Womens Running




    Thank god its Friday!


      Morning ladies. Hope you all are well.


      RR: Been up early in the morning running, today I am hitting the treadmill to do some speed work and lift. Watch the news on Boston and let my shins rest.  I need to get a running plan together with lifting. I am woke up and I am tired of carrying a little extra weight so I am working on getting it off.


      NRR: Not much, well.. Its has been a little exciting around here... our HVAC system needs to be replace. That's a big purchase and a little stressed out. But it is what it is.... I am going to a local gym to see about getting a cost for a year membership. I think its time for M to spend some time with other kids without me. She doing very well and I think she is ready for it. They have camera and background check both federal and state for their workers. So, I am somewhat comfortable with it.  I'll be around so its helpful. Plus, daddy can get her swimming. M has been putting her face in water since she was 6 months hold. ... as in dunking her head underwater. Anyhow... gotta get moving to get my workout done before M gets up.


      Waves to all!


        GSD - I've been trying to focus on fitting strength training into my schedule as well. I'm back to my normal weight but not as toned as I used to be. It's hard to find a ST routine that doesn't wreck my legs for speedwork!  I've done a Barre DVD that is very effective (judging by how sore my legs are) but makes it hard to do speedwork and long runs the next day!


        RR: SRD!


        NRR: I set the alarm later than usual so I could sleep in but I woke up at 6 anyway and started watching the news. I'm shocked at the video and photos that the news outlets have been showing surrounding the bombing. However, I'm glad that the suspects are identified and that things are moving forward.


        I gotta go, G is up!


        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



          gsd-TGIF indeed. This has been such a long week. That's great there's such extensive checks for the daycare workers at the gym. I was a babysitter at a gym before, and let's just say those policies were not as rigid. I was a good worker and didn't have any incriminating backgroud, but I am not sure about the other people there.


          Sassy-I am so glad things are moving forward with Boston too. ST is tough. I do hate when it does mess with my legs when I want to run fast, but i know it will be worth it in the end. Hope you can find a good program


          RR: just did 6 miles. They were slooooow, but I guess that's because i got up super early (4:45) to do them since i have an early morning


          NRR: another long day ahead. teach from 7-11 then work 11-who knows when. Hope to fit in a lifting session at the gym this afternoon then hopefully a date night with DBF tonight


            Ditto on TGIF. Its been such a tough week in so many ways. Bring on the weekend!


            RR: Just the stairs... will run this weekend.


            NRR: So Wednesday night P wouldn't sleep without a fight, last night all he did was sleep. So I tried to get us both to bed early and we were up twice. I'm so exhausted by the end of the week but today I at least managed to get up with my alarm instead of 20 minutes after so I got to work on time. Hopefully soon I can get to bed earlier. Seems like anytime I get to bed earlier I'm up in the middle of the night. I'm on my second coffee now and will probably need a third. Tomorrow my SIL and her kids are coming to meet P, looking forward to that. Otherwise not much planned.



              NRR: work day. then annabelle has a vet appt - her yearly checkup. I'm going to try and get her in earlier in the day (it's supposed to be at 4.20pm), so that I can head out to worthington early. M and I are supposed to run 12 tonight, because we don't have time tomorrow. Tomorrow morning we're headed to the cities for another premarital counseling session. It probably will be our last. We leave at about 7 a.m. for the appointment at 10 a.m. then we go to ikea for some wedding shopping and then nike outlet mall for some running shoes. fun times!


              RR: ran 3 this morning, then shoveled a bit. not too bad today - about 20 minutes, then 12 miles tonight. I'm going to have to remind myself to eat good and drink lots today.


              gsd: that's cool about getting a membership and the facility having child care! sorry about the HVAC breakdown. boo that! I agree it is pricey!


              sassy: funny about waking up anyway! I do that sometimes. Smile  I'm glad too about the suspects being narrowed down. I'm hoping the authorities can figure out the "whys"!


                Morning, ladies!


                RR: SRD.


                NRR: I'm with everyone else..this week has been really weird and I'm glad it's finally Friday morning. I need to switch up my routine some. I get really into it and stick with it religiously for about 6 weeks, then I reach my limit and need to do something else. I'm at that point now.


                  This whole bombing thing is crazy. I woke up this morning and was quite surprised at what all had happened overnight. I wonder how the FBI and police tracked those guys down.

                  MA runner girl

                    Morning. Watching the news... it's like something out of a movie. Nuts! Hope they find this guy ASAP...


                    RLTW - So glad you are safe!


                    ER: Another 2 mile walk yesterday. Took me about 33 min, which is pretty good considering I was pushing the BOB. Going to rest today. I have this weird knee thing, it doesn't hurt while I'm walking., or doing anything really except kneeling. And then it's almost like a scab feeling on the outer side of my left knee, but there is nothing on my skin... It's not as far outside as where I think the IT band is either.


                    NER: C just started crying... Gotta go!

                    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                      Morning! Happy Friday! This shit in Boston is insane right?


                      RR: Did a tough 30 mins of ST yesterday, total body. Sore today, will likely rest and run a little longer tomorrow.


                      NRR: OK I officially only have one major vendor left to book for the wedding...someone to bake the pies, and I think I know who is going to do it, I just have to pin down the details. I am so excited to have all of that mainly taken care of! Just working today, having lunch with coworkers and then grocery shopping after work. CRF is having a guys night tonight, so I might go visit with my mom, she's just coming home from spending the week with my grandmother and could probably use a little distraction and cheering up.


                        Hi ladies!


                        CRAZY stuff going on in Boston! Yikes!


                        RR. Had a good 4 miler yesterday, today is rest day.


                        NRR. Working my double-work day, morning at one job and then evening at the other. makes for a long, tiring day! Lunch with my friend was good, we shopped around but didn't buy anything.


                        Personals in a bit!

                        Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                        Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                        Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                        Half: 1:48

                        Full: 4:34



                          Okay back for personals..


                          GSD - Well, a new HVAC system is kind of exciting in a mature, adult way. I know what you mean, though.. like really, am I getting excited about putting money into my savings account?


                          Sassy - I hate when I do that (wake up early when I want to sleep in) but waking up naturally is better than waking up to an alarm.


                          Taylor - Busy day for a Friday! Have fun at your date night.


                          Monk - Chug that coffee!


                          Lizo - How old is Annabelle?  I hope you can get those miles in tonight.  and that some day, you will be able to stop shoveling. :P


                          MA - Hmm.. maybe your skin is weird in that spot? Does it feel weird on the outside/on top of your skin, or like it's actually in your knee?


                          Lucy - Pie sounds awesome. What flavors are you having?


                          NC - Glad lunch was fun. I feel like my shopping attempt will be the same..


                            Outwest: We are having pumpkin, apple, pecan, chocolate cream, maple cream, and lemon meringue + gluten free apple crisp!


                              Lucy - And when should I expect my invite in the mail? :P  That's a nice range of flavors, something for everyone. My sister had 4 different types of cake.


                                We plan to have 2 of each flavor, so 14 pies for about 70 people. That's probably too much but I'm paranoid that people won't get what they want! I'll gladly keep the leftovers, lol.