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    Don't know if anyone will check this but I felt like posting!


      Good morning!


      RR- problem.  I miscalculated on my plan and I have my 20 next weekend not this one as I had thought. I ran a half last weekend, 18 the weekend before that. I am not sure what to do this weekend. i am leaning towards 14-16. If anyone checks in I'd love suggestions.


      NRR- nothing much. Going to maybe go shopping with DBF today and also get that mani pedi. I'll probably run tomorrow morning before we go to my parents house. I'm also making mini quiches for that, so should be tasty.


      Have a great day!

      MA runner girl

        Hey Jewel! I'd run 16-18, depending on how you feel and as long as you are fully recovered from your half. Good luck!


        ER: 30 min walk with my mom yesterday, planning on another walk today. It's already 50 degrees out!


        NER: Yesterday after work my mom came over and we walked and then ran some errands and ended with dinner at On the Border with DH and my dad. It was nice to get out of the house for a while. Of course I was hoping all that activity would entice baby out, but not so much. Today my BFF from high school and her boyfriend are coming over for a bit, they are home from Philly for Easter. Of course she was hoping to meet C on this trip! DH is working, so it will be nice to have some company. Not sure what we will do, hopefully something outside. Tomorrow is Easter dinner at the inlaws. I'm sad because it was supposed to be my baby boy's first family get together Sad At this point I'll either be in the hospital, or still pregnant.

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          MA: sorry you  are still pregnant. Come on, baby!!!!! Smile


          Jewel: best of luck with your run! Smile


            RR: heading out this afternoon for a 3-4 mile run


            NRR: cleaning and sorting clothes today. Fun stuff!


              Hey, ladies!


              RR: Got in 6 at the first Jogs with Dogs of the year and it was awesome! Sprints/recovery with this lovable hilarious Pit mix, and then some nice smooth miles with a German short-haired pointer. I love how it's a different workout with every dog.  Yoga in a few hours.


              NRR: Went out last night with some people I met last weekend, and I don't think it's my scene. I'm not into getting drunk at bars anymore. I prefer to be well-rested for whatever I have on my plate the following day, which is usually a lot. At least I gave it a shot.



              Jewel - No advice on the LR but do have a good one!


              MA - Sending you labor vibes (but I've been doing that all along and it hasn't helped, so maybe I should try something else).


              RLTW - Seriously, have fun sorting clothes. I need to do that myself, probably tomorrow.


                Hi Ladies! So happy to see a weekend thread!


                OJewel- I know this week, my plan calls for 12, since I did 18 last weekend and 15, so this is a pretty serious cutback week. But I think it will help me have fresh legs for the big 2-0 next weekend! But I'm sure however far you go will be good, just take it slow and listen to your body. 4 weeks until marathon day, NO INJURIES!


                MA- Enjoy your visit with your friend! I know it must be frustrating not to have C here yet, but just think of it as a chance to get in some extra sleep before he gets here! Wink Plus once he comes, what will we all bother you about every hour?! Haha


                OWR- Jogs with Dogs sounds AWESOME! I bet Fey gets a little jealous though! ha. Louie used to go crazy when I'd come home from adoption events smelling like all other dogs!


                RLTW- Hope you had a good run today!!




                RR. Rest today, but was on my feet ALL day yesterday and ALL day today... so it didn't feel restful at all! haha. Tomorrow I'm doing a hilly 10 with the group, although my plan calls for 12.


                NRR. Spent yesterday setting up for the races and was up super early today and at the race all day doing free sports massage. Super fun! Met so many great people and runners are the best! Hopefully I'll get some business out of it, but if not, just the athlete's being so grateful was enough! OH going to vegan brunch tomorrow after our run with our running friends SO EXCITED!

                Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                Half: 1:48

                Full: 4:34



                  Good morning! Happy Easter if you're celebrating!


                  RR- thanks for the advice on my run! I'm going to try for 14-16 and just see how I feel and what I have time for. I need to cook apps for Easter. NorCal you are right, priority is no injuries at this point!!


                  NRR- just going to Easter dinner at my moms today. Not looking forward to the start of another week tomorrow!


                  MA- Sorry you are still pregnant but I hope you can enjoy the holiday today anyway!


                  Norcal- mmm brunch is the best. Enjoy it!


                  outwest- jogs with dogs sounds really cool! It's a great thing to volunteer for.


                  RLTW- hope you got cleaning done! I need to do that too.