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beskirted & manicured

    RR - 4 miles easy with Sam.  Last run before ATB.


    TR - bedtime still an enormous struggle, so weird because putting him down for a nap is generally pretty easy.  He's figured out the childproof doorknob thing so keeping him contained in his room is pretty much impossible.


    FR - crockpot chili.


    NRR - so relieved now that my clothes are here, now I just gotta figure out what nail polish to wear with it...



    bermy - I have head of Pei Wei, but it doesn't exist in Canada, can't help you with your meal selection, sorry. I am willing to bet you'll find the stroller bootcamp to be a joke, despite the  name.  Every mom-baby type fitness class I've ever been to has been a disappointment, geared towards low fitness moms, not for super fit 20 mile stroller pushing badasses.

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      RR - 8k with RP and stroller tonight. Ended up not running last night because it seemed like a bad idea to try to wrangle a weepy baby into a stroller and drag her out in the cold.


      TR - Still teething, still sick. Threw up everywhere when I gave her Tylenol at midnight, necessitating change of bed sheets and baths for both her and myself. Slept much better for the latter part of the night though, and is still sleeping soundly so I'm hoping she's feeling a lot better today!


      FR - Steak, oven potato wedges and roasted brussels sprouts.


      NRR - DH forgot to bring his dinner to work yesterday. I called him and said I would drive it over since he works just 15 minutes away, but he told me he didn't want to drag me and S out of the house while we weren't feeling well and, not to worry, he had bought a "Cleveland Corned Beef" sandwich from a vending machine. Um...EW.




      Bermy - I wonder why your dough didn't rise. Glad it turned out yummy anyway, though. Did you leave it covered with a towel for about an hour before baking it? When you're kneading the dough, you can tell you've got a good, rising batch if it feels stretchy. There is a stroller boot camp here in town and one of my friends did it while pushing an umbrella stroller, so that really says something about how non-hardcore it is. It will be a good way for you to meet other Moms though!


      Zorbs - Glad your clothes finally arrived. And they look super cute! It looks like the weekend weather will be a bit nicer, too.

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        zorbs - Bedtime for J is now becoming a struggle too.  He started off with throwing everything out of his crib and crying 1x/night now we are up to 2x/night.  Ugh.  Don't kids realize how wonderful sleep isSmile  Glad you got your clothes...they are awesome!


        ernie - Oh no...so sorry that S is sick.  So glad that she is sleeping soundly now though.  I hope you get a good run in tonight.  I think you were smart to skip it yesterday.  Ewww...to DH eating a sandwich from a vending machine...sounds nasty.


        RR - Got in 5 on the TM after work yesterday.  Hoping for the same today.


        TR - Is being a real PITA with bedtime these days.  I think we just need to let him stay up longer but I had no energy last night and I couldn't function.


        NRR - AWFUL night last night.  I think I am having another bout with my gall bladder.  I am calling my doctor today to see if they can look at it.  I know there is nothing they can really do for me now but hoping they can teach me how to manage it for the time being.  It is so painful and then when I try to eat or drink I just throw up.  I was in bed at 7:30 last night and sleeping by 8.  I felt a bit better this morning but after I ate breakfast I am feeling sick again.  UGH!  It is hard enough to have m/s, work all day, and care for a toddler by myself...now I have to throw this into the mix. I could just cry.


          Bermy - I am sorry you are homesick but it sounds like you are making great progress on meeting new people and making friends.  You have only been there a few days and have already meet so many people.  Awesome find on the laundry service...so nice to let others do the work. I still want a maid service to come to my house...now!


          CA - I am assuming from your post last night that you made it home!!  How were the flights?  Did the girls travel well?


          beskirted & manicured

            ernie - ew on the vending machine sandwich.  I wouldn't even want to think about how long it's been in there! Both times I tried to give B liquid tylenol/advil (tried both), he puked it up..it might have been due to the hand/foot/mouth disease he had, but the experience is why I swear by the acetominaphen butt rockets for pain/fever relief.  Once I did a free stroller boot camp that was put on by one of the lulu ambassadors, and one lady did the class with her graco stroller with bucket carseat attachments, and wearing flip flops.  But what bugged me even more than the low fitness level was that the instructor did absolutely NOTHING to correct form.


            jen - I hope you feel better soon! how can you bake a baby if you can't keep food down?! Once B goes down, he does usually stay asleep, but the cheap delaying tactics at bedtime are getting really really old.

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            Bad Ass Mother Runner



              RR - not sure... my SI joint is out (I think), my lower back is sore, it's not extreme, but I need to do some stretching and rolling through the day and see if things release.  DH offered a solo run when he's home from work, and I'd love to try out some of my new kicks, but I'll have to see.


              TR - best part of yesterday was when she saw her daddy and her smile was literally from ear to ear, it was so sweet.  She did very well yesterday, is such a good girl, she was charming the pants of the stewardess also, as we were landing in Calgary she (and I) were singing Old MacDonald, she then got to go meet the pilot and see the cockpit.


              BR - she did fairly well, but really doesn't sleep well or soundly on the go.  She slept for 45 mins on the first flight, and was totally happy the rest of the flight, was awake for the layover in Chicago, but then the last flight to Calgary, she really needed some sleep, and would fall asleep but only sleep 15 mins and something would wake her - either someone walking by, talking to me, or me leaning and getting something for M... I had her in the Ergo so I could be hands free but she still woke up.  She was also awake and babbling a bit in the night as her internal clock is completely effed up now.  I'm sure it'll only take a day or two to right itself though.  Luckily she is not a unhappy, screamy baby and even when fussing and tired she didn't disturb the entire flight.


              FR - I have to take stock of what's in the house... DH bought a few things but I have no idea what we'll have for dinner. I don't want to take the girls out anywhere today, just want to have naps at home, and get unpacked, so we'll eat something that we have.


              NRR - oh man it's good to be home... I loved the heat and the beach and everything, but living w/ my parents was getting old.

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                RR: easy 8 this morning, will be doing my LR tomorrow as DH has to work all day Saturday, and I'm not as hardcore as Bermy to push the stroller for 19 miles.


                TR: finally fell asleep almost two hrs after I put him down for his nap! Silly boy. He's ramming around now.


                NRR: DH is working all day Sat, so it will be low key.


                zorbs: have a great run today, and good luck this weekend!!!


                Jen: ugh so sorry you're sick!' I hope you can get in to the dr soon and get some relief.


                Ernie: aw poor S! Hope she's feeling better today. Um barf on DHs dinner!

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                Bad Ass Mother Runner

                  Just one personal now, and I'll do more later, I just downloaded all my pic, so I want to sort through them!


                  Jen - UGH on the sickness!!  I can totally and completely relate... I had that infection when I was pgr with O and was sooooo sick for so long, and afraid to eat anything.  I'm sure it contributed to my only gaining 18 lbs.  I did lots of reading on gall stone diets, as I thought that was the cause.  They should be able to do an ultrasound of your gall bladder and tell you if that is the cause.  I hope you at least find out the cause so that you can try to prevent feeling so crappy.  HUGS, I remember calling DH from work bawling bc I felt so crappy and didn't know why.

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                  Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/

                  running eh

                    I tried to get back for personals later yesterday afternoon, but the site seemed down, sorry!!


                    RR - hoping for 8ish km at some point today.  I did get up at 5, but promptly went back to bed.  I should =n't have stayed up so late last night.


                    NRR - my first meeting for my new committee @ DD1's school last night, and it turns out that I knew 6/7 of the people already - so much for meeting new parents.


                    FR - chicken breast, roasted root veggies


                    KR - we all slept in so long this morning, we almost missed DD1s bus!  It's nice, but the morning was a bit hectic!


                    Zorbs - those clothes are so cute.  I am sure you'll find a great nail polish in your stash!


                    Ernie - hope S is feeling better today!  How are you feeling today?  Nasty on the vending machine food, but nice that you didn't have to go out there last night.


                    mjen - hope you and the doctor can figure something out.  Do you have family or friends nearby that can come and give you a bit of a break?  I am almost crying for you!


                      jen:  So sorry you are feeling terrible.  Definitely sounds like it good be your gallbladder.  What is m/s? (multiple sclerosis)?


                      zorbs:  I think you are the best dressed/coordinated marathoner I know.


                      ernie:  Sorry that S is still sick Sad.  And now I hope DH doesn't end up sick too after eating a vending machine sandwich Smile


                      CA:  So glad for uneventful traveling!  Back to the snow I am sure.


                      RG:  Enjoy your stroller free run.


                      eh:  Sometimes you just need a good late start to the day.  Hope you guys all feel rested now.  What does the committee for the school do?

                      5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                        RR:  Srd today after my epic 10 mi trail/stroller run yesterday.  My arms are a little sore.


                        TR:  When DH went in to get him this morning, H had his blue vest in his bed with him.  The vest had been outside of his room, down the stairs when I put him to bed.  So somehow in the night he got out of bed, opened the door, went down the stairs, got his vest and then went back up to bed....


                        H is completely losing it right now because daddy had to leave for work.  He doesn't usually get to be with daddy so this kind of breaks my heart!


                        NRR:  Laying low today.  We are carless so we will just stay out the house all day.  Hoping for some nice weather so we can get some playing in and some long naps so I can get some studying done.

                        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40




                          RR - heading out for 5 maybe...


                          BR - nanny is here all day.. yay!  Trying to stay out of the way so C can get used to her more.   had a rough day of napping yesterday and didn't want to eat dinner... so we put her down about a half hour early and she zonked right out, and slept in today.


                          NRR - everything is BR ... trying to focus on her with work looming...



                          zorbs - great that your clothes arrived, finally... saw the pics on FB... they're nice!


                          jen - hope your doc apt goes well, and hoping it's not your gall bladder... sorry things have been so rough lately... *hugs*


                          ernie - oy, a vending machine sandwich?  I'd have to be pretty darn hungry to eat a sandwich from a machine..


                          ca - i'm not a huge traveller anymore but yea, it's always nice to sleep in your own bed, use your own bathroom and eat at home!


                          rg - have a great 8!


                          eh - DH meets so many parents he can barely remember them... we always run into parents at Costco or the mall and they start chatting w/ him and I can tell by the look on his face he has no clue who they are...


                            rr: yah, not happening.


                            tr: dd1 is back to school after a week off! it is no screens (in lieu of no tv week) so every day this week was a different dress up day. she was so sad to miss pajama day. today is hat day.


                            tr2: green day for dd2 today. she took in some princess tiana shoes.


                            br: decided it would be a good idea to talk to himself from 5-6am, so he is still sleeping now and i'm exhausted.


                            nrr: stomach is getting better but not perfect, but i'm finally starting to eat a little bit. found out my brother and sil are moving into the neighborhood on sunday. bummer we have easter with dh's mom and can't help move in the afternoon. mwahahahah. although let's be honest i would rather help move than hang out with dh's mom...


                            fr: gonna cook for the first time in a week. gotta get to the store to buy the ingredients for chicken chili. i wanted chicken noodle soup, but dh said chicken chili. might just make both because i don't think my stomach could handle beans right now.


                            zorbs: something must be in the water, because c took forever to fall asleep at bedtime last night. dh and i went to bed at 8:30 (yup, never happens but we want to kick this bug) and c was talking away until 9:30 at least. dh slept through it but i just laid there listening to c talk. so glad your clothes arrived; hope they run well today.


                            ernie: ewww to the sandwich! reminds me of college vending machines. i actually had a dream last night about my old college and using my campus card at vending machines. weird.


                            jen: oh man, i hope they can figure out some way to help you if it is indeed your gall bladder. one of dh's old coworkers had kidney stones while she was pregnant which they can't do anything about and as soon as she delivered the baby they rolled her into the operating room for lithotripsy.  hope our boys get the sleep memo tonight.


                            car: so glad you made it safely home. and how priceless to see m's reaction to her daddy. are you feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation?


                            rg: when's your marathon again?


                            eh: dd1's usually bus driver was on vacation for nearly a month and the woman who was subbing was a few minutes later than him every day. when dd1 was out sick i got a text from my neighbor saying, "beware: the old driver is back." it totally makes a difference as neighbor girl missed the bus this morning even though she came out at the time the woman driver did.  oops.


                              CA - So happy the girls traveled well.  Despite O not sleeping well it sounds like everything else went smoothly.  I give you a ton of credit for flying alone with them.  I am flying alone with J in June and we have 2 layovers.  I just hope I can manage him.  Thanks for the advice on the gall bladder...what did they end up doing for you?  Did yours improve after O was born?  The funny thing is that this started in December/January and right when I was going to call and make an appt I found out I was pg so I didn't.  Ugh.  It is too miserable not to do something about it though.


                              rg - You are running some heavy miles these days.  Have a great run today and a LR tomorrow.  It will be nice to have the 19 out of the way for the weekend.  R definitely sounds like he isn't a nap fan...at least he is still happy!  Boo to DH working all day on Saturday.


                              eh! - Hope you get a good run in today.  Glad you went to the meeting...so you already know most of the people...do you like them?  Do you think it will be a good group to work with?  I hope so.  Glad you all got some good rest this morning.  My inlaws live an hour from me and I am sure if I called they would come in a heartbeat to help out.  Luckily DH comes home tomorrow afternoon so I am almost home free.  Although he leaves again Monday.


                              Shelby - LOL!  Morning sickness...sorry I should have just written it out.  OMG to H getting out of bed and getting the vest.  That is a bit scary. too cute that he is sleeping with it though.  Poor H and missing his daddy...I can totally understand.  Everytime DH leaves for a trip J cries and whines "daddy...daddy!"  So sad.  Still so impressed by your 10 mile trail run with a stroller!!!  Way to go supermom!


                              CTimes - Enjoy your run and having the nanny there to be with C.  You should go and pamper yourself a bit before having to go back to work next week.  You deserve it!!  Sorry about the poor naps.


                              mrszm - So happy your household seems to be healthy again. I would definitely make the chicken noodle soup.  I am surprised DH can stomach chili already.  Impressive.  So I think C and J are on the same plan....J was up at 12 crying because he couldn't find his binky (I did not get up), up again babbling at 2 (I did not get up), crying at 3 (I did not get up), and coughing at 4 (I did not get up)...lol.  I felt like death.  So he ended up sleeping until 5:40 when I had to go in and wake him....but he made it from 12-5:40 with no binky...then when he got up he cried for the binky!  UGH!!!


                                Dragging this morning, don't know why either....


                                RR:  Might try a few miles and see how the knee feels.  More core exercises.


                                TR:  Tricked him into snuggling with me on the bottom bunk last night, mwuahahahah!


                                NRR:  Dad has skin cancer, again.  This is his 3 place he has to have removed.   This got me thinking about sunscreen.  I never wear any....I think I might have to get some for my face.  Any suggestions?


                                FR:  Crapola, just remembered I forgot to start the crockpot this morning....