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    Morning Ladies~


    RR: probably a stroller run with R this morning- 6-7 miles. Ran 5 after circuit class yesterday. Glutes are sore this morning.


    TR: is mommy's little helper now. He really understands alot and follows directions. I handed him a receipt from the store and asked him to throw it away, he ran over to the trash and tossed it. He also knows when it's time to feed the dog her dinner, and will point to the door where her food is kept, then open her dog food container and show me her bowl. I can't wait until he starts talking! He's going to be a little chatterbox.


    NRR: training this morning, then probably finishing up wrapping presents while R naps. I have a bunch of things to do before we leave on Saturday, but they're things that have to wait until later in the week- cookie baking, packing, etc...

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      ER - ST at the gym.


      TR - I got home from work just as DH had finished bedtime rituals, so he asked me to go upstairs to say goodnight.  I opened the door, and B was sitting on the floor playing.  He said, "CLOSE DOOR!", came over and shut the door in my face.  So much for the goodnights.


      TR#2 - I would post the boohoo-y Santa pic, except that we don't have a functional USB stick to get the file off the scanner.


      FR - those damn noodles and tofu.


      NRR - tree is up but undecorated, it smells great.

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



        RR - 6 x 400 intervals


        NRR - Must finish my Christmas shopping today! Just a couple of gifts left to buy.


        BR: Many wake ups again. I hope her tooth pops through soon before I lose my mind. Last night, when I was changing her for bed, she took off naked. I left her like that for just a minute while I went to toss her diaper and, when I came back, she was standing up, peeing on a book I'd left on the floor! 


        FR: For now, COFFEE! Have to bake some cookies for a Christmas party tomorrow. I have a butter chicken lasagna from the grocery store that I'll probably throw in the oven for dinner. I suspect it will either be absolutely delicious or absolutely disgusting. 


        RG - I am so impressed by the distances some of you ladies run with your strollers! I've never made it further than 9k with mine. So cute about DS following instructions. And nice that he can help a bit with chores Smile


        Zorbs: Love that tree smell! Sounds like B goes to bed well on his own, but I'm sure it would be nice to get a better goodnight out of him!


        Rocky (from yesterday) - I looked up the Kell issue and found a lot of people talking about how difficult it is to find information about it. Definitely very rare. It must have been scary when you were first told about the issue. So, I take it the Kell issue is similar to an Rh incompatibility but more serious to treat? Any the baby would need transfusions in utero if  Kell positive? Sorry for asking so many questions. I hope you get good news from your amnio! 

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


          RR: 3m easy. Yesterday’s 5m was awesome. I tried to keep it easy LR-ish and under 10m/mile with stroller on trail. fm training is going well… so far so good…early days, early days.


          NRR: going to another museum today about diving and shipwrecks. No idea if it will be baby friendly.


          BR: awesome. Sttn again. He is spoiling me. I love it when he wakes in the morning as it feels like days since I got to cuddle him. We spend about an hour cuddling, nursing and reading before we start the day.


          FR: tilapia, steamed broccoli and rice. Last night I ended up having tilapia, baby kale and steamed cauliflower. Yeah, I feel skinny this morning. DS was eating tilapia by the handful. He really liked it. Baby kale not so much.

          5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


            rg - So cute about R being mommy's helper.  It is amazing how much they learn and how fast they learn it.  Have a great run today.  I started packing this past weekend and we leave Saturday too.  


            zorbs - Sorry B shut the door in your face...I love that he is "in bed" but really playing.  Would love to see the santa pic.  I wish the line wasn't over an hour long when I took J to see santa...I really wanted a pic.  I love real trees they smell awesome...enjoy.


            RR - Who knows...haven't run since Sunday and if I can manage to eat anything today I may try to get in something this afternoon.


            TR - Hoping he doesn't get my sickness.  Had fun with grandma last night.  I heard him belly laughing for about 10 min straight...it was cute.


            NRR - Got the dreaded stomach bug yesterday.  Ugh...I haven't had it since elementary school and I HATE it.  So hoping J doesn't get it.  Haven't eaten anything since Monday trying to get some fluids in now.  I did make it to work today though!  Thank god for my MIL who came over, picked J up from daycare, fed him, played with him, and put him to bed since I felt so awful.  


            FR - LOL...um...maybe a banana


              ernie - LOL on DD peeing on a book...J loves to run around naked but luckily he hasn't peed on anything yet.  Boo to all the wake-ups.  I hope her tooth pops and you can both sleep better.  Have fun Christmas shopping


              Bermy - Great job on the run!  Too cute about you and DS cuddling.  I love that time.  Usually J doesn't like to cuddle unless he is tired or sick.  So usually at night we sit together and read books.  I didn't get to do that last night and I missed it terribly.  Have fun at the museum.


                ---RG---: C loves to throw things away for me too. Diapers??? I am a crazy packer and start the weekend before, after laundry is done. I think I am skipping the baking this year. C loves those break and bake cookies that have Santa or a snowman on the inside and I might get those. ---ZORBS---: we never decorated our tree. It is a pre lit tree, so lights are on. I don't want to decorate or put it away after, so it will stay like that. Haha on Bs bedtime. Sunds like something C would do! ---ERNIE---: yeah I only let C crawl around naked one time. Haha! I'm sharing a coffee break with you right now. Hope baby sleeps soon. ---BERMY---: awe I can't wait for baby boy cuddle time. Tried to cuddle with C yesterday, but I'm too big for her to cuddle on my lap. ---JEN---:that is one nasty stomach bug. Mine really lasted one full day, but the next day I started to feel a bit better. Hope you feel better and the rest of the family is spared. Toast and Popsicles were what I ate the next day.

                  --ER--: I'd like to say something here, but I probably will fall asleep on the couch instead. --TR--: kept crying about her ear last night. I ended up giving her Tylenol and then she fell asleep right away. Maybe her tube fell out? Her ear isn't draining, so if her tube is still in I don't think it is an ear infection. I'll see how she does today. --PGR: have appointment today. I don't expect to have any progress. He is really high and comfortable in his little man cave...me on the other hand, not so much. I am so done! I keep trying to remind myself to enjoy it because this is most likely my last pregnancy. It's tough! --NRR--: hopefully an easy day at work today. Sorry my posts look wonky. I still can't figure out how to make it post right on my iPad. Looks nice when I submit it?

                    cmg - Now I want a popsicle.  I hope C feels better today and that she doesn't have an ear infection.  When is your official due date?  Hang in there...not too much time left.


                      Morning all!  Posted a slew of personals late yesterday so I'm not sure if anyone saw them.  Anyway...


                      rr.  DH challenged me to "the fastest mile" last night.  We covered up the console on the TM and went at it.  I beat him.  Not by much, but I did!  I also continued for a total of 4+ miles with 3 sets of Yasso's 800s.  I need to see someone about my PF.  Ugh.


                      nrr.  Two more days!  I had a few kids out yesterday and I have to say it was pretty nice having a small class yesterday.  We got about 6" of snow out of the storm last night but of course my school district didn't cancel.  Should be an interesting drive in today.  Sad


                      tr.  We went for a walk last night and she had so much fun looking at all of the lights - so cute!  


                      fr.  I made sloppy joe with deer/burger last night.  Pretty good.  M still wouldn't eat it.  Sad  She RARELY eats meat!




                        RR - resting day, even though I should run (see FR)


                        BR - DH and I had eye doctor appointments yesterday and the doc said he'd look at C's eyes too, just to be sure... he said her vision appears normal... unfortunately, we were out most of the afternoon and C was so curious and interested in seeing what was around she didn't have a great nap and was really unhappy from dinnertime to bedtime...

                        Leaving C with my parents for a couple hours... this should be interesting b/c C has separation anxiety and my parents can sometimes get in C's face too much (they're a little too excited when they see her)...


                        FR - my company Christmas "party" today... we used to have our party at a fancy golf club but our new owners are based in Toronto and so is the head office, so they didn't bother setting up a party for us until some ppl complained.  So we're getting free lunch at the Casino buffet.... buffets are a scary scary place...


                        jen - sorry to hear you're sick, hope you feel better soon!


                        ernie - C has gone 6 miles in the stroller but nothing more..she usually gets too bored or falls asleep and wakes up cranky so I try to time my runs so she won't fall asleep..


                        zorbs - mmm tofu... I really ilke it but DH loses his mind when he sees or smells it, he dislikes it that much... i keep telling him it's not that bad but i think it's the texture that bugs him..


                        bermy - i don't think i've ever had kale or tilapia, but both sound good...


                        rg - hope you manage to get stuff done today!


                        cm - i love the ipad but yea, in certain forums my posts look goofy...


                        simon - i think i've only had deer meat once and remember it was really good, at least the way my IL's made it...


                          RR:  5 after work.  The usual.


                          TR:  It was just J and mommy last night.  I enjoy my time with him but he sure does drive me nuts sometimes.  He knows the sign (well our sign) for juice) and will sign and say "eh eh eh eh" when the cup is right freaking in front of him.  Smacked me across the nose with a book.  Fun times.  I think he is cutting a molar (2 year maybe?) because his bum is red and his finger won't leave his mouth.


                          NRR: Getting a hair cut tonight.  Need to look for something cute.  I am sick of the style I have now.  I've had it for a while.  We are gearing up for the snow tonight.  DH will probably end up at his parents house because they are central to the majority of his accounts.  If they don't cancel school, odds are I will call in so I don't have to drive in the bad weather twice.  


                          FR:  Not much to say here.  Take and bake pizza tonight.  

                          Upcoming Races: 

                          Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                            CTimes - Have fun at your Christmas party.  How was the strike for DH?  I hope C does well with your parents today.  


                            Mer - I hope DH stays safe out there plowing. My J looks at me all the time and throws his milk cup.  He knows he is not supposed to do that but does it purposely.  Then I ask him to pick it up and he won't and then he cries if I make him.  They are really testing us.  I need a haircut real bad...so does J.  I want a new style...just don't know what.  My face is too fat to cut my hair shorter but I feel like it is so long and heavy that it doesn't look good.  I also need it highlighted.  


                              rr: srd unless i eek something out on the tm.


                              nrr: met up with a friend last night who is making the girls a bunch of skirts for christmas. They look awesome. My favorite is a puprle giraffe print! dh is picking them all up today.


                              nrr2: new oven came yesterday. The microwave was damaged so they couldn't install it. Ugh.


                              tr: all home today. they are dressing up in princess clothes already this morning.


                              br: made up for the day before and napped like a champ yesterday.


                              fr: probably jen's chicken crockpot recipe.




                                RR:  5 miles on the Starbuck Route.  Wore my new capri skirt Smile  It was ok considering the monster cold I had last week, I was really surprised with myself.


                                TR:  Went to target with us last night.  Oh man you should have seen the dirty looks we got for buying him a nerf gun that looked like a sniper riffle.  C yelled across the store "LOOK AT MY HUNTING GUN". 


                                NRR:  Very hard to drag myself to work today with DH and C home.  Bossman has the day off as well, but new girl will be here.  I grew up a military brat, but my father was enlisted so very far from rich.  Bossman grew up on a cattle farm.  Neither one of us buy into her boohooing but yesterday she came by to show us (on her day off) that someone left a present for them on their door.  Bossman said that he is NOT giving her money no matter how many times she may ask his wife for it. 


                                FR:  No clue.  Either take out or cereal Smile


                                BBL for personals, gotta get ready for depositions tomorrow!