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Winesday Wednesday Supermoms (Read 27 times)


    Ah, wouldn't it be nice to have a supermom wine day?


    RR: recovery run today, 6-7 miles nice and easy. ended up running my tempo run yesterday, as i felt great when i started my run. when i saw how fast my two warm-up miles were, i just decided to go for the tempo-paced miles for the next two. i ran 6:44/6:42, which i'm not complaining about, esp with a 30mph headwind!


    TR: woke up randomly at 2:30am, and was singing in his crib. I went in to check on him, and he had unzipped his pj's about halfway to his belly. i changed his diaper, snuggled for a couple of minutes, then put him back to bed. He was really good for me yesterday. He's realy into reading his books now, and loves to point out various things on the pages.


    NRR: not too much going on...

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      Every day is Winesday! In theory, at least.


      ER - SRD.


      TR - had this conversation with him:

      Me: B, if you pee or poop on the potty, I WILL GIVE YOU CANDY. NO JOKE. CANDY!

      B: Candy!

      Me: do you understand?

      B: yes, get candy.


      I sure hope he meant it.


      FR - sesame eggplant & chicken stir fry over brown rice, bok choy (new recipe)


      NRR - meeting alcoholic friend in Toronto to hang out.



      rg - I'm sure you are aware that all of us would kill to run a sub 7/mile.

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



        RR: 4m easy. Yesterday's 9m went really well. After weekend LRs, the midweek semi-lrs feel a lot easier. For the first time in my running life I finished the run and then went and stood in the freezing ocean - had DS in carrier. My legs were so hot and 'fizzing' but after I had soaked them in the water it felt like I had not even been running. I like that! The beach was deserted except for the kite boarders doing crazy stunts. It was super windy and cold (all the statements regarding temperature here are relative).


        NRR: Sorting out shipping of our stuff this week. Hoping they can do it tomorrow or Friday. Need to actually start putting it together. We are coming to TN on Sat for 2 weeks to do the house set up. Getting all the small things like kettle, broom, washing up liquid, toilet paper. My list is pages long. Any recommendations on house hold places to stock up would be great.


        BR: I was in the kitchen and asked him to bring me Goodnight Moon book (off shelf of loads of books and carry it into another room). He went, came back with Goodnight moon. How cool? Now I need to teach him to bring me my running shoes, then the laundry basket etc. He is going to be a great little helper.


        FR: those farro corn cakes but I am going to make them with brown rice (that I have already made). Very quick and easy. I will have grilled chicken breast and salad.

        5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


          rg - YES!!!  I could use some right now.  Great job on the run speedy!  LOL to R singing in his crib.  At least you got some snuggles in.


          zorbs - LOL...I hope the bribe of candy works for B!  Your FR sounds great.  Have fun with your friend in Toronto.


          Bermy - Have fun in TN!!  Sounds like you have a lot of stuff to get done.  I buy all my household stuff at Target or Costco but you need a membership to Costco and need space to store all the items as you buy in bulk there.  Great job on the run.  I would love to run straight to the ocean...sounds luxurious.


          RR - 5 Tempo miles yesterday...last 1.5 miles was 6:30 but I started off slow so it all worked out.  Hoping for 5 today.


          TR - Was cute last night and I would ask him to give me a kiss and he would open his mouth on my cheek.  Then I asked him for a hug and he lays his head on my shoulder...too cute.  He is soooo funny whenever we say good bye he says..."bye bye, see ya!"  LOL  It is so cute.


          NRR - Not much going on...SSDDSmile  Need to get J's stuff ready for his Valentine's party tomorrow. I need to make cookies tonight.


            RR - 9k easy with RP this evening. The sidewalks were terrible yesterday but the roads were fine, so I was able to get my intervals in after all.


            BR - They had some Valentine's Day crafts set up at the community centre yesterday, so S made a Valentine for Daddy. She also ate an entire brush full of blue paint and did not look impressed with the taste. Sensory class this morning - they told us to wear old clothes so apparently it's going to be a messy one!


            FR - I didn't take anything out of the freezer and won't have much time to cook today, so probably spaghetti and broccoli.


            NRR - My Dad is coming over to visit this afternoon. And I am going to buy new running shoes before I meet RP this evening.




            rg - Great job on your windy tempo run. If I ever feel like bailing on a speed workout, I am going to think of your speediness as inspiration to keep pushing it! Glad R was good for you yesterday. It's so nice to snuggle and read to them,


            zorbs - I hope the candy bribe works! Have fun in Toronto. Are you going out for lunch?


            Bermy - Running straight into the ocean post-run sounds very refreshing!  Very cool that DS brought you the correct book. Is he still tumbling around on your bed? S was rolling around crazily on our bed yesterday and threw herself straight over the side, but our bed is very low and the floor is carpeted, so she just picked herself back up without a care.


            Jen - Super cute on the hugs and kisses. Good job on your tempo yesterday...is your stomach feeling better? What kind of cookies are you making?

            5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


              RR:  Hoping fpor my 10 today but it might get split.  This week my mid-week long runs are 10 and 11 miles which seems like so much.  Plus 7 on Sat and my LR of 18 Sun.  I may have been crazy choosing this plan!


              BR:  DId so well at daycare eveb though I had to stay at the hospital longer than expected and was late to get him. He was playing on one of those little cars you push with your feet.  I think DH and I will get him one for Valentine's day.


              NRR:  Pharm exam today.  Woke up early to study but her I am supermoming Smile  I can't wait for it to be over and then to go for  run.


              RG:  Great job on the run.  And a big fat yes to winesday.


              zorbs:  Candy always wins!


              bermy:  To answer your question from yesterday, I did stick with my plan pretty close last time.  There were runs here and there that I adjusted or didn't do but for the most part, I stuck with it.  Something about a training plan makes me feel accountable.  I am thinking I am have chose the wrong training plan for being in school this time because the mid week LRs are so long, but I am just going to do what I can.


              jen:  Aww, the hugs and kissed make me melt.  I love that Hunter runs to me and hugs me at daycare.  Makes me forget all about my stressful day!

              5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40




                RR:  5 after work today.


                TR:  Gives me great big hugs and attaches himself to me when I get home from work.  Got a haircut yesterday, went shopping with dad, and rocked out a 2:45 nap!  Was a little whiney but I think he just wanted my attention.


                NRR:  One day without anything going on after work!  Woo Hoo!  I plan on running, getting DH's V-Day gift, still undecided, and picking up J.


                FR:  DH made his pasta concotion last night.  He put red pepper in and man could I taste it.  I can smell the garlic in my jacket right now!


                Be back later for personals...came in early to get some things graded!

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                  Hi ladies, just a fly by today..


                  RR - probably nothing... ran on the TM yesterday and the day before... boo..


                  RR2 - fighting with my insurance company to get reimbursed for my orthotics... every time I talk to them there's something else that's "wrong" with my submission... such a hassle...


                  BR - she's either caught a cold or is teething again.  Not sure which.  She's been sneezing a lot and has a bit of a cough, but I also think I see 2 more of her top teeth coming in.  Still lots of separation anxiety.  She's fine when I'm not around but yesterday she was with my mom for a little bit and was ok, but as soon as I walked in the door she started crying when she realized I had been away.


                    ernie - You do so many fun things with S.  LOL on eating paint...I can't imagine that would taste good.  Have fun at sensory class.  Glad you got your intervals in yesterday. I am so afraid to run outside because where I teach I can only run on sidewalks as the roads are so busy and the sidewalks are sheer ice.  Where I live the bike path is sheer ice.  I hate living and working on busy roads.  I hope you have a great visit with your dad today.


                    shelby - I hope you can get your 10 in today.  I am glad you didn't try to cram in it yesterday with all you had going on.  You amaze me every day!  So glad H had fun at daycare yesterday even though you had to keep him there longer.  Good luck on your exam!


                    Mer - Sounds like J had a busy and productive day.  He misses his mama and wants to be with her...too cute!  Yay for nothing after work!  I hope you can come up with an idea for DH for Valentine's day.  My DH better enjoy his $55 chocolates...there are probably 20 in the box.  SO DUMB!  I am mad I did that because it's a lot and he probably won't do anything for me.


                      zorbs- fingers crossed that the PT candy works for B! ooh, sesame eggplant sounds delicious. recipe off pinterest?


                      Bermy- aw, goodnight moon is one of R's favorite bedtime books too. he does bring my my running shoes when i say "mama's going running." i agree that the medium long runs do help w/ the weekend long runs not feeling so long! as for measuring body fat, the most accurate way is to do an underwater test, which are hard to come by, or a DEXA scan. if you have a body fat scale at home, just make sure the conditions you doe the measuring are the same each time (ie, time of day; before/after workout, etc).


                      jen- good job on your tempo run! wish we lived closer so we could train together, i think we'd be good training partners! mmm, cookies! what kind are you making? so cute about the hugs. R gives me hugs and kisses before bed, and randomly trhoughout the day. he makes me melt.


                      Ernie- great job on your run yesterday! Crafts w/ S sounds like it was fun. have fun at the playgroup. yay for new shoes, what kind are you getting? enjyo the time with your Dad, too!


                      Shelby- good luck on your exam today!!! my mom got R one of those cars for xmas, and it shoots balls out of the front. he loves it. hope you can get all your miles in today. are you doing a Pfitz plan?


                      mer- yay for an afternoon to get stuff done! i love spicy foods. wow, great nap J, keep going!


                      Cx2- yup. that's normal w/ the separation anxiety. R was fine if i left completely, but if i jsut went into the other room and came back, man did he get mad. hope you can get outside to run again soon! good luck w/ the insurance...


                      gotta run...bbl

                       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                        rr: srd.


                        rr2: chiro told me about a girl i went to high school who just started trail running that i should try to hook up with for some trails. i told him that her and i had "history." he said, "like what?" i said, "like we used to be really good friends until she stole my boyfriend." not cool.


                        br: looked super cute in his swim trunks last night. started saying "dan" when he saw his godfather, uncle dan.


                        tr: LOVED swimming last night. are so spoiled by my sister and bil. making rice krispie treats for dd1's valentines today.


                        nrr: crap, had something for this and now i can't remember. my mom won free tickets to a hockey game this weekend which includes a free concert after the show. it just so happens to be REO speedwagon, whom my mom, sister, and i LOVE! trying to figure out the logistics of going.


                        fr: not sure for tonight. probably sloppy joes or something else easy since dh will be working late.


                        bbl for personals!


                          RG - What brand is it?  Sounds like a good one.  And yep, pfitz 18/55.  I felt like for the last 4 marathon my plan was very similar and I really wasn't pushing myself.  When I saw how much I improved on my last one (11 min PR), I decided I needed to step it up.  I think I could have had a BQ a while ago if I pushed myself.

                          5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                            Yes, I need wine day.


                            RR: 4.5 this morning with the ladies.  They were recovering from Saturday so I was able to keep up for most of it!


                            TR:  He was entertaining himself last night, then it got real quiet in the house....yep he had put himself to bed, nice!


                            NRR:  Bosslady is out AGAIN today.  Their daughter has had a fever now since Sunday.  I understand your kiddos being sick, luckily C isn't sick very often and mostly on the weekends.


                            SRR:  Freaking out over this sudden hip flexor/IT band pain on the side I had surgery on.  Breathe Rebecca, it will be ok.  Foam rolling is your friend.


                            Bossman will be here all freaking day bugging the crap out of me.  I will be back to check in with you all after I pick up C this afternoon.


                            Zorbs:  We used pee pee treats to potty train C.  He loves candy so I showed him that if I peed, I got a pez or something similar.  That kid was a peeing fool after that.


                              I love Winesday!


                              RR - it's finally not raining so planning on 5-6 miles outside.  Did 5 on the TM yesterday which felt hard.  It's been a long time since I've been on a TM.  I'm also supposed to have a tennis  match tonight for the first time in months.  I hope I remember how to serve a ball!  I'm playing singles so it should be good exercise even if I get my butt kicked.


                              BR - took forever to fall asleep for nap yesterday so I let him sleep until 5:15 since I was going to be at book club and DH would have to put him to bed.  Shh, it's our secret Wink


                              KR - DD gained 3 pounds since her last doctor visit!  That's great!  Hoping she can put on a pound or two more by her specialist appt in June so we don't get the dreaded feeding tube talk.


                              FR - DH is going out for a work dinner so I'll probably pick up something easy like pizza for the kids and make myself a peanut butter sandwich or something.  I can't eat too much before I play tennis.  I made fish on the stove last night and our house smells like fish now.  Blech.


                              NRR - early night at book club, I was home by a little after 10!


                              rg - too cute about R singing in his crib, even if it was at 2:30am.  Nice run yesterday!!


                              zorbs - I hope the candy bribe works!


                              bermy - brr on the cold ocean!  I'm sure it felt good though!  You could get a membership to Sam's Club or Costco, those are the cheapest and worth it over time if you'll use it more than once.  Otherwise Walmart may be cheaper but I like Target better.  Have fun!!


                              jen - what kind of cookies are you making?  We made cutouts and frosted them over the weekend and they are currently in my freezer so I don't eat any.  L's party is today, it will be nice to have one done!


                              ernie - eww, paint does not sound good!  Yay for shoe shopping!!


                              shelby - I hope you get your 10 in.  That is a crazy amount of miles!  Good luck on your exam.  A post exam run sounds great!


                              mer - yay for not having anything to do after work!  DH always closes our bedroom door when he cooks because if not I feel like our bedding smells like onions and garlic.  Yuck.


                              cx2 - ugh, dealing with insurance companies can be such a pain!


                              mrszm - ah, sometimes I'm glad to live so far away from where I grew up so there's no chance of running into anyone I had bad history with.  Enjoy REO Speedwagon!  hee!


                              becky - nice that he put himself to bed!  I hope the IT band pain goes away.  I am so paranoid about injury, whenever I feel the first hint of something hurting I am googling to try to figure out how to make it go away.


                                CTimes – I fought with my insurance company for my orthodics too.  Since I did it “wrong” they only reimbursed me for 50%...boo.  J is teething bad as well and wakes up every morning coughing and sneezing but that’s it.  Hope she feels better soon.


                                Rg – I would love to run with you but definitely doubt I could keep up.  I am just making sugar cookies that are already precut with hearts on them…I don’t have time.


                                Mrszm  - Glad the kids had fun swimming last night.  LOL on the boyfriend stealer…at least she is a runner and can be an RP for trails.  I hope you can get to the game and concert.


                                Becky – Great job on getting your run in this am.  Awww…too cute about C putting himself to sleep.  I had IT pain for awhile and definitely hit the foam roller hard…you’ll be fine!


                                Arm – Yay to DD gaining some weight.  I hope she continues to gain.  Have a great run outside today!  Yuck to the fish smell in the house.  Have fun at tennis!  I am definitely not interested in eating the cookies so I bought sugar cookies with no frosting so I am not temptedJ


                                CA - I thought of you the other night as I let J run around the house in his diaper and he took it off 3 times!  Ugh...get the duct tape!!