some talking and decided for the time being we're going to stay put and re-organize the apt. to better accommodate living here, if it comes to it, for another year. Things might still change and we might still move since our lease ends July 31st, dependent on how well my husband's business does, but we know we can save money and continue to pay down debt where we're at now. I think my biggest hurdle is going to be where to put 2 sets of clothes since DS has soooo many.


              Back to it. DS is reminding me of all my craft supplies I left out overnight so I'll check up on personals later.


                Good morning!


                ER: Nothing today, no time and needing the rest.


                PGR: 33+4. Last night we booked a nice hotel downtown here for our babymoon. We were going to do a bigger babymoon in December, but then we bought our car. I could technically still travel but I don't really want to. We don't have the time anyway. So we're spending Saturday night at a nice hotel downtown and making dinner reservations somewhere nice and going to the badgers hockey game. The hotel we wanted to stay at hiked up its rates between when I looked them up yesterday afternoon and when we were ready to book last night. So we did a different one and I think got a nicer room with more perks for cheaper than the hiked up rates of the other one! I'm excited!


                So P is getting really squirmy and poking out something sharp, I'm thinking an elbow. It hurt a decent amount at times, felt like he was trying to claw his way out. I've been using Miralax the last four days and still feeling backed up. I need to look up whats the longest I should take that. May have to ask at my appointment Thursday about what else I can do. I'm not uncomfortable, but I know this probably isn't good to let go on and on.


                NER: Today is DH's interview, its at 10 central... he woke up and said he doesn't feel so good. I don't know if he's just stressing himself out or if he really is sick. He said on his last day of work a month ago he didn't feel good either. He tends to worry himself sick at times, so I think that may be what this is. We're going to have lunch together after the interview. Its going to be weird having him in here and not acknowledging him! A is better today, I could tell in her face when I got home yesterday, so thats good. Hopefully DH isn't really sick and then we can have awhile where there is no sickness in the house!


                  MA - Yum, frozen yogurt sounds great! Ugh on your cousin not committing one way or the other- I hate when people won't make definite plans.  Conversely, I hate when people triple-confirm plans that we've made - unless i let you know that it doesn't work, if we planned dinner at 6 pm, we're still doing dinner at 6 pm...


                  Laura- oh no, boo to the stomach bug - hope you feel better soon.


                  Ozzy - I hope you get negative results from your GBS test tomorrow - when do you find out the results? Enjoy your breakfast!


                  schmett-  glad you figured out your living situation - decisions like that can be tough.


                  monk - I hope your DH's interview goes well, and his not feeling well is just nerves, and not more sickness in your house!


                  PGR: 22 weeks today.  Came down with another terrible cold on Sunday (like my 4th preggo cold, I'm done with them) so didn't work yesterday - I was exhausted and spent most of the day lounging/dozing on the couch - which somehow resulted in back/ab pain last night - maybe I was too immobile during the day?  But I had zero energy.  Still pretty wiped today but toughing it out at work.


                  RR: nada. I could barely walk up the stairs at home yesterday.


                  NPGR: well,  I guess this is PGR - we ended up starting on babies' room this weekend (probably didn't help my exhaustion from the cold)  the room was an office/storage room, so Saturday DSD and I cleared out all the boxes and office stuff, some of which is now strewn about the house until I get around to organizing it, and then Sunday we put the first coat of paint on - but despite buying the paint and primer, the old brown/beige color is showing through in spots, so we'll have to do a second coat. We want to keep things moving in case I do end up on bed rest as things get further along.


                    Hi all!


                    RR: Today was my second day back at exercising as I had to go out of town most of the week since the last time. Anyway, with the travels my injury is acting up due to be tightening so my run/walk was pretty poor. Did 5 intervals of 2 min run/30 sec walk. This weekend was able to do 6 intervals. I will need to get back on my PT routine if I want to do better than that!  Need to figure out how to run/exercise in the morning without eating too much. In the past I used to just run without eating...now I'm hungry but don't do well with food in my stomach when I run.


                    PGR: 13w2d. I think (fingers crossed) the nausea is easing a bit, as well as the heart burn. We'll see. Nighttime is still pretty bad. Otherwise I have more energy then a few weeks ago so that is good!  My son is sick again with some resp. infection so hopefully I can avoid that!


                      MA: at around 30 weeks, I too felt really rested in the mornings - it didn't matter how I slept the night before.  I love the feeling of the whole baby moving around. I think I might miss that feeling the most!


                      Laura: So sorry to hear the stomach bug caught up with you!

                      Ozzy: Ice cream indulgence? Yes. Go for it! I'm with you on the lack of progress. I felt more cramps two weeks ago than I have all week!  Have a great breakfast!


                      Schmetterling: A trip to IKEA is definitely a workout.


                      Monk: Best of luck to your husband! Your babymoon sounds lovely.


                      TNesq: Sorry to hear you keep getting colds this pregnancy. There was a woman in my prenatal class who had the same issue.


                      Vegan: Yay for more energy and less nausea!



                      PGR: 39w2d. Nothing much happening. Still waking up like clockwork at 5am and unable to fall back asleep easily. I did manage to fall back asleep at around 7 or so, but then DH's alarm goes off... and off... and off (He loves his snooze button). There have been small bouts of nausea, but it's more similar to first tri nausea when I haven't eaten. Every now and then, there's a lot of pelvic pressure when I walk too as she moves into position....


                      ER: DVD today! The closer I get to my due date, the harder it is to finish this DVD. It's interesting how much I've had to slow down!


                      NPGR: Today appears to be a working day for me. Lots of frantic things happening with this project I'm working on as people realize I'm about to go on a brief mat leave. Can't believe it's already 11am!


                        Taking a break from organizing for a minute.


                        MA - Argh, hope you hear from your cousin soon. Hope you can get a good run in tonight if you don't hang out with your cousin.


                        Laura - My sympathies. The stomach bug we got on vacation was. the. worst. Praying you avoid the worst of it and it passes quickly.


                        Ozzy - I liken waiting for labor to start like waiting your turn for the water slide or a roller coaster, you see everyone up ahead of you, the line seems so long, and then before you know it you're facing down the entrance to the ride and thinking...um, I could use more time! So enjoy your baby free time while you still can. Smile And I am curious to see how your bunny turned out! Maybe buttons for eyes? Less scary that way?


                        Monk - Hope all is going well at DH's interview right now. Hope he's just nervous and feels a ton better when it's all over! Sounds like you have a fun babymoon planned.


                        TN - Boo on pregnancy colds. Hope you feel better soon. You sound like where I'm at with the organizing. One day it will all be put back to rights, just not today. :P


                        VM - I am the same way with running. Running without eating is a no-go. Even if it is just a banana it helps tremendously. Of course now the new running challenge is the needing to pee feeling that happens when I get going. Blah! Hope you feel better and better the more you get into the 2nd tri.


                          Hello everyone!  This is my first time posting on this board.  I was definitely excited to find an online community with other pregnant runnersSmile


                          RR:  I have been very lucky in that my running has been able to continue throughout the pregnancy.  I did seven miles this morning but have to admit that the legs and hips are SORE.  I bought one of those running belly bands a few weeks ago and that seemed to do the trick for a while but I am now wondering how much I have left in me running wise.  The pool has been a huge part of my mental and physical health as I now incorporate swimming into my weekly routine.  It also helps with the bloating and any GI issues I might be having.  I guess I am just wondering if anyone has any insight into when it might be time to pull the running plug.  I do enjoy walking but it just does give me the same afterglow that I get from running.


                          PGR: 34w.  Definitely notice the baby alot these days. It often feels as though she is busy doing her own exercise routine at times.  The sleep has been okay but I do have heartburn issues at night.  I basically sleep at an incline.  Nursery is (very) slowly coming together.  We still need to arrange the furniture but I need DH help on that one.


                          Hope everyone has a good Tues and happy to be here.


                            Schmett - must be a bit of a relief to have made a decision on where you will be over the next few months at least? How much of your place is getting an IKEA makeover? I would like to do buttons for my bunny eyes...but as it's meant to be for LO am reluctant to attach something which could be pulled/chewed off?


                            Monk - I hope DH comes back from his interview feeling a lot better! Sorry to hear about being backed up; I had that last week and took some powdered magnesium drink over a few nights and that eventually seemed to help...your babymoon sounds perfect!!


                            TN - sorry to hear about cold #4, how annoying; i do find I get an achy back from lying around too, well done on getting the babyroom started! Has the doc any suggestions for helping your immune system like probiotics or extra Vit C and D?


                            VeganMama - well done on getting out there and moving, I always find some sort of interval more "interesting" for working out as it keeps my mind busier - and it's good for setting "one more interval" goals Smile I wonder if an electrolyte drink, coconut water or just a half a piece of toast would stay down better for the morning workout? Glad your nausea is easing and energy returning, good luck avoiding DS' illness!


                            YJPM - Happy busy working day! Thanks for the icecream support Smile  I am someone who almost bounces out of bed when the alarm goes off - my DH is the "repeat snoozer" type too, drives me nuts as I lie awake waiting for him to get up in case he starts sleeping through!


                            Yogi77 - welcome! 7 miles at 34 weeks is amazing, nice work! Perhaps you can start doing more water running (I haven't run on a hard surface through my pg but find water running at least feels like I am using the same muscles...admittedly boring as heck unless you have a waterproof iPod or something?). I am a pool advocate too, it's always been my fallback when injured or needing sanity, and seems to work well for the pregnancy workout factor too (incorporating intervals and mixing strokes helps). Everyone seems to find their own timing for giving up running - the occasional person seems to make it to 37 or 38 weeks but many find the "uncomfortable or slow recovery" workouts start piling up instead of the "enjoyable" workouts so they move to cross-training...you don't have far in your pg to go anyway...




                            my swim this morning was like dragging a sandbag over a huge distance, I scraped through 1500m before my time was up but it was not pretty...am starting to get to the point where I don't mind what I do/how far I go so much as knowing I've at least moved?  oh and my breakfast was good. The waitress came around to offer coffee and my natural response was "no thanks"...then I realised...I'm at 38 weeks and if a little coffee can help well...so I had a cup. yay, I can drink a little coffee again! DH is making a super spicy meal tonight too... Wink  Lets see if that helps. Although, with my GBS re-swab tomorrow and not getting the results back til Friday, i guess I shouldn't rush things too much...

                            MA runner girl

                              I apologize for no personals, but I don't have time... I just REALLY need to vent...


                              Apparently my coworker was vomitting all morning. She came to work. She sits next to me, and she came over to my desk to talk to me, I went to hers and she NEVER SAID ONE THING about being sick!!! She was so sick that she could only work half a day. We have the ability to work at home... why come in? Why risk getting others sick!? Why come in contact with a 7 month pregnant girl!?!?!?  I am so mad right now. Angry

                              PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                                MA - Ugh, what is wrong with people! HOpefully you will be fine, but seriously...with all that's been in the news about the flu, you'd think people would be more sensitive.


                                Sorry, no time for personals right now.

                                ER - nothing yet...hope to go to the gym for a bit after work, but pretty wiped out. Yesterday was a long day starting with 4:40 wake up call for bootcamp and ending with childbirth class from 7-915PM!

                                PGR - 29wks3days. Watched a video called "birth in the squatting position" at childbirth class last night. It was pretty neat to see some more videos of births.

                                NPGR - after some slow down, back to being busy at work!!