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    Good Morning Everyone~


    RR: will run 8+ after I'm finished w/ my PT clients this morning. It will be a solo run for me, and maybe i'll throw some hills or short speedwork in there depending on how i feel.


    TR: was very snuggly and cuddly last night. stopped by the pharmacy to pick up some more oragel for him, and he wanted to get down and walk so i let him. umm, he took off! not fast and he stopped at the end of the aisle...so i just picked him back up.


    QOTD: how did you teach your kids to hold your hands when they walk? i've been working on it with him for a while, and i know it will take time, but we're not quite there yet. And i really don't want to use the monkey/dog/bear leash backpack thingy on him.


    NRR: training clients until 7AM, then taking the rest of the morning to go xmas shopping, alone! i'm actually really looking forward to it. hoping to get almost everything done.


    Probably won't be back on today, might be able to do some spotty personals, but have a great day ladies!

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      RR - 6K of 10/1 with Sam to test out my knee. I think it's all right now.  Chose an out and back route just in case though.


      TR - had a fit last night at bedtime because I wouldn't stay and play Thomas with him.  But at naptime, he had me bring the train tracks upstairs and then he said very loudly, "BYE MOMMY!" meaning: GTFO of here, mom! so he could play.


      FR - chicken pie of course.


      NRR - alcoholic friend's 1 year sober anniversary, he wrote a lovely status on FB that I wish I could share, but that would look creepy.



      rg - I think at first I would hold B's hand and let him go wherever he wanted, within reason.  Sometimes I'd hold his hand and drag him a little bit in the direction I was going.  Now he'll actually say "hand?" and put his hand out..

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26


      running eh

        RR - Set my alarm last night for 450 so I could get a run in before DH left for work.  It didn't go off.  I was all mad at DH for turning it off and not making sure I got up, but I had set it for pm not am - oops!


        NRR - last day off work, back to the grind tomorrow.


        FR - soup of some sort, maybe


        KR - DS and I made a deal yesterday that if I went on the computer that he could spend some time on the computer too, so I didn't make it back for more personals, sorry!  DS is addicted to everything CARS - we need to get it under control.


        rg - I have never taught my kids to hold my hand, though I wish I had.  I tried, but apparently not hard enough.  I am still constantly chasing the 4 year old.  Enjoy the Christmas shopping.  Are you almost done?  Sounds like a great run you have planned too!


        zorbs - glad the knee felt okay this morning. hopefully it survives the run.  Does B nap everyday still, or do you just do quiet time?


        Hopefully I make it back for some more personals today, but if not, have a good day ladies!


          runnergirl - my 3 year old will hold hands when asked, or when shopping she will hold on to the cart when i tell her to, I want to say she was at least 2 before she would hold hands without pulling away. enjoy the alone time today. 


          zorbs - hope the knee holds up! congrats to friend.


          eh! - that stinks about the alarm, I hope you get your run in later!



          RR - 4.5, waiting to thaw out before I get in the shower


          NRR - so much going on this week, it is crazy, DH and I have to drive separate (we work at same school) 3 times this week because I have to stay for various reasons.


          TR - has been really into craft time, i bought a bunch of basic supplies and we have been making a few xmas gifts.


          BR - finally had a good night sleep after a week of screaming wake ups. 


            rg - Have a great day.  Sounds like lots of alone time for you.  Is DH home with R?  That is awesome that you get some time away to get errands done.  I am right there with you.  I took J to Walgreens the other and put him down and he seriously took off and fast.  He was laughing and would not come back to me.  Let me know if any tricks work.


            zorbs - I hope your knee holds up on your run.  LOL on B's BYE MOMMY!  Do you think he has a personality more like you or more like DH?  We try to figure J out and sometimes he is short fused and cranky like me and other times he is more laid back like DH.


            eh! - Sorry about missing your run.  Will you still be able to get one in today?  Enjoy your last day off of work.  I love how DS is negotiating computer time...smart kid!


            moxie - Glad DS slept better.  Any idea why he is waking up?  Teeth?  Boo to a busy week at school and having to drive separate from DH.  Hopefully the next 2 weeks go fast...I am so ready for Christmas break.  Fun on the craft projects. 


            RR - 5 after work yesterday and hoping for the same today.  It was clear at my house this morning and snow covered and slippery where I teach...may have to go home to run.


            TR - Was a bit moody this morning.  I think he has another tooth coming in because he kept jamming things in his mouth and then crying.  Hopefully he is not cranky all day/night again.


            NRR - DH leaves today but will be back late tomorrow.  Thank goodness it is a quick trip.  I am ready for Christmas break.  I have no energy to focus on anything and think I have a cold.  My nose keeps running and I have a slight cough.  J woke up all stuffed up too.  Ugh.


              I am later to post as we were rolling around in our pjs reading books and snuggling. Irresistible. 


              RR: probably rest as I am so sore. Did 6x1000m last night with 2min rest intervals. I used to run 4min 30 seconds. Last night I ran 4.19, 4,21, 4.20. I am paying for it. Big time. This was the first time I had also worn my garmin. It was reading 7.21min miles. Whoo hoo. If only I could keep that up.


              RR2: there was a race last week, a 10k. The organisers forgot to start the clock so everyone’s times look amazing – like at least 1min 30 sec off. Too funny. I didn’t race that one as I want to race a 5k this weekend. Except it has a twist. You have to guess what your finish time will be and then you are not allowed to run with a watch. The person who gets the closest wins.


              NRR: playgroup today – xmas party. Write and post cards I bought yesterday.


              BR: grew another few inches. I don’t have to turn up his jeans now. Wow. STTN. Oh yeah.


              FR: Mediterranean pasta with chicken and apple sausage.

              5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                Bermy - Great job on the speedy run!!!  I am sure you will be keeping that pace in no time.  So cute about you and DS rolling around in your PJs...so fun!  Your FR sounds AMAZING...do you have a recipe you can share.  What size clothes does DS wear?  I am asking because J is teetering between 12 and 18 months...apparently J is short though.  They measured all kids at daycare and made a chart and J was the shortest...2 feet 6.5 inches...lol.  The daycare teacher called him Peanut.  


                  QOTD: I'm not sure when C started holding hands. I think I may have forced it and finally it stuck. ER: TM walk tonight if I'm not swollen and exhausted after work TR: found out at the end of the month her price for daycare will go down $20/mo. They have to be 2.5 and potty trained. She is sleeping in a pull up, but besides that hasn't had an accident at school in a couple months Smile. PGR: last night had about an hour of contractions that were about 10-12 min apart. Had them every 20-40 min or so through out the day. Then they stopped. Stay put buddy! I have fat face now and woke up with swollen fingers....boo! NRR: working 5 days this week and already tired. Haha! Keep running out of time for personals. Sorry everyone. I am reading them.



                    RR:  5 after 2 hours of meetings this afternoon. It will be a good time to clear my head and process the conversations.


                    TR:  Gave me a hug and a kiss when I got home from my meetings last night.  Totally made my day.


                    NRR:  Busy day today.  I am kind of over work right now.  We have 9 school days until Christmas Break and I am worse than the kids.  Some of my groups are terrible.  I am sick of bad sub reports, things not working that would work if I was there, etc.  But hey, I deserve a day off.  Anyway, that is my whine for the morning.  Wish it tasted better!


                    FR:  We had brunch out yesterday and I had a Squeaky Cheese Skillett.  It was so good made with cheese curds, ham, and onion.  Yum



                    A couple from yesterday


                    eh! -  We get two personals days.  One is totally paid for the other we pay $100 to take.  I think that is jack.  In "the real world" salaried workers don't get docked for taking a day off.  


                    Someone else asked about leave.  I currently get 8 sick days and two family ememergency days.  The sick days can accumulate for a maternity leave, etc.  I had a few days left after my leave with J, but not many and that was with 10 days accumulating.  With our new "manual" we had two sick days and one family emergency day taken away plus they will only give you paid time off for maternity up to 6 weeks even if you have more than that banked.


                    mrszm - We didn't take J to get to tree for logistical reasons with naps, etc.  Plus, the farm got way more snow than we did, J doesn't have boots yet, and hauling him around would not have been that much fun!


                    Okay....on to today!

                    Upcoming Races: 

                    Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46


                    running eh

                      moxie - way to go on the crafting.  I have not patience for that sort of stuff, but the kids love it, so we did somecrafts yesterday.  We made ornaments out of waxed paper and shredded crayon to hang in the window.  What did you guys make?  Hope you are warm and cozy now!


                      mjen - hope you stay healthy!  get lots of sleep, being sick stinks!  Where do you live?  I should write these things down and have a master list.  I feel like I ask the same questions all the time.  I'm in Ontario Canada and DH was just complaining thta he wants to move somewhere that has winter....me, I'd like to move somewhere without winter!


                      bermy - great job on the work out!!  You have been working so hard, way to go!  What is you 5k guess? Do you always race with a watch?  I wouldn't be surprised if you do better without it - just go by feel.  When I did my 10k I kept thinking that I should slow down b'c my pace was so "fast" (well for me anyway), but I was able to maintain it pretty well.  I just doubted myself b'c I'd never seen that pace on a longish run before.


                      cm - I hope you have a good day today.  The swelling was one of my least favourite things, though I started swelling very early!  Yay on the daycare savings!  Hopw you feel up for a walk at the end of the day!


                        rr: run fail with rp this morning.  started running to a light layer of snow and got to the trail and it was glare ice covered on snow. Met a walker whom proceded to tell us it was icy and slipped on the ice and fell. We headed back to the subdivision and did laps around our block but walking where it was icy.


                        rr2: back to chiro today.


                        oven update: handyman came and took the clock out of the oven hoping to fix it.


                        nrr: haircuts look great on all of us (I am sporting a ginnifer goodwin type haircut) C looks like such a big boy!


                        br: thinking he must be getting a tooth.


                        tr: attempting to take the cookies we decorated yesterday on the bus.


                        fr: bbq chicken sandwiches tonight.


                        bbl for personals!


                          runnergirl - Enjoy your day!  I am a firm believer in parents need time to themselves.  Get a coffee....sit for a while...enjoy! Smile


                          zorbs -  Looks like your SS is alive and kicking! Wink


                          eh! -  That was your inner self telling you to sleep with that mistake! Have a good day.  


                          moxie - I hope the busy week goes fast.  Yay for some good sleep and crafty little ones!  A is SO cute!


                          jen - Those teeth like to come one right after the other!  Ugh.  I hope you feel better and your day goes quickly.


                          bermy - That is an awesome run!  There is rarely a time that I run without my garmin.  I have trained myself not to look at every lap, but like having the info at the end.  I'm hoping for a Garmin 10 for Christmas!


                          mrszm - Do you put the bbq chicken on rolls?  That sounds really good!  I need a haircut really bad! Smile

                          Upcoming Races: 

                          Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                            Good morning!! RR: Did 1 slow mile yesterday. Still sore so not sure what's on tap today. Maybe 3 at lunch BR: posted on FB- he had an echo and EKG and the cardiologist said his heart looks great. No more surgeries and no physical restrictions!! DH: out of town today and tomorrow FR: no Chinese yesterday so maybe today.

                            5K - 21:44     10K - 44:54     15k - 1:09:37     HM - 1:39:05   Marathon - 3:28:48


                              QOTD: DD just did it one day. I think she was 2 Bermy: great job on the speed work! Remind me - are you training for something specific? Shoot- DD is waking up. Be back for more

                              5K - 21:44     10K - 44:54     15k - 1:09:37     HM - 1:39:05   Marathon - 3:28:48


                              beskirted & manicured

                                alison - ha! on wanting to blame DH for the alarm not going off.  B still naps in the afternoon.  I come from a family who are perpetually comatose after lunch, I forsee B not dropping his nap for a long, long time, if ever.


                                moxie - I do the same thawing out before hitting the shower, DH doesn't get why I have to do that.  Glad to see you here! I didn't post about the SS gift because I was thinking, "where is my gift?" I was more worried that you hadn't posted anything in awhile.


                                jen - well, when B screams in frustration, DH says he sounds just like me.


                                bermy - the prediction run sounds fun! I might be good at that, I can usually guess what the pace is on a run, even when it's too dark to see the Garmin.


                                carly - sounds like the time is getting near! I didn't have swelling, that doesn't sound fun at all!


                                mer - yah paying for a personal day is total bullshit!


                                mrszm - do you have screws in your shoes to prevent slipping? I love mine.


                                jmm - maybe you should treat yourself to a massage?

                                5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26