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beskirted & manicured

    ER - SRD.


    RR - everything my physio Graston-d was a hot mess.  My IT bands were literally crunching.


    TR - drank milk out of every sippy presented to him.  Seriously, a miracle!


    FR - cauliflower mac.


    NRR - when I got my hair cut on Wednesday, I said to the stylist that I'm always searching for the Holy Grail of hair products - I usually just air dry my hair, so I'm looking for something that I can comb through when I get out of the shower, and it would dry to a nice non-frizzy wave.  She laughed and said, "you and the rest of the world, it doesn't exist." But she blow dried my hair and put in a few waves with a flat iron that took less than 10 min. and looked awesome.  My flat iron and curling irons are both ancient, take forever to heat up and aren't very hot.  Gonna get a new iron today and I'm willing to invest some time to have my hair look less craptastic.

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      zorbs- enjoy the SRD! yikes on the graston- do you go weekly during marathon training? i've had it done once on my shins and i couldn't believe the differene after just one session. yay for B drinking milk out of the sippys. hmm, i have stick straight hair, so unfortunately i dont' own a straightener. but i've heard that Chi is a good brand.


      RR: long run of 21 today. the weather is less than ideal- probably will be raining when i head out, but at least it will be in the 50's!


      TR: ugh, woke me up several times whining from 12-3:30. i went in to check on him at 3:30, and he just looked up at me, smiled and went back to sleep. uh, ok? i think it's his molars. he was alot of fun yesterday.


      NRR: working 8-2 tomorrow, hence the LR today. then DH has to work 3-whenever. it will be a fast weekend again. hoping to get seeds started for my herb and veggie gardens.

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        RR - SRD


        TR - Didn't eat much for dinner. I guess she was full from all the paint she ate during arts and crafts time at the community centre. Does it make me a bad mother that, when I saw her sticking a paint brush in her mouth, my response was not to stop her but to grab my phone and take a picture? LOL.


        FR - Bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon, salad. 


        NRR - Ugh! We are having an ice storm. And I have a massage booked for 9:30 am. Normally I go to a place right in town, but I got a Groupon for a place a half hour down the highway, since it was only $30 and a friend works nearby so I could meet her for coffee after. Well, now DH is all "You're not going anywhere! The roads are too icy. You're not risking your life for a $30 massage that is probably going to suck anyway!". DH is right. So, I guess I'm not going unless conditions drastically improve in the next two hours. Sad Man, I really wanted a massage today!




        zorbs - I also air dry my hair and am looking for that Holy Grail of hair products. The closest thing I have found is Lotus Shield by Avon. It works about 50% of the time (probably depends on humidity levels) but it leaves your hair a bit greasy. The only guaranteed solution is Las Vegas (or any place with that kind of climate). My hair always looks amazing in Vegas, with zero product or effort.

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          Ernie- bummer on the ice storm! i hope it clears/warms up for you so you can go get that massage. i loved the pic of S painting on FB! she looked like she had a great time. enjoy the SRD today.

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            zorbs - Yay for B drinking out of his sippy!  It is amazing what a flat iron can do to control frizz.  I cannot let my hair air dry or it is a hot mess of frizz!  I bought a Hot Tools brand (the salons around here use them) curling iron and it works great!  I got it cheap on Amazon too!


            rg - Enjoy your long run despite the rain.  The warm temps should help though.  I am sooooo sick of rain!  Boo to a working weekend for both you and DH.  I hope you can enjoy a nice Sunday together.


            ernie - I totally loved your pic of S on facebook eating paint...I would have done the same thing (take pictures!).  Boo to missing the massage but better safe than sorry.  You guys have had too much bad weather this winter...I thought winter was over?  Apparently not for anyone in the north.


            RR - SRD - 1/2 marathon tomorrow...the goal...to finish without too many potty stops!  Oh and to finish!!  The weather is looking less than ideal and seems to get worse everytime I check it.  I have become a serious wuss to weather.  At least Mer will be there to keep me company...and a few thousand others.


            TR - Hardly ate any dinner last night but he ate a ton of food at school which was nice to see.  I hate when I feed him at home and he wastes everything.  Oh well.  He was cute when I left him at daycare.  He said...bye bye, see ya, looooovvvvv you (he sort of mumbles it)...he smiled and blew me a kiss as I left.  Great image in my mind to carry the rest of the day.  He has his 18 month well check today.  Hoping the doctor can shed some light on his constant cough.


            NRR - DH got home late last night and I never even heard him come to bed.  However J woke us up at 1:45 whining and coughing and DH kept getting up with him which was annoying...just let me do his thing...you can't really help him a whole lot.  Then DH gets up shortly after I got up to "help!"  Well he was cranky and snapped at me because I told him if he keeps whining about his man cold than he should go to the doctor.  He didn't like that.  I HATE when people whine about stuff but don't do anything to change it.  He has been whining for 3 days...do something about it!


            NRR2 - So EXCITED for runninmer's weekend visit!!!  Should be a fun weekend!!!


            FR - Hoping to find a good pasta place for prerace fuel tonight but all the places I have called are overbooked with reservations.  BOO!


              RR - nothing today..


              BR - just a typical day for her yesterday... nanny has been trying to get her to wave more, but so far she hasn't quite figured it out.  Wondering when she'll say real words... she says "mama" but she looks at everything and says mama.  Looking forward to actually spending some time with her this weekend.


              NRR - remembered why job isn't always fun... yesterday had to deal with developers who think they're better than me b/c they're programmers and I'm just a business analyst, therefore they're never wrong.   They write the programs, I test them and if it doesn't work, how is that my fault?!  I didn't write the program, YOU did!   Eep.



              zorbs  - one thing that I don't like is wet hair, so I always blowdry mine... i use the conair curling irons, the ones that have the knobs that allow you to adjust the heat settings ...they're less than $30 and do a decent job..


              ernie - haha i would've grabbed my camera if C was eating paint too!  Massages are $30?!   Around here they're $45 just for a half hour...


              rg - that sounds like awesome running weather... 50's are my ideal temperature for running!


              jen - hope you have a great race!  and i'm sure you and mer will have lots of fun!  When my friends and i do races we usually just buy Subs and bring our own food b/c we never find places to eat to carb load...

              running eh

                RR - nothing yesterday and nothing today again - see NRR


                NRR - had a great day planned yesterday (involving a trip to the gym and a nap) but school was cancelled, so no nap and no gym for me.


                NRR#2 - paid an arm and a leg to get my hair highlighted and cut yesterday.  It hardly looks any different than when I left home.  I told her I wanted a more natural look and something easy, so she highlighted underneath my hair.  You can see a bit of blonde colour if it's in a ponytail or if the wind blows and that is about it!  The price was ridiculous!!  I wanted to cry (it didn't help that I had worked nights and hadn't had a nap - I think I wanted to cry most of the day yesterday Smile )


                KR - DD1's bus was cancelled today due to weather, but the school is open - I think I am just going to keep her home anyway.


                FR - DH and I have date night tonight!!!  SO EXCITED!!!


                Zorbs - I want a magic hair cure too.  The stylist told me to get some expensive leave in conditioner for my split ends and dry hair, but after the amount I spent for my cut and highlights I didn't want to spend any more.


                rg - have a great long run.  cute about DS!  I love that sleepy talking!


                ernie -  I think that makes you a good mom!  She will absolutely LOVE to look at that picture as she grows up and she won't remember the taste of the paint.  Hope the roads clear up for your massage!


                mjen - yay for the race, but sorry about the weather - I am sure it will still be fun.  Hope your guys can get back to healthy again soon.


                cx2 - I had to laugh at your post about the programmers - How is it your fault?!?!  Have a great day.


                  Selfish post for me today.  DH will be mad if I spend the morning on the computer while he packs everything!


                  RR:  SRD.  I would love to do 5K super easy, but no time.  And, ITS SNOWING!


                  TR:  Just his plain old silly self.  10 days until his birthday!  I am praying he is good today for 5.5 hours in his car seat.


                  NRR:  Travelling today.  Have a list of things to not forget and I need to finish packing.  I am pretty sure I have everything and DH has been awesome with packing the car and getting us ready.


                  FR:  Eating out today a bunch.  Need to find a happy medium between hydrating well and not having to pee constantly!



                  zorbs - I curl my hair every morning.  It takes about 10 minutes and is the best time well spent every day.  I hate how I look with straight hair!  Yay for a sippy miracle!


                  rg - I hope your 21 goes well.  Will you do anything further than that for your full?  Bummer about the wake ups.


                  jen - Big grin


                  cx2 - I used your CLM line yesterday with a co-worker when our administrator snapped at us for something.  I also now think of you whenever I see wildlife on my runs!


                  eh! - Woo Hoo to a date night.  I hate paying for highlights.  It is too expensive in my mind.

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                  Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                    RR:  Not sure what I will find time for.  11m on the schedule but I couldn't bring myself to do any of it before work so it all has to happen after.  Hopefully I get off before 5.  Today might finally be the day I have to cut down a little.

                    TR:  Didn't get to see him much yesterday.  He's such a little lover.  He was so cute at happy hour - there were older kids there and he wanted to play with them so badly.

                    NRR:  Had a great birthday despite being in class all day.  Went to happy hour with friends and H after school.  Then came home to takeout sushi dinner and some wonderful gifts. 

                    NRR2:  Ortho clinic today.


                    zorbs:  I would like that hair product too!


                    RG:  hope you end up getting your run in!  I hate rain.


                    ernie:  Bummer about the massage!  Can you reschedule it?  Probably best to  stay home.  It is always the other drivers to be scared of.


                    jen:  Good luck tomorrow!  I am sure you will accomplish both of your goals easily.  Do you have a pregnant pr?  Is this race local?


                    cx2:  H calls any drinks "mama".,


                    eh:  Have a fun date night!!


                    mer:  Safe travels!  How far do you have to go?  Good luck tomorrow!


                    Alrighty, now I have to take the dog out and get H ready and drop him at daycare. 

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                      CTimes – Sorry about the working with know-it alls!  I hate them…we definitely all have some where we work!  Hope you have a great weekend with C.  It is hard to not see your baby very much during the week so enjoy the weekend…I live for the weekendsJ


                      Eh – Sorry about the crappy weather and the bus not coming to get DD.  Have a great date night tonight.  So sorry about the hair.  It is so disappointing to pay so much and not even notice a change.  I would go back and tell her to fix it!!


                      Mer – Safe travels today!  I hope J cooperates in the car!


                      Stroller – Don’t feel guilty about cutting back…you need to make sure running is still fun and not just a chore that you have to do.  It’s ok to cut back versus burning out.  Glad you had a great birthday despite class.  I hope your day goes fast today! No, I don’t have a preggo PR for any race…I wasn’t allowed to run much during my first pregnancy because it was considered high risk in the beginning so I never raced.  This should be interesting.  Yes, the race is local…about 15 min from my house!  It’s an all women race and you get a silver charm at the finish!  I need to finish!!


                        rr: 3-4m on the tm during naps or tonight with rp.


                        br: cannot believe how many new words he says daily.


                        tr: dd1 has discovered Froggy books. i found 5 that we own and read them all last night several times.


                        tr2: gotta take dd2 back to finish the rest of her 4k screening. You know since she puked during her last one.


                        nrr: cousin cards at our house tomorrow. and my cousin and her family is staying over night. super excited about it all but less than excited to clean my entire house today especially when the 8+ kids that will be here will destroy it.


                        fr: party food tomorrow!


                          RR - 4 miles sometime


                          BR - was such a crabby boy last night.  Crying and screaming, throwing anything he could get his hands on.  It was early to bed for him.  Unfortunately he's up early (for him) today too and I'm not looking forward to more crying.  Hopefully he is in a better mood.


                          KR - DD2 puked at school today but it was late enough in the day they still sent her home on the bus. She seemed OK so I'm thinking it was a fluke and she went to school this morning.  Hoping I don't get any phone calls.


                          FR - tennis tournament starts tonight so we'll probably eat the appetizers they have there.  2 girls are at friend's house so I just need to find something quick and easy to feed the other 2 kids.


                          NRR - finished entering in our deductions for taxes this morning.  We have to pay in a ton this year so we are filing at the last minute.


                          Bad Ass Mother Runner



                            RR - SRD.  Did hills on the treadmill yesterday, it was a good workout!


                            TR - was up twice in the night last night, DH was up with her the first time around midnight, just heard her crying, and then she was up briefly when I was feeding O at 5am... not sure what's up with that, but at least she is still sleeping now.  She gets very cranky when she is tired.


                            BR - slept through till 5am after her enormous dinner last night.  Guess I need to make sure she is stuffed full of solids!


                            FR - butter chicken as we had sweet and sour pork yesterday.  It was really good, and was a slow cooker meal - I'm keeping track of our favorite slow cooker meals for when I'm back at work.  I don't usually like them that much so I'm excited when I find one I do like.


                            NRR - don't really have anything planned today.  M won't be happy but I'm happy to not have to pack everyone up and go anywhere.

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                            Bad Ass Mother Runner

                              zorbs - all this hair discussion, I forgot how bad Ontario is for your hair. Las Vegas, and Calgary... dry air makes it so much easier to do your hair. My SIL had some fancy ass hair drying when they lived in Hamilton, Ionic something-er-other. A good brand of straightener makes a huge difference IMO.

                              RG - Did you end up switching your LR for Sunday? I always eat into family time w/ my LR's but it's good for DH to have to fend for himself with both girls. I've even been missing a feed lately and he's been giving O a bottle while I run.

                              Ernie - OMG I was giggling and trying not to wake the house when I read your goldfish comment on FB. BOOOO to the ice storm! Probably the right call, I'm not good at staying off the roads bc of weather.

                              Jen - I'm so excited for you and mer to get to run together!! We have so many nights when M doesn't eat a lot at supper. Sometimes I'll package just her meal up into a little container and she can have it reheated for lunch. Especially at that age she was bad at supper cause she was just too tired to eat.

                              cx2 - that would be a hard job - everyone hates to be critisized. It took M a long time to say many words, but when she started she didn't stop!

                              eh - ugh on the hair color! I paid for a color last time and it was sooooo expensive and hardly looked different than my $10 box job that I'm not paying for it anymore.

                              mer - Have a fun weekend!! And a great race!!

                              stroller - It's pretty freaking fantastic that going to school, plus being a single mommy right now you'd even think of running 11 on a weekday! That's great that you had a great day yesterday.

                              arm - I hope DS is in a better mood today! And that DD isn't sick!!

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                              Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


                                mrszm - Hope DD2's 4K eval goes well.  Have a great weekend.  I am sure cousin cards and the sleep over will be a blast.  You don't need to go all our cleaning...just make it look nice and then you'll have to clean once they all leave.  Have a good run...hopefully you can get outside.


                                arm - Sounds a little rough in your house yesterday.  Sorry L was cranky and DD was sick.  Hopefully it was a fluke thing.  I hope L is in a better mood today...I dislike cranky toddlersSmile  Ugh to have to paying a ton in for taxes..that is never fun.  Hope the tennis tournament goes well this weekend...Good luck!


                                CA - Hope M is alright and not to cranky today with her wake up last nights.  Yay for O sleeping until 5 a.m.  She is so stinkin cute and such a good little eater.  She needs to give J some lessonsSmile  I think you are right...J is just so tired at night he hates eating.  Great job on the hilly TM run yesterday!  Can you share your sweet and sour pork recipe?  Sounds great!