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Waiting for Snow Wednesday Supermoms (Read 388 times)


    rg - I love when J helps.  It takes a couple of times with repeating what I want him to do, but he gets it.  Its a lot of fun!


    zorbs - Nothing better than a great smelling Christmas tree!


    erin - Yuck on the pee.  We rarely let J run around naked.  He will go from his bedroom to the bathroom which is all of 15 steps for him.


    bermy - Sometimes I miss the days of nursing and the cuddles.  Then I remember how much time it took and let that feeling go quite quickly.


    jen - Take care of yourself.  Don't push it too much if you aren't feeling it.  Your body needs the rest!  I am already looking at styles online.  I am sure you will recieve many links today asking what you think!  Ha!


    cmg - Too cute...Man Cave! Love it!


    simon - I hope you were safe with your drive.  I have a feeling we will be in the same boat tomorow with the snow and the crappy drive.  


    cx2 - I  hope everything goes well with C and your parents.  Even if she screams the whole time, they will say she was great!


    mrszm - Bummer about the microwave.  Hope you enjoy the day with the kiddos. 

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      mrszm - Boo on the microwave.  I hope they get you a new one and install in quickly.  I will send you some stainless cleaner after Christmas.  It is so easy and works well.  Have fun with all the kids home.  Too cute that the girls are playing dress up already. Have they started dressing C up yet?  


      becky - Why are DH and C home?  Great job on the 5 miles this morning!  Too funny about the nerf gun and especially C yelling in Target!  What is with the new girl?  Did I miss something?  Why the heck did she ask bossman and wife for money?  Are you kidding???  So tacky!


        Bermy - Cuddly, happy babies in the morning are the best. The museum sounds cool!


        Jen - Boo on the stomach flu. I'm glad MIL was able to help out so you could get some rest. Try to take it easy today!


        CMG - Lol on man cave. I think you're entitled to sleep on the couch all you want at this point! 


        Simon - Yay on beating DH's mile time! Hope your drive in was not too awful. 


        Cx2 - Yeah, S lasts about an hour in the stroller and then starts freaking out, so I can't see myself ever getting in more than 6 miles with it. Is the casino buffet scary because of the people or the food?


        Mer - Ouch on the book to the face. I think I learned my lesson on not letting S run around naked ...naked babies can't be trusted! I hope you don't get too much snow, or is it better for DH's work if you get a lot? Hope you get a cute haircut! I'm really overdue for highlights but it always seems like it just takes so much time to get done. 


        Mrszm - Have fun with all the kids today! Hope they take good naps for you again. 


        Beckykay - Are you a lawyer or law clerk? 

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          Ernie - you're so sweet to ask.  yes, definitely very rare.  An analogy for it is the RH+/- but it's much more dangerous because there is no rhogam shot or equivalent.  Also it attacks not only the red blood cells but also the baby's bone marrow which is where the baby would normally make new red blood cells.


          If baby is Kell+, risk of anemia since I'm attacking the baby's red blood cells.  Then the baby's heart works harder to pump the remaining blood thinking that increased circulation will get more red blood cells/ozygen t the brain.  but ultimately this is a lose-lose situation and the blood just gets thinner and thinner and the heart works harder and harder and the brain and other organs aren't getting the oxygen and nutrients they need to function. SO - in comes in utero heart failure, brain damage from lack of oxygen, and my body ultimately trying to dismantle and reabsorb the baby. 


          BUT - with in utero blood transfusions replace baby's blood with blood that I won't attack!  But the transfusions usually have to be done every two weeks because it takes the body two weeks to remake/replace it's full blood supply.


          Also - they usually deliver Kell baby's at 37-38 weeks and usually via c-section. 


          We are currently doing weekly MCA scans (i forget what that stands for) but it measures how fast the blood is moving through the baby.  After 37-38 weeks, MCA scans are no longer predictive and it is less risky to simply deliver than to leave baby in utero.


          There is also a condition where the mom's body mimicks the baby's body.  So if baby is anemic from the Kell interaction, mom will become anemic.  If my starts liquifying the baby, she may start doing that to her own organs!  Dr's aren't sure what causes this, but it has been observed with Kell pregnancies.


          If baby is Kell-, all of the above is moot.  Baby can go full term, no more weekly MCA u/s scan, and there is possibility that I could do a VBAC. 


          We are really really really hoping for NEGATIVE test results. 


          That was really long winded - sorry.  I've done a ton of research on it, and even had some of my medical friends do some digging on it.  I guess there is some current research seeing if a "kell" rhogam shot can be developed, but so far nothing has giving promising results. 


          Last pregnancy I had a liver panel come back weird - got sent to the oncologist where they ran tested for 2-3 months because they were worried I had lupus.  I do not have lupus, btw, just special liver panel test results.


            time for a couple.


            rg: i am so ready for c to talk more!


            zorbs: love christmas tree smell. right now my girls won't let me in the living room bc they are playing.


            ernie: sort of funny about your dd peeing on a book. Hopefully it was a board book.


            bermy: i keep thinking i could have lots more babies but the idea of nursing again just does not thrill me. and i nursed for 10 months, 13 months, and 10 months. maybe bc it just is not as serene when you just have the baby as it is with a baby as well as two toddlers running around and climbing on your lap when you are nursing.


            jen: so glad yiunare feeling better today. I would take it easy as you haven't really eaten anything.  so glad your mil was there for you! hopefully yiur students are good for you today!


            cmg: i post on the ipad with no problems...?


            simon: how fast was your fast mile? My cousin did a mile race a few months ago!


            cx2: mmmmm buffets. we have a good china buffet near us.


            mer: good luck with the haircut! I got mine cut last week and love it!


            becky: the new girl sounds intolerable!!


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              RR: Its snowing again on top of the ice, we are supposed to get another couple of inches. DH is doing daycare runs for me today so I'll probably do a yaktrax run after work 3-4 miles. I still haven't been able to hit my 20 miles. Its hard for me to motivate myself to get out there, especially pushing the stroller in the dark cold. The roads have ice mountains in them so I won't be able to do a stroller run until they melt off unless I want to run in active lanes of traffic.  Oh well, I'm not going to stress about it since I'm feeling better again- I never do manage to keep up high mileage in the winter time. Looking forward to having 5 days off work and being able to run whenever I feel like it!


              BR: Being really whiny still, was very upset when I left him with DH this morning. Fussed on and off all night and I made him CIO. He got a rude awakening when I went to check on him and never picked him up, cries of rage!


              FR: Last night was kinda like pasta e fagioli except more like a pasta and less like a soup.  Thinking maybe chicken pot pie for dinner. I bought some more ingredients for holiday baking/candy. I think I'm going to do my Fleur de Sel caramels, homemade marshmallows, gingerbread or gingersnap cookies, and soft sugar cookies with icing.


              NRR: I bought my dad some kitchen stuff for Christmas, but now I'm starting to second guess that since he has way too much already. Oh well, if he doesn't like it he can get rid of it. I bought some Pie pans from my cousin's husband's family's pottery business so its all handcrafted. I just have my stepmom left to buy for, I think I'm just going to give her some pics of Reid and an amazon giftcard. I'm so over christmas already haha, especially since DH gave me such and awesome present that he's going to think all the random little stuff I bought him is lame.  


              NRR2- I ran in to my friend's SIL at daycare yesterday and she said my friend is in labor!!!! I can't wait to hold that sweet new baby Smile This was my friend that the doctor told her she had unexplained fertility after trying to get pg for 5+ years.  She got laid off from her stressful job and took a pt job and voila!


              QOTD- For those of you who do Screw Shoes for snow, do you use a current pair of shoes or a dead pair? I have 2 fully dead pairs in my closet (I keep them for casual wear and mowing the lawn), a pair I bought in March but I use them for mostly short runs, and a pair I bought in July that I did all my HM long runs in plus a few mid-week runs weekly. I also have 2 brand new pairs to replace my current shoes as they wear out and a pair of trail shoes that are a few years old but don't have many miles because I mostly use them for winter running since our trails aren't very fun to run.


              QOTD2- I think it was jmmiller or shelbyjo who asked a question about yellow or white poop the other day. R pooped on this potty and half of the turd was white/yellow (the uh, end of the turd that was most recent). Should I be concerned? Or should I wait and see if he has another one? He's been sick and has been eating mostly yogurt, juice, and fruit.



              runnergirl- I let R feed the dog the other day and he loved it. He understands "put that back where you found it," which I find very helpful!  Do you wrap presents fancy? I did that a couple years ago and it looked so nice, but I really can't get in the spirit this year.


              zorbs- LOL I guess its good that B knows what he wants?  I have to do a fake tree because I'm allergic to real ones. FML. I still haven't gotten my Santa pic from 10 days ago, I already sent the girl a FB message and she said it would be this week.


              ernie- oh no about the pee on the book! Luckily the couple of times R has peed on the floor it was in the bathroom or his room. Boy am I glad we put laminate flooring in his room. Between how many times its been puked, pooped, and peed on in the last 17 mos, it has paid for itself. Butter chicken lasagne? Is that like Indian/italian fusion? The farthest I've ever run with the stroller was 7.3 miles, and that was just the one time. I have done many many 5 and 6 milers though.


              Bermy- I haven't ever had tilapia. I can't bring myself to eat it after watching the Dirty Jobs episode about the tilapia farm, don't look it up if you like eating it.  Yay for sttn!


              simon- cute about you and DH racing!  The treadmills at my gym are ancient and jacked up- I hate them so much.


              cx2- hit the fruits and vegetables first! And only allow yourself one plate if you are worried about overeating.


              mer- do you have bangs? If not, maybe add some? I never had bangs until a few years ago and I really like how they frame my face. I have a major cowlick though and have to blowdry my hair a certain way to get them to lay flat. R throws stuff on purpose then says "Uh oh!" Yeah buddy, that's not an uh-oh.


              Jen- sorry about the stomach bug. At least you will feel really skinny after?


              mzm- your oven has a microwave in it? Is it one of those tri-vection ovens or something?


              becky- I grew up poor and we NEVER asked people for handouts. In fact, I was raised so averse to that that I started buying all of my own clothes when I was 14 so as to not burden my parents.  Once I was out of college, I told my mom and grandma not to feel like they need to buy me presents anymore.

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                rocky- I'm sending all the positive juju that I can muster that you are not liquefying your baby. When would you need to start the transfusions if Kell+? It seems like a major eff up on the behalf of the other doctor to have made you wait this long for an amnio!

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                  rg - I loved when B started to help put groceries away, etc.


                  ernie - I read not so great reviews about that butter chicken lasagna Sad


                  bermy - what is baby kale? is it more tender than regular kale?


                  jen - the Santa hours started at 10 am.  I got to the mall around 9:45 and saw a bunch of moms lurking around the Santa chair, so I knew to be RIGHT THERE at 10 to avoid a lineup.


                  carly - at least prelit trees look festive w/o ornaments.


                  simon - where do you live?


                  cx2 - my dh never ate tofu, being a white boy from london, on..but he really likes it, especially the fake beef strips.


                  mrszm - your microwave is integrated with the stove?


                  becky - EVIL PANDA ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                    mer - I've had pretty much the same hairstyle since i was 18..but i get told it's "classic" so i'd rather just shake things up with hair colour rather than get a cut I hate.


                    rocky - so when do you get the kell results back?


                    spike - I do screw shoes in a semi-dead pair..let's say 50-100 miles left on them..that way, they get tossed when the winter is over.

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                      zorbs- I'm the opposite, I never do hair color other than just very subtle/natural looking highlights ever since the orange henna hair disaster of 1997.

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                        will be back for personals later. I am going to have a nap. All that cuddling and playing has worn me out. 

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                          To clarify: it is an above the range microwave, not some cool oven/covention/microwave all in one. Smile


                            zorbs.  I'm in Western Colorado.


                              Selfish posts for me lately.


                              NRR - my power steering in my car is completely gone.  It was scary driving home last night.  I had to use my entire upperbody and body to turn my car.  Yikes!  We've refilled the power steering fluid in my car several times in the last few months, but something else must be wrong.  Now we have a blizzard and I'm calling AAA to tow my car to the shop.  Oh and MIL is here, we have next to no food since I was planning on shopping today.  What is that saying about the best laid plans?  Oh well.  We'll figure it out!


                              Kell results should be in by the end of this week.  Baby only needs transfusion if it's showing distress or signs of anemia, slowed growth/development, or fast moving blood.  So far it hasn't shown any of these signs, but it can change at any time, hence the weekly u/s.  Usually they won't even consider the transfusions until week 22-24, but again, only if baby needs them.  So, it's wait and see for the results.  And then it's hurry up and monitor, and wait,  and monitor and then decide if any action needs to take place.  Some Kell baby's never need it, other babies need it every two weeks from 22-38 weeks (I read some women have up to 8-9 transfusions per pregnancy). 


                              Spike - yes, major eff up on the part of the original office, which is why we left.  They showed NO remorse on their part.  Unacceptable.  I'm lucky to live in an area big enough that there are other options.  So far this new office is completely on the ball, great at communication, scheduling, etc.


                              ok - off to get my car fixed. 


                                zorbs- have fun decorating the tree! i love the smell of a fresh-cut tree!


                                ernie- haha on the streaking baby! R did that at my mom's house last weekend- ran into the living room after i finished giving him his bath, and stood there laughing. have a great interval workout today!


                                Bermy- great job on the easy runs- patience now will be greatly rewarded later! hope you guys have fun at the museum today


                                jen- oh no! so sorry that you're sick. i think stomach bugs are the worst. i'd rather have a cold. hope you're feeling better soon and that J stays healthy!


                                cmg- good luck at your dr appt today! i think you get a pass on the christmas baking this year. i hope C's ear is ok. how's work going? we usually see a big surge in cardiac rehab numbers around the holidays- snow shoveling related heart attacks!


                                Simon- nice job on the run! i'll have to go back and read through yesterday's thread again. R isn't a huge fan of meat either, which is fine by me since i eat vegetarian. He loves his beans, tofu, and veggie burgers! What grade do you teach? Good luck driving in all that snow.


                                Cx2- have fun at the christmas party today! hope they have some yummy food for you. Ah, I hope C does ok with her grandparents and is able to catch up on the missed sleep from yesterday.


                                mer- aww, i hope J's molar pops through soon! R has been cutting his for what seems like forever and i'm still waiting for them to pop. enjoy the snow day/off day tomorrow!


                                mrszm- yay for a new oven, but bummer on the microwave! that stinks. glad the skirts are coming out well for the girls, and C napped well for you. long naps= happy baby!


                                becky- was it the new evil panda skirt? boo for working when everyone else is home! i hope the day goes really fast for you!

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