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    Mer - Definitely let me know how the class is. I want to take J to something like that but I don't think our Y offers anything like that. I need to start looking for fun stuff for him to do now that he is older and better able to do things and understand them.


    mrszm - Please...can we!  I am sorry DD1 is sick...boo.  I hope she feels better quickly and doesn't give it to the rest of the house.  So many illnesses going around right now. I am sure J will get something at daycare this month.  Last year when he started daycare at this time he was sick every three weeks.  Jan Feb and March are always awful for sickness.


      busy morning!


      RR - plan to try a few miles this morning.  Left leg still sore but feels better once I'm moving around.  Am super bummed one of the tires on my jogging stroller won't hold air.  UGH.


      BR - makes sounds like a monkey "ooh ooh aah aah".  This kid could live off of bananas!


      KR - had no trouble getting up for school this morning.  Said it was like the first day of school and they were excited.  Wonder how long this will last?


      FR - southwestern stuffed peppers tonight, yum!


      NRR - have got to get these Christmas decorations out of here!  I've been slowly putting stuff away, goal for today is to finish it!

      L e e l a

        Morning, ladies!  Now that B's back at school, I'm going to get back to at least posting my workouts here to keep me honest.  I'll try to get to personals but not sure I'll be able to.


        RR - The plan says 4-5 with hill pick-ups at the end, so I'm heading out for that in about 10 minutes.  And this morning I received a great e-mail from my coach with his overall approach and some running tips.  I'll post it as a document in our FB group in case anyone is interested.


        NRR - B's back at school today, and everyone is glad.  I've enjoyed having more time with her but she really likes school, and it's good for me to catch up with all the household crap that piles up.  She hopped out of the car and skipped into the classroom -- I'm so glad she's somewhere she loves so much!


        TR - Well, I guess my NRR was TR.  But I am glad to be back to our usual routine since I'd slipped on some of the house rules while she was on winter break (too much TV, too much snacking, not enough orderliness in her life).  She does better when we have things pretty routine with boundaries and a bit of flexibility.  We've erred on the flexibility side of things over the holidays, and everyone needs the routine again.


        FR - Pad Thai Chicken tonight!  And I need to work on getting in more calories during the day -- I was starving last night and woke up famished this morning.  Had sweet potato hash, two eggs with spinach and sausage for breakfast.  Planning a hearty lunch, too.


          arm - Glad the kids are excited to go back to school...I hope it lasts!  Take care of your leg...I hope it feels better.  Cute about L's sounds.  J has started saying "Yeah!" and barking like a dog...it's so cute.  Good luck getting your decorations down.  I did that on NY Day but realized that I forgot the Santa decoration on our garage door...I am tired of looking at Santa.


          Leela - Question...how did you go about finding a coach?  I think if I get serious about running again (maybe after another baby) I would love to work with a coach.  Glad B likes school.  Good luck getting back into the routine.  I am with you...I need the discipline and routine.  I was talking with another mom at daycare this morning and we both said we are ready for the normal schedule of life again.


            rg - early mornings for you!  Is your gym really busy right now?  I used to get so annoyed in January when I was working out at the gym, then relieved in February because i didn't have to fight for an elliptical anymore.


            zorbs - I had DH massage my butt for a little while last night to relieve some of the soreness.  He didn't seem to mind.  Smile


            ernie - I get blisters when I run with wet feet!  So funny about your ghetto windows!


            bermy - will you still stay in touch with your coach when you move to Nashville?


            eh - I asked for, and got, sessions with a personal trainer for Christmas to get me back in the gym.  Think I'm going to start next week.  I have never been to a Costco!


            jen - I'm sorry you are having a rough time.  Can you go on a date with DH every once in a while when he is home ? I'm sure it's especially hard when he's gone a lot.  DH and I don't talk about a lot besides finances and kids either, it's hard to focus on other stuff sometimes!


            simon - enjoy having mom there!  How long is she staying?


            mer - hope your guy is feeling better!  Magical  messes sounds kind of fun, I don't do a whole lot with L and I really should.


            mrszm - sorry DD is sick, but cute she loves school so much.  I sent DH to the store yesterday because I really didn't feel like going so now I need to make sure he got everything I asked him to get!


              rg: are you excited to be working full time again or are you realizing you like working part time?


              zorbs: i read your fr and have to google half the words...


              ernie: lol on the ghetto spoon window!


              bermy: what are zoos like in bermuda?


              eh! Love ostco but i was nver a stock up kind of person there. Just bought what i needed at the mment. I guess that defeats the purpose of costco...


              jen: i usally keep leftovers 3-4 days or until i know we really won't eat them anymore.


              Simon: c has been playing peekaboo and says "boo" when he peeks out.


              Mer: i think you were definitely in the right for saying dh should take him to he lass during the day. What do they usually do together?


                Wow busy here..



                RR - 5.5 before DH went back to work today... sigh... been spoiled with him being home 16 days straight..


                BR - started self feeding a couple days ago so now i'm looking for food she can eat while holding them in her fingers... if she can't see the food, she won't eat it... eg. if she's holding a carrot stick and grips half of it, she'll only eat the half that's exposed and toss the other half on the floor... my parents were over yesterday and made chow mein... they got a big kick out of watching her slurp up the noodles...


                BR2 - back to being a single parent since DH is teaching again... C wasn't happy about him leaving this morning.. she's really grown attached to him...


                Sorry for the fly by... C is napping which means I can shower now!


                  Good morning ladies!!!


                  I can't believe its page 2 already and its only 6:30am here Smile



                  RR:  Waiting for DH to wake up so I can get in 5 before he goes to court.


                  NRR: WE both worked all weekend.  Our deadline is today so I'm hoping the rest of the week is better.  I have a girls' happy hour and book, I mean wine club later in the week so at least I have some things to look forward to.


                  QOTD:  My parents do our Costco runs since its near their house. I always need toilet paper and blueberries Smile


                  FR:  Didn't get to the store this weekend so probably take out.  There goes the eating healthy resolution.


                  RR: Did the math on 2013 miles, I think I'm already too far behind but I will see how January goes.  I like the challenge of it.


                  Back for personals after my run.

                  5K - 21:44     10K - 44:54     15k - 1:09:37     HM - 1:39:05   Marathon - 3:28:48


                    J update....slept for 12 hours!  Wow!  That’s huge for our house! Smile  DH said no temp so hopefully it was just a one day thing. Smile


                    armmama - I feel the same way about going back after a long break.  It quickly sets in that getting up early sucks though.  The kids were SO tired by Friday last week!


                    leela - Your FR sounds really good!  Glad B loves school so much!  That is SO important for kids when they are young.  Sadly, I have heard of Kindergartners who hate school.  Oy!  It will be a long road for them!


                    mrszm - Pick me up on your way to see Jen! Smile  It all varies as to what DH and J do during the day.  He is good about going to the library, running errands, etc.  Some days they just stay in.  I think if J was in daycare I wouldn't mind lazy days at home but since he is not, it is up to us to give him those opportunities and we definitely don't do enough of that.


                    cx2 - DH said he had a hard time being alone when I went back last week. He said the house felt empty.  Enjoy the time you have you will soon miss it!


                    jmmiller - I would be curious to see what that works out to be for 2013.  I was happy with my mileage for 2012, but it was nowhere near 2000!  Hope you have a good run!

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                      MarathonJen:  Your description of your NRR struggles with DH could have been written about my life.  I totally understand how you feel.  I have had many a talk with DH about how I feel invisible and I jokingly call us colleagues instead of husband and wife.  He sees all the time that he spends working and helping with the kids as devoting time to us and doesn't differentiate that vs. one on one time.  Mars and Venus issue, in my mind.  I wish I had the perfect answer, but I don't.  I can say that my friends are struggling with the same thing and having a second kid makes it even tougher, so I would advise making sure that you are both on the same page before going down that path.   I was actually the one who was hesitant to have a second b/c I was afraid that DH and I would drift apart.

                      5K:  25:52; 10K: 57:53; HM:  2:01.10


                        Wow, busy morning!


                        RR:  8 miles with 10x100 m strides.  I will likely be running on a trail so probably will just guess about the 100m.


                        BR:  I swear he wakes up cuter everyday.  He is walking everywhere this morning.  So cute!


                        NRR:  BIG DAY!  Taking H to his first day of daycare.  He will start full time next week but we are doing a trial day today.  He will probably only be there from about 9-2, or as long as I can handle.  I have tons of school things to take care of, a meeting with a teacher, grocery shopping, car wash, and I would like to get in my run.


                        DHR (DH related):  I miss him.  I just need to gush for a second....he is so handsome and such a great father.  Everyday life just isn't quite as fun without him around.


                        RG - I love your work schedule!  I don't mind early mornings and it would be great to be done by early afternoon.


                        ernie - Bummer about the windows!  I bet that is an expensive fix.


                        zorbs - Haha, I love that.  We went the a football game the other weekend and when gangham style started playing all of the kids in the stadium lept up and started dancing.


                        bermy - Enjoy your "rest".  Do you like that yoga video?  I really think I should incorporate some yoga into my schedule.


                        jen - I am so sad to hear about your struggles but it sounds like you are taking the right first step in talking things out!  Would counseling help?  I know sometimes DH and I talk in circles about things and I feel like a 3rd person may help.


                        simon - What kind of speedwork do you have planned?


                        eh - Glad to have you back!


                        mer - That class sounds like fun.  I hope he is feeling better.

                        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                          jmiller - Have fun at wine night Smile.  I love the idea of 2013 miles but I don't think I would be able to do it.


                          leela - What is pad thai chicken?  I am guessing it has no noodles?

                          5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                            RR:  5 today at lunch

                            FR:  going to look through the meal planning thread on FB for ideasWink



                            QOTD:  DH and I were talking about Allie last night (she is 4) and he said that he is concerned that she is overweight.   He wanted to discuss what we could do now to prevent her being overweight later on and getting teased.  He was pretty upset.  I don't think she is overweight, per se, but she just has a big belly.  I am not super concerned and certainly don't want her to develop an eating disorder b/c we harp on food too much. I make healthy dinners and we only offer healthy snacks such as fruit at home.  She does want to eat all the time, but it is 90% healthy stuff.    Does anyone else worry about this?  We decided that she eats fine and we just need to get her to be more active, but again, I don't want her to think that we have a problem with the way she looks.  Thoughts?

                            5K:  25:52; 10K: 57:53; HM:  2:01.10

                            L e e l a

                              marathonjen - We've got an awesome running shop here in town that is so much more than just a shop.  They run programs for all the big local races and a HM/marathon training program in the summertime.  Very much associated with the shop is our local track club.  This guy (Mark Lorenzoni, you can Google him) owns the shop and is the local running guru.  His wife just missed qualifying for the first Olympic marathon in the marathon, then retired to raise a family.  Anyway, I've been going to the shop for years and decided to jump into the training program for the local Ten Miler in March.  I met with him and based on my running history, base mileage and goals he's slotted me into a group of runners he calls Wednesday Speedsters since they do more advanced training but aren't quite Boston caliber.  Of course I aspire to bump up to the Boston Bound group! Wink


                              shelby - You can Google Pad Thai, but it's a yummy Thai dish.  I'm serving mine over spaghetti squash but B's and DH's over rice noodles.  The recipe I am using is from a cookbook but you can probably find one online!


                              Bad Ass Mother Runner



                                RR - rest day.  Meeting an old RP at the gym to workout.


                                TR - we had our small group over last night, and we always joke about her and our friend's son - he's 6 mos younger than her. We were going to put netflix on for them to occupy them while we did our adult study, they were like an old married couple fighting over the TV, she wanted Dora, he wanted backyardigans - it was hilarious.


                                BR - had her totally giggling and laughing while I tickled her yesterday, it was awesome!


                                FR - Something from my meal plan - maybe chicken and roasted mini squash.


                                NRR - MIL is back on thursday! Yay - I'm booking a massage next week.


                                QOTD costco - I buy meat, coffee (sbux), paper towel, TP, cliff bars for DH, wipes, diapers, frozen fruit, cereal, some fresh produce depending on what they have, I spend way too much money at costco!!


                                QOTD re weight - I wouldn't stress too much at 4 if she's eating healthy food.  If you're concerned I think you should talk to your ped/dr at her next visit, they'd know what the healthy range for her age is.  I don't think it's a good idea to talk about diet's or restrict food for a 4 yr old.  You could do lower fat dairy and try to focus snacks to higher fiber, lower calorie a bit without telling her.

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