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Frozen Fingers Friday Supermoms (Read 28 times)


    Morning Supermoms~


    Ack, it can warm up anytime now! I don't mind the cold weather, but this week has been really really cold. It's below 0*F out right now, brrr!


    RR: the usual 5-6 on my break today. Thank goodness it hasn't been really icy out, or i would have been stuck on a TM all week! LR tomorrow of 12, and it's supposed to be 20*! That will feel like a heatwave, ha.


    TR: ran some errands yesterday afternoon, the first stop was the village hall to vote on whether or not to dissolve the village that we live in. well, apparently he didn't like that place b/c he cried the whole time we were in there. forturnately there wasn't a line and we were in, voted, and out in 4 minutes, but still, it was kinda embarrassing. He was fine at all of the other stops, and he's usually so excited to go into stores, etc, waving hi and looking around. i have no idea why he flipped out, and i hope he doesn't do it again. I took him outside with me for 5 minutes while i had the dog out, and he ran around the backyard giggling, so happy to be outside.


    NRR: it's, FRIDAY!!!! can't wait to wake up at a normal time (not 4AM) tomorrow morning!

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    beskirted & manicured

      ER - wish I could go to hot yoga today.  My hips ache, even when I'm sitting here doing nothing.  I only have 30 min break so considering my state, I will stretch as opposed to ST.


      TR - nothing interesting yesterday.


      FR - hidden veggie chicken fingers, sweet potato fries, we'll see if B eats those.


      NRR - really pissed about something work-related and I can't address it until the end of my shift this morning, so I'll be seething about it all day.  Not good.


      NRR#2 - alcoholic friend found out about some new legal trouble that he's in (did all kinds of stupid things before getting sober), he says he's almost used to it, but I feel bad for him.



      rg - I think babies just sense something they don't like (smell, old ladies, the colour of the walls, who knows?) good that you got out quickly!

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      running eh

        RR - aiming for 9-10 miles when the babysitter gets here.  I am kind of scared of the distance and the temps outside!


        NRR - headed back into work tonight after a week off.


        FR - borenkoel (potatoes mashed with kale and served with sausage) for the family.  leftovers for me.


        KR - DS had so much fun at his playdate - I need to to that more often.


        RG - too bad about DS's meltdown.  DD2 gets funny things in her head sometimes too and freaks out, but most of the time she is great. Makes me wonder what goes through their heads.


        Zorbs - hope you have get those hips stretched out. hope the work stuff gets worked out.


          rg - Our weather has slowly been improving and it will be in the 40s Mon and Tues...I think that weather is moving toward you so there is hope! I have been stuck on the TM all week because it is icy out.  Sorry that R hated the voting place...it is so strange what sets kids off like that...I wish I knew.  I am worried about J tomorrow being a brat for his pictures since they are at someone's house.  Enjoy your weekend...you deserve it!!


          zorbs - what are hidden veggie fingers?  I need to try those with J.  Sorry about the work troubles...I hope it works out.  Get some good stretching in!  I need to stretch too my quads are killing me and I have no idea why.


          eh - Good luck with your run...don't be scared...it's all mental!!  You will be fine.  Glad DS had a great playdate.  Yuck on having to go back to work.


          RR - 6 on the TM yesterday...wanted to go outside but the sidewalks where I run at work were snow covered and icy.  SRD today as I need to run some errands.


          TR - Well...he finally did it...he pooped in the tub...EWWWWWW!  I apparently didn't notice the first time but did the second so ripped him out of the tub and found 2 terds....ugh!!!  I was talking to DH on the phone and literally screaming.  When I pulled J out of the tub I left him standing on the bathroom carpet and he squatted and I thought he was going to poop again so I hurry and put a diaper on him and then dealt with the mess.  Ugh!!  Seriously.  He is being such a terror right now.  He has a bad temper and get frustrated and throws things, hits, and screams.  Daycare told me that they are getting frustrated with him because he always tips the chairs over or stands on them instead of sitting.  We have tried to teach him (for months) that chairs are for sitting only.  Why is it not sinking in.  I am starting to think he is just going to be naughty...you know those kids with Oppositional Defiant Disorder...ugh.  I think my teaching background makes me overanalyze things.


          NRR - DH comes home today...hopefully.  We are supposed to get snow here all day which could leave him stranded.  Not much planned for the weekend other than J's pics tomorrow...hoping he behaves as we will be at the photographers parents house (also my coworkers parents) which scares me.  I don't want my coworker to think my kid is a brat or think I am a bad mom.  Looking forward to playing in the snow with J.  DH and I have already planned what we are going to do since the snow is supposed to melt by Tuesday.


          FR - Not sure if DH will make it home or not so I didn't plan anything...maybe pick a chicken up at the store while running errands.


            RR - Was going to take a rest day, but I think I'll do an easy 5k since it's still freezing here and I won't spend any time outside otherwise.


            BR - Ack! Was a total maniac last night. She broke a picture frame, climbed up on the couch and pulled a piece of wooden artwork off the wall, tore up an entire roll of toilet paper and then, for the grand finale, pulled my pants down while I was at the door talking to a neighbour. I'll definitely be taking her to the community centre for drop-in play today to wear her out!


            FR - Italian sausage and mozzarella melts on forcaccia bread. I'll throw some sauteed swiss chard, tomato and peppers on them so I can pretend they are healthy.


            NRR - I have a busy Saturday and Sunday planned, so I feel like relaxing at home tonight, but DH won't be home from work until at least 10:30 pm and I'm not sure I can handle another night cooped up inside with the maniac baby, so maybe we'll go hang out with RP. Will probably be lame and drive to her house rather than walking 10 minutes, since it's still approximately -7,000C out.




            rg - Ha, you make a good point that, even though it's freezing, at least it's not icy! Glad you got in and out of the voting place quickly since R was crying like that. Why are they considering dissolving your village?


            zorbs - Hope the stretching helps your hips. What veggies do you hide in the chicken fingers? That's unfortunate about your alcoholic friend's ongoing legal problems even after he's gotten sober. Have you known him for a long time?


            running eh - It's scary to get out the door and run the first k or so in these temps but as long as it's not too windy there, you'll be warmed up and good to go after that. Glad ds enjoyed his playdate - playdates are great for kids and parents!

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              Ernie - LOL to S pulling your pants down...I read that and busted out laughing...thank you for sharing that.  It's nice to know my kid is not the only maniacWink  I hope you have fun hanging out with RP.  I am sooooo happy my DH comes home today because I definitely can not handle my child alone tonight...lol.


                Good morning,


                RR - nothing planned


                BR - 4th tooth coming in now, but she seems ok so far.  Face planted on the hard wood when she tried to walk towards a toy.. I was holding her hands but she slipped.  When I picked her up to console her, she kept pushing me away... as soon I as set her down, she stopped crying... guess she wasn't *that* hurt.  She seems bold.. she's already tried to walk on her own a few times even though she's nowhere near ready..


                NRR - DH signed an offer for one of his rentals.  It had gone back and forth 4x already.  We'll know within a week if it goes through, need to make sure financing is secured and the home inspection is complete.  We'll have made a small profit but I'll be overjoyed just to be rid of it.


                NRR2 - heading to my doc's this morning... throat is feeling slightly better but still not great..



                rg - yea, i'm ready for warmer temps too... not asking for spring yet but something where wind chills aren't in the single digits would be nice..

                zorbs - hope your work issue gets worked out....


                eh - hope you had a nice week off.. it's always so hard to get back into the swing of things after being off!


                jen - ewww on the poop!!  I don't think C has peed in the tub yet.... hope DH can make it home!


                ernie - your DD sounds really adventurous!!  Hope she burns energy off today!


                  Cx2- good luck at the drs this morning. i hope you're able to get something that will help you feel better. yeah, i'm just hoping for temps in the 20's, not single digits and below zero! it is funny how babies can take a really hard fall and not seem bothered by it, but the slightest bump can send them into a 10 minute cry fest. glad you guys sold your rental!


                  ernie- wow, that little girl sounds like a bundle of crazy energy! R was running like a maniac in the snow yesterday afternoon, laughing hysterically. i felt bad that i couldn't keep him out longer. i think cabin fever is getting to us all! enjyo your run today.


                  jen- omg, ew on the poop in the tub! i know it's just a matter of time until R does that. yeah, we're supposed to get a couple of warm days early next week. at this point, 20* will feel warm! hope that your DH makes it home tonight, it's tough being a single parent. my DH works 2-10, and some nights it gets old doing the whole dinner/bath/ed time routine by myself. and as for J, it sounds like he's just being a toddler and testing his boundaries....really testing them. Hugs, it's tough trying to communicate with them sometimes!


                  r-eh; as long as you're dressed for it, you'll have a great run this mroning! i've been trying to find playgroups to take R to, just to get out a bit more. story time at the library is smack in the middle of his nap time, and i'm definitely not waking him for that!


                  zorbs- sorry about the work crap Sad  i usually just try to keep to myself when that happens, and focus on really pushing my clients on those days. hope you're able to loosen up those hips!

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                    RR: coaching session yesterday. I am SORE. We did 0.75m w/u. then butt kicks/knee ups/dynamic stretches for a bit more then some strides to get ready for main session. Coach found a hill which made me gulp when I saw it. I then did ladder intervals to and from hill and then drills up hill. Drills included (all up the hill): bounding, high knees, lunges, hopping, jumping, running backwards, tip toe run, calf raises, fast feet etc. every time they were different. Each drill made a different part of my legs burn. It went: 200m, 6xhill drills, 400m 8xhill drills, 800m, 10xhill drills, 400m, 6xhill drills etc. Until coach took DS out of stroller and he decided to run up and over hill as if to say “look mommy, even I can do it, why are you making out that it’s so hard?” Then on way home coach was pushing stroller and she would stop every 5 minutes to let DS see every baby chick in the bushes. We were all loving it.


                    RR2: rest day today. Don’t know what I am going to do with myself.


                    NRR: virus playgroup, meal planning and more laundry.


                    BR: woke up at 4am in the biggest drool patch I have ever seen in his bed. They are the canines and they are killing him. I just put a towel down and nursed and snuggled and we both woke up in his bed at 8am. Spot a pattern here. I get sucked into the snuggle and can never get out. I love it.


                    FR: made the pineapple curry tofu. Will post recipe on fb zorbs. I would have made it differently as they ask you to dredge the tofu in ww flour mixed with curry and then pan sauté it – which was great as it was all gold brown and yummy looking. Then they tell you to put it into the sauce. I was sad to watch all that yummy flavour just floating away. I would not add the tofu back to the pan and just serve on top of curry mixture. I am not usually a fan of fruity curries but this one was ok. DH was in heaven.

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                      RR:  5 or 6 after work.  Not sure if I will be inside or out so I brought clothes for both.  (Now realizing that I forgot a couple things.)  Anyway, I will run after work. Smile


                      TR:  Is super excited to go plowing with DH today!  I only saw him for about an hour last night while we were at dinner.  He was up at 2 and 5 and again at 6.  Not normal for him anymore.


                      NRR:  I'm tired.  I ended up working until 5:15 last night becuase our call/meeting took 2 hours and planning for another meeting took an hour before that.  So, I am ready for today which is good.  Worked a wrestling meet after dinner and got home around 9.  Google call went really well.  We have Apple coming in on Tuesday to try to sell us the iPad.  This is going to be a tough decision!


                      FR:  I feel bloated and gross.  I'm sure its not the deep fried mushrooms with ranch dressing, pizza, and chocolate cake I ate last night!  Tacos for dinner tonight.  Or leftover chili.  I want the tacos!

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                        rg - Ah, the joys of screaming kids.  Glad it was a quick in and out.


                        zorbs - You don't talk about him much anymore.  Do you still see him on a regular basis?


                        eh! - Your run will be great!  You'll warm up fast!


                        jen - I told DH about J this morning.  He laughed.  I said, "Yeah, we can laugh now until it happens to us!"  Glad your DH is coming home tonight!  The snow is moving fast so he should be able to fly in.  I can't wait to see the pics that are taken tomorrow!


                        Ernie - -7,000C is better than -7,001C, right?!  Have a fun time out tonight.  DH is the same way about J during the day.  They have to leave at least once or they both go crazy!


                        cx2 - I hope the sale goes through for you!  It is amazing how tough babies are!  Yay for C being brave...thats a good thing!


                        bermy -Your DS is 16 months, right?  Is he in a toddler bed?  Or do you fall asleep in the glider/rocker with him?

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                        Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                          CTimes – Poor C and face planting…glad she is motivated to walk though.  She is a daredevil.  I don’t remember…is she crawling yet?  I really hope DH sells his rental that would relieve some stress.  Good luck with the doc…I hope you can get something to start to feel better.


                          Rg – Yes, you are like a single mom too.  It is tough to work full time and then do all the stuff for your child alone.  Hang in there!


                          Bermy – Glad you had a good coaching session and you are sore…sore is good!  Enjoy your rest day…you earned it.  LOL to virus playgroup.  Sorry that DS was up at 4 a.m. but glad you got to snuggle again.  I am jealous of that.


                          Mer – Glad you got home by 9…I was doubting you would even get home by then.  My J was up at 10:30 crying and then again at 4.  He hasn’t done that in awhile and I have no idea what was bugging him.  Hope you have a good run today.


                            rr: 3.5 on the tm yesterday. i am so ready for some nicer weather so i can get back outside. hit the tm again today at some point for probably 4 miles.


                            br: so he had a rash from his pacifier and i had been putting hydrocortisone and cream on it with no luck of it getting better. so for nap yesterday, i didn't give his pacifier to him. no crying and took a 2 hour nap! yay! didn't give it to him again at bedtime; it took him a bit to fall asleep, but not bad. woot!


                            tr: hopefully the girls are going ice skating with my mom today. however, it snowed last night and is still snowing a bit, so we'll have to figure something out.


                            nrr: so, the cable guy was supposed to come between 8-10 and never showed up. so i called and they said he would come between 1-3 precisely during nap time. he shows up just as i laid all 3 kids down for naps and is the loudest talker EVER. i then proceed to hear him talking on the phone saying he locked his keys in his van. so after he is all done we hang out watching tv in the living room while he waits for his spare key to get here. yup, something like this would only happen to me.


                            nrr2: have a chick flick/crispin (cider beer) date with my friend after the kiddos are in bed. so excited!!


                            fr: ended up with subway last night because i ran errands with the kids after naps. i realized how much i hate subway. not sure tonight as it is just me and kiddos. dh is going out with his cousins and uncle for the anniversary of his aunt's (their mom's) death. she was his dad's twin sister who also died of cancer a year before his dad died of cancer.


                              rg: ugh to the crying at the poll place. c does that too typically when i am checking out at the grocery store. apparently he doesn't like the old gentlemen who bag the groceries.


                              zorbs: my hips are sore too today. what's the best way for me to stretch them out?


                              eh!: my kiddos are 5, 3, and 1 (16 months). i need to do more playdates for dd2 and ds.


                              jen: ugh to the poop!!!! that only happened to me once; dd2 pooped while both her and dd1 were in the tub. it was so gross, i, too was just pulling kids out and had to wash them off. what does day care do to correct james' behavior? i hope your dh makes it back today!!! have fun playing in the snow with j and good luck with the pictures. c tends to freak out at other people's houses. not sure if your j does it, but maybe you could go a bit earlier to get him acquainted with the house first.


                              ernie: LOL on dd pulling your pants down!! it reminded me of one time in high school when it was pajama day and two of my guy friends pantsed me in front of a big group of our friends. not cool.


                              cx2: kids are so resilient! c falls down regularily, looks at my with a cry face, no tears, and then goes on his way. yay for selling the rental! my friends are selling a house right now that they have been renting since they moved out of a 2 years ago. they are making money on it now with the rent, but they are ready to not have it anymore as it is two hours away from where they currently live.


                              bermy: i am always amazed at how many drool spots are in c's crib every morning. he is all over his crib as the spots are everywhere!! i question whether i will ever get faster if i don't do speedwork...


                              mer: are kids able to then use the ipads for personal use as well. ie download any apps/songs/etc they want or will they only be stocked with "district stuff"? mmmm deep friend mushrooms sound delicious!


                                RR - planning on 5 or so today.  Yesterday took L and the dog for a walk to the playground where L mostly  just threw the ball for the dog which I guess we could have done at home but it was nice to have a change of scenery.  We were gone 2+ hours so I didn't end up taking him to childcare to get my house cleaned.  Our gym lets us drop the kids off and go run or whatever outside as long as they have my cell# which is pretty nice.  I have even gone to pick him up before and he was sleeping so the lady told me to go home and she'd call me when he woke up so I didn't have to disturb him.


                                BR - some lady at the grocery store told L he was so pretty he could be a girl.  I didn't quite know what to say to that.  He was wearing jeans and a blue shirt with a monster on it, I didn't really think he looked girly.


                                KR - the big birthday party tonight!  We reserved a hotel room and will let the girls swim and order pizza and spend the night.  I think there will be 6 girls plus DD, plus me and probably my other DD too.  Will be a crowded hotel room, I just hope I get a little sleep.


                                NRR - the mom of DD1's best friend just told me she is pregnant.  She is almost 41 and her two girls are 9 and 12, this was a major oops.  She is due on L's birthday in September!


                                rg - wow that's early!  I bet sleeping in on the weekends is nice!  Sorry about R freaking out.  L did that at DH's work last week.  He was walking in all fine at first but then just started crying and wouldn't stop.  Ugh!  I had brought a banana and quickly started shoving pieces in his mouth and then he was OK, but it was embarrassing especially at a quiet office building.


                                zorbs - I hope you can find something to take your mind off of what is bothering you!


                                eh - when I have a longer run planned a lot of times I'll loop around my neighborhood a couple times rather than run out somewhere and back because for some reason looping around makes the run seem shorter in my head.


                                jen - oh no at the pooping in the tub.  Eww!  That's happened a couple times, must be the warm water relaxing them.  Smile  I don't know about J's temper.  L has a bit of one too, he was throwing things at mother's morning out wednesday, they said because his friend left before him.  I think some of L's frustration is from not being able to communicate what he wants very well.  I'm hoping he settles when he starts talking more.  DD1 used to get in trouble for kicking people's block towers over at preschool when she was 2.  I thought she was going to be trouble but she eventually mellowed.


                                ernie - I am cracking up about the baby pulling your pants down.  My DD used to hang on my pants and I'd get so mad.   Sounds like she has energy to burn!


                                cx2 - I'm glad she wasn't upset with the face plant!  L has made himself bleed pretty badly doing that.  I guess it's bound to happen when they start walking.


                                bermy - your coaching sessions sound TOUGH!  I don't know that I could handle them!  I love snuggle sessions too.  I'd also love to sleep until 8am!  I have to get up at 5:30 to get the girls up for school, so I like/need for L to be sleeping during that time.  Enjoy your rest day!


                                mer - my stomach is churning at your food yesterday!  I love eating that stuff but always regret it later when I can't sleep because of an upset stomach.


                                mrszm - that is annoying about the cable guy!  I hate when people disturb naptime.  Does your oldest still nap?  Your date tonight sounds fun!