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Already Friday preggos! (Read 283 times)


    Hopefully the late post means we all got good sleep last night!


      ER: Next.


      PGR: 32 weeks! Ummm, I don't know WTF happened to me yesterday but I am experiencing the worst SI joint flare up I've ever had. This is even worse than it was before I started seeing the chiropractor for it almost three years ago. I'm not sure if it was building for a couple days/weeks or if I did something yesterday to aggravate it or maybe baby P is laying on something that brought it on but OMG I couldn't stand up, sit down, walk or do much of anything without awful pain yesterday. My upper thighs hurt really bad too, which is making me think this is all having to do with how P is laying. Its slowly improving after a visit to the chiro, ice, rest, etc. I'm going back to the chiro tomorrow and avoiding anything that makes it hurt (which really at this point is pretty much everything) and wearing my support belt all the time now. My support belt doesn't feel like it has a ton of back support per se, but I feel like since its holding up my belly its lessening the stress on my back. And its pretty handy because the belt has a space for me to toss my ice pack in. DH has been so good taking care of me and A since I basically can't. I really really really hope this isn't what its going to be like for the next eight weeks or else I'm going to definitely be finding ways to evict this kid early.


      NER:  Glad its Friday! Tomorrow is my nephew Baby T's birthday party. I still have this cold hanging on, but I feel like its on the way out... but I hate how when colds are on their way out they get even more annoying. My voice is still yucky too. None of us in our house is completely healthy, but we're OK enough to go to the birthday party tomorrow. Then we're looking forward to playoff football, hoping at least one of our three teams we're rooting for win! Oh and I'll also be returning my new purse this weekend, whenever I can walk and stand up straight. It will be nice to get into a normal week next week.

      MA runner girl

        Morning ladies! I'm late because I had the lovely glucose test this morning...


        RR: 3 miles last night outside. It was in the 20s so not too bad. Felt good! It's supposed to be in the mid 30s today!! So I'm planning on 2 or 3 miles after work.


        PGR: 28w5d. So I fasted for the test, only to find out that I didn't need to! The person I called scheduled me for the 3 hour, even though I specifically said 1 hour. Ugh! Let's just say I really hope I passed because I do NOT want to have to do that again for 3 hours! It wasn't too bad to chug the drink, but after about 30 min I started feeling SO nausous, headache, chills. It was awful. Please please please let me pass so I don't have to go through that again...


        PGR2: Cole has been moving SO much lately. It's not just random kicks, more like he's doing flip flops all day long. It's so fun! Smile


        PGR3: DH and I are almost done clearing out my office, I just need to figure out what to do with my bookshelf and alllll the books in it. then we can start getting prepped for painting and transforming it into the nursery. Yay!


        NPGR: Ummm is there anything NPGR? LOL Just so excited for the weekend, and really hoping that work is not too bad today. I've been so stressed this week, has it really only been 3 days. At least I'm working at home Smile


        Monk - Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about the SI pain. I really hope that you can get fixed tomorrow at the chiro and the pain goes away. I can imagine 8 weeks of pain like that would be near impossible to handle!! Hugs!

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Monk - yep, i slept well for the most part, perhaps a 90min gap where i considered giving up and reading but then found the doze switch...phew. i hope the purse return went well...


          From yesterday -


          Sasha -  That Strep B diet sounds interesting, basically a high alkaline diet? Does that mean you won't have the Strep culture done? I almost didn't because I am opposed to antibiotics when giving birth but then went for the "well I'll find out just to be informed" angle yesterday so will find out in the next week, fingers crossed it's a negative. Goodness it sounds like you are in nesting mode with all that cleaning - my only form of nesting seems to involve food and cooking so far!!


          LauraG - i hope you got your swim in last night; too funny on reducing electronic distractions to end up with more kid distractions, I hope they got bored with annoying you! Thanks for the birth stories, do you find after 10 that you can still remember them all distinctly? Interesting on being 5cm dilated without being in labor. My Mum was telling me last night how very quickly she dilated with each of us and for me to "be aware of it"....


          Liz - Hopefully it's just a passing fatigue phase and you get some more energy soon, maybe its "holiday recovery" Smile




          PGR - 36w4d but who's counting now? Oh yeah, I am, i just need to count 3 more days to feel okay about it...Slept relatively well, still losing mucus plug, yada, yada. LO is moving regularly. I'm thinking more it could be a UTI so am taking cranberry juice tablets, not sure if they will help as they have a bit of sugar in them (and personally think sugar takes away from nutrient absorption) but better than nothing (I normally would drink straight cranberry juice but got the impression that might not be good?)...My Mum came straight out with the "so - home or hospital?" question last night (which makes me suspect my sister may have said something). i cannot fib well so just told her straight out and she was upset but i told her i didn't need to hear it, that was why I HADN'T told her, and if it was of any reassurance there is no way i would have a home birth in Australia versus having one here in Canada because it is so much more mainstream and regulated with the midwifery etc here... I told her she could either be positive and send me good vibes, or be quiet as i am making a very informed decision...I think she'll behave Smile  Oh, and I am now getting my birth tub delivered on Sunday vs waiting another 10 days - just in case! (you watch, soon I'll be griping about being 5 days overdue...Murphys Law)


          ER - we'll see how I feel, no contractions this morning and I'll try and do a gentle elliptical and light weights at some point on a work break. Interestingly slowing down my movements seems to make the muscles focus more, I guess they become auto-efficient at "regular' speeds so there is more muscle 'thought' required with slowing things down. My HR may not get as high (at all) but moving feels so nice.


          NPGR - Back to work today, have a few things to take care of in my breaks. Planning takeout with a couple of workmates for dinner and DH is joining us, I'm hoping to talk him into Thai (and may pull the pg card if necessary Wink   ) otherwise it'll be vietnamese...last night did my version of nesting (where the heck is this "cleaning hormone"? i seem to have missed that delivery?did someone take it?) - made two different meals to freeze, minestrone and a yam, tomato and orange curry. First time I've made the curry, on our "meal rating scale' I think it just barely clears a 2.5/5 score. oh well, food for a rainy day...


            Monk - sorry to hear about the back pain, like you i found the belt kinda "held the belly up" more and didn't feel like it helped noticeably with my back...but i think the act of pulling up the belly in itself helps? love the use of your term "evict", very appropriate! I hope the birthday party tonight goes well.


            MA - Glad you could manage your run after such an unpleasant GD test, ugh to people not listening on the phone but glad you got through, I'm sure you will be fine. Enjoy your last work day and a wonderful weekend.


              Monk: Ohh! ouch ouch ouch ouch. I feel for ya! It sounds horrible. I hope the chiro appointment tomorrow does wonders.


              MA: Oh, I'm sure you passed your test! Will you be able to give your books away, or do you still use them?


              Ozzy: 3 more days! I'm happy you're sticking with your decision on the home birth despite the concerns from your family and you're right, it's much more regulated here. The midwives are well versed in contacting emergency services as soon as they think they need to - they don't mess around. But for the most part, everything usually goes just fine so you'll do great! I wonder who will go first... you or me.... Oh, and I seem to be missing this "nesting" instinct too. I just looked at my overflowing recycling bin and thought "meh, DH can do it." ha.



              PGR: 37w5d. Holy menstrual-feeling cramping. I feel like I'm 15 years old again. And TMI, I've also had a serious increase in the number of BMs I've had - like 3-4 a day. I was lucky that I didn't have trouble in that department with the pregnancy (I think it was my awesome prenatals), but this is making me think my body is seriously gearing up and I might be early. I won't predict that though - I don't want to be wingeing about being late to you ladies!  I had a hard time falling asleep last night, but managed to get in about 5.5 hours, so I'm not too bad on the exhaustion front. Meanwhile, DH is sleeping 9 hours a night it seems.   My feet are also really itchy - I think they're swelling slightly.


              ER: Will do the DVD today after this post!  Let's see if that helps quell some of this cramping.


              NPGR: Finishing up work stuff still. Feels weird to be wrapping stuff up, to be honest! I supposed to find out today if I get maternity benefits... hmm...

              Laura G in Idaho

                Brrr, it's really cold outside. 5 F!  Good morning!


                RR:  Planning to get 3.5 miles today.


                ER:  Did my weightlifting session at home yesterday.  Not as effective as at the gym, but I really, really don't want to be at the gym this month, especially in the evenings when it's power-slammed.  Didn't end up swimming yesterday, but I rechecked my training plan, and realized, I didn't have a swim planned.  For some reason I thought I did, ha!  Tomorrow I'll get on the stationary bike for about an hour, and Sunday is a rest day.


                PGR:  24 weeks today.  Gave myself a little prenatal check up last night.  Baby seems posterior, FHR was in the 140s, my blood pressure was 110/72, pulse 72.  The BP and pulse were never bad in previous pregnancies, but this is phenomenal.  Usually BP is around 120/86 and pulse is 100 at rest.  This shows that the exercise I've been doing is paying off!  Might be a good idea to get those urine test strips and check for protein and sugar.  Also thinking a hemoglobin check in the next month or two would be good.  Total weight gain so far: 26.8 lbs.  So, I'm looking at over 40 lbs total, but hope not to be over 50 lbs this pregnancy.  I've been following the Brewer Pregnancy Diet, except I'm finding that I don't need 2600 calories a day to get all the foods into my body, as he recommended.  I usually get all I need with around 1900 to 2100 calories a day, and then I eat more according to how many calories I burn exercising.  I wasn't tracking my food/calories in the beginning of this pregnancy, but decided to pay more attention so I'd be sure to eat what I need, and not eat more than I need, as I was gaining weight really fast in the beginning.  Just a few days ago, I looked in the mirror and thought, "I'm HOT!"  So, yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about how I look and feel right now.


                NPGR:  Still digging out from all the backed up housework.  I let the kids chores slide over Christmas and New Year's and it is taking a while to put it all back in order.  I think my cell phone battery is dying.  It overheats all the time, and drains quickly.  Guess it's time to buy a new battery.  I think this phone is less than a year old, though.  Bums me out to be fixing it already.


                monk:  Sorry about the SI joint.  I know how much it bothers me when mine flares up.


                MA:  Bummer about fasting when you didn't have to.  I hope you don't have to retake it.  Way to go on your 3 miles last night.


                Ozzy:  I'm sure everyone will breathe a sigh of relief after your homebirth goes perfectly smooth and all is well.  I try not to tell people what I'm doing, since going unassisted isn't very popular.  As to your question, I do remember a lot of each individual birth.  Each one has been a little different, and I seem to recall the lessons I've learned from them, as it comes up in conversation.  Part of this is from teaching birthing classes.  My couples benefit from, and enjoy my anecdotal stories when they encounter similar circumstances.  I remember what each birth has taught me, those I've attended as a doula, and those where I'm the one giving birth.


                youjust:  Early labor often feels like menstrual cramps, so this may be a warm-up for the main event, or it could be the real thing!  Good luck!  Sorry about the feet itching/swelling.


                  PG:  Looking forward to registry shopping tomorrow!  Nothing new to report.


                  RR: Support band came yesterday.  Whoohooo.  I think it’s the right size.  I can fasten it and has plenty of room to expand.  Felt stiff but maybe it just needs to be broken in.  Hoping for a 3 miler today.


                  NPGR: DH is sick.  He was throwing up this morning.  He rarely gets sick.  I feel fine so I don’t think it was dinner last night.  Maybe the flu.  I got the flu shot so I hope I don’t get what he has. 


                  Monk: that sounds painful.  Hope the chirco can fix you up.  Have fun at the bday party.


                  MA: If I lived where you live then I don’t think I'd be a runner at least not in the winter time.  I think 35 is the coldest I've run in...lol.  You're hardcore!


                  Ozzy: glad you're sticking to your decision with a home birth.  You cant please everyone. It seems like everyone has an opinion about everything when you're PG.


                  You: sending good vibes about your maternity leave.


                    Sorry today is getting away from me, no time for personals :-(


                    But I wanted to share that I've gotten two big tasks off my plate, signing up for the hospital tour and making my decision on maternity leave. I'm going to take six weeks with two days a week unpaid. That way I'll save a good chunk of paid leave for the rest of the year. I can't turn in my paperwork yet though until the contact person answers my question about how to fill out some parts of the forms. And DH was able to cash out his retirement sooner than we expected, so we'll get that sooner and can hopefully start buying stuff next week!


                      Howdy !

                      So my bowels still feel terrible, but hopefully they start getting better so I can start going on walks! I stuck Zeb in moby today and he liked it but kinda drowned in all the fabric , will try when he's of weight.. haha. Nice for around the house though!

                      Hubby is off getting me a breast pump deal - we have a rental one and it's working out well!


                      MA: I was going to say you don't have to fast but thought maybe your test was diff than mine. ... yuck.


                      youjust: : sounds like my labor symptoms! Period cramps times 80 plus in the back are what contractions felt like for me.


                      Ozzy: Many of my friends did homebirth and loved it. I would like the comfort of being home but not the clean up! I was bleeding ALL OVER everything after, even got the hubby's shoes on the way to the bathroom. Just make sure you have lots of towels and pads. We would have slept SO much better at home the first few days than in the hosp where they come in every few hours.. they were awesome though, but still not that confortable!


                      I'm hopping over to the new momma's forum, so hurry up - I'll be checking on here still for you guys!


                        Hate always getting on so late, but that is my work schedule for now.


                        ER: Yesterday's PPW video was good. Glad I did it. Not sure about today. I've been feeling a bit under-the-weather and not sleeping well at night.So I'm thinking a nap might be better for me at this point. Though I do have a new Yoga dvd that I should try out... Planning on a good workout tomorrow. Maybe some Jillian and a walk.


                        PGR: 30w1d. I forgot to mention that I'm up a total of 18 lbs, which makes me super happy. I was SO worried about Christmas break, but looks like I did okay after all, even with all the gingerbread cookies and my sister's peanutbutter balls. YUMMMMM! The diet sucks! I am missing the citrus fruit a lot, especially b/c I am feeling sick. I always drink OJ and now I can't. On the positive side, it recommended eating pasta, which I have been avoiding b/c of the carbs. So I totally indulged in some ridiculously delicious Mac&Cheese at work today. Gonna have to not do that too often or all my exercise will be wasted!


                        NPGR: Work is slow, which is nice and also difficult. I love the extra time home with DH, but no hours means no pay... DH is job searching right now. He only has 7 months before he starts a PhD program, which makes it hard to find work, since he only needs it until he gets started in a program. He got a job tutoring for a really nice family, which is about 12 hours a week, and has another possible tutoring job which would put him over 20. He's working on the application to substitute teach, which worked out well for us the last time he had to have a short term job. Praying that opportunities open up.


                        Monk: I am SO sorry about your pain. Sounds so awful! Have you thought about getting the Gabrialla that is strong support rather than medium? That is supposed to be for severe back pain. It might be worth it, especially since you have 8 weeks to go.


                        MA: Wow, that test sounds terrible! My midwives didn't make me do it b/c of my age and health, and also b/c there is not history of gestational diabetes in my family. So nice! I'm loving the crazy movement too! So fun!


                        Ozzy: No, I still have to get the test. This is just a preventative measure b/c the laws in VA won't allow midwives to administer intravenous antibiotics during labor. They have an intramuscular antibiotics that they will give if you have GBS, and will still be willing to deliver you, however, they want to prevent that possibility. So this is a proactive measure to help ensure that the test is negative. Sounds like your LO wants to come anytime! Glad it's a good size so there are no worries there. And def try to hold out for three more days! Homebirth should be a great experience!


                        YJPM: Sounds like you are definitely close to having that baby! SO exciting! Hope your cramps get better though. No fun!


                        Laura: Yeah the exercise definitely helps with the blood pressure. Actually I think mine is up a bit since I haven't been able to run (walking is good but doesn't do much for the heart rate). A month ago when they checked it was 108/56. The doula was like, "Wow! We will not let you stand up after having that baby or you will pass out!" This time it was 112/68 which is more typical for me. Glad you feel good about your body. I think that's half the battle in pregnancy!


                        Mann: Yep, after I wore the belt a few times it started feeling a lot better. Have fun registry shopping! It's great!


                        Canada: so sorry you still hurt! But sounds like you are adjusting to the new baby thing quite well. Enjoy the breast pump. I think they can be quite convenient, though I have heard that it helps keep your supply up if you alternate pumping and feeding. Not sure how true that is, but might be worth checking into. enjoy that baby!


                          monk - boo on the SI joint flare up - Mine has interfered with walking before, and turning over in bed -basically any leg movement...I hope it improves soon!


                          MA - So frustrating that they would have you fast, especially when there are pg women who get lightheaded or nauseous when they don't eat...I'm sure you passed with flying colors!


                          Ozzy - Fingers crossed for your for at least 3 more days - watch that babe hang out for four more weeks Smile


                          yjpm - Sounds like your body is prepping too - exciting! Are the bottoms of your feet itchY? I only ask because when I asked my OB about my generalized torso itchiness, there is something with your liver that can cause itchiness in your palms and soles of your feet...don't want to scare you, but it was something I had never heard of.  Hope you got good news on the benefits!


                          Laura - 2600 calories a day seems a bit high, I would agree. Awesome that you're feeling so go about yourself - I've struggled with that a bit during pregnancy.


                          Mann - have fun shopping - I hope you don't get what your DH has - usually the flu shot only protects against respiratory flu, so if it's a stomach bug that DH has, I'd suggest staying away Smile


                          CJ - I hope you start feeling better soon - what an unfortunate "mishap" on the dr's part!


                          PGR: 20w3d - Back from our u/s, and...it looks like GIRLS! Two girls! DH and I were both expecting at least one to be a boy, for some reason, so we're still trying to wrap our heads around this a bit, but we're really excited.  Baby B is a total uterus hog, and spent most of the time flipping around while Baby A was tucked way over on my right side.  Now I just have to figure out how to avert the tidal wave of pink...


                          ER: Um, no. Trying to knock out this cold.


                          NPGR: not much NPGR today - mgiht go over to BIL and SIL's to play games for BILs birthday - waiting to hear if that's going on or not.  I'll probably start trying to tackle some of the clutter in the office/nursey as well this weekend - I'm sure time is going to fly....


                            YJPM - Actually it does sound like you will beat me to it Smile I was told warm baths help ease the crampiness, though i think once I am past my "happy for LO to arrive" time I might let the cramps continue to see if allows labor to start? I hope you get those maternity benefits!


                            LauraG - wow, you are a doula as well? that's great! Glad to hear the prenatal checkup looked good - I enjoyed seeing my body up until only the last week or so too, it IS nice to feel good about these extra curves rather than dread them i must admit.


                            Mann - I hope your DH is okay soon; our news was reporting a huge number of flu cases this year as well as the norovirus...wish i hadn't heard it as it'll mean LO will NOT be handed around much til Winter/flu season is passed! i hope the run goes well with the new belt.


                            CJazz - thanks for stopping by; I went to Value Village a few weeks ago and stocked up on a whole heap of old towels, old sheets and things; the midwives provided me with a list of homebirth "necessities" which was helpful as we have a rather slim linen closet otherwise! I hope the breastfeeding goes well.


                            Sasha - nice job on the weight gain, weird on the not being able to eat citrus fruits but I wouldn't mind an excuse to eat pasta Smile Fingers crossed your DH has some success finding a temporary job til his PhD...

                            Laura G in Idaho

                              TN:  How exciting to be carrying twins.  I have always wanted twins, but DH says he's thankful we haven't had 2 at a time, because they come fast enough 1 at a time, lol!


                              Ozzy:  Yes, I'm a doula, but have not attended very many births.  My life is pretty full.  I want to pursue a midwifery education, but don't feel the time is right yet.  My family needs me now.  There will always be pregnant women, and I can serve them at a time when my family doesn't need me so much.


                                TN - TWIN GIRLS!!!! How exciting!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, tidal wave of pink, ugh.  I can completely relate.  We painted Emily's room bright green and she had brown sheets and some purple butterfly sheets.  Everyone else brought the pink.  And just to mess with me, the universe gave me a daughter with a complexion that is PERFECT for wearing pink.  LOL.  Girls are so super awesome.  Congratulations many many times over.  There is such an amazing giddiness in simply knowing the gender/sex of the little one inside you regardless of team pink or team blue.