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    rg: nice run! weird about the 2:30am wake up.i wa actually thinking about unzipping pj's the other day. c has never done that...knock on wood!


    zorbs: does daycare lady attempt potty training with b? sometimes i feel like kids need to see other kids using the potty to really realize what they are supposed to do. when dd1 was potty training and she was in an inhome daycare there was a girl 2 years old who she copied everything of. including potty.


    bermy: i am always amazed when i give c directions and he can follow them perfectly without my having to point. nice on the ocean ice bath! don't get used it now though since you won't have that in tn!


    jen: 6:30?! crazy fast! so jealous. i was excited the other day when i hit just under 8 for my overall pace. so cute about the kisses and hugs. if we are leaving somewhere and the girls are giving hugs, c will have to get down to give them hugs as well. he just started doing closed mouth kisses like half the time. dang cute.


    ernie: it sounds like you have a lot of fun stuff to do with kids in your town. i a very jealous. now that we live in a small town we have to drive to do anything remotely entertaining. but we do have good sports programs (small town; nothing else to do) so the girls will be in soccer and baseball coming up, but there is nothing for c to do. new shoes; so jealous! thinking i'm going to check out a new lrs (well not so local to me) soon.


    shelby: i have no idea how you find time to run 11 mile mid-week. perhaps why i will probably never run a marathon. good luck with your exam today. i was just looking at a push car for c too. i think we have one from the girls though.


    mer: your jacket smelling like garlic reminded me of when dh and i were out in your stomping grounds and came home smelling like a deep fryer. bleck. did your mom give j a haircut? c needs another one, but i'm thinking dh will just do it this time. i bought an expensive clippers and scisssors set.


    cx2: c is the same way with the separation anxiety. it's actually a bit better than it was in the past. my sister and i look alike so if ever we are both in the same room, he freaks out because we both look like mommy. i was trying to teach him to say "amy" (my sister's name) and was showing him a picture of her. he would look at it and say, "mama." yup, still hating the tm here too.


    becky: how early do you group run in the morning? chiro has been doing ART on my hips and it has done miraculous wonders! i used to be sore every time i would run and haven't in a long time! good luck with boss annoying you all day Wink


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      RR - had a great tempo run yesterday on the TM, had to get creative w/ O in the bouncy seat for the first 2 miles, then my rest interval was putting her to bed, then finished it up, and right then M was knocking on her door.  Got it done though.  Tonight is 5k on the TM at the gym and weights w/ RP.


      TR - it's daddy daughter day! Smile  He is at a meeting first thing and then is coming home to take her to a playplace or something.


      BR - 5 mos old today!  Is hanging out in her exersaucer right now, her feet don't really touch very well yet but she likes to look at the toys and reach for them.  Babies are sweet but I'm excited for this older more interesting active baby phase!


      FR - pot roast last night was really good.  Either leftovers or spaghetti and meat sauce tonight. Made crockpot steel cut oats last night, used up some frozen raspberries from my mom's garden, mmmm!


      NRR - getting a massage this afternoon since DH is home.


      NRR2 - only 3 weeks till we leave for FLorida!!  I'm excited to run in HOT weather Smile

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        RG - yup everyday is wine day in my house Smile Ooo do you have a future stripper in your house too Smile

        zorbs- we gave M ice cream the first couple times she went on the potty. Yeah I'd probably look like one of the BL contestants running a 12 minute mile if I was on the TM at a 7 min mile Wink

        bermy - so exciting, the move is getting really close now! I love how 10-13 mi feels so easy when you're marathon training! I often would dip my legs the creek that runs through the park by my house, it comes straight from the mountains and is pretty cool in the spring.

        jen - nice tempo run!!! Are you as speedy as you were before kids? I got faster after M, and am starting to feel some speed return but no where near what i was.

        ernie - It's really icy here also, paths are wet but great when it's warm but when it freezes it's and ice rink. Yay for new shoes! I'm planning on getting a couple pairs when I'm in FL in march.


        bbl for more.

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          God damn it, tablet and/or RA ate my post.


          Mall is open now, time to shop for nail polish. :-)

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            CAR - Yay for daddy daughter day!  Enjoy your massage!


            rg - Wine sounds delightful right now.  J loves to unzip his pajamas!  We don't have a lot of footie pajamas.  We do more of the two-piece sets which are just as cute.


            zorbs - Enjoy your day in Toronto.


            bermy - J loves to help.  Sometimes DH will tell him to go to his room and get "that book" just so he will walk away for a while.  He definitely knows which book we are talking about when we are specific.  I would suggest a Sam's Club or Costco for bulk purchases.


            jen - J was SO cute when he said that on the phone last night!  When I call DH during the day he always has J answer so I either hear "Hi" or "Mama" at the top of his lungs.  Mmmm....cookies.  What kind are you making?


            ernie - Yay for Valentines.  I wanted to have J make something for DH, but we are rarely  home alone so that won't happen.  Have fun at class today.  LOL about eating the paint!


            shelby - Good luck with your exam and getting your run in!


            cx2 - Insurance companies suck.  Will be calling mine soon and am not looking forward to the runaround and no straight answers.


            beckykay - Hell yeah to putting himself to bed!  That is awesome!


            armmama - Great job getting out of book club early! Smile  Yeah, garlic and onions will be haunting me today.  Yuck.


            mrszm - Enjoy your RD.  Yes, my mom gave him his haircut.  DH has tried and he said it was miserable for them both.  He did pretty well yesterday according to DH.  I heard there was a cookie bribe that may or may not have helped!  There is a pic of him on FB from yesterday.

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              CA - Nice juggling to get that tempo run in! I think I'll definitely have to get a treadmill for when we decide to have baby #2. Yay for a daddy daughter day and awesome that he is taking her to playgroup. My dh is great with S but is always afraid to take her out by himself. Your upcoming Florida trip sounds awesome - hot weather and cheap shopping!


              Mrszm - Ha, that would be one awkward trail run with the boyfriend stealer! I guess you live in/close to the town where you grew up? Hope the hockey game/concert works out for you; it sounds like a great time!


              Arm - Good luck at your tennis match! I hope I'm able to get out and play some tennis again this summer. I was fairly competitive in high school and then played recreationally for several years after but it's been awhile since I've played at all now. Did DS stay up late for DH after his late naptime? Yay for DD's weight gain!


              Becky - Awesome that ds put himself to bed! Ugh, sounds like it will be a long day with bossman bugging you. Good thing it's winesday! Hope your hip is okay!


              Cx2 - The separation anxiety is tough. S was really bad whenever I'd leave her until very recently. I had a friend babysit her two weeks ago and my Mom babysat her last weekend and she was really good, just a little "mama mama mama" crying when they were putting her to bed. Hopefully C will grow out of it soon too!


              Mer - Sweet nap yesterday! Lol at the garlic smelling jacket. Was the pasta concoction good? Smells always seem to stick to clothing more in the cold air.


              Shelby - Those mid-week long runs would be so hard to fit in. The Pfitz plan is pretty intense overall, though, so I'll bet you'll be very well-trained even if you have to shave off a few miles here and there. Good job getting up early to study. Good luck on your exam and enjoy your run afterwards!

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                RR: 4.4 miles with dog and stroller last night. Tried out my new Asics GT2000s and they pinched my toes really bad. I'm emailing RRS because I bought them in October when I had a 25% off coupon and they have been sitting in the box in my closet waiting until I needed new shoes and now I'm upset they aren't working for me. I've been wearing the Asics GT series since 2009 in a size 7 with no issues. I relaced them last night and will try them again with thinner socks, but I'm hoping that RRS may still honor a return since I have the tags/box/packaging materials even though its outside their 90 day guarantee period.  I never even thought to try them on or test them out when I first got them because they've been my go-to shoe for so long. Sorry that was long winded.


                TR: Was just an awesome little dude yesterday- in the best mood, so silly and loveable. Still was in a pretty good mood this morning even though he was really restless last night. Asked to go on the potty before his bath this morning and peed and pooped- we're still really hit and miss on that but I'll take what I can get.


                FR: Last night was vegetarian taco soup, not sure about tonight. I have bnls/snls chicken thighs and ground turkey in the fridge.


                NRR: I think I'm getting sick. I'm downing Emergen-C and Elderberry-Zinc lozenges like a boss.

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                  TR2- R fell down at daycare and got another bloody nose yesterday. I hope he doesn't take after DH who used to just get crazy hemorrages from his nose. I've only had like 3-4 bloody noses in my life that I can recall.


                  CA- Yay for O being 5 mos! Time flies.


                  runnergirl- R loves to undo zippers too so I like jammies that have the little tab that snaps over the zipper.


                  zorbs- LOL at the candy conversation.


                  Bermy- Target or Walmart are good places to get household items. Or Costco if you want to buy a membership and stock up. I buy all my kleenex, toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags and stuff like that there. You have to be careful though, because some things aren't better priced and its easy to drop $500 in one go there since everything costs a minimum of $5-$10. R will bring me his coat and shoes if I ask him to fetch them, then he goes and waits for me by the door Smile


                  Jen- I have to run to walmart on my break today and get the stuff for R's Valentines. I love baby hugs Smile


                  Ernie- have a nice visit with your dad. Unfortunately, R seems to like the taste of crayons and playdough :S


                  shelby- good luck on your exam today!


                  Mer- I hate it when food smell gets in my bra and I feel like my boobs are eminating onion smell or something LOL


                  cx2- When I submitted my orthotics claim for my Health savings account, they required a letter of "medical necessity" from my chiropractor.


                  mzm- have fun at REO speedwagon!  I keep catching myself being weird and bitter about ancient history stuff. Like I got passed at that Halloween race this year by a girl that was one of my BFFs in Middle School then for no reason wouldn't talk to me anymore in HS. I was so pissed that I didn't feel good that day (I had an ovarian cyst burst later in the afternoon) and Sarah passed me even though I had passed her pushing a stroller out on the running path so many times.


                  Becky- Any progress on getting idiot-girl fired? That's awesome about C putting himself to bed!


                  armama- have fun at tennis. Yay for DD gaining weight! Is appetite and weight gain a common issue with her disorder?

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                    shel - I hope you can get your run in, but I wouldn't be too hard on yourself, you're doing great and balancing a lot! I'd focus on the LR's and let the mid week stuff slide if you have to.

                    mer - love the toddler hugs! Enjoy the night without plans!

                    cx2 - Ugh I had to do the same w/ my orthotics, ended up having to get a Rx from a dr before they'd approve them.

                    mzm - awkward on the trail run w/ that chick! Have fun at the hockey game/concert!

                    becky - you need those ladies to run a 50k every weekend Smile Do your hip excercises, and post about them so that I do mine too!

                    arm - lol on letting the baby oversleep on DH's night! YAY for DD's gain!!

                    spike - I hope rrs allows you to return the shoes! I bet they do. Yay for a super loveable happy toddler!

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                      ER: Just got back from core class. DS sat on my mat edge for whole time reading books. Thanks to him I am one core class closer to a flatter tummy.


                      Rg – lovely pace on tempo – thanks for sharing pace. I enjoy reading about it. So cute about the singing and cuddles with mama. Thanks for info on body fat measurements.


                      Jen – any news on gall bladder? (sorry to be a moron but what is ssdd?). I am making the most of the ocean.


                      Zorbs – too funny on candy bribe. I know I don’t know your friend but you could tell him tomorrow is a special day for bermy.


                      Spike – thanks for the $$$ warning. Yeah, at this point, I don’t need 1000 trash bags. I just need basic stuff to get set up. Hope you can get your money back for the shoes that are too tight. Hope you are not getting sick.


                      Ernie – very cute about making V-day card for daddy! Well done for getting your intervals in yesterday. Enjoy you run later.


                      Shelby – your plan sounds brutal for a very busy mama. Can you switch to another one?


                      Mer – so cute on DS  giving you cuddles when you get home.


                      Cx2 – cute that your LO misses you.


                      Mrszm – yes, I will make most of ocean now. Glad swimming was a hit. And too funny about chiro and boyfriend-stealer.


                      Becky – keep those bosses in line – they sound like they would be in a mess without you! TOO cute about DS putting himself to be.


                      CA – just found your Xmas card pic as I was sorting out stuff. That’s quite the watch you have on – which is it? Happy 5mo birthday little O! enjoy massage and run. Nice on tempo. Well done busy mama!


                      Arm – SO happy your DD is gaining weight. Great news and a relief I am sure. Hope apt went well with L in stroller. Enjoy your easy FR night – sounds relaxing. Good luck at your tennis match too.

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                        Bermy- the trash bags are a really good deal, so if you ever decide to get a Costco membership, buy them there. Its like $11 for 2 giant rolls of trash bags, and at Walmart its like $5 for a roll of 40. Alas, I am for sure getting sick but I'm going to power through! I hate Walmart, but its all we have here so I'm stuck shopping there. If we had a Target I would spend way too much money because I love their clothes.

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                          spike - why is target better than walmart? I have SO much to learn about American life. And class and status and politics. I don't even pay attention to any of that stuff.

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                            Bermy- Walmart is ok. Their stuff is just cheapie/made in China stuff, poorer quality usually. I don't ever buy clothes there for me, just for Reid because the fit tends to be really wide and short. Target has great design to their clothes- most of my work wardrobe is from there. I shop at walmart for things like canned goods, household goods/cleaning items, diapers, personal care stuff. The thing that drives me crazy most about Walmart is they are always really busy and never have enough checkstands open so unless you go really early in the morning or late at night, you have a 15 minute wait to ring up your items. Plus, see www.peopleofwalmart.com .



                            Shoe update- RRS said they would make a one time exception and I can return the shoes. I don't know what to get though! I have a pair of Asics GelNeo33s and I like them (but do I really want two pairs of the same shoe?) and my Gel3030's are discontinued. Mizunos are too tight in the toebox.. I'm at a total loss as to what to get since the GT21xx series were my go to shoe!

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                              spike - what size do you get in mizuno's? They are known to fit small, I get a  half size up from my asics size in mizunos.  Or maybe your feet have changed since having R?  Hope you can find something!

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                                CA - So cute about DH spending the day with M.  Nice that you can get a run in without the stroller today.  I hope it is great.  Yummy on pot roast!  No, I am not as speedy as I used to be.  I was 20lbs lighter so I think that made me faster...now I have more weight but am also injury-free (knock on wood)...slowly getting faster too.


                                Spike - Ugh on the shoes.  I hope they will do something for you.  They should.  Glad was so good for you yesterday and this morning.  Love the adorable toddler phases and not the naughty ones!


                                bermy - No, I haven't called the doctor yet.  I am going to just try to eat low fat and see if that helps.  I feel ok now but I know if I have another attack it'll motivate me to call.  Thanks for asking!