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MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

    MA runner girl

      Morning ladies!


      RR: Ended up coming home after work and napping instead of going to the gym. Oops. I feel better today so I'm planning on 3 miles after work. Fingers crossed I have no pelvis aching!


      PGR: 33w2d. Blah Blah Blah I'm uncomfortable, tired, what else is new. I really dont want to complain all the time...


      NPGR: Last night I napped for about an hour and 15 min and felt better. I had been so crabby and tired all day. I made stir fry for dinner, cleaned up the kitchen and then relaxed for a few hours. I decided to not set my alarm this morning and to work at home. Well I woke up at 7:15 after going to bed at 10 so I think I'm caught up on sleep between that and my nap. I'm sure that will change and I'll be tired again tonight Wink


      Have a great day girls!

      PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


        Good morning! I'm so tired.


        ER: Skipped it this morning in favor of sleep. I'm starting to think walking into my office counts as exercise, I'm just so sluggish a lot of the time right now.


        PGR: 36w4d. We got confirmed yesterday that P has turned head down! I'll admit a small part of me wanted to schedule a c-section so I could plan for it, but this situation is better for everyone. Had the GBS test and internal... nothing there. Just a finger tip dilated and 60% effaced. I know it means nothing but at this time with A I was a bit dilated. Anyway... my doctor used the mini u/s thing (looked like an ipod!) to find P's head down where it should be, yay! His butt and legs are extended way up toward my right side to my ribs, which explains why that side is so tight and uncomfortable and his arms are off to the left. After my last appointment I was saying I was up 44 pounds but now I think I was wrong because I think I was actually up 54. Yesterday was 54 and I know I didn't gain 10 pounds. So that number does upset me, but I didn't gain in the last two and a half weeks! I guess I just gain weight when I have babies (gained 65 with A). I am in a lot better shape this time around and I feel so much better about how I look so I know I'll get rid of it easier this time.


        PGR2: I'm having more reflux. I'm having trouble breathing, which I think is reflux more than actual breathing because P is down really low (right now he's almost super uncomfortably low like A was the last week before I gave birth). I've also been having reflux in the middle of the night around times I get up for the bathroom. I don't know if its worse to try and sleep sitting up or just wait for the acid to pass in the middle of the night. I've been able to get back to sleep after about an hour. I suppose I should cut down on the ice cream before bed and the pop and coffee. I had given up all that stuff at the beginning of pregnancy when the reflux was really bad.


        NER: Yesterday was a good news day all around. DH got his severance issue resolved super quick. Turns out the problem was the local office didn't send some document to corporate. They got it straightened out and his money will be direct deposited Thursday. And we also filed our taxes last night, owe federal but get a very large state refund to make up for it! I'm hoping with another kid next year we can stop owing federal. Last night we went out to dinner and then when we got home I made berry-banana bread. The berries are blueberries and I had thawed way too many so I decided to throw together some blueberry muffins too. It was super cool baking both at the same time in my new oven! Tonight DH is going out for drinks with a friend but first they're moving the old chair out of A's room down to the basement and then the salvation army is picking it up on Thursday, so its nice to have that taken care of. I posted a blog about A's new bed, the pics are just adorable!


          Hi all-


          Super busy week at work! Didn't make it on yesterday.


          RR: Walked 4.5 miles on Saturday and then ran 5 miles on the TM on Sunday, like I posted on FB. Like MA, had some pubic bone area pain after the run, but it subsided by the end of the day. Yesterday was nothing, as we were up too late at a superbowl thing on Sunday so couldn't get up for bootcamp. Went to the gym this AM and did 4.5 miles on the elliptical.


          PGR: 32w3d. Another good childbirth class last night, even though I was exhausted after a long day. Really liking Birthworks.


          NPGR: Crazy week at work...


          Have a good day all. Prob won't make it back today, btu hopefully tomorrow.

          Laura G in Idaho

            Check out yesterday's last post from me.  I shared my custard recipe.


            MA:  I like it when you listen to your body.  Apparently, you needed the sleep!  The third trimester is a challenge for every woman, so don't be too hard on yourself.


            RR:  Nothing today.  If you read yesterday's last post, you will see why my running days may be over.


            ER:  Biking and weightlifting planned for today.


            PGR: 28w4d.  My pubic bone feels better this morning than it did yesterday after my run.  I ate 176 grams of protein yesterday, with the help of protein powder.  Also had 222 carbohydrates.  I was at 133 carbs for the day, and not feeling terribly hungry, but I hadn't had any grains in my diet yet.  All the carbs were from dairy, fruit, and vegetables.  So, I had whole wheat linguine (it's 37 on the glycemic index, so it's considered low) with meaty spaghetti sauce for dinner.  Once I started eating, I realized I was, afterall, hungry.  So, I had two helpings.  My total fat intake for the day was 104 grams.  I did a little reading about protein needs, and Ozzy was right, 90ish grams a day is rather low for an active pregnant woman, at my current weight.  My aim was always 100 grams a day, but I always seemed to fall short of it.  I eat plenty of protein-rich foods, but don't have the appetite to eat all my protein without using powders.  From what I read, I need to be eating at least 130 grams of protein every day, and maybe more.  Total calorie intake for yesterday 2481.  Exercise burned 501 calories, so my net calories for the day: 1980.  This morning, my daily weigh-in showed a 2.4 lb loss.  I drank like crazy after yesterday's run, but I guess I still had a water loss.


            NPGR:  Just the usual:  homeschool, laundry, dishes, etc.

            Laura G in Idaho

              Monk:  What wonderful news about baby being head down and hubby's severance issue resolved!


              Liz:  Great job on the walking and running!


                Morning all.


                RR - Did a combined 2 miles yesterday on the TM, 1.25 walking and .75 running. I had to stop in the middle of my run to pee, of course, and then when I got back my TM reset. Darn it. It was just really hard to get mentally in the game. But at least I went.


                PGR - Less than 12 hours til we find out! I've been praying all is well. I just get nervous especially since our dating u/s tech was kind of meh and gave us a blurry pic which pissed me off. I really hope we have a nice tech tonight that takes their time and the results are good.


                NPGR - I had a marathon cleaning session yesterday and by the end of last night I was shuffling around like after that 5k. Sore. Still kind of sore. Tried doing tailor sit and some other stretches. At least I can maintenance clean the rest of the week. Big thing today is going to Whole Foods to find some kind of gf/df mix to make cupcakes for tonight. BIL/SIL are coming over to celebrate the 20w u/s and BIL's belated birthday since he's been recovering from hernia surgery. My fave mix isn't carried in stores anymore (or at least not the wheat free version) and I have to find something else. Hope it all turns out, since some gf stuff can be gross.


                DS is loudly requesting more breakfast so I'll catch up on personals later.


                  MA: I've been beating the yoga drum for over a week now, but I'm so serious, it helps more than I thought was possible. I got home from work last night, back aching, SPD and RLP pretty bad. I did my 40 minute yoga routine and slept like a non-pregnant woman. I use Colette Crawford's "Yoga for Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery." I'm pretty sure with my job I wouldn't be sleeping at all at this point if it wasn't for her yoga. You might give it a try. Good luck on your run! And nice that you get to work at home more now. You must be much more comfortable.


                  Monk: Yay for P turning! I think you will be happier with your recovery time and probably weight loss as well delivering normally. Nope, it's not convenient, but it's probably best for both of you. Sorry about the reflux. Sounds so uncomfortable! Chocolate milk always helps mine go away, and I always love an excuse to drink chocolate milk! Yay for DH's pay getting worked out as well. I know that's a load off your mind.


                  Liz: Glad you are enjoying your birthing classes. I loved mine so much because they made me so much more relaxed and confident about the whole thing. Great job on the workouts!


                  ER: Did about an hour of circuit training yesterday including both cardio and weights. Felt really good! Also did my usual yoga last night. Nothing today. See below.


                  PGR: 34w5d. Woke up this morning with a really dreadful chest cold. I was concerned last night that I was coming down with something because I was coughing but I didn't expect it to come on so suddenly. I get sick very easily if I am exposed to cold for too long. I've always been that way. I actually can't even sleep with the room cold because breathing cold air makes me sick. Yesterday at work the place we were working had no indoor location for busing dishes, plating dessert etc, so I spent several hours in the cold. Now I'm really suffering. If I was on the schedule today I would have called in sick. As it is, I already had a day off. Figures. Spend my day off in bed trying to fight a chest cold without medication. Yuck! Anyways, DH has been wonderful as usual. He tells me to text him whenever I need anything and he works in the living room. He brought me breakfast earlier and hot ginger and mint tea just a bit ago. SO nice!


                  NPGR: DH got an interview with Notre Dame for their PhD program! We're so excited! The only draw-back is that the interview is scheduled for Feb 22, at which point I will be nearly 37 weeks. They are flying him up and back, so it's not a matter of cost, just that he will be quite a ways away if anything were to happen. I don't expect to go into labor that early, but who knows. I'm going to discuss it with the midwife at my appointment tomorrow.


                    Oops! Crosspost with Laura and Schmett.


                    Laura: Now I'm feeling bad about my own protein intake. I'm sure it's too low. I agree with you though, I have a hard time getting enough without resorting to protein powder. Sounds like you're doing well though. I'm impressed by how detailed your measurements are! Have fun with your workouts! you're doing awesome!


                    Schmett: Good job keeping up the workouts even when you don't feel like it. Ihave a hard time ever feeling like it these days! I hate it when the TM resets. Even though it doesn't change anything physically, mentally it is super annoying. Good luck finding a good cupcake mix. Sf and gf together would be a hard combo to get right!


                      Forgot the other good news of yesterday, my maternity leave/FMLA has finally been approved! It only took a month! So now I'm reassured that I can have this baby any time now and have my leave, woo hoo! Personals later!


                        MA - I hear you with all the sleeping. I feel like I'm slowing down a lot more and I'm only 20w. Hope your run goes well tonight!


                        Monk - Good to hear your leave got approved, P is head down, DH got his severance issues fixed. Sorry to hear about your reflux though.


                        Liz  - I'm always saying it, but you are killing those workouts. 4.5 miles on the eliptical is more than I would have patience for.


                        Laura - Sorry to hear about your belt going missing. Is there any way you can post on here or RW or search CL and see if anyone else has one you can get for less than 40 dollars? I hope you can find a resolution.


                        Sasha - I've bookmarked that yoga DVD. I need more workout DVDs for home and with your glowing recs this might be a good fit. Sleeping like a non-pregnant person you say... Smile Good luck to your DH, if he gets into ND get used to some winter and snow.


                        Ok, off to the store!


                          Attempting a post from my phone...

                          PGR: 25 weeks! Currently waiting for the blood draw for my GD test....OB appt was uneventful. We are starting our birth classes next week already - frightening!  I'll probably forget everything by the time babies arrive...


                          RR: not sure yet - maybe video or something at home. I wish it wasn't so icy outside so I could go for a walk without risking a fall.


                          NPGR: I guess this is sort of PGR, but DH and I went to buy crib mattresses last night, and ended up buying two TVs - the store had some great deals because they were turning over the inventory our current family room tv is 14 years old, and our bedroom TV just completely died. we had a bit of buyer's remorse, since we didn't need either TV, but I know once we get the new TV, DH will be pretty thrilled.


                            Hi everyone!


                            Laura – Sorry to hear about the belt.  Things like that can be so frustrating.  Thanks for the egg recipe.  I will have to give it a go and see what DH thinks.  He will probably be shocked as this is definitely outside my culinary skill set.


                            MA – Enjoy the run today.  I have to come to really enjoy my after-work naps.  Sometimes all I need to do is lay down for twenty minutes and I feel so much better.  I believe it is our bodies way of telling us to rest a bit.


                            Monk – Happy to hear the baby is in place.  I have a feeling you will most likely be the next to go as it sounds like your LO is low and gearing up.  Towards the end of my second tri I started to have serious reflux issues at bedtime.  I have a weakness to bowls of cereal before bedtime.  Anyhow, I basically prop up all my pillows and sleep on an incline.  It works for me.  I know one of my friends even went so far is to buy one of those incline pillows from Brookstone to fight the reflux.  Hopefully the sleeping gets better.  Happy to hear about the approval of the mat leave.  Just nice to have that off your back.


                            Sasha – Absolutely agree on the yoga!  I have always been a fan as it makes for a nice mix-in with my running.  Now being pregnant I can feel the benefits when it comes to stretching things out, especially in the back and hip area.  Every so often I struggle with trying to figure out where to put my bellyJ during class but then I remember that I am pregnant and can only do so much.


                            ER – Swam 1 ½ miles this morning.  Initially had to drag myself out of bed but felt great once I got in the pool.  Wanted to go longer but needed to eventually get to work.  Probably will take the dog for a nice walk this afternoon/evening.


                            PGR – 37w2d.  Considering I only got four hours of sleep on Sun night my body was definitely ready to crash last night.  I still have to get up about four times a night to use the restroom.  Kind of frustrating but I think good sleep has long been a thing of the past.


                            NPGR – Actually started on the kitchen a bit while dinner was cooking last night.  No major progress but at least it is started.  I did get hit with a funny clean the refrigerator bug yesterday afternoon as well.  So we now have clean shelves and drawers in that department.  I even mentioned the need to clean the oven and I could see DH get a little concerned.  I think he is convinced that this whole nesting thing might be a sign that LO is ready to come sooner rather than later.


                            Have a good day everyone!


                              PG: Nothing really new.  I feel LO is having a growth spurt.  Belly out more and scale is confirming me and/or the baby is growing.


                              ER: Boring elliptical tonight.


                              NPGR: I’ll be out working out of town tomorrow and next wed.  I usually love the days I get out of the office but I have be on the road by 6am for a two hour drive.  Tomorrow is going to rough.


                              MA: Glad you got a good night sleep.


                              Monk: Great news regarding LOs position and DH’s pay!!!


                              Liz: I wish my birthing class was sooner.  Its not until mid-March.  I’ve tried not really think too much about labor but I’m getting anxious about what to really expect and how to cope.  I try to stay away from the internet.  I worried myself about the results of the NTU by doing that.


                              Laura: I got my gabriella band on Amazon for $29.  Also try ebay.


                              Schm: sending good vibes your way.


                              Sash: Hope you feel better and good luck to DH.


                              I forget who posted but the Ergo was sold out by the time I saw the post.  That was a good deal.


                                back for personals -


                                MA - sounds like you needed the rest! Glad you're feeling better today.


                                monk - Saw on FB that P is head down - great news! I feel the two flights of stairs I had to climb from the lab at the clinic to the dr.'s office totally counts as exercise, right?


                                Liz - Glad the childbirth class was good - I bet that does get to be a long day.


                                Laura - Thanks for the custard recipe - I'd totally buy some of your eggs if we lived closer - I'd love to have a supply of fresh eggs - I talked to my DH about city chickens, but he said no Smile


                                schmett - Yay for finding out, and I hope you have a good tech - it really does matter for the experience - my most recent u/s I had my favorite tech - she lets me watch the entire u/s, even when she is doing measurements, and explains what she is looking at.  At our 20 week, the tech kept the screen turned away from me until she was done with all the measurements.


                                sasha - oh no, bummer about the cold.  I hope you get some good rest and feel better. Congrats to your DH on the interview - how exciting.


                                yogi - I hope you can squeeze in some good sleep before your LO comes.


                                Mann - I like reading your posts since you're only a few weeks ahead of me and I get a preview of what is to come soon Smile  I hope your work trip goes well.