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Common Abbreviations used on the Forums (Read 340 times)


Run to live; live to run

    DH = dear husband

    DW =dear wife

    DS/DD = dear son/daughter

    FE = Forum encounter.  Meeting someone from the forums

    SRD =scheduled rest day

    RR =run related or race report

    NRR= non run related

    TTC= trying to conceive/become pregnant

    KR= kid related

    TR = toddler related

    BR = baby related

    DNF = did not finish

    DFL = dead fu**ing last

    RD = Race Director

    PB = Personal Best

    PW = Personal Worst

    USRD Unscheduled rest day




    Feel free to add others so new folks get the hang of all the weird abbreviations


      Can we add DO for Dear Offspring to the list for those of us whose children are queer?