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    Morning Ladies~


    Back to work pretty much full-time for me today! Looks like it will be for the next 4-6 weeks as I cover for a coworker who had foot surgery. Early mornings, as I'm opening the gym at 5am each day.


    RR: planning on 5+ on my lunch break today. Also supposed to teach spin class at noon, but might try to pawn it off on one of the other ex phys, since I'm still feeling blah from whatever cold/sore throat crap I have. Ran a little over 4 in my new sneakers yesterday, and it felt awesome.


    TR: was a blast yesterday- ran all around the house with his corn popper toy, chasing me and DH, then had us do the same with him. The kid ran for about an hour straight after supper last night. Haven't heard a peep from him either- yay!


    NRR: not going to see much of DH this week, as he leaves for work about 20 minutes after I get home, and I'm in bed when he gets home. Boo. I'll definitely be living for the weekends! Just found out one of our former yoga instructors is preggo with twins! I'm so hapy for her, as she and her DH have struggled for 3+ years and have gone through multiple bouts of fertility tx

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      ER - I was going to say SRD but I have a break...at least stretch out my glutes.  You know things are tight when I can feel my ass twinge when I cough.


      TR - DH was watching the 2012 YouTube roundup and B yelled at the right moment "OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!"


      FR - japanese noodles (soba, napa cabbage, pork tenderloin boiled in dashi with a lemon & soysauce dipping sauce)



      rg - yikes on having to open the gym right during Resolutionist season.

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



        RR - Did 21k yesterday with soaking wet feet. Today will be an easy 8k, hopefully with dry feet.


        BR - She's been obsessed with teeth ever since she started getting her own. My friend had a magnet from her dentist on her fridge - with a picture of a smiling tooth on it - and S stood at the fridge pointing at the tooth magnet, just killing herself laughing for a good 10 minutes. I wish I had thought to grab my phone and make a video. It was freaking hilarious.


        FR - Spaghetti with meatballs and salad tonight.


        NRR - Both back windows in my crap-ass car are messed up and won't stay up, so they keep falling open while I'm driving, which is really not ideal in January, with a baby in the backseat. Yesterday DH jerry-rigged a temporary fix by shoving spoons in the window frames to jam them closed. Effective, but sooo ghetto.




        rg - Yikes, I'm with Zorbs, just picturing the resolutionist madness at your gym! Your DS sounds like so much fun and it's great that he ran himself into a good sleep.


        Zorbs - Watching toddlers get down to Gangnam Style just doesn't get old.

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


          RR: 3m recovery. Starting wk 5 of fm training. Feeling sore after yesterday’s 13.1 stroller run but have huge sense of accomplishment. Did yoga for athletes dvd last night which really helped and ‘sticked’ my legs a lot. I think I spend over 3 hours working out yesterday. A very good day. OOOhh and my coach is back and we are meeting tomorrow so I need to be nice and recovered. She did suggest today but there is no way I would be productive.


          NRR: I fancy going to the zoo this morning. I know that’s a bit crazy for a usual Monday but we haven’t been for weeks. And I should really start making a list of things to pack for Thursday’s trip to Nashville.


          BR: I think he grew about 2 inches. He has these little hoodies from children’s place and they absolutely don’t fit him now hanging half way up his belly. Seriously, he grows like weeds.


          FR: those brie and raspberry flatbreads I was gonna make on sat and didn’t get round to it.

          5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


            RG - are you still nursing DS in the mornings? I think I remember you have take out naps.


            zorbs - let me know what you do with your ass.


            ernie - I was laughing about your windows. I had a rubbish car for the longest time. Someone broke into it from the tiny little window in the back and I had the glass replaced but the rubber stripping on the edge wouldn't stick. My DH gorilla glued it down. We now always laugh at the power of gorilla glue. I got a new car since and it is so luxurious compared to the old one.

            5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31

            running eh

              RG - sounds like you have a busy few weeks ahead.  Glad DS slept through the night last night.


              Zorbs - I had to do a youtube search on Gangam Style recently - I didn't realize it was a song, I thought it was some sort of dance.  When I found it, DS said he already knew it!!  Is it crazy at the gym right now?  Dinner sounds great!


              Ernie - cute about DD and her teeth!  Glad DH was able to figure out a way to keep the windows up.  I am so not a car person, as long as it can get me from point A to point B, I really don't care what it looks like.


              Bermy - amazed at your stroller run and all that working out you have been doing, you are going to rock those races!  are you going to race your half with the stroller?  Yay on coach being back


              RR - headed to the gym today.  haven't been in years, I have no idea what I am going to do when I get there


              NRR - really want to get back to posting here, but my two oldest are already hanging off of me and whining about using the computer.  It is difficult to get the postings done Sad


              KR - back to school for DD today - kinda sad about it.


              FR - salmon and quinoa salad - yum!  Back to eating real food for us!


              QOTD - headed to costco tonight - what do you love to stock up on there?


                rg - What kind of new shoes did you get?  I hope you enjoy your 4-6 weeks of full time work...or if not, I hope it goes fastSmile  Boo to not seeing DH much...I can totally relate.  Congrats to your coworker...that's awesome!


                zorbs - I hope you get a good stretch in.  LOL to B...does he still love Gangnam Style?  I heard that guy was not going to perform that any more.


                Ernie - Nice job on the run yesterday!  LOL to S and the tooth obsession.  It is crazy what babies find funny.  LOL to your back windows...it's not funny just what you wrote is funny.  I hope you can find a permanent fix.


                Bermy - Great job on the stroller half yesterday!!!  Impressive.  I have never done more than 6 with the stroller and I thought that was a struggle.  You are a workout machine!  I used to workout for 2-3 hours a day (before baby) not so much any more.  Totally go to the zoo today!!  You deserve a fun day with DS.  If you can go...I would do it!


                EH! - Good luck at the gym. I heard these nasty ladies in the gym I go to (DH's company gym) saying how they hate all these new people and why are they here etc.  Then they looked at me.  Little do they know I am there a lot...I just didn't have to work last week so was able to go first thing in the morning.  I would love to challenge one of them to a run on the TM!  LOL.  Oh...I love Costco!  I just got a whole bunch of stuff there the other day.  I got Clorox wipes, paper towel, tampons, Advil for J, single packs of veggie straws (Portion controlled snacksSmile I also got J some PJs, wipes, etc.  So many good household things.  I stock up especially when I have coupons.  I had a coupon for everything so My total was over $120 and with the coupons it came down to $93!


                RR - Hoping for 5 after work.  Did 8 yesterday and some STing.


                TR - Was super cute this morning.  It was one year ago today that I dropped him at daycare for the first time. I cried that day.  I cried today too because I am going to miss him.  He was so cute this morning.  He had fun playing in the snow with DH and I yesterday.  We took around on his sled and built a snowman!


                NRR - Still feeling down about a lot of things.  Back at work and not excited about it.  DH's traveling kicks in high gear.  We had a talk yesterday about priorities and I told him I feel like the bottom priority in his life.  He said you and J are my top priority.  No...I am not talking about J and I as one unit I am talking about DH and I!  He said...oh...yeah I guess that has been lacking.  Um...when we are home at night and J is sleeping we are usually sitting in different rooms doing our own thing.  We rarely talk about anything other than finances and J.  It is annoying.  I still feel like DH's main focus is work and mine is family and we will never be on the same page.  I want to have another baby but DH won't commit.  It makes me so unhappy to have these differences.  I told DH I don't see the man I married and we need to work on that.  He said the same thing about me.  I feel like it was a bit productive but also worries me.  I don't know where to go from here since I won't see DH now until Friday night.  Ugh!

                FR - Leftovers for the week.  How long do you keep leftovers?  I have spaghetti and meatballs from Thursday and a chicken noodle casserole from yesterday...how long?


                  zorbs- hahaha on the twingy butt! hope you can get a good stretch/foam roll in today. Surprisingly, it's not too busy with the NY Resolutioners yet...tomorrow we have a one day special (no joining fee, no monthly dues for the remainder of January) and that's typically when people crawl out of the woodwork to join...ugh. the annoyign thing is that they make all the training staff do sign-ups and tours all day- we can't train or do other appointments. i HAAAAATE doing sign-ups. if i wanted to do that, i would have applied as a front desk clerk.


                  ernie- aw, that's adorable about S and her teeth! yikes on the car- are you guys in teh market for a new one soon? ugh on the wet run- was it cold too? yeah, R is usually a really really good sleeper, not sure what was up w/ him over the weekend?!


                  Bermy- you're a beast w/ the stroller! i couldn't believe your time. You're going to smoke your marathon in Nashville. Have fun at the zoo- wish DS and I could join you. And enjoy your coaching session tomorrow. I'm sure it will be good. mmm, those flatbreads sound yummy!


                  eh- mm, i love quinoa! i have red quinoa that i've been making lately, it's yummy! go easy/light at the gym today- lower weights than you're used to, and fewer sets/reps. You dont' want to be so sore that you can't walk/sit/sneeze without pain!


                  jen- i got asics gel ds trainers- love them for marathons! i am so sorry for the troubles with you and DH, but i'm glad you guys talked! i hope it's the start to moving in the right direction. hugs- i'll be keeping you in my thoughs. aww about one year at daycare- it goes so fast, doesn't it? i loved your pics on FB of J in the snow. he looked like he had fun.

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                    rr.  4 miles of speedwork today is the plan.


                    nrr.  Back to work.  So not looking forward to it.  Sad


                    tr.  Was playing peak a boo with Nana last night but could see me when she was "hiding" and just kept giving me the cutest look, like, "should I do it now?"  Makes my heart melt!  Had a rough time getting to sleep last night - not sure what that's all about.


                    fr.  Not sure, but Mom's in charge.  Smile


                    Happy day all!




                      RR:  Hoping to squeeze something in this afternoon, but not sure if I will.


                      TR:  Low-grade fever all day yesterday.  Put him to bed at 7:45 and didn't hear a peep before I left.  DH checked on him a little after 7 and was not super warm, but still sleeping.  Poor guy.  We are supposed to go to the Y tonight for a "Magical Messes" crafting class with him.  We will see how he is feeling.


                      NRR:  I had something here, but have lost it.  Weekend was decent and now back to the grind.  2 weeks until the end of the semester...always a crazy time!


                      FR:  Shredded beef last night was just okay.  I wasn't feeling super hot, but ate it.  Best part was broiled bread with smoked provolone!

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                      Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                        Simon - Good luck back at work...I so feel your painSad  Too cute about M and the "look!"  LOL.  J does that too.  J woke up 2x last night for no reason...not sure what is going on...was there a full moon.


                        Mer - I hope you get your run in and that J is feeling better.  I am interested to hear about the class at the Y.  I would love to do something like that with J.  I feel like DH and I are too stuck in our own routines that we don't do fun things with J.  I want to do that.

                        running eh

                          mjen - I hope the talk you had with DH helps.  I remember after our first was born, I had trouble seeing DH as my husband and not just the baby's father.  That sounds bad, but it took some effort to get back to a new normal - date nights and family outings helped.  Life can be so busy, it definitely can get in the way of relationships.  Great job on the runs this weekend!  Thanks for the costco list.


                          rg - thanks for the advice, I will follow that and I will let you know if I can walk tomorrow Smile


                          simon - enjoy the speedwork!  do you do it outside or on a TM?  Hope you survive back to work.


                          mer - that bread sound amazing!  hope DS is feeling better - glad he had a good sleep, that can make a world of difference!


                            rg - Boo to not seeing DH.  That is a bummer of a schedule.  I thought of you friday afternoon when I got out late for my run.  I was surprised with your 4 miles in 30 minute comment....then ran 4 miles in 30:50.  I was proud of myself and thought of your speedyness! Smile


                            zorbs - I hope, for your asses sake, you have time to stretch today! Wink


                            ernie - Great runs this weekend!


                            bermy - The zoo sounds like a blast!  I was thinking of you on my way to work this morning and your crazy 13.1 miles with a STROLLER!  You are crazy, woman!


                            eh! - Its good to see you here!  Have fun at the gym today! Smile


                            jen - I saw the snow pics and they were adorable!  Glad you had fun outside.  DH alwasy tells ME how long to keep leftovers...I would say today to be the last for the spaghetti and Thursday for the casserole?  5 days?  I will stop guessing! Smile


                            simon - Cute about the peekaboo.  I hope your day goes fast!

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                            Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                              jen - Yeah getting DH to agree to the class wasn't simple, at first I wanted DH to take J to the Y during the day so they would get out and do something.  He wanted the evening class so I could be there.  Then, he agreed to taking J during the day because I pushed the issue.  (I felt like a nag.)  Anyway, when I called, the morning class was full so we defaulted to the evening class.

                              Upcoming Races: 

                              Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                                rr: 4 miles yesterday. Rest today.


                                tr: dd1 is home from school with a fever. She woke up ths morning crying because she wanted to go to school but also that her forehead hurt.


                                tr2: dd2 of course thinks she is also sIck.


                                br: just when i told myself to stop worrying about how many words he can say he started saying a handful more.


                                nrr: supposed to have ART this morning but will have to move it until tomorrow since dd1 is sick.


                                fr: spaghetti tonight. Gotta grocery shop for the rest of the week.


                                jen: how about we both start driving towards each other and meet in the midde, drink some wine, eat some junk food, and complain together?!


                                bbl for more. Gotta tend to my sicky.