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POTLUCK FRIDAY DIVAS! (Read 232 times)


    Yep, I have a work potluck today and ugly sweater contest! Post!


      Good morning!


      RR - I slept later than usual this morning so all I'm going to get is my streak mile. I'm enjoying the streak, but I don't think I'd do it again. I think I'm actually working out less since days that I would have XT-ed I often end up doing just a mile. No biggie, but just something I was thinking about yesterday. I did 3 yesterday morning.


      NRR - Work potluck and ugly sweater contest today. Yep, not a lot of work getting done at work today Wink I have a sweet sweatervest that I'm going to wear, and I also made Swedish Meatballs last night for potluck. They came out good! Despite the potluck I'm hoping to get at least a few things done today. I'm slowly getting there with catching up from vacation.


      A few personals from yesterdays thread since work got nuts. I'm guessing that's how it will be going forward!


      Athena - Congrats on 11 months with DP! My "monthaversary" with DBF is also a 13 - and we always text each other "happy 13." We forgot yesterday, ha. Anyways, I'm super happy for you!


      DrTremendous - Congrats on your pregnancy, how exciting!!


      Corra - Hello! Hugs to you. I hope DF feels better, and vibes to you for strength! When is your wedding day?! If there ever was a marathon to "stop and smell the roses" at, I'm betting its Disney Smile


      NorCal - Vacation was great!! Perfect weather, perfect relaxing, beach every day! I see your business is really picking up! Will you be able to do that Full time someday, do you think (or want to)?


      Outwest - Love, love, love a Christmas Story. I WILL watch that movie this weekend.


      RLTW - Hugs to you! 


      MA - Can't remember if I "liked" on FB but I thought your pic with DH in front of the Christmas tree was so cute! You look great!!


      PO - Hope you get the loose ends tied up soon and start your new position! Is that a Jan 1 sort of thing?


      Taylor - Did you like the Hobbit? Out of all the Lord of the Ring books, I liked that one the least.... But its been years since I read it.


      GSD - Sorry you will be all alone with teething M. When is DH coming back? Are you in a mom's group? My friend's DH is a stay at home dad and he moved to NY from FL and knows hardly anyone, but a dad's group is really helping him feel less isolated (even more so since he's a stay at home dad). Hugs!


      OK I think that's everyone Smile Sorry if I missed you! Happy Friday all! I WILL check back today, since its going to be madness and eating all day at work!


        Good morning DIVAS! Long time no see!


        RR: This week I started a training plan (SmartCoach) for the Tobacco Road Half Marathon on March 17th. Did my first speedwork (2 x 1600s) on Wednesday and it was fun to run fast. I just really want to work on squeezing in some ST, especially abs. I feel like I looked better at 5 months postpartum than I do now because I was doing ST all the time!


        RR2: I think we're going to get a treadmill in the new year (once Big D's bonus comes through). Any recommendations? A friend of mine recommended the TRUE brand. I don't want a lot of bells and whistles (ipod dock, fan, speakers, etc), just a good comfortable treadmill with a small profile since it will be going in our bedroom.


        NRR: I had a work conference in ATL from Sun-Tues. I survived, gave a decent presentation, and was too busy to really miss G. He and Big D had a great time together and you can tell that they really bonded, which is so cute. Not much else, the next week of work is going to be BUSY. I am having a hard time squeezing in Christmas shopping and running but it will get done. We have our first Christmas celebration this weekend with my dad and stepmom. And we're going to take G to see Santa tomorrow - I cannot wait!



        I haven't been around, and haven't had time to go thru and read the threads from the last week so please tell me any updates that are important!


        Cara - how was the doctor's appointment? I was thinking about you yesterday because I thought i was this week.


        Jewel - great job on your mile streak - I can totally see how a streak would decrease your overall workouts. Have fun at the work parties today!


        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



          Morning Ladies!


          Treadmill Question: I have the Nordictrack Xi7. I love love it. It inclines (40%) and declines (-6%), which is very helpful when trying to simulate outside running. I would suggest see about getting something that does decline. Also, I highly highly recommend getting a treadmill with iFit. You can use google maps and load it into the treadmill. Realtime running simulation.  I would see about getting a treadmill with a wireless connection. I know people that use the connector and dislike it, bc you have to load the connector then the treadmill. With a wireless connection you can load from iFit website, connect the treadmill to the internet and bang your done.  NordicTrack was great customer service wise. They come out every year to tune up the treadmill and do any upgrades. They also set the whole thing up for me. Including vacuuming the area and Oh they gave us a mat to place the treadmill on for free. One more thing about ifit there are apps now you can use while out running then trasnfer them to ifit to the treadmill. Its really need. They have running competitions etc. Kinda keeps treadmill running interesting. Even if you are using it once or twice a week like I used too or if you ended up having to use it more than. 


          RR: 11 today or 11 tomorrow, depends on how today unfolds.


          NRR: T and a potluck tonight. I still need to figure out what to bring and make it! YIKES!  Any ideas? Its at 630 so I wont be there very long since I am taking M with me.  We went to a mall yesterday and did some window shopping. I am blown away over the prices for Nike dri-fit. I cannot believe it, but then again I have brought running clothes in several years. 


          OJ: Have a great time at work. I used to love doing outside work fun at work. LOL.


          Sassy: Glad to hear the presentation was decent. 

          MA runner girl

            Morning ladies!


            RR: Ran just 1 miles last night as I got a sharp pain in my abdomen less than a half mile in. Midwife said it was probably gas or ligament pain, and it's fine to walk until it goes away and keep running. Glad I turned around though, walking wasn't really helping so it would not have been a fun 3 miles. So I woke up this morning to see if morning runs were easier and it was easier. 3 miles done!


            NRR: Appt went well last night. I'm measuring good and C's heartbeat was good. I was super bummed because the scales there said I gained 8 pounds in 4 weeks, which is nutso! I know I've been eating a lot, but it seemed like a lot, so I weighed myself this morning and was 3 pounds less! That would make my total 14 pounds at (almost) 26 weeks, instead of 17. I like that better... My goal is to stay under 35 pounds so with 14 weeks left (!!!!!) I think that's doable! We shall see.


            NRR2: Looking forward to the weekend. Doing all things Christmas related! Since next weekend is packed full of xmas parties, I have to get all my baking done this weekend. I make cookie boxes for all our immediate family. Also need to get all my shopping done since I have done NONE. Oops.


            Have a great day girls! I'll be back after breakfast.

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


              Morning Ladies! TGIF


              So, I heard from Dr. Hottie's PA yesterday. Surgery is Friday 12/21 at 4:30 p.m. UGH. SO LATE! Pre-op is Thursday 12/20 at 8 a.m. So I'm taking off of work on Wednesday, heading to Boston to spend the day/night with a friend of mine and then going to pre-op Thursday morning and then meeting up with my parents later in the day when they get to Boston. Smile


              I'm so looking forward to 2013. 2012 has been HORRIBLE in every way possible! Thank you lovely ladies for your love and support! Smile


                GSD - I just looked at that treadmill, it looks awesome. However, do you think the belt is long enough?  Dan is 6'4" and I know we will need a long belt for his stride. An easy dish to take to the potluck would be something like buffalo chicken dip or a cheesy potato casserole.  NOT HEALTHY AT ALL Smile That's why you leave it there !!


                RLTW - so glad you are scheduled!


                MA - i found morning running easier too ... I guess just less weight and water retention in the morning than after work.  good luck with your weekend plans!


                I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!


                MA runner girl

                  Jewel - Aww thank you! I thought it came out cute, we actually used it for our xmas card pic Smile Hope you can get some work done despite the holiday stuff! Sounds like fun Smile


                  Sassy - DH and I got a cheap treadmill from walmart. I hate running on it, but for times when the weather is not nice it's fine. I know I'll get more use out of it when baby comes! Have fun going to see Santa with G, so cute! I loved loved loved your card by the way! He is too cute!


                  GSD - To me Nike is so overpriced for everything. I only buy it at Marshalls or TJMaxx. Basically you are just buying the name. Have fun at the potluck tonight!


                  RLTW - I hope next week gets here really soon! That does seem like a really late surgery! I'll be anxious to hear how it all goes. Hugs!

                  PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                    Good morning, ladies!


                    RR: FINALLY got in 7 so I'm feeling a little more back to normal. It was hard to wake up, though.


                    NRR: Work work work. Volunteering at the shelter again tomorrow, and DBF, Fay and I are going on some sort of adventure on Sunday. OH Fay and I saw a coyote on our run today! The coyote ran right up our street!! Fay was all about it, but I kept a respectful distance. CRAZY


                      Happy Friday, DIVAs!


                      Jewel, post pictures of the sweaters!  And oh, my...a VEST, even!  How very fashionable of you  ;-)


                      Sassy, I'm starting an actual training plan on Monday, and I can't wait, either!  I've never truly "trained" outside of meeting long runs every week, so I'm dork-ishly excited about this training cycle!  LOVED the Christmas card pictures.  Like, made the kids look at it and all..C would like to hang out with "that happy baby"!


                      GSD, enjoy the potluck, how fun!  And go on with your 11 miles!!


                      MA, Amazon has been a lifesaver for me for this Christmas...and with Amazon Prime, I get mostly free one day shipping...awesome.  I think Meli has sung its praises, too! 


                      RLTW, will have fingers and toes crossed and good vibes sent the entire time!


                      outwest, rock on with your seven miles!  You must be SO close to the 1000 mark, good for you! 


                      So crazy night last night - had my dad at the house for lil C to get off the bus, asked N if a friend could drive him home from wrestling, and I was at our department holiday party from 4-6.  I got home, the boys ate (DP had left it prepped in the fridge and N put it in the oven),  and N remembered he needed a wig...for tomorrow mornign at school, for a TV Pro project.  CAlled my dad back, and he came back with old wigs of my stepmom's, from her theatre days.  As we're all standing in the kitchen, out of nowhere our one cat, Clyde, completely freaks out and attacks Roxy, our younger dog, and like CHASES her through the kitchen and into the living room!  Nick reached out and got blood on his hand from Roxy's ear!  So we put Clyde upstairs in the cat room, and fixed poor Roxy's ear.  Never had that excitement before!  I put C to bed, studied for next semester, and went to bed early...lil C shared his cold with me, so I woke up all stuffy...and forgot completely about the wigs.  DP worked overtime, so she walked into the house at 6:30 this morning...and immediately came upstairs and said "Uh, babe?  What's with the box of hair on the kitchen table?"  HA!!!!!


                      Have a wonderful weekend, DIVAs!!


                        Good morning!


                        RR: Nothing today.


                        NRR: Today is DH's last day of work, and the poor guy is sick! He's going to make it to work but going a little later. All he really needs to do is his exit interview and some of his coworkers are taking him out to lunch and he'll probably get out early. He's sad. I wish I could make him not sad! Tonight is another work Christmas party, outside work so should be a bit more fun than the one on Wednesday. I don't know if we'll all go or if I'll end up going by myself because DH might not feel like it. Or I might just skip it and we'll do something together. I'm hoping we'll all go! Tomorrow we're finishing our Christmas shopping. We don't actually have to do much because DH's mom and sister bought stuff for our nephews because it was something specific they wanted that they already found. Not sure what else we'll do this weekend. I might make more cookies. I'm really into the baking lately!


                          Nai - One question..was there circus music playing during all this commotion at your house last night? Big grin


                            I am still out here, albeit unable to check in the past few days. Sad  I have been home, sick, this entire week.  I am absolutely miserable. Sleepy


                            RR:  One has to be able to eat, in order to move.  I cannot even eat enough to sustain my daily metabolic functions; laundry and simple things around the house are tough enough right now. Cry


                            NRR:  I saw the GI doctor on Tuesday.  He ordered a series of tests to be done.  I had an Upper Endoscopy on Wednesday, a 4-Hour Gastric Emptying Study yesterday; and, I have a Colonoscopy on Tuesday.  Yesterday's test was a major eye-opener.  Basically, they feed you a "radioactive" meal (mine was oatmeal), and they X-Ray your insides for a four-hour duration.  Normally, food should leave your stomach between 90-minutes to 2-hours.  I still had the oatmeal in my stomach at the 4-hour mark. Sad  I have been trying to talk myself out of this possibility the past year-and-a-half, because it points somewhat to Gastroparesis.  Needless to say, I am feeling a bit devastated right now.  The condition is treatable, but only to a certain extent. Undecided  I guess I will find out more next week?


                            I hope that everyone is doing well!  I have been enjoying the time curled up on the couch with Netflix.  DH went to work today, after helping me with all of my procedures yesterday and the day before.  Love him. Shy


                            I will maybe try and check in later, but I will keep you all updated on what I find out (it may be on Facebook).


                            Take care!


                              Hey ladies! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!


                              Work holiday brunch starting at 10 - no work getting done around here, either. Big grin


                              RR: We got a BOSU so I'm planning to get it set up and do a workout tonight after I walk the Gus-monster and run some errands! (or before!)


                              NRR: Looking forward to a mostly-relaxing weekend! I have a massage tomorrow morning, then taking Gus to the vet, and some sewing! Maybe even a run or an outdoor skate, weather depending. (I think it's supposed to rain? Yuck. No skating in the rain!) Sunday DP and I (and her BIL) are going on a long-distance hike from our house to her sister's house, about 13-14 miles through two regional parks and along trails at the base of Mount Diablo! We've had it planned for weeks! I'll take pics. Smile


                              On a side note, now I WANT that treadmill GSD is talking about.... and I don't even like treadmills! That thing is awesome!


                              Cara, I'm so sorry to hear about your possible diagnosis. Hugs to you!!!!


                              OJ, I love that we have the same happyversary! Hehe!


                              RLTW, hugs hugs hugs hugs!!!! I wish I was still out there so we could all take another trip to the farm! (Can you believe that was 4 years ago????)


                              Monk, huge bummer about DH's last day. I hope he finds something new soon!


                              Nai, your story cracked me up!!! I was thinking about circus music too! 


                              Sparky, I loved your card!


                              MA, what kind of cookies do you make?


                              Outwest, that is crazy! Sounds like an awesome weekend!!!

                              San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                              Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


                                Athena: I know! It's crazy that it was 4 years ago! Miss you! Smile