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running eh

    mjen - not to scare you, but my DS used to poo in the bath ALL.THE.TIME!!  Neither of my girls have done that.  How old is DS again?  (I should know by now)  I think they often go through phases.  He might just be testing his limits right now.  Hope DH makes it home.


    Ernie - I, too am laughing at  you being pantsed by a child under the age of one!!  Driving to RP's is just fine - I'd do it too, in this weather.  DInner sounds great.


    cx2 - hope the rental sale goes through without a hitch!  Yay on getting rid of it.  Funny about DD.


    bermy  - with all your talents and hobbies, I am sure you will find a way to fill that running space - enjoy your day!


    mer - sounds like a busy day!  Hope today is more relaxed.  My DS would be so pumped to go plowing - how cool!


    mzm - funny about the cable guy - sounds like you made a new friend!  Did the kids stay in bed during that time?  Sounds like a good tradition for DH, enjoy your time with your friend.


      Mrszm – Great job on getting C off the paci.  I am jealous and hope we have it that easy but doubt it.  J will start whining and go find his paci and will fuss at night if he doesn’t have it or loses it.  Which happened at 10:30 last night.  LOL to the cable guy…love hanging out and watching TV with a complete stranger in your own house.  I hope the girls get ot go skating…their skates were sweet all colored with sharpie!!  Sounds like a fun date…never had Crispin…is that local to you?  At daycare they tell him no and redirect him, which is what we tried at home but obviously it isn’t working…he is truly testing us and could care less if someone gets angry with him.


      Arm – That is super nice of your gym daycare.  Most places I have heard won’t do that because of liability reasons.  Is the daycare usually full?  OMG to the lady’s comment.  Did she think that was nice?  I think that was slightly rude.  Have fun at DD’s bday!  You won’t get sleepJ  Have a great run today!!


      Eh - Please don't tell me that!! LOL...this is the first time he has done it.  I reacted so much that he probably will do it again because he got so much attention.  He is 15 1/2 months.  I could understand if he was younger but now he should know better.


      Honorary Old

        RR: Didn't go last night because we had stuff going on. I get off work at 3 on Fridays, so I'll do 4-5 miles after work tonight.


        BR: OMG I should have taken a picture of the outfit DH dressed R in yesterday, it was so mismatched, it was embarrassing! He dressed him in this multicolored orange stripe onesie with black and grey striped pajama pants and thick brown socks. He looked like a dirt kid. 

        FR: last night was pasta alfredo and sauteed veggies. Not sure about tonight, maybe a frittata?

        NRR: Met with our builder last night, estimate was pretty close to what we thought it would be, but DH and I didn't realize there was sales tax on building a new house- D'oh, $20k!  Oh well, basically the only places we can really cut costs is not doing the sweet tiled bathroom we really want and no granite/quartz countertops. With the interest rate environment and the possible sale of our house this weekend, we might just go for it since it wouldn't increase our payment all that much per month.  I don't know how you guys in big cities do it- the cost of housing there is just crazy.

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          jen - Yikes on the tub poo! This story scares me - S has never pooped in the tub, so I thought it just wasn't her thing, but it sounds like it can happen at anytime! It sounds like your ds is just in major toddler mode, testing boundaries and throwing fits. Since he's doing the whole terrible twos thing early, maybe he'll get through this stage early and you'll have the best behaved two or three year old around.


          cx2 - Your dd is a tough little girl! Sounds like she is determined to walk soon. Did she skip crawling?


          Bermy - I am exhausted just reading about your workout. At what age did you put your ds in a toddler bed? S still sleeps with us at night and I am wondering if it's worth moving her to a crib or if I should just go straight to the toddler bed.


          Mer - Going plowing will be so much fun for ds. You had quite a feast last night - sounds delicious but I could see how it could cause some bloating!


          mrszm - LOL about the cable guy. What is with cable guys and never showing up remotely when they are supposed to? Thanks goodness for TV...imagine how weird it would have been if you had to sit there and make small talk the whole time.


          arm - Your gym daycare sounds great! The bday party will surely be a blast for all those little girls. I suspect you'll be kept up all night by giggling, however.

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            RR - srd, I think we might meet RP and walk her C25k to push her baby walking during her running segments.  We still have to finalize our plans.


            TR - kept her clothes on all night last night!


            BR - has had some gross green poops lately, maybe from teething?  She's happy otherwise, so I'm hoping she doesn't have an insensitivity to something I'm eating.  What do you think?  Happy baby - so mommy should stop stressing?


            FR - made pasta w/ a pepper and sausage sauce on it. It was tasty but the sausage was spicy!  Not sure for tonight, we have a couple of meals that DH and I have wanted lately but they aren't super M friendly and since my leftovers from last night are so spicy - and she's been anti-spicy lately, I'm not sure.


            I'll try to come back later for personals.

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              RR:  5 miles today.  Not sure if I will run this morning while H is at daycare or wait until I get him and take him to sushi tonight.


              BR:  Woke up last night at 12:30 and then again at 5:30.  I nursed him both times and put him back to sleep.  He kept whimpering after the 5:30 feed and then like a bad mom, I discovered he had a very poopy diaper.


              NRR:  Have the day off from school but I took H to daycare just to try and keep his schedule consistent.  He is going 4 days a week right now but didn't go Monday because of the holiday.


              NRR2:  Has anyone taken fenugreek?  I have been taking it lately and have been having horrible gas.  It is the only thing I can think that has changed in my diet.  I normally don't really get gassy so the past few days have been uncomfortable.

              RG - Do you run 5-6 most days and then do a LR?  And brr, hope it warms up soon.


              zorbs - Your chicken fingers sound delish.  I wish DS liked chicken.  Sorry about the hips.  DO you get that pain often?


              eh - Saw your fb post about TTC.  How exciting!  Maybe you could choose a FM that doesn't fill up fast and then start training but not register until you are sure if you will be pregnant or not.  Or you could always register for a FM and then do a HM instead if you were pregnant.


              jen  - Ugh sorry about the poop.  We have yet to experience that yet!  Any more talk with DH about TTC?  Did you guys decide to go for it?


              ernie - Sounds just like H when we spend all day at home!  He broke a lamp last week.  I hope you guys make it to the community center today.


              cx2 - wow, a walker already.  How old is she again?


              mer - What is plowing?  snow plowing?


              bermy - As usual, sounds like a tough workout.  I bet you have gotten so much faster!  Are there any 5ks you could sign up for just to get a gauge?  I have always trained for marathons and then run unplanned 5ks as they came up.  I was blown away this past summer/fall when  I started doing some 5ks and discovered how much faster I had gotten since before baby.  It was a nice suprise.


              mrszm - What is your cable company?  Most of them will give you a credit if they didn't show at their scheduled time.


              arm - I get told H is pretty too.  I think because he has long eyelashes.


              on to page 2....

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                BR2 (I guess I should put TR2 since he's not a baby anymore..)- R likes to walk down the stairs holding our hands and is getting pretty good at it, so yesterday he decided to walk down the two steps off the landing by himself at daycare and biffed it and has a gnarly goose egg on his forehead.


                QOTD- Do you have people approach you about wanting to run with you? I am always getting requests from friends and acquaintances that want to start running and they want me to get them in shape.  This week its the mom of the twins that live next door to R's godmother who I only know slightly and have done a couple playdates with. She used to be in the army and wants to become a reserve police officer and needs to get into shape (and lose 50 lbs) and wants to run with me. I told her that I'd run with her as extra miles. I don't want to bring her along on my good workouts though just in case she's really slow. So that might mean some 2-a-days on the weekend. At least I know that she isn't a whine- I'm not very good at taking on whiny beginners, especially since I started my running habit solo.


                CA- if it only lasts a few days, I wouldn't worry, it could be a milk oversupply issue if she was clusterfeeding recently. The green is caused by sugary milk (foremilk). However, if it lasts for more than a week or two, I would try cutting dairy. Reid had crazy green diarrhea that wouldn't go away and I had to put him on a lactase enzyme and cut out dairy until he was 12 mos. His poor little guts were so inflamed that he couldn't digest the milk properly, thus needing the enzyme to help him break it down. I have a a bottle of drops as well as powder left over if you end up needing some.


                runnergirl- why would you guys dissolve the village? There is a "town" about 20 minutes from me that has a population of maybe a couple hundred and they still have their own post office. Yay for non-4 am wakeups! Boo for the super cold weather, brrr!


                zorbs- R wouldn't eat his turkey apple carrot fingers I made for him. He ate his green beans though. Roll eyes  Hope alcoholic friend can get his legal troubles figured out. As long as he is really cooperative, they should give him some leniency.  Do you lurk on the L&O forum here? If so, you need to read the "Dear fat snatch at the gym" thread, I laughed and cried yesterday when I read it.


                running eh- your dinner sounds SOOO good. Re your other post. I want another kid but I don't want to do the pregnancy and first 6 mos again, blerg. Am I weird that I would take a toddler over a newborn any day? Maybe my toddler just isn't infuriating enough yet to put it in perspective.


                Jen- Sorry about your frustrations with J. I sit R on the potty as I run his bath- I'd say he does a poop at least half the time! Whenever he does, I feel like I dodged a poop-in-the-tub bullet. I get reports from daycare that R is really strong willed- when he gets in trouble its for hitting/screetching/musing faces when he doesn't get his way- he got 4 timeouts yesterday.


                Ernie- OMG at your DD pantsing you! LMAO! I hope it wasn't a laundry/granny panties day! Your FR sounds delish. Apparently I'm really missing sausage as a vegetarian LOL


                cx2- C sounds like a baby at R's daycare- she started cruising and trying to walk at 7 mos even though she was really wobbly and not ready! I hope your rental sale goes through. I really hate the whole real estate back and forth.


                Bermy- I love snuggles so much. R loves sitting on our laps, I would be devastated if he didn't like to cuddle. Yeah, I don't like tofu simmered in sauce- it gets too squishy. I would serve the sauce over top too so you can keep the chewier texture. I've been dreaming about that panko tofu, so maybe I'll cook that and make my veggie sushi this weekend, my avocadoes are finally ripe enough!


                mer- LOL at your dinner. I ate really greasy food (a Cowboy rueben sandwich at Toby Keith's bar) the first night in vegas and had to buy pepto bismol, I was miserable. Weird about J waking so much last night. R occasionally wakes in the night and he just turns on his glowy seahorse toy and goes back to sleep, kinda cute Smile


                mzm- my kid is a binky junkie. I think I'm going to take it away from him soon. Sorry about your cable guy, that sounds like something that would happen to me too. Have you ever tried Lambic? Its an apple (or cherry or raspberry) beer and it is so good.


                arm- people tell me all the time that R is such a pretty boy. Oops on that pregnacy! Oh well, stranger things have happened. I don't know how people do babies in their 40's, I'm 27 and ex-freaking-hausted.

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                  RR: 6-7 miles at lunch in the rain


                  NRR:  I'm bummed.  The woman we hired to watch the kids during the day may not be able to start until May and we had planned on her starting in March.  She is wonderful so I was so excited for her to start in March.  Right now we are trying to make it work with my parents watching the kids and a temp sitter who watches them on Wednesdays.  Its making it tough to get my work done and makes it much harder on DH.  I know it will work out but I'm hoping we don't have to wait until May.


                  RR2: 9 days until the 50k... we decided to switch races. Can you believe there are 2 50ks on the same day?  The one we switched to is a new race and its closer to home.  The RD is Luis Escobar from Born to Run.  Apparently his races are run really well so it should be good.

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                    Spike – LOL to DH dressing R.  I let DH dress J last weekend and seriously…he picks out a plain onsie with a stain on it and a pair of pants that are a size too small…Um??  What about that says cute??  Nothing!  Bummer on  forgetting the sales tax.  Do you think you will make a profit on your current house?  If so, go for it.  Plus the little extras will increase the resale value of your new home!


                    Ernie – I can pray that he is a great 2 year old…but I am not holding my breathWink


                    CA – I remember going through a period where J had runny green poop for a time and worrying he had issues.  He didn’t though and we never did figure the cause but from everything I read at the time it was pretty normal.  Since she is happy I wouldn’t worry too much.


                    Shelby – I hope you have a good 5 miler.  I have done that to J too…left him with poop unknowingly…it happens.  Yes,  DH and I decided to try for #2 when it is possible…he travels so much we can’t try every cycle which stinks.  So I have a feeling this could be a long process.


                    Spike#2 – QOTD – Um…I wish people would approach me to run with me…I would love it.  You must be a friendly runner and I must be mean or something.  I really want an RP but am hesitant to join a large group because I don’t want to pay if I can’t make the runs.  I can totally understand though not wanting to run with someone slower..you can injure yourself if you run to far out of your natural gait.


                    Jm – Wooohoooo for the 50K…you are a machine!  Sorry about the sitter issues.  I really hope it works out.  It is so nice to have someone to help out that you trust with your kids.


                      Spike: never tried lambic but just googled it. I will have to search around for it. I had to drive to the "big city" to find crispin.


                      eh: luckily the kids slept through the cable guy being here!


                      ernie: i talked to a manager abiut how mad i was and he never once said i woukd get money. boo!


                      Jmmiller: 50k sounds unimagineable to me. My chiro signed up for a 50 mile trail race!


                        armmama - That is one awesome gym!  Sounds like a great birthday party!  Way to go mom!


                        mrszm - The plan is for the middle school kids to have it as "their" device.  So, they can take it home, put whatever they want on it.  But, if they don't have room for a school app, then they have to delete something of theirs.  Other schools love doing this, it scares me, but most new things do.  I give you credit for doing things after the kids go to bed.  Once J goes down, I am useless!


                        spike - I WISH  adult would approach me about running.  I have plenty of kids that will.  There is a woman just a couple doors down from me that runs, but we have never talked. I am shy like that and I think she is too!  Funny about DH dressing R.  I got home the other day and J had on one sock, sweats with one pant leg up, and a pajama shirt.  He looked silly, but DH said he was warm and comfy.  Okay....


                        CAR - Enjoy your walk with RP.  You are doing a great job with 2 kids.  Makes me feel like its not impossible and I could manage it!


                        shelby - Yep.  Snow plowing.  That is our income in the winter!  J loves being in "dada's truck".  I took fenugreek for a year!  I don't remember gas issues.  Just smelling like maple syrup constantly! Smile


                        spike - J has been going down with a night light lately, but we turn it off when we go to bed.  (It is controlled through his baby monitor).  20K in tax is a lot!  Wow!


                        jmmiller - Bummer about the sitter.  That sucks.  Yay for the 50K though.  That does seem like an impossible distance to me!  You will be great!

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                          spike/mrszm--I love Lambic!!  My old roommate and I used to drink it...yum!!


                          Honorary Old

                            Jen- We stand to make a fair amount on our house, especially selling private party (we owe about $94k and will sell for $130K+). I think we are just going to go for it- I ran the calculations and paring back all those things we want will only mean a difference of less than $50 a month in payments. The biggest bummer is though that even if we did pare back, we will still have to pay PMI for a few years- I thought with the house sale we would be able to eke in there with the 20% down, but we are more like 15%. Oh well.  I think people approach me because they know my story about losing 50 lbs and starting out from zero, plus I'm not super fast like you. I would be intimidated to ask you to run because my normal pace would probably be a speed-walk for you!


                            jmmiller- yay for the 50K! Did you choose one that was easier?


                            MZM- My Safeway store sells Lambic alongside the big 20 oz bottles of beer. Its really good, my sister who hates beer loves it.

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                              Rg – I am sorry about the village hall meltdown. Maybe your DS feels very strongly about voting to keep his village. Don’t worry if he has meltdowns – it’s very normal and you’re still the same great mama as you were 5 mins before the meltdown happened. Were you tired after your long work week of single parenting?


                              Jm – can you post your training schedule for the 50k or send me a link pls? I am very interested in how you prepare for a 50k.


                              Zorbs – my alcoholic past still haunts me. I feel sorry for your friend. Tell him that no matter what happens, no one can take away his year of sobriety. You make me wanna try hot yoga. There’s a place by our new house in Nasvhille. Oh and there’s a weekly run from the local lulu store too which I would kill to check out. Of course I would just skulk in the back and watch all the action.


                              Eh – see my post on fb. I was thinking of you. Your fr sounds yummy. Is it german? I am excited for you to run longer. Hope you are ok with distance. Yes, I need to get on with my gift for my pg friend. Time is ticking and her pg is not going to wait for my slow sewing fingers.


                              Jen – hope your DH can come back today so you get a break from J. Sounds like you need a few hours to reset without being the one in charge. Do you think some of the behavior is from his missing his dad? A similar thing happened to a friend here and she thought it was that. Little dudes love working all that energy out physically too – maybe indoor play area?


                              Ernie – I love your posts. Your LO sounds like a funny, but cheeky little madam. Who does she get that from? Wearing her out sounds like a lovely positive way to cope with that!


                              Cx2 – hope you are feeling better. Hope doc can help you. Yeah for your resilient chick – you taught her that! I talked with my coach about wearing a bra top and I am thinking about it. She said yes, you say yes, I am thinking about it.


                              Mer/ spike– He is 16mo. DS sleeps on a regular adult queen sized bed. I put the mattress on the floor. He always has done. We had a crib but sold it as he never slept in it. He gets on the mattress when he is tired and when he is done sleeping, he gets off it and comes into the living room.


                              Mer – thanks for the talk on your stuff going on yesterday. Thanks for sharing. I would also love to see a pic of your blankie if you get chance to post one.


                              Mrszm – can I punch that cable guy for you? Seriously inconsiderate. And a moron. Were those the decorated ice-skates you are talking about? I told my DH about your DDs decorating the skates and he thought it was so cool.


                              Arm – yoru daycare sounds lovely. In Nashville they have a YMCA and everyone goes there (there are no other gyms which really surprised me). I am hoping to let DS potter in there so I can finally break free from stroller-running-everything for an hour or two a week. The hotel party sounds awesome – you have put a lot of work and planning into that. You’re so lovely Arm.


                              Spike – yay on estimate, boo on tax. Hope it all works out for you.  It doesn’t surprise me that people want to run with you cos you are so lovely. Add me to the list. I would kill to run with you.


                              CA – I posted on fb re. poops. You are so sweet with your RP. That’s such a lovely thing to do and I would have loved that help at the beginning if it were me.


                              Shelby – what are you thinking of your 18/55 schedule? I hate racing Shelby! I would rather train for a 100m run over 56weeks and never have to race once in the meantime. Dh has this idea that I can train for an ultra pushing the stroller. Think it’s possible?

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                                bermy - I also hate racing!  I mostly do it for the t-shirts Smile.  I just tend to not push myself when I am solo so races are the only way to gage how fast I am.  And yes, I certainly think you could train for an ultra pushing the stroller, that is if DS will allow.  You already do enough miles with the stroller so I definitely think it is possible.  I am toying around with the idea of taking H with me in the stroller on Sunday for 15 miles but I am not sure he would cooperate.

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