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Why Wednesday (Over 40) (Read 18 times)

    We all could write our own books titled "Why?" but in HR we always talk about the sections that would be in ours.


    As runners we could have that section too...


    What would you add to it?



      Camille-near you? Comes with a prerequisite.  Have to have done a 50k the year before.



      The Georgia Death Race is a point-to-point ultramarathon trail race in North Georgia. The race is ~60 miles with close to 30,000 feet of elevation change, starting at Vogel State Park and finishing about 60 miles later at Amicalola Falls State Park. Starting the race at 4:00 a.m. allows runners of all speeds to be on top of Duncan Ridge on the Duncan Ridge Trail for the sunrise. From here you will see the sun rise over the back of Brasstown Blad the highest point in Georgia. With the leaves off the trees the sunrise will light up the surrounding mountains and valleys that make up Northern Georgia. This in it self makes it worth it to run the race. The first 8 miles has close to 3,500 feet of elevation change. Including the 2,300 ft climb over 3.8 miles up to the summit of Coosa Bald.

      Other course highlights include views from random points along the trail of mountains as far as you can see, the Toccoa Swinging Bridge, Amicalola Falls, the remote Benton Mackaye and Duncan Ridge Trails, and a beautiful wide open field with close to unobstructed views of the mountains some 37 miles in. Not to mention this race is hard as nails.

      While the point of the race is for it to be hard, the real reason for this race is to showcase two of the greatest parks in the country as well as create an experience that you will never forget. The sheer beauty of this race masks the difficulty of the terrain.




      Mighty Mouse

        Tuesday was a hard run but lots of fun. I ran with a friend of mine. She is training for a marathon coming up and needed someone to pace her so she would slow down some. There were some teenage rugrats around whom we constantly had to go. Spring break here.  We did 45 minutes. Good work out for the quads. When I got home I did 35 minutes of cardio dvd.

        Cardio dvd after work and then out for the evening.

        Happy runs, All!   :::HUGS:::





          Did not make it here yesterday...long work day, then more on the computer when I came home.  I will have to say nice thing about EMR is that I can log on at home and do my "tasks" - signing off labs, etc., it saves me setting at work, so can put my feet up and relax while I do it.


          Yesterday was SRD.  Today heading out for my neighborhood run after work, temp in the 40's wooohoo!


          LisaMMR - My book chapter would be "Why is it that I can run off 1,200 calories, and gain 2 pounds after"....LOL, you can tell I am obsessed about trying to get rid of this 5 to 10 pounds.....Roll eyes


          Judy - Enjoy your evening out.


          Off to work.




            Good morning!

            Judy, sounds like a nice run.

            Lisa, that race ends at Amicalola, about 30-35 min away from me. It would be very close without the winding roads.  : )  30'000 foot elevation change? Wow.


            I did a 5.5 mi workout yesterday with 8 45 second intervals at "5k pace." Wasn't sure if that means the 5k pace I run or the 5k pace I'd like to run. Smile  I did 5 at 8'42 (dreaming a little), 1 at 8:06 and the last one at 7:56 or 58 (pure fantasy).  The 90 second recovery was plenty for the first ones, but it was a good thing I ran the fantasy one last.   Smile

            Plan to run 5 very easy this am. I have to get another shot in my foot this afternoon-#3 of 4 so tomorrow will be off.

            Have a great day, runners!

            Marjorie and Demaris, I was going to post on the tech site, but he has a note of all the info he wants.  I didn't copy the message, so will post it there if it happens again.  It may not have been 8, but was morning coffee time.  I did notice when site came up, there were no other posts during that app 20" min.

              8.1 done at faster than usual pace.  Felt good to not be quite as cold! Still low 30's but that's an improvement.




                Lisa, I have to comment on your temp.  We ARE colder...28 here. Our snow is gone. Friday should be nice.

                Carol...that's a good "why."


                  Good morning,


                  4 miles for me this morning.  Cold, but , like Lisa said, an improvement, it isn't snowing!  I hear birds tweeting now that I don't here in the winter, so good sign.


                  I think I am finally starting to feel like myself after the teeth and my cough is much better.  I hope I am on the upswing now.


                  Lisa...no, in my dream the 4 hours was for the Half....I don't even dream about being that fast.


                  Camille...so you get shots in your foot for the neuroma...how does it make it feel better?  Mine doesn't really hurt, just the constant numb feeling and sometimes like there are needles poking me in the foot, my foot feels like a block of wood, unless I am barefoot, then I am pretty much okay.


                  Judy....nice pacing!  That's what I need, someone who needs a pacer to slow them down, now that I could do!


                  " Why, am I unhappy a lot, when I have nothing to be unhappy about?'  Not really unhappy, more like frustrated and impatient.





                  6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15

                    Good Morning!  Had a nice 6 mile run yesterday after work.  Group Power class this morning.  Can I take a nap now?


                    Carol, I am chasing those pesky 5-10 pounds too!


                    Heard from co-worker who had a stroke over the weekend.   Weakness on the right side, but her mind (thankfully) seems ok.  She moved out of ICU yesterday.


                    Run to live; live to run

                      So my dad is giving one of his dogs away today  Was supposed to be June  Somehow March is now June??  I'm sad that he is doing that but also he didn't tell the grandkids and they will be devastated when they come over and the one is gone.  They love those dogs.  I did message SIL and told her so they can at least prep the kids before they go over there this weekend for Easter.  They are also upset he is moving so far away.  The oldest gk knows but the 2 younger don't know yet.  Twin and SIL just don't know what to tell the kids yet.  They are also just befuddled on the whole getting married and moving as it has been a whirlwind.  None of us have met this women yet.  Sigh.


                      10.2 for me  Was a nice run.  Chilly but no wind today!


                      Carol guess it is nice to put feet up.  But computers sure don't make us more efficient  Just gives us more to do sometimes.


                      Lisa I cannot imagine doing that race!


                      Camille hope it doesn't happen again but Eric is great at helping if it does!


                      Damaris yay for kitty being home.


                      Judy nice work out


                      Waves to everyone else!



                      Run to live; live to run

                        So my Why chapter is Why my father is getting married and acting so out of character.....



                        Fire Jumper

                          I am SO all over this!!!   This is my why....





                          For me, it's not so much about 'why do things happen' as  it is about why I do what I do.  It is because I am not the same woman I was yesterday.... and I am not the same woman I will be tomorrow.  Each day I grow, I learn, I push toward the mark that is set before me.   Sometimes I know what that mark is, and sometimes I discover it as I go.  I am a naturally competitive person.   But, mostly I compete against myself.  Am I doing my best?  Am I suiting up and showing up?  If not, why not?  The woman that I am today can outrun and outlast the woman that I was yesterday.   And on it goes.... putting one foot in front of the other.  If I stumble, if I fall, then I get up, look at the misstep, seek to learn the lesson, and move on.   That's my why.  It's not about being a "better" me.... It's about being the best me that I'm meant to be... that I'm created to be.


                          And I know that I just took that about seven light years beyond what was asked.  It's just where I'm at today! Smile


                          Best to all,


                          5K's and Obstacle Runs

                          Goal for 2013:  10K


                          Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.


                            Julie-good answer.


                            Judy-I've been used to slow people down too. They are all chatty Cathy and I'm barely keeping up breathing. LOL


                            Carol-yeah wfh (work from home) is nice until... you are always working from home.  I've oft said that I would never go into medical recruiting. No one will literally die if I don't fill a position.


                            Camille-but it was "feels like of 22" so that might count for something in the equity category.


                            Ginny-I've had the block of wood feeling at times. Not fun, you'd think it would be better than pain but not really.  Darn, thought we could at least run a 4 hour marathon in our dreams.  (not really counting my 4:59:38 time for the first one I did as counting)


                            Sue-tell whomever that HR says it's okay to nap. go ahead.


                            Marjorie-that would be a good entry in the "Why?" book.





                              Lisa, your (4 hour) time will come. I am certain of it. We need to plan a race on a friendly course that fits both our schedules. Labor of Love is not it, I'm afraid, since I'm not planning on doing anywhere near an 11:30 pace for my first half of that.


                              And interesting though the Georgia Death Race sounds, I'm not likely to be doing that one either!


                              Why? Hoo boy. Why is it that DS is STILL not turning in all his economics homework when he knows he has to pass the class this semester in order to graduate from high school? Why do clients wait until the last possible second to order coverage when they know they're going to buy it and we can't do renewal paperwork until we have an order? Why do people tell you they plan to run X pace on a training run and then run X minus 2 minutes for the training run, and then line up in the corral for Y pace at a race and start at Y plus 2 minutes?


                              Marjorie, has your dad seen a doctor? That does sound out of character, giving away his dogs. And I would think he would want to introduce his intended to all of you.


                              Camille, good on you for the intervals. I think increasing interval speeds works well, so you can be thoroughly warmed up before you tackle the really fast paces.


                              Ginny, glad you are feeling better. 4 hour half? Yeah right. You can run a lot faster than that!


                              Carol, Susan, I also am trying to shed those last few pounds...but apparently I'm not trying hard enough.


                              Julie, good food for thought.


                              Judy, sign on the kids getting in your way.


                              Lisa, so you do most of your work from home when you're not on the road? Or do you split your time between wfh and office? I am looking forward to catching up with you.


                              Busy, busy week. Got in 4 miles again this morning, and 7.41 yesterday on the TM. Hard intervals. Then we had choir practice last night because we have a service on our regular practice night. Tonight, class. Tomorrow, work, meetings, conference calls, class, Maundy Thursday service. Home for a few hours, then back to church for the vigil before the altar -- I usually take a really unpopular hour because I get up early anyway and I like being in church alone once a year, it's peaceful. We do not get Good Friday off, I have more meetings, straight from work to church for the Good Friday service. Saturday, run starting at 5 AM to get a long run in, rehearsal at noon, bake in the afternoon, long -- very long -- Great Vigil service on Saturday evening followed by chocolate and champagne which we will sorely need by then. Two services on Sunday and then collapse. Oof.


                              Run to live; live to run

                                Tessa he has not seen his psych in at least a year. He is seeing his other docs though.  He told twin that basically he has made up his mind and he was giving away one of the dogs (and that has already happened as of a few hours ago as the new family came and got him already), that he is selling the house, getting married and moving to Florida.  My SIL's head is spinning.  I really 100% think that he has convinced himself that everything will be all rosy.  I also think that the dog thing was a compromise with his fiance.  Initially it was both and now it was one.  I think she didn't like the dogs much.


                                Some progress, we have a last name at least.....I think he intends to introduce all of us but he is so enamored with meeting her family and fitting in there he is forgetting to make her part of his.......Heck now he is planning Easter and just assuming that my brother and his family won't be coming over.  And if they do, well, he may not be there as he and Nancy are going to church and lunch etc.  SMH