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Mighty Mouse

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    Mighty Mouse

      Twenty five minutes of running, then 35 minutes of XT (cardio DVD intervals). I've added just the deltoid lifts to help the shoulders for a few minutes. A similar workout for later.
      Today the hair gets cut and dyed! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I need the lift it gives me. Also a quick run for the freshest bread possible at the grocery. I am obsessive about having fresh bread, probably because of very happy memories from childhood. Mom and I always had fresh bread.

      Happy runs, All!    :::HUGS:::



        Good Morning,


        It was a crazy day yesterday, cable guy was late, of course, had to rush to work, then my dinner hour was nuts...I just felt like I was running all day long and worked until 8.  I was exhausted, went to bed around 8:30, so I feel like yesterday was just lost and all I did was work.


        Needless to say, I did not exercise this morning, running or otherwise, maybe after work, we shall see.


        I am convinced that we are never going to get Spring.  Living near the Lake really messes with the temps.  Tuesday, it was 80 in Columbus Oh. and 48 here because of the winds off the cold lake, predicted same for the next few days...it is depressing to see a week full of temps in the 30's and 40's in April!  I shouldn't let it get to me.


        Judy...hooray for the cut and color!  It does make one feel sooo good!


        I really didn't read yesterdays posts, so I have no personals, sorry.





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          Judy - Enjoy the hair color....it certainly does feel good to get it done!


          Ginny - I am with you on waiting for Spring....ugh....freezing rain here today.....seriously am over this weather too!


          In between the downpours yesterday I.had a great 5 miler.  Dang hip is still bothering me though.  Can't figure it out.  Came home and used the stick, and some stretching and felt better.


          Off to work!  Have a great day everyone.



          Bad Ass

            Morning!  Another day without internet.  I'm very annoyed to have intermittent internet, so everything you do cannot be done completely, bah!  I did 5.12 trail miles and weights yesterday.  Today, it will be 7 recovery miles.


            judyruns, yay for dyeing the hair.  I need to do it but thinking of all the bleeding the red does during my race is stopping me from doing it this weekend.  Nice workouts.


            Ginny, hope you get Spring soon.  And good luck on your run.


            Carol, nice 5!


            Have a great day!



            "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

            It's always fucking hot in Miami!



              Lower back hurts too much to run today.  Sad  I kept thinking I would try it, but then I would move and gasp so I decided to give it a rest.  The new moves at group power apparently don't work for me.  They have us doing push ups while your hands are holding the barbell, and I do not have the proper strength or form to do it properly.   I was hurting after Monday, yesterday I knew I was in trouble.  Not sore, strained.  Crap.  I don't have time to hurt.

              Anonymous Guest

                Morning all,

                I got 8 very slow, hot miles in last night. It was 90 degrees. But I am not complaining. It wasn't summer-humid 90, and there was a breeze. I slowed down about 30 seconds/mile and it was actually quite pleasant. I'm leaving work early today to get my long run in. I impulsively signed up for a ten mile race Saturday, so that will take the place of today's schedule 10 mile tempo run. And I shouldn't do two hard workouts in a row, so I moved Sunday's long run to today. I think it's going to be another hot one, so I am not going to even try to keep up the 8:53 pace I'm supposed to for that. Three and a half weeks to go.


                Got an email from my dad this morning that my cousin that was diagnosed with ALS late last summer died last night. What a horrible disease. He was only a year older than my brother, and his youngest daughter is still in college.


                Tessa, definitely not this year on the Silver Falls race. Probably either next year or the following. Next year I may be still trying to knock out east coast states so will depend on how it fits in with that. But I would love it if you'd come run it too.


                Cindy, good to see you here. Congrats to DS1 on Battle of the Books.


                Judy, not much tastes better than fresh bread.


                Ginny, hang in there. Spring and summer are coming. And you will appreciate that cold lake in the summer!


                Carol, bummer on the hip. Wish I knew what would make it better.


                Damaris, I'd go crazy without internet at home! Are you racing this weekend?


                Okay, if I'm leaving early today, and trying to write up a couple quick race reports, I better get some work done.


                Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
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                Fire Jumper

                  Good morning, Ladies!!


                  Ran with my running group yesterday.  Four ladies - Me: 51, the other three: teens and 20's!  Haha.... I think there's MORE than a generation gap between us.   And, they're delightful.   I love running with them.


                  Today, DH and I are driving over to Geneva, NY for a two-day meeting that I have.  Now that DH is retired, he enjoys traveling with me when he doesn't have something pressing to do, like rebuilding a carburetor or mowing the grass.  It's good to have the company on the road.


                  Judy - YAY for hair color.   Honestly, I don't even know how gray I am now.  I haven't seen my, um, natural color in years.


                  Ginny - hang on!!!  I saw the temps for next week.  Spring may be right around the corner!!  ~*~*~*~Happy Dance~*~*~*~


                  Carol - really hope the hip settles down.  Do you have a Chiro? (you may have said, and I forgot)


                  Damaris - nice trail run!


                  Sue - Sorry the back is bothering.


                  Karen - Man, you "boss" stories simply make me shake my head.  I can just feel your frustration as you write about them.   Love the race pics!  The penny is a hoot!


                  Cindy - Woo hooo for DS1 in Battle of the Books!  I know you're a proud Mama!!


                  Okay.... I'm going to gingerly slide this onto the table and then go stand around the corner to see if anyone looks...... If I were to say Ragnar, Miami, Feb 2014.... would anyone be a little bit tempted?  


                  Have a wonderful day - happy runs!


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                  Run to live; live to run

                    10.5 for me today.


                    Get to play mediator between dad twin and sil. Not something I want to do but needs to be done.


                    Ginny so sorry the weather there still sucks.


                    Have a great day at work Carol


                    Hi D


                    Karen ALS is really bad. So sorry it touched your family.


                    Hi Julie.



                      Good morning!  Did  almost 3 yesterday am, then met the group to hike.  It was a pretty nice 4 mi trail thru woods with occasional views along a river.  This group just does easy hikes, then we do lunch.     Smile     One man had a lot of difficulty with his equilibrium. Turns out he was diabetic, but had no idea what his BS was. Sounds familiar, eh?  A couple hikers gave him their snacks and we helped him on the stream crossings and to the finish. It took a while.  Did 4 easy this am. Nice morning, but that makes the golfers come out early.


                      Karen, nice pics!  I esp like the floating one.  Wonder what kind of bet the guy lost that ended up with him wearing a penny.

                      That race is gorgeous!  I may want to do the half!   I wish I could  do this http://gorgewaterfalls50k.blogspot.com/ because I love waterfalls, but   the climbing and length make it not  very realistic. These make me think I should visit Oregon again someday to hike these areas. I'm glad to read that you impulsively signed up for a race.  I'm almost embarrassed at how impulsively I do that sometimes.  : )


                      Docket, I hate being without internet. Nice running.

                      Sue, ouch on the back.   No wonder so many dropped out of the class for Tuesday.

                      Ginny, hope it's a better day!

                      Carol, hope your hip gets better.

                      Cindy, I'll email in a few days to work out details.  I'm looking forward to it!  Congrats to son for Battle of the Books!


                      On the weather...Fairbanks is having/had 6 inches of snow.  Cartoon is going around with caption: "What a nice winter we're having this spring!"  April was the hardest month of the year for me there, so you Northern gals have my sympathy.


                      I have a couple projects I need to get finished so need to get with it.  Have a great day!


                        Julie, cross posted...so nice that you have your training group.  It sounds like fun! Ragner Miami-wouldn't it be hot?


                        Marjorie, it's nice that you'll be the mediator.  Every family needs one.

                        Anonymous Guest

                          camille, now I want to do that race too! I love waterfalls. And when Tessa and I do the one I posted, you need to come and do the half.


                          Julie, I bet you have as much or more energy than the 20-somethings. Ragnar....of course I'd be tempted. Relays are a blast. It looks like that one sells out pretty fast though. I was looking at the web site and it's already 70% sold. Hard to get 12 people to commit that far in advance and then stick with it, I would think.


                          crazysue, sorry about the back issues. Hope it goes away quickly and you don't have too much down time. Hate it when something like that happens.


                          Marjorie, mediator does not sound like a fun way to spend your time. But thank goodness for your dad and your twin that you are there to do it. And be the calm, cool, level-headed person they need. Gotta love family.

                          Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                          Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston


                            I am really procrastinating a couple projects due next week.  : )  It's always OK once I get into them, but the start  is tough...


                            But remembered this bit of trivia I meant to tell Lisa. One of the new guys who moved here recently used to run and he hiked with us yesterday. He cycles now and it was fun talking to him about races.  Turns out he knows the race director for the Georgia Death Race and drove him around to mark parts of the race course.  Thanks to Lisa, I knew about the race. : )



                              Quick pop in. Glad to report DD has power, despite the ice storm in southern SD. They closed the campus today for the first time in years.  I'm sure she is devastated at missing organic chemistry lecture.


                              Another lovely race...I so much want to visit the Pacific Northwest.


                              Karen, November 2014 or 2015, sounds good!


                              Ginny, it will get warmer.


                              Susan, take care of that lower back! Sorry it is strained.


                              Judy, do you ever bake bread?


                              5.6 this morning with running neighbour. We took a different route and I'm not sure we'll do that one again. No street lights and no sidewalk on part of it. And of course there is no moon this week. I will get to the gym at lunch!

                                Hi everyone!  I missed my weekend check-in since I was in St. Louis and here it is Thursday already.  Where is the time going?!  Hope everyone has been well.  First a quick recap: Go! Stl Louis HM was hotter and hillier than I was expecting but I did fine and finished in 2:04:47.  Exchanged texts with Karen but didn't manage to meet up.  Sad   Wish I'd arrived Friday instead of Saturday -- maybe we could have connected at the expo.  I'm probably going to do an HM in Santa Cruz in May and try to build up miles for 50k in June (Big Basin, near Santa Cruz).  My 2nd 50k ever...


                                Quick hellos:


                                Judy, agree 100% that a new cut and color are cause for celebration.


                                JulieD, like you, I'm not sure how gray I really am, and would rather not know... That's nice that DH travles with you sometimes.


                                Ginny and Carol, spring apparently got lost this year.  Seems like some parts of the country are stuck in winter or went straight from winter to summer.


                                Hi Demaris.  I don't know what I'd do without internet at home.  Probably would stay at work, haha.


                                CrazySue, hope the back pain goes away soon.  How annoying.


                                Karen, I don't think that I could move in 90 temps, much less run.  The 70s in St. Louis made me wilt.   Very sorry about your cousin passing away.


                                Marjorie, good luck with the family mediation.


                                Camille, I took a quick look at the link you posted and wow, that's quite an elevation profile with those "mountains" at the beginning and end!.  But I'm sure it's gorgeous as all get out.


                                Hey Tessa. I'm with you on visiting the Pacific NW.  Looks like some beautiful places to run.


                                Hi to everyone else.  Enjoy the rest of the day!