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Valentine's Day Thursday - Preggos (Read 24 times)

MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: 3 miles last night, another 3 at the gym tonight after work. The treadmill really sucks. That is all.


      PGR: 34w4d. One month, 10 days. I can do that! Wink Yesterday was not as bad as the day before. I took more breaks and got up more throughout the day, which seemed to help a lot. I got comments from 2 people yesterday. The first was at the microwave at lunchtime. A woman said wow you look like your ready to pop. Nope, 6 weeks left. Oh wow!! Then at the chiro a man asked me if I was due soon. When I said I had 6 weeks left he asked if I was having twins. Just what I wanted to hear!


      NPGR: No plans for vday, DH's birthday is Saturday so we never really do anyting for Valentines. I don't mind, it's a silly day anyways! Work is going to be crazy for the next 2 days. We were told late yesterday afternoon that a report is due ASAP today... hmmm thanks for the notice!!! And then more reports are due to go out tomorrow. I cannot wait for the weekend. Except we have all day birth class on Saturday and Sunday I have a breastfeeding class. Not much of a relaxing weekend...


      Sorry for my lack of personals. Hopefully next week!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        MA - great job on keeping up with the running, ugh to the comments - why do people think it's okay to say stuff like that to pregnant women?


        PGR: 26w2d. Not much new here, just packing on the pounds. I did buy the stroller off of CL, so I'm glad to have that purchase out of the way.


        ER: yoga last night was nice as always. Probably nothing today - in early to work so I can leave early to go to the bball game.


        NPGR: DH made a valentine's dinner last night for DSD and I, and got cards for DSD, me and a card for the babies.  It was really cute.  One last basketball tournament this weekend and then I'll have my weekends back again...


          ER: Well, I did nothing yesterday. I feel kind of lame about it, but between work and my appointment I had no time. I'm definitely going on a walk today. Planning on somewhere between 3 and 5 miles.


          PGR: 36w?! I can't believe I have 4 weeks and that's it. Last night I was having these bittersweet feelings about these being the last 4 weeks that DH and I will have as just us for quite a long time. Made me kind of teary. We've had such a fun marriage and it's a little hard to let go of the freedom of it just being the two of us. I know that we'll both be very happy, but thinking about the transition is still tough. Having a lot of acid reflux between last night and this morning. I have not taken more than 4 tums the entire pregnancy, as I have been depending on milk to be enough. But now I think that I might get some for the next few weeks. Last night I was uncomfortable and it seems ridiculous to be having issues this early in the morning.


          NPGR: Off today. I didn't expect it but I'm fine with it, other than the fact that DH got called in to sub this morning and will not be back until after midnight since the family he tutors for needs him to watch their boys until the mom gets back at the airport late tonight. So I have no car and cannot run any errands. I dislike feeling stranded at home. I may walk to barnes and noble and have coffee and read some photography magazines this evening so I at least feel like I got some fun. DH and I will celebrate V-Day this Saturday, as we are both off.


          MA: People need to learn to be way more sensitive to pregnant women's bodies. I mean, we don't say rude things to fat people, so why is it that people feel that pregnant women's bodies are open to commentary? I'm sure that even if your belly is big, you still look wonderfully in shape with all the running you do! Sorry your weekend will not be that relaxing. Enjoy it as much as you can!


          TN: Congrats on getting the stroller! I can't wait to use mine. DH's valentines sound so sweet! I need to work on something for my DH. Enjoy your last bball game and newly free weekends.


            ER: Nothing today.


            PGR: 37w6d. Felt better last night and this morning than I have the last couple days, so yay! My parents are going out of town this weekend so they say P cannot come out until Tuesday... so I'm wondering what are the chances he'll come this weekend? lol... it would be best if he came when they were around since they'll be helping us with A though, so I'm telling P to wait until at least Tuesday! I have a doctor's appointment later this morning. I will probably get the internal check if given the option just for curiosity's sake. I took out bottles to wash last night only to find that the good bottles were not in that box and then remember that, yes, I packed away the bottles we didn't like first and have no idea where the good bottles ended up. I don't want to go through every box in the basement looking for them again either because I already did that once. So we're just going to buy all new bottles instead of just the nipples. We will try to use the bottles that we do have but buy a few other new ones. I ordered replacement parts for the pump (that I got from my sister) last weekend and two of the three items came yesterday. I packed P's diaper bag for going home from the hospital so now I just need to pack my bag. I also finally put away the last of the baby clothes last night. The list of things to do is getting shorter, mainly just some shopping this weekend and washing up pump supplies.


            NER: Last night I made Valentine's Day cookies, chocolate M&M. It was nice to do something fun and not be so darn tired! Well, I'm always tired but with more energy. DH surprised me with a heart-shaped box of chocolates this morning! I remember mentioning to him in a joking fashion that I expected some after seeing a commercial at some point in the last few weeks, but didn't expect him to do it! I actually bought him a card yesterday that I'll give him later, but now feel bad that I ate the candy hearts I was going to give him with it! Who was it that was talking about eating the candy hearts yesterday, was it TN? I went to walgreens yesterday where I ended up buying the card (went to get some Zantac) and bought a little box for me and one for DH and ate them both.

            Laura G in Idaho

              MA:  People think they are being clever when they make stupid comments like that.  I'm already getting those comments, and I have longer than you.


              TN:  Three cheers for the last basketball tournament and the restoration of your weekends!


              PGR:  29w6d.  I think my baby's head is down.  I'm seeing the midwife on Monday and will ask for a second opinion.


              NPGR:  Going to the post office with soap today.  My soap is very basic:  lard, lye, water, and milk.  Essential oils can be added, too.  I'm guessing my aunt likes the soap because it doesn't have a lot added to it, and she has skin allergies to many products.


              RR:  My running/strength sandwich routine last night started off with immediate pain in my lower left leg, and slight pain in the lower right.  I ignored it and finished my workout.  Afterwards, I wasn't sure if I regretted my workout (because I love finishing what I set out to do), or not.  I iced it and massaged it last night.  Will ice and massage again today.  It's shin splints.  It doesn't always hurt.  Some runs I can't feel it at all, but I've been dealing with it for about 6 weeks, on and off.  So, I've decided to scale back the number of weekly runs, switching out the strength sandwich to elliptical next time.  I've also decided to reduce the distance on my two other weekly runs.  I don't want to completely stop running just yet.  I'm not ready, mentally, to decide that.  But one of the trainers at the Y was discussing the shin splints with me, and said that if I continue, it could develop into a stress fracture, and then my running would be over for a much longer time, and recovery would be much slower.  So, lots of pointing and flexing my toes, tip toe walking, heel walking, massage, and ice.  The indoor track where I was doing my run last night is cement, so I'm sure that didn't help.  I definitely prefer softer surfaces.


              ER:  Plan to swim today.

              Laura G in Idaho

                Cross posted with sasha and monk.


                sasha:  My DH and I had our first baby a few days after our first anniversary, so the opposite of your experience.  I think it's exciting to see your spouse in a new role, that of parenthood.  Nothing brings out the best and worst in a person than being a parent.  Enjoy these final weeks, and look forward to the roller coaster of parenthood.


                monk:  How exciting to have your preparation list getting so much shorter.  I do the same thing with storage stuff... put it away and then forget where it is.  I've since decided that other than holiday decorations, I won't put a lot into storage.  If I don't need/want it for an extended time, I feel better passing it to someone who will use it than allowing it to be lost forever in a storage abyss.  :P


                  Morning all.


                  RR - Hoping to get to the gym today before we go out for dinner.


                  PGR - A repost from last night, but my m/w appointment went well yesterday. We've decided to combine the GD test along with the bloodwork that was supposed to be done in the 1st tri so I can get it all done at once. I have tiny veins and last pregnancy it was discovered the most efficient way to take blood was from my hand. So you can see why I want to get this done in as few visits as possible. I had that one wacky scale reading when I was 8-9 weeks along that had me 3 lbs heavier than where I was at yesterday so my m/w thought I lost weight but I told her to ignore that reading. I'm really up 5-6 lbs on my home scale, closer to 7 at the dr. office.


                  NPGR - Going to dinner tonight so that will be fun. A non work-related "date". We put on seminars and so the period of time when we sit out in restaurants and wait between the guests sitting down and my DH's part to speak feels like a date because we don't have DS to worry about, even though it doesn't quite really qualify. Smile Steak tonight, woo!


                  Also, anyone looking to buy a Beco, MamaBargains (mamabargains.com) has a Beco Butterfly II on their site for 69.88. Again, it's one of those lasts as long as there is stock available, so check early if you're interested since carriers tend to go fast.


                  Will do personals in a separate post since *someone* is demanding something I can't decipher.


                    MA:  Nice job on the running.  I am definitely not a treadmill girl but considering your current weather I admire the motivation.  Comments are annoying.  A few days ago one of my co-workers greeted me with “hello waddles.”  Obviously he has never been pregnant before.


                    Sasha:  Barnes and Nobles w/coffee sounds like a really nice way to pass the day.  Hopefully the acid reflux gets better.  Have you tried propping up a bunch of pillows so you are sleeping on some kind of incline?  That has worked for me when the reflux starts to kick up. 


                    Monk:  Hopefully the internal check-up and timing with P turn out well.  Enjoy the chocolates!


                    Laura:  Ugh to the shin splints.  I was thinking just this morning about how being pregnant goes against some of the aspects of being a runner.  Basically we teach ourselves to mentally push through the pain yet we can’t do that when we are pregnant.  I also wanted to say that I was touched by your post yesterday.  There have been so many times when you have posted and I have been in complete admiration as to your self-sufficiency and how hard you work.  I definitely understand your hesitation with the WIC, yet these programs are in place for a reason.  Personally one thing I love about this country is that we have the ability to help people who truly have hit a few rough patches and just need to get back on their feet for a bit.  The frustration lies in those that live on it forever or feel some sort of entitlement.  It sounds like you and your family give all you can and you should be proud of that.


                    ER: Long swim today.  Had to drag myself out of bed a bit but kept reminding myself that even a half-hour of swimming would make me feel better mentally and physically.  Luckily the swim/body felt good and we were able to go a little long.  Probably walk with the puppy later this evening for a few miles.  Went to yoga last night and told my teacher that we would see each other in a few weeks.  I will just do some personal practice at home but it was time to call it a day with the classes.  Even with the modifications I started to drag towards the end.  Felt fairly emotional (of course I am hormonal) because the yoga feels so good.


                    PGR:  Nothing too exciting.  Another doc check-up tomorrow which is always nice as it gives us a chance to hear the heartbeat. 


                    NPGR:  Nothing too exciting planned for this evening.  Actually told DH to please just pass on the whole buying of the gifts/card thing.  Honestly I just don’t feel like braving the store myself to pick him up a card so it easier for the both of us.  We will enjoy dinner out tomorrow.  Tonight I will make something with ground beef as that is what I pulled out.  Possibly meatloaf or meatballs, depending upon what he prefers.


                      Ok, personals time.


                      MA - Comments are so annoying. Let them roll off your back. Hard to do with preggo hormones, I know, queen of pregnancy rage over here.

                      Good job on the running. And just think, even though you have to spend your weekend at class you're ultimately giving your husband a great present, your baby! Smile


                      TN - Great news you were able to get the stroller. I'm always on the fence about selling my single frame. We'll see I guess.


                      Sasha - Enjoy reading the magazines at BN. I remember those days...


                      Monk - Oh bottles. I know I need to go through and inventory the bottles and accessories and that will get done...eventually. Same thing with my pumping accessories. I'm so hoping I can build up a freezer stash this time. How'd you make your pretty link btw? I saw the cookies on FB and I wanted to eat the screen.


                      Laura - Shin splints and running on concrete oooh. Yeah that's not a good combo. Hope the exercises help. My chiro had me doing simliar things and I modified my Jillian workouts to include some of those moves when I needed to take it easier.


                      Yogi - Sounds like you're getting some good workouts in. Enjoy your dinner in tonight and dinner out tomorrow.


                        Monk: I checked out the cookie recipe and they look tasty and adorable. I feel you on eating lots of sugar these days... I had cake at work last night and the night before. SO bad! I'm seeming to have a really bad sugar craving lately. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Hope it lasts!


                        Laura: Sorry about the shin splints. They are so terrible! Hope you can work them out on your own and hopefully you can find enough exercises that keep you happy with your workouts while allowing your muscles to heal well. I'm thinking about doing WIC. I don't think that our income bracket really would allow for it generally, but considering that I am not going to be working after I have the baby (at least no more than one day a week) and DH will soon be on a limited income (whatever his PhD funding is) we may fit the criteria very shortly. DH wants me to do it for the milk! Smile My sister and her husband had their first a month before their first anniversary. I could not have done it! As it is, nearly 5 years has been good. My parents were awesome about not pressuring us, as they were married six years before they had me (their first), and then went on to have 6 more.


                        Schmett: Ohmygosh! a blood draw from your hand. I'm in pain just thinking about it! Glad you can kill two birds with one stone. Ugh. Still sounds so awful! Steak sounds awesome! Enjoy your evening out without DS, even though it's not an official date.


                        Yogi: I feel you on not wanting to brave stores for the typical Valenties' rush. Restaurants are always so crowded too, which is why DH and I have always celebrated Valentines on the most convenient day of our choosing after the official holiday is over. I'm a sucker for the candy, but I'd rather he didn't spend full price. Same with flowers. Great job with the swim! I do sleep propped up on pillows, and the choco milk last night helped. Not sure why I have reflux this morning, as I have been standing up and just doing dishes etc...


                          sasha - enjoy the walk to B&N if you go - sounds relaxing! And I second Laura G - seeing your husband as a parent will probably just add a new dimension to your relationship.  I got lucky and was able to see my DH as a parent with DSD before I married him - he can be such a softie. Smile


                          monk - Glad you're feeling better! Yum to the cookies - I need to make some of those! IT was me that was talking about the candy hearts - funny that you ate DH's too! My DH actually gave the "babies" two boxes of them for vday - I guess I'll just have to suck it up and eat them Smile


                          Laura G - Boo to the shin splints - they are the worst.  Usually they were caused by poorly fitting shoes for me, but I would guess the changing gait of pregnancy is a major factor.  I also wanted to add to your comment yesterday about WIC - I think the situation you describe is exactly the intent of the program, and I think it's great that you also give back as well.  I just don't like when people (1) believe they are entitled to it, or (2) get it, and then don't use it - I had an ex-bf who had a sister who was on WIC - but she would always try to give us her milk and cereal, because her kids "didn't like milk" and "don't like that kind of cereal" - I always refused it, it used to make me angry that she wasn't taking advantage of the healthy options and instead filling her kids full of soda and pop tarts.


                          schmett - glad you are able to combine the tests.  I've never had a problem with blood draws, as I have ginormous veins - back in my single, bar-hopping days, a male nurse once complimented me on my nice veins.  That was awkward.


                          yogi - Great job on the swim - glad it felt good in the end.

                          There is a charity raffle at my work every year for parking spots close to the door during the winter months - the winners get to use the parking spot for a month - a woman that I see in passing, but don't really know, just offered me hers for the rest of the month, which is really sweet, since our parking lot is still fairly icy, so I might have to take advantage.


                            Happy Valentine’s Day ladies!  Its been a hectic week.


                            PG: 28w4d.  Had dr appt on tues.  Measuring normal.  Glucose test normal.  But I had low blood count.


                            ER: Nothing for the last two days.  Ughhhh!  Tonight gym for sure some cardio and weights.


                            NPGR: Yesterday I had to work out of town which was fun except for the 3hour car ride home.  My lower back was achy and I was too tired to even consider working out but I’m feeling better.  The weather should be fabulous this weekend.  Highs in the 70s!  If I can give myself a pedi I’m going to wear sandals!  I’m really sorry to those that had to deal with that crazy storm this week but I’ve very excited about warm weather.


                            We’re celebrating V-day with a nice dinner on Sat.  If I have time after the gym I might stop somewhere to pick up a dessert for dinner tonight if there is anything left over at the store.


                            MA: I would never say you look huge to a person that has just gained some extra weight but apparently people think its ok to say to a PG woman.  My coworker, the same one that has made similar remarks in the past, just told me I look HUGE on Tues, my other coworker who’s wife recently had a baby chimed in with you look great.  I think he knew I didn’t appreciate her comment.


                            TN: Love good CL finds.  I currently look for a glider on CL.


                            Sash: I understand where you’re coming from.  I’ve been married to DH 3.5y and dated for 2 before that.  We’ve slowed down the last two years but in the beginning we travelled a lot and were used to being on the go.  I know its parenthood is going to have its challenges but I'm looking forward to it.


                            Monk: I want some of those cookies you made!  I might try the recipe soon but I’m scared I wont share…lol.  Love your new chair.


                            Laura: can you post how you make your soap?  I’m feeling more crafty these days.  I blame Pinterest…lol


                            Schm: have you used the Beco?  If so, how do you like it?  I but a moby and ergo on my registry but I’m thinking if I don’t get them I’ll try to get them off CL.


                            Yogi: call the TM the Dreadmill.  It’s a mental thing.  I much rather run outside even if bad weather conditions.  Glad you enjoyed your swim.


                              TN - That is so nice of your co-worker!

                              Mann - I personally use an Ergo but I have friends who use Becos (and I want to say there was a mom here who got a Beco...maybe Ozzy or LR?) and like them. They're similar. My one caution for buying an Ergo off someplace like CL or Ebay is that they are usually faked and not up to structural integrity of the original. There are websites that have picture detail of the difference between the real thing and a fake.


                                Mann: I'm so jealous of your weather! Sounds so delightful. Definitely go for the pedi! Enjoy the gym tonight too. Glad that your trip wasn't too uncomfortable for you. My iron was borderline low when I had the test two weeks ago. They said my blood count was fine though, but they gave me this iron supplement in liquid form. I've been trying to focus on the red meat more too.


                                FYI to anyone who likes Starbucks (and who doesn't?) they are doing this thing through today where if you buy a vanilla spice latte, a mocha latte or a hot chocolate they give you a second one free. It's after 2 P.M. so it's almost that time. You have to show them the add, either on your smart phone or a printed one. I've included the link to the printable add. I was going to do it with DH this afternoon, but since he's gone all day I guess I'll just have to indulge a bit more myself. Big grin